Thursday, March 11, 2010

Page Six - 3.11.10


Which champion climber -- social and otherwise -- is moving on after her latest husband suffered financial setbacks with the help of her conspicuous consumption? Their friends are sticking with him.


Unknown said...

nic cages wife?

Unknown said...

or ruth madoff

erica said...

It could be Sandy Hill Pittman. She's a socialite who went on the famous Mt. Everest climb in the mid-1990s that ended in the deaths of several people. The book "Into Thin Air" about the Everest disaster portrayed her as a spoiled dilettante (she had Sherpas carrying her espresso machine up the mountain) whose unreadiness for the climb contributed to the tragedy when her group was caught in a blizzard. She subsequently remarried a tycoon named Tom Dittmer. I found a story from Page Six a couple of years back that their marriage was in trouble.