Monday, March 29, 2010

Blind Vice: Bodacious TV Star is Such a Diva!

New from Ted today, on a Monday... a nice surprise

Blind Vice: Bodacious TV Star is Such a Diva!
Is something in the water? Yet another TV star is behaving rudely again, and we can’t say we are surprised...
Hilly Ho-Tox has clearly forgotten her humble roots and thinks she has hit the big-time, pissing off her costars and producers.
This voluptuous vixen recently exhibited some obnoxious behavior at a photo shoot, and it was not pretty:
While the other members of the ensemble cast came to the photo shoot ready to pose, Hilly thought she deserved the VIP treatment.
"She showed up with three huge bodyguards and didn't say hi to anyone," says our on-set source. "She was a total diva and requested her own private dressing room and then just stayed back there by herself while the rest of the cast was having a good time, socializing and drinking cocktails."
To add fuel to the fire, the egotistical gal's bodyguards were totally aggressive toward the show's producers.
One of Ho-Tox's goon guards even had the friggin' nerve to get heavy with a female producer who "was trying to get into the room to talk" with Ms. Ho-Tox about the shoot. Said producer was not happy about her treatment—at all.
Since this gal's diva behavior isn't all that rare, the rest of the cast had to work around it and take the picture without Hil-babe in it. No wonder her husband is her only friend.
Even the babe's own family has abandoned her at this point. Clearly, they were onto the hon's toxic behavior a while back.
"They'll probably just superimpose everyone together," says our source. "That's what they did last year."
We predict this outta-control beyotch is going to be superimposing that damn hubby of hers sooner than later in pics, as well, 'cause we hear even he’s had enough of the broad, at this point—which is saying plenty.
(No AIA's)

Top guess: Heidi Montag


blurry vice said...

Everyone saying this one is Heidi Montag. Pratt, whatever. May be one of the obvious ones Ted decides to reveal. I just saw something on Entertainment Tonight about this I think.

However, didn't Ted promise NOT to write about Spencer and Heidi?

blurry vice said...

Caroline said...

This is obviously Heidi! This story was all over the Internet today. Weak sauce, Ted.

Megan said...

I think this is one he'll choose to reveal. The lack of AIAs seems to suggest that he thinks this is pretty obvious.

The Spie said...

The clincher? "Montag" is German for "Monday". What other day would Ted reveal Heidi's BV on?

cassandra said...

ya definitely Heidi, maybe this BV is insinuating that moisty mohr is a reality show star too

Meghan said...

There's no way it's not Heidi:

blurry vice said...

Maybe the reasn he made it a blid is because he promised to ban Heidi and Spencer from his column. This way he's not really mentioning their names?

S. Humphreys said...

It's Heidi. Other blogs have run this story as a non-blind item.

The Spie said...

Blurry: Ted didn't ban Heidi and Spencer from his column. The readers at E Online voted in a poll which asked "Which celebrities would you ban from this website if you had the choice?", and Speidi won handily. The E staff then implemented the result of the poll, so they're banned from E Online completely. That's why Ted had to make this a BV. He can't talk about Heidi or Spencer without violating website policy. And people there have been complaining that since this BV is so obvious, he's violated E being a "Speidi-free Zone".

blurry vice said...

The Spie: I am aware of this and as I said. It's lame that they were banned but we are still reading about them just in the form of a blind vice. It's a lame way of actually reporting about Heidi without mentioning her name.

The Spie said...

Blurry: Now that you've added the Semi-Revealed/Hinted section to the Master List, should we throw Heidi/Hilly on there for the sake of completeness? Let's face it, Ted never intended this to be blind in the first place, and the name gives it away.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Even though you can't write directly about "those that shall not be named," can you write indirectly about them, say in a Blind Vice?

Dear Over the Hills:
Yep, the cuter one was a Vice awhile back. Really easy to figure out too. Really easy."

blurry vice said...

Spie, yes we can do that.