Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Page Six: Just Asking

March 4, 2009 --
WHICH female politician, who is married with children, is having an affair with a fellow Democrat who is also married with children? Her friends can't believe she's risking her career to indulge in illicit passion . . . WHICH veteran of the '60s antiwar movement was all over a 20-something fashion model sitting next to him on an LA-to-DC flight? The married pol suggested as they landed that she join him at his accommodations.


duffgrl said...

My first thought on the first item: Caroline Kennedy who is rumored to be having an affair w/ Arthur Sulzberger. He is the publisher of the NY Times-
2nd one-no idea yet

GrandmaP said...

60's antiwar activist - would that be John Kerry? especially with the DC destination? yeah.

kanonymous said...

My first thought was also Caroline Kennedy, but then I realized that, despite the fact she was in the running to replace Hilary Clinton, she's not a politician. She's a member of a family of politicians, but she's not really experienced.

Charlene said...

My first guess was Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel, but that would just be too hot.

Unknown said...

immediately thought about john kerry for #2. totally curious about #1!!

B626 said...

Tom Hayden, Fonda's EX