Friday, February 3, 2012

Blind Vice! Veronica Bee-Stings Hides Dirty Past to Land New Hunk

New from Ted today... Veronica Bee-Stings returns -

Blind Vice!  Veronica Bee-Stings Hides Dirty Past to Land New Hunk

Whoever said a woman scorned is the thing to fear never met Veronica Bee-Stings!  'Cause, baby, it is our experience that a woman in love is far more dangerous! 

Like the time Veronica was all smitten with that married dude, or the more available (but still shady) guy she had before him, the one she got the boob job for.
So, what's Veronica doing for her latest love?
Pretending none of the others ever existed.
Really, it's like she's Britney Spears or something getting some Vegas marriage annulled!
Veronica is so into her latest man—admittedly a catch of a guy who's possibly worth rewriting your past love life over—she's busy telling friends not to tell the current guy nothing much of anything went down with all those past loves of hers.
And, trust us, there are many, many past amorous hook-ups for VBS—and not all of them just to get acting roles, either. Some were actually just for fun!
But there's something about this new dude VBS has landed that doesn't—how shall we put this?—doesn't really click with reality. Or perhaps he chooses not to see things as they are because the nookie's so good?
Oh, yeah, that's it: completely forgot New Dude is still so steaming from his last nookie sitch (in which he got royally dumped), he'll do anything to make it look like he's immediately taken again by a hot young thang—even if he's that thang's millionth thang!
Hey, wouldn't be the first time the male animal took such an approach.
But, three cheers to Veronica for her ballsy moves, huh?
AND IT AIN'T: Eva Mendes, Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet

Top suspect: Blake Lively
New Dude: Ryan Reynolds

Please use the label below to read our previous posts on the VBS BVs, including a list of who has been eliminated.


blurry vice said...

Blake with Ryan Reynolds. Funny, I just read the article Lainey wrote yesterday about how now Blake is giving interviews and saying that she has only had 4 boyfriends.... how she is making a point to say publicly that her "number" is less than 5. Check it out, hilarious.

KaDixonLaw said...

This is why Todd absolutely rocks!! I love that he called her out not once, but twice! Yesterday, he posted an article asking if Blake Lively was trying to pull the wool over our eyes with her claim that she's only been with a handful of men. *cough* I bet Lainey's write-up is even better, though!

I think Harvey Weinstein is the one who wanted her to have a boob job and we all know that he's a skeez. ; )

Dorothy said...

I love to hate on BL as much as the next person but come on, does there always have to be such a double standard? Guys would sleep their way up the ladder in a heartbeat if they could but there arent enough women or gay men in power to get them anywhere.

On the other hand, sleeping with married men is crossing a line so she loses sympathy points there but lets not forget that it still takes 2 people to destroy a family.

Sheba said...

I don't care with how many people, people sleep with (male or female). They can do whatever they want as long as it's not with minors and not against people's will. I have a problem with the fact that she's trying to look like a saint. Just admit it that your like sleeping with different people. I wouldn't call her a slut for it. Slut is a word wrongfully used by people who judge on other people's sexlifes and pretend to be saints theirselves.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Sheba - I totally agree. Whatever you do; own it. Be proud of your actions or admit you that you made some poor decisions. Blake Lively falls in neither category and, by pretending to be chaste, she has opened herself up to criticism.

And I don't know how Ted turned into Todd in my previous comment. Sorry for that typo.

blurry vice said...

here's ted on blake and number 4 -

Emiwii said...

I think the AIA's have to do with the 2-degrees of separation, for example, Blake dated Ryan Gosling, who's now dating Eva M. And Blake dated Leo, who supposedly dated Kate W. at one point.

Carey M. was probably with Harvey Weinstein.

Sheba said...

I don't think that Carey Mulligan slept with Harvey Weinstein

She fits in the link because she played with Ryan in drive and leo in the great gatsby (blake lively also aditioned for the part as daisey).
Kate played with leo in titanic and eva plays with ryan in some movie I don't know the name of.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
What is it that Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Reynolds see in Blake Lively? I mean, she has a nice fashion sense, but she looks like every other

blonde girl in California. I know what she gets out of it, but what do they? I always thought she and Penn Badgley looked cuter.

Dear Man Trap:
Blakey-poo and Penn had that whole puppy-love thing going, which I agree was très adorable. But she's looking to amp up her dating life to go hand-in-hand

with (what she hopes will be) her big-screen career. And that's why she's got A-listers like the gorgeous Ryans in her crosshairs. But what they see in her

is a bombshell broad who knows her way around a Blind Vice, ya dig?

Dear Ted:
I definitely don't think Blake Lively is being honest about only having four boyfriends. Her comments about what she likes to do during a romantic evening

included some of Ryan Gosling's known favorites such as Chet Baker and Edith Piaf. Blake hardly seems the type for a low-key night of jazz and musings. Why

lie about other relationships especially with someone so delicious as the "other" Ryan?

Dear Fakey Blakey:
I'm not buying it, either—well, not the four BFs thing. I do know that Blakey-poo likes to stay in and is a huge baker, so that part could be legit. But I'm

as flabbergasted as you, Brown. If I had snagged Gosling, even for a sec, I'd be bragging about it every day."

Sheba said...

I didn't know that she said that she likes to do things that ryan gosling does. But a month or two ago I read that she likes art and often buys things at auctions and I thought that was a lie because thats something that leo does. And that it was something she used so she could be saying to people "I don't know why his mother didn't like me while i'm so perfect". I think the only real thing she's telling the truth about is the fact that she likes baking. Probably is studying what ryan reynolds likes so that she can say that she likes just the same things.

ManhattanManiac said...

Call me Cray cray but this screamed Cameron Diaz to me in a second. Not only did she get a boob job for her shady ex A-Rod, there is a Britney spears reference (they both dated Justin) and the Vegas Marriage (her flick with Ashton Kutcher What Happens In Vegas.

I dunno thats just my beginner's guess

MISCH said...

Blake is one of those women who are blank canvas's until the "New Man" enters the picture and then she fills in the blanks with the things he loves.....she just re-invents herself for every guy.....
She must be exhausted ...

Sheba said...

I agree. I always find it sad when a girl/woman re-invents herself just so that a guy will like her. Just be your self, it's the only way a relationship has a chance to succeed. She realy is fake.

Liz said...
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Liz said...

Hi all! I'm a first time poster, so first I just want to say how much I love this site. The discussions are great and you all are so good at solving those Ted riddles.
So, I've been thinking about VBS. Is there any chance she might actually be Sienna Miller? I can't find anything to rule her out, so please correct me if I'm wrong. I know she's been suspected of some other Vices, but in the most recent one (for Barrington Bang Me) she was unnamed. Plus, she wasn't confirmed as having one until 7/11. In this latest installment of VBS, Ted mentions "baby" which could reference her pregnancy. It also says her new guy was "royally dumped" from his last "nookie sitch". That wording is making me think. Would Ryan and Scarlett's relationship really have been a "nookie sitch"? Also, Sienna is known for flirting w/the married guys and has worked with a ton of them...Channing Tatum, Peter Sarsgaard, Cilian Murphy, to name a few...and we know the "more available but shady" guy was Jude Law. The only thing I'm not sure of is the boob job...though I've found sites online that speculate she may have had hers done. Plus Ted has said VBS had a good job, so they are not obvious.
I did ask Ted if VBS was foreign born, but now am seriously kicking myself, bc I just realized S.M. was born in NYC, so he'll probably answer NO just to keep us guessing. Sorry for being such an idiot!
Okay, what do you think? Am I totally wrong here?

PrincessTiff said...

I can't wait until Ryan Reynolds drop-kicks her. She is so tacky and he can totally do better.

Katie said...

Hey Liz, I just read through all of the VBS vices, and sure this could be Sienna Miller. Like, totally. If it is, Ted has certainly gone out of his way to time the vices to trick people into thinking it is Blake, which I think he does often with vices.

Has anyone ever submitted a question to Ted about VBS being Sienna Miller that he hasn't posted? I would ask but he just printed my question about VBS today (I asked if she'd ever been married, because some people think she is Kate Hudson. He said NO).

Caz1310 said...

Oh surely Ryan will tire of her soon. One can only hope. "The Proposal" was on tv tonight. He and Sandra made a much better couple. Blake's fooling nobody with this new claim of almost purity. Puhlease. Harvey Weinstein anyone?

KaDixonLaw said...

Welcome Liz! : )

I totally agree with Lila and I'll be happy to send in a question to try see if there's anything to your theory.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I went back and read some of the answers Ted gave to questions regarding VBS, and now I'm doubting my theory a bit. Some of the answers seem to practically out Blake Lively. It just seems a little too obvious, though. I guess one part that gets me in the original blind is the boob job part. Ted says she got them for an ex. So, we're supposed to believe that is Penn Badgley? I know there are those rumors about him... Plus, why would he be considered "shady"? Not like I know the guy, but still, he doesn't seem too shady to me. Then, there's the problem that, if B.L. is not VBS, then which blind is she? I think it's already been determined there's only a couple others she could possibly be, and those don't exactly add up. Ugh, Ted is a torturer!

Elizabeth said...

Haha, by the way I'm the same Liz as above, guess I was signed in with another account :)

Unknown said...

Sorry this is off topic but in reading the bb's today Ted mentions that John Stamos is a fan favourite BV. I tried searching his name to see who he is suspected to be but came up empty. Does anyone have any idea? Was it a joint BV with his ex Rebecca re being swingers? Sorry once again to put this here where it really doesn't belong..;-)

KaDixonLaw said...

@hordac, I remember one from a year or so ago that some of us thought was John Stamos. I cannot remember the exact time frame or what the blind was about; however, I don't remember it having anything to do with Rebecca. I know I was bummed, though, because he's so darn yummy!

Unknown said...

I know JS is very charming and cute. I actually find him more attractive now that he is older!

Katie said...

@Liz don't doubt your theory just yet! The one trip-up with Blake being VBS as I see it is Ted's past answer that VBS and Strippa Rip Ya do not share a past paramour. He was asked to clarify the word and went with lover of any kind. So, if we think Strippa is J. Lo, and we think that Blake and Ben Affleck got it on, then we have one of them wrong. Or Affleck was not the married co-star that VBS went too far with. Or something. In any case, I just asked Ted very specifically if VBS is Sienna Miller.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Lila, That's great because Ted answered my Sienna Miller question and his answer didn't seem to point towards her being VBS, but it also didn't completely rule her out. I was hoping that the Rob/Kristen mention would grease the wheels a bit. Oh well.

MISCH said...

Penn Badgley is gay, Blake was bearding for him...and she really doesn't want that to get out...she thinks it will hurt her image ...
Please everyone don't laugh.

Katie said...

@KaDixonLaw I agree, Ted's answer to your question did not point to Sienna as VBS at all.

@MISCH I don't know anything about Penn Badgley, but Ted has hinted, perhaps even come right out and said, that their relationship was real. And not to get too psychoanalytical but many gay guys date women in their young adulthood thinking they might be bi. I know this from first-hand experience as a theater major in college - I have three "bi" ex-boyfriends from those days who are now just GAY. So, who knows. It could still be Penn as the shady guy from her past, though I don't know what would make him shady.

Elizabeth said...

It's true Ted's answer didn't point to Sienna as VBS, but then again (and this is likely wishful thinking, hehe) maybe he wants us to keep thinking it's Blake, so he was as nonspecific as possible. He said maybe the baby will tame Sienna and make her move the vicing behind closed doors, you know, as opposed to being photographed topless on a boat with a married man ;)

ManhattanManiac said...

Does anyone agree with my Cameron Diaz guess??

KaDixonLaw said...

@ManhanttanManiac, Welcome! Cameron Diaz isn't a bad guess at all; however, if you refer to the sisters' List of Ted's Reveals, CD was confirmed to have a blind in June 2010 and the first VBS blind didn't appear until November of that year. You can find the link to that list on the right side of the page under the "Labels" section.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Blake Lively. I agree she's very pretty. But I don't think she's really anything special compared to some actresses. Then again, all she seems to be known

for these days is who she is dating and not what she's doing professionally, right?

Dear Social Climber?:
Here's the thing, doll, while Blake seems all too eager to be spotted locking lips with Ryan Reynolds, we can't figure out what the babe really wants in this

biz. Girl used to be so mum when it came to her men. And now? She gets all candid dishing out deets on all four of her beaus. We say pick a persona already,

B. Trust, we'll love you just the same.

Dear Ted:
I have a question about Ms. Veronica Bee-Stings; has the buxom babe ever been married? Thanks a bunch!

Dear Bee-Keeper:

Dear Ted:
I love how you unapologetically called Veronica out for her inappropriate ways. Nobody believed her "I'm so pure" story anyway, but I love you for confirming

our suspicions. So my question for you today is about a Vice that I've been curious about for a while. How is Smokey Shooter doing these days? Any drama

between him and his lady? If he is who I think he is, then I only wish the best for him and his lady, but I'm also thinking if they break up, it frees him up

to be my future husband! Love to you and everyone in Team Truth!

Dear Love Ya Right Back:
You're in luck. No chance in hell (I think) Smokey and his gal are going to last. So, more of the lonely Shooter for you to pounce on, my dear!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I admit I have my favorite Vicers. Can you tell me what's going on with Veronica Bee-Stings, Jerry Rock-Butt and Shafterella Shoshtein?

Dear Pushy!
How's two out of three, OK? Veronica is very happy her stingers are settled permanently into one dude right now (and how) and Shafty could certainly say the same. Though, her bee-stings have never really been very impressive. But she sure can bite!"