Friday, February 17, 2012

Blind Vice: Hothead Actor Flaunts Fists, Taunts Costar!

New BV from Ted today.  An old character returns...

Blind Vice: Hothead Actor Flaunts Fists, Taunts Costar!

Just in case you were wondering if Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad likes to get his fists up for somebody other than his partner, we have the first-hand answer for you: Yes.

That sure is a shocker! What really is a surprise is the public venue Sock-It chose for his latest display of cave-man-like taunting:
The dumbo good-looking dude actually chose the set of his latest picture, The Brooklyn Effect, to let people know just how much he loves talking with his fists, not just his mouth.
Sleazewad's handsome—and younger and fitter—Brooklyn costar is probably considered more of a method actor than is Sock-It, who is more out-there with his emotion. Mr. Costar is a bit more cerebral, keeps to himself, has been Oscar-nominated for his coolness, both personally and professionally. Which apparently drives Sock-It absolutely cuckoo!
"You think you're better than me?," Sock-It shouted to his fellow actor on set recently. "You have a problem with me?"
And while Sock-It was blasting the poor dude with questions (not giving him a chance to answer), Sleazewad kept slamming his fist into the palm of his hand, over and over, and then he kept striking the air wildly, as if a human target was going to be next in a matter of seconds.

But, even though Sock-It kept escalating his voice, and pounding his fists even harder, Mr Costar held steady, never quavered or said a word. Damn, that boy's got not just abs of steel, but, nerves, too!
Meanwhile, film's producers were terrified and ran to the hair and makeup trailers for cover.
All we have to say is that Sock-It's poor woman at home must have ear plugs permanently imbedded in her ears. Now, if only she'd dump this jerk!
And It Ain't: Jensen Ackles, Chris Brown, Robert Pattinson

Please use the label below for a link to our post on the previous SITYS BV, including a discussion full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Josh Brolin


blurry vice said...

Based on the previous Sleazewad BV, this is still Josh Brolin.

So Mr. Costar = Ryan Gosling?

blurry vice said...

Also, let's make sure we are clear on the fact that Mr. Costar's name isn't bold. So this celeb still does not have a BV moniker but could be said to have "appeared as a side character" in a BV. So far RG has not had a BV yet.

Unknown said...

has gosling been nomed for an oscar - golden globe yes. And was the character "cool" "nomintated for his coolness"

KaDixonLaw said...

Gosling was nominated in the Best Actor category for Half Nelson in 2006. The character he played in the movie, Dan Dunne, was a middle school teacher in Brooklyn. Ted's made-up movie title is The Brooklyn Effect, which also fits The Gangster Squad about a detective fighting to keep "East Coast mafia types" out of Los Angeles.

Violet451 said...

Just when I thought I couldn't like Ryan Gosling more than I already do! How does Diane Lane put up with him, she could have anyone!?

Unknown said...

KaDixonLaw - You convinced me - thanks for the background, sounds like it all fits. and yes I feel bad for Diane Lane.

sistah2 said...

so gosling is filming now with Brolin? if so, sounds like it fits. but dont feel too sorry for Diane Lane. she seems like a real beeotch. IMO

steph148 said...

Why would Josh Brolin be at all threatened by Ryan Gosling's previous Oscar nomination? Brolin's been nominated too (for Best Supporting Actor in Milk). However, Brolin's clearly off his rocker, so I guess there's no logic to be found here.

Anonymous said...

While Ryan's only had one nom, his name is often in the running for films. This year he was one of the big shocks for not getting the nod. His performance for Drive was way better than Pitt's in Moneyball, but Oscars are all about politics these days. RyGo is a massive threat to an older actor who never quite hit his prime. He was also widely believed to have been robbed of People's Most Beautiful. Massive threat.

FrenchGirl said...

josh brolin/ryan gosling during THE GANGSTER SQUAD filming

medusa said...

Gosling was also in "Blue Valentine" last year, and although he didn't get an Oscar nomination, he won a lot of other acting awards for that role, as he also did for "Lars and the Real Girl" and "The Ides of March" - and of course "Stupid Crazy Love" in which he was the poster child for "coolness."

And if you say "cerebal coolness" to most women I bet they'd say Gosling right off the bat.

Rita said...

^Yeah, but we tend to suddenly lose the cerebral part of our brains, and just pant after the hot mofo like cats in heat...

Damn, never comment before a full cup of coffee in your system. For moderation's sake!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
It really is tragic that Rihanna seemingly chooses to go back to Chris (who really doesn't seem to have grown up much), but many women have unfortunately

done this before. I would like you to call out not only to the female public to take a stand against domestic violence but also the men. It is equally, if

not more important, that men, step forward and clearly state that violence is not acceptable. On that note, Vicers like Coco Bop-It, Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad

and Caesar Anchovy-Arse all deserve to get publicly called out on their bad behavior and suffer consequences thereby.
—End Rant

Dear Air It Out:
Call out? I think you just did, babe. And perfectly. As for the Vice stars, I, more than anyone, would like to slap their names up on the site next to their

crimes, but that's unfortunately not a reality right now. But you can rest assured that kharma is a bitch."

Timian said...

I found this blind by googling for Jensen Ackles on this site. I have a question: are the "and the ain't"s in any way connected or at least similar to the featured Vicer?

Jensen Ackles seems an odd choice to obviate for this blind. I've never heard a peep about him being abusive... to anyone. By all accounts, he's actually very level headed and shows enormous respect to everyone he works with. That doesn't scream 'hothead' to me.

Jared seems to have a temper, mind, but I can't see him hitting a girl in any circumstances, either.