Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bonus Blind! Hip Multi-Talent Makes as Ass of Himself ... Again

New BV from Ted yesterday -

Bonus Blind!  Hip Multi-Talent Makes as Ass of Himself ... Again

Ya know how there are those Vice stars that you just love to hate?
Well, Coco Bop-It isn't one of them. We actually just hate him. What with his cocky ‘tude and complete lack of respect for women—though he'll claim that's not at all the case, and merely a past problem. Well, apparently not…
Because Coco is still reigning as douchebag supreme.

Need proof? We'll give it to you twofold:
First, Coco was out on the town for those swanky Grammy afterparties this past weekend. Did we mention he's addicted to hipster parties? He is and he tends to actually get a decent amount of attention for his "craft."
But even more for his bad behavior. Especially when it involved chicks.
See, at this party—where the booze was flowing and babes came by the dozen—Coco (and his million-man posse) created their own VIP section in the back and his team made sure Coco had all the privacy he needed to do whatever it is that he does (actually, more on that in a sec).
Including manhandling a woman for taking a picture. One beefy member of his crew was so sure she was sneaking a pic of Coco that he shoved her, grabbed her camera and got in her face, calling her names and threatening her if she dared take another snapshot.
Funnily enough, if he'd just taken the time to look at the pic, he'd have seen it was a picture of the babe's friend. A close-up picture. But when she burst in to tears, Coco continued on with his night (for the record, he's all for this overly physical stance).
So what was Coco doing that was so secretive?
Cheating on his girlfriend. And not with a famous broad like some tabloids like to suspect from time to time. With some chickie with a low-cut neckline and high hemline that stayed inches from his crotch all night.
So, if you were wondering whether Coco ever changed, the answer is: Hell, no.
AND IT AIN'T: John Mayer, Adam Levine, Sean "Diddy" Combs

Top suspect: Chris Brown


Rita said...

Chris d*ckhead Brown.

Obvious relation with AIAs.

blurry vice said...

Yep obviously Chris Brown. Easiest BV in a while. Actually put "top suspect" in with the initial post. Don't do that too often!
What an a hole.

blurry vice said...

This is one he can easily reveal and probably will very soon.

KaDixonLaw said...

Love the fact that Ted is so obvious with the truly sick offenders. Chris Brown clearly doesn't feel any remorse.

Unknown said...

Is he saying Chris shoved the girl or his security guard did?

blurry vice said...

Cee said...

ok the blind is about Chris Brown but its not REALLY about Chris Brown at said his SECURITY GUARD pushed the girl and i know he is not the FIRST or the LAST celeb that has a bodyguard that pushes people...i've seen security at clubs do the same thing to people doing less than taking pictures!!!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please please please can you explain the madness of Chris Brown's "celebrated"' return to the Grammys like he's some kind of fallen hero? The whole thing
made me sick.

Dear Booing Mr. Brown:
I'm with you, A, and one of the many who believe the Grammys forgave Chris Brown much too soon. That being said, you must remember his latest album F.A.M.E.
has been a huge seller, and plenty of big-name artists have lined up to work with Brown, so it's not too surprising the Recording Academy gave him a free pass. Still, Whitney Houston gets one short song and C.B. has two lengthy performances. A bit distasteful—just sayin'.

Dear Ted:
If you don't like a particular celeb, do you make their B.V.'s totally obvious? Because in the case of Coco Bop-It, it sure does seem to point to one "man,"
and if I'm correct in my guess, I say kudos to you for being so blatant because I can't stand that d-bag either! Love you!

Dear Bop-It Extreme:
I'll just say this: I'd have loved to slap Coco's real name on that Vice to out the a-hole.

Dear Ted:
Are there any "easy" Blind Vices that you would reveal if they were guessed correctly? Like the Blind Vice for Elizabeth Banks...if we were able to correctly guess would you reveal it? Lots of love from me and my three-legged Sato, Pepito.

Dear Difficulty Factor:
Sure, there are Vices I think are easier than others. I think Coco Bop-It should be a breeze to guess, but if I named names I'd get my pants sued off (as
much as I think Coco would secretly like to see them come off). But I think Liz's Vice isn't the trickiest either...and I'd be much more willing to reveal
hers. That's not a promise, readers; I just mean that you'd have a better shot at convincing me. Give it a shot. And give a big lick to Pepito for me!"

Eva said...

not that we needed an extra hint, but it would be a 'breeze'=chris breezy.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
If Rihanna was able to forgive Chris Brown for what he did and is still a fan of his, why can't the rest of the world move on? We should judge him as an

artist because that's what he is; and he's a great one who still has many great years ahead of him. I believe he deserved his Grammy win, and his

performances were amazing.

Dear Forgive but Not Forget:
There's no denying that Chris is a talented performer, but there's also no getting past what he did to Rihanna. Which is precisely what Brown and not a few

others seem to want us all to do. While I am a believer in second chances, it doesn't mean we have to like and support the guy. I commend Brown for

continuing to pursue his career, but as for the rest, he definitely isn't handling himself with grace. What's up with all the crude and disrespectful tweets?

So, deserved or not, I can't congratulate him on his Grammy win. But I'd really like to know what the readers think. How should female fans respond to

Brown's recent bad-boy behavior?

Dear Ted:
I wish you'd call out Coco Bop-It under his real name. Although, come to think of it, it probably wouldn't do much good. If he's who I think he is, he's

already done worse and had his career miraculously survive. While everyone deserves a second chance, he's well on his 10th or 11th and I for one am done. As

for Elizabeth Banks' B.V., I always thought that was an easy one as well—her moniker is almost the same as her name. Right?

Dear Easy Shmeasy:
Wish I could too. I'm beyond over Coco. So let's just move on to Liz: I guess the names have some similarities, but they're not that close. It's not like

their initials match up or anything.

Dear Ted:
It really is tragic that Rihanna seemingly chooses to go back to Chris (who really doesn't seem to have grown up much), but many women have unfortunately

done this before. I would like you to call out not only to the female public to take a stand against domestic violence but also the men. It is equally, if

not more important, that men, step forward and clearly state that violence is not acceptable. On that note, Vicers like Coco Bop-It, Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad

and Caesar Anchovy-Arse all deserve to get publicly called out on their bad behavior and suffer consequences thereby.
—End Rant

Dear Air It Out:
Call out? I think you just did, babe. And perfectly. As for the Vice stars, I, more than anyone, would like to slap their names up on the site next to their

crimes, but that's unfortunately not a reality right now. But you can rest assured that kharma is a bitch."

Ashley Blevins said...

People Magazine just posted an article about CB stealing a fans phone. This Vice is nearly identical. Chris Brown, for sure.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
It is not about forgiving Chris Brown. It is about letting a situation that is in the past be in the past. It did happen 3 years ago. Also does anyone know

if Rihanna ever hit him? It seems that people are putting their personal feelings about their own experiences to Chris and that is not fair. I am not really

a fan of his but I am just saying it's done and Rihanna has moved on so America should too.

Dear History Repeats Itself:
Yes, it happened years ago, but Chris hasn't shown any signs that he's changed his ‘tude or even had the slightest desire to keep his anger in check. Heck,

the dude wouldn't even issue an apology for beating up one of the world's most beloved pop stars. A man shouldn't be rewarded for knocking around his

girlfriend (and worse, in this case)."