Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blind Vice! Nevis Divine's Sad Past

New from Ted yesterday -

Blind Vice!  Nevis Divine's Sad Past

As we've established, the yummy ‘n' handsome star Nevis Devine likes both girls and boysmostly avoids little spats with costars and doesn't mind having some of his male BFFs double as daytime nookie partners, whenever Nevis is so inclined. (what fool who wants to keep all his options open doesn't?),

But basically, Nevis is as happy as he is horny in life! With one small exception…
Recently, Nevis has been giving some eyebrow-raising press interviews. It's not his usual jovial and aw-shucks stuff—which Nevis has always been most excellent at delivering.
Also, it's no secret Mr. D.'s been hitting the sauce a lot, as of late. Partying too much, as well.
And the latter reasons are why most folks seem to think Nevis has gotten more melancholy lately—publicly, at least.
But it ain't the reason.
The real culprit behind Nevis's more bummed-out moods these days has to do with a good friend becoming pregnant. It started getting Nevis much more sadface than he usually is.
Why? Well, not just because he loves kids and wants his own one day, but more specifically, because there was a private tragedy in his family a few years back involving a child—and few know about it. And Nevis doesn't like to think about this unfortunate chapter in his life—in fact he makes an absolute point not to. But his pal's good news has just brought it all crashing back down on him again, and N.D. just doesn't know what to do besides screw around and get high—and avoid it all.
Sorry you're feelin' down, Nevis. But cheer up, we're sure you'll have your own family one day soon!
AND IT AIN'T: Adrian Grenier, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Brolin

Please use the label below for a link to the many previous Nevis BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: still Robert Pattinson


blurry vice said...

Friends who are expecting = Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller

blurry vice said...


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Read today's Vice and it's so sad. I've been there and who I suspect is Nevis Divine is one of my favorites. Is the expecting friend Barrington Bang-Me and the woman you called his beard? Is part of his sadness over it a change in that relationship because of the baby?

Dear Curious:
I adore Nevis Divine, too, ain't he the best? Not quite sure what you're hinting at, but, I will at least answer your question: No, the friend is not Barrington."

-- Hmm OK well maybe it's Jackson Rathbone and his gf. Or some other random friend of his we don't know.

sistah2 said...

WOW. this is quite detailed and juicy, good one Ted. Soo....
if this is RobPat, does anyone know what tragedy is in his background that involves a child? If Ted knows about it, it must be out there somewhere.

EV said...

Tom/Sienna seems like the obvious fit, with Sienna being the pregnant friend in this BV. Ted only ruled out Barrington as the friend & not his gf, Sienna.

Jackson Rathbone is my other guess. The timing fits too since this BV comes on the heels of Jackson & his GF confirming her pregnancy this week as well as the Breaking Dawn DVD coming out today.

No ideas on the family tragedy with a child, but Rob does have 2 older sisters with no kids. Maybe a miscarriage or something? Some more tragic within the extended family?

Mary H said...

Today's Afternoon Mail gives a sad hint to the sad past.

Dear Ted:
After the latest update on Nevis Divine (thank you for that update...he's my fave BV!), it left me wondering if Nevis & Percy DuBois have a specific tragedy in common?

Dear Crafty:
Nevis and Percy have a lot in common, actually, and perhaps this, as well.

These are the things that I can't believe we even call vices. It's so awful. I can't even imagine how he feels. And despite what Ted says about the friend not being Barrington aka Tom, I'm sure his and Jackson's soon-to-be babies have him thinking about this.

Andrew said...

I really do think Ted has to make some of this up or seriously embellish certain stories. I just find it hard to believe that almost every single attractive young "IT" guy in Hollywood is gay or bi. A few, of course. But Ted has a gay or bi vice for almost all of them.

Sarah said...

Throwing a little more into the pot? This is Pattinson's ex-gf.

She's 34 weeks pregnant.

Savannah said...

I hate blinds like this where it's like Ted is psychoanalyzing the celebrity. It's one thing to recount vicey actions. It's another to claim to know what's going on in a celebrity's head.

sistah2 said...

I dont get the Percy DuBois reference..what do they have in common?

EV said...

top suspects for Percy & Nevis are British & both hooked up with their co-stars.

KaDixonLaw said...

Percy DuBois and his girlfriend had an abortion which, in turn, led to the end of their relationship. I took the reference to mean that Nevis had possibly experienced something similar. However, I don't follow Robert Pattinson or Twilight at all, so I have no idea how that might apply to him.

Mary H said...

I don't think you need to necessarily follow Twilight to understand that it's possible someone close to him has had an abortion, whether its a family member, a friend, or an old girlfriend. I think having a pregnant ex as Sarah is saying DOES add a layer of complexity to this. Seems like poor Rob is surrounded by babies right now.

JessMarie414 said...

Q) Is the expecting friend Barrington Bang-Me and the woman you called his beard?

A) No, the friend is not Barrington.

The writer mentions both Barrington and his beard as the expecting, because both partners expect together. Ted clearly says that the expecting friend is not Barrington. Therefore it cannot be Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller since we know that they are expecting.

It's interesting that Rob's ex girlfriend is pregnant. And of course Jackson Rathbone. But Jackson and Rob never seem to hang out. They don't seem to be that close. And wouldn't it be a bigger deal if his current best friend was expecting over his ex girlfriend who he is never spotted with? If Rob was spotted with any other female besides Kristen it would be all over the news.

While there are clues that Rob could be Nevis there are more clues that he is not. While I'm not a 'robsten' fanatic by far, I can clearly see that they are in a relationship. And have been for awhile now. Ted has stated many times that the relationship is real, that Kristen is NOT a beard, that Rob & Kristen are monogamous, and even that they don't swing.

I think that Ted wants us to think that Rob is Nevis because it brings in a lot of hits. And I know that with the blind vice timeline it points to Rob but all the other facts say that it isnt. Ted created this vice right after Rob became famous. He probably just added him to the gallery knowing that he would never have to reveal the truth. I think he is just stirring up shit.

JessMarie414 said...

I completely agree with Savannah's comment from above. Ted has all these "facts" that none of the other gossipers/reporters have. Have inside sources; who he obviously doesn't name. He wants us to believe everything he says about the stars; even what's going on in their heads. Rob seems like a very private person. Unless Ted's source was one of Rob's friends (which Rob would probably know instantly) he is just guessing and speculating. Trying to cause drama.

Violet451 said...

I do think there must be some personal connection there with Ted and Rob and K-Stew. He seems too emotionally invested in them and defending them, supporting their careers and all that. I don't want to believe that he is getting some kind of kick back for talking about them CONSTANTLY but sometimes it crosses my mind. My thought has always been that he must be close with someone in their camp to know soooo much about them.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
After the latest update on Nevis Divine (thank you for that update...he's my fave BV!), it left me wondering if Nevis & Percy DuBois have a specific tragedy in common?

Dear Crafty:
Nevis and Percy have a lot in common, actually, and perhaps this, as well.

Dear Ted:
Please can you give us any clues on Leo DiCaprio's Vice. Could he possibly be Jerry Rock-Butt? Oh and also, has anyone ever guessed Nevis Divine correctly? I don't believe in the popular guess. Love from S.A.!

Dear Butt of the Blind:
Good guess, Mani, but Leo is not Mr. Rock-Butt. Jerr is a bit younger and fairly hotter than Leo these days. Plus, Jerry is committed, whereas Leonardo so isn't. As for Nev, some guessers are definitely a lot warmer than others."

LeahJane said...

Nevis is Gerard Butler. He's already admitted being bi and whenever somebody guesses him me says the guess is "excellent" and doesn't deny it.

JessMarie414 said...

Gerard Butler seems like a really good choice. He's got the hair, popularity, Scottish, and he does give off that gay vibe. Sometimes guys who try too much have more to hide.

Ted did say that Nevis was not the obvious choice (which seems to be Rob).

I'm still thinking that he made up a lot of monikers, picked some celebrities but didn't match them up because he knew he would never have to reveal the 'truth'.
It's the only answer to Ted's mind games.

Ella Bee said...
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Ella Bee said...

I have been lurking quite a while but light on the posting in the last year or so. Love this site! I don't think Nevis is Gerard Butler. Sorry to break it to you, but it's going to be a rough sell to try to get most around here to consider someone other than Robert for this. There is just way too much evidence supporting it. If you would like to see a list of who has been eliminated as Nevis Devine, this always helps me:

Ella Bee said...

Forgot to include that Gerard is on the eliminated list.

JessMarie414 said...

I think that Gerard was a good fit. Rob seems like a good fit but there are a lot of things that disprove him; most come straight out of Ted's mouth. If Rob was gay, someone would have come out and said so by now. If he is in a relationship with Tom Sturridge, surely we would have at least ONE picture in almost four years supporting that. We have pictures of Rob and Kristen engaged in PDA, not a lot but some. They get leaked. Leaking a photo of Rob and Tom intimate would definitely draw more attention than Rob & Kristen. They could sell that for a lot of money.

Rob is a really good choice. But Ted has eliminated him in bitch backs. Of course he doesn't outright say it, you gotta read between the lines.

heather_p said...

Ted has never said anything to "disprove" Rob as Nevis. What he *does* do is say things the small minded Twi-hards can cling to so that they can go on believing Rob isn't Nevis. He does this because they make up the majority of his readership right now and he doesn't wat to piss them off too much. You actually have to be able to "read between the lines" to know he *hasn't* notted Rob. Not the other way around.

I'm sure if Tom Cruise was gay we'd have some photographic proof by now right? I mean, he's been famous eons longer than Rob so there's no way, if he WAS gay, that we wouldn't have some sort of proof. Right? ;)

People using that argument for why Rob isn't bisexual (not gay, btw) have no understanding of how Hollywood works.

I find it very humorous that people are still trying to prove Rob isn't Nevis. This is as much of a slam dunk in the BV world as we've ever had.

LeahJane said...

No way is Rob ND. For God's sake, he's only 25 years old! So ND first comes on the scene in 2009, when RP is 22, and Ted says "Nevis has been famous for a while now." Really? I never heard of him before Twilight. Ted goes on to say "a couple years" before that is when he walks into an industry party with a "non-famous". Tom Sturridge's father is a director, his mother an actress. Hardly an industry unknown. You guys who think it's RP are way off.

heather_p said...

Rob was a prominent character in a Harry Potter film, one of the biggest franchise's in movie history. That's why Ted was correct in saying he was famous before Twilight. And The Goblet of Fire came out in 2005 while the blind was written early 2009. Four years definitely counts as "a while".

As far as Tom, his parents being in the industry doesn't make him "famous". He did Pirate Radio in 2009 and before then he was an unknown actor. He certainly wasn't in anything like Harry Potter where legions of fans would know who he was.

The industry event Ted is referring to is The Order of the Phoenix premiere in LA, July 2007. Like Ted said, it was a couple years earlier from when he wrote the blind. There's a video on youtube of Tom and Rob arriving together and then separating so Rob could walk the red carpet alone.

Again, slam dunk.

Ella Bee said...

Robert P has never been eliminated as Nevis Devine. I posted a link to the list above of everyone eliminated if you want to see!

JessMarie414 said...

Of course Rob has never been eliminated 'officially'. Then Ted would lose a lot of his blind vice hits. But, yes Rob has been unofficially eliminated. You don't need to read between the lines to see it. I dont care if you are robsten, nonsten, or Switzerland (me) blind vices should be based on what Ted says. Ted has said that Rob & Kristen are together, that they are monogamous, and they dont swing. Swing might not be applicable in this way but monogamous definitely is. Nevis is not monogamous.. He is polyamorous (multiple loves). Rob has stated himself that he would never cheat on someone and would never be with someone for publicity (beard). And Ted has just recently said that Barrington is not expecting. But Tom Sturridge is. Tom has been eliminated. So Ted hasn't came right out and said that Rob isn't Nevis (Rob is one of Ted's money tickets) but he has done so with his comments, bitch backs, and videos.

JessMarie414 said...

Just because Rob was in HP doesn't make him famous. It was a small role and there are still a quite a bunch of people who have never seen it (weird as it is). Daniel Radcliffe still isn't a household name after being in the films for 10+ years.

It just doesn't add up. Ted is screwing with us. He says that he can't release the vices due to legalities but you can't be sued over something that is true. He made these up knowing that he would never had to reveal them.

The bkind vice entry date is really the only thing that holds Rob to this vice. Funny that it was created the month that Twilight blew up. The original vice shows his girlfriend as being a blind vice superstar herself, but Kristen didnt show up in the gallery until months later. Twilight blew up, Ted realized how famous Rob & Kristen were getting & wants in on the gravy train, Rob is the worm to our fishes.

JessMarie414 said...

Kristen and Rob weren't even together when Nevis' vice was released. Rob was single (stated in Twilight promos) and Kristen was still with Michael A. Kristen's was a confirmed vice in March 2009. Kristen was pictured with Michael until early April and Ted stated that Robsten didn't get together until early April/late May. He has also said the relationships never crossed; Kristen never cheated. The dates don't match.

Nikki Reed can't be girlfriend/costar because Ted said that Nevis and girlfriend are still together (Nikki is married). I think that Rob & Nikki hooked up pre twilight release but they really haven't been seen together since (except for promos and cast dinner nights).

Lady Elizabeth said...

You know, I used to think Rob had to be Nevis because of the he was/wasn't date but the dates that you entered make a lot more sense for the vice. It is kinda suspicious that Nevis was created right after Twilight was released. I mean, it had fans before but it sure did blow up like no one thought it would. It seems like Ted might have waited to see if Rob was worth it. Just my opinion.

The only co-stars/girlfriends that would work would be Kristen or Nikki. Nikki is out because of her hubby and Kristen is out because of the vice dates. I agree with JessMarie414 about Ted screwing with us. It does seem that he makes up things as he goes along. We're just his puppets :-/

Lady Elizabeth said...

I can't find anything on YouTube where Rob and
Tom are arriving together at a premiere for HP. There is a few where the Brit Pack and Kristen arrive at the Remember Me premiere but that's not what the vice is talking about. I don't know if it was taken down or what. Anybody have a link?

JessMarie414 said...

I couldn't find anything on YouTube or google either. Still, not having a video of the premiere doesn't disqualify Rob as ND. Ted did say that ND and BBM arrived at the event hand in hand, it'd be nice to get a video of that! That would definitely prove it.

Ted is always screwing around. Terry Tush Trade's vice is so messed up its not even funny. First it's a girl, then a guy, then a girl with guy tendencies, then Ted won't say which sex TTT is. And it seems like Twyla really isn't dedicated to a specific celeb either. Just weird.

heather_p said...

You guys have so many things backwards it makes me wonder if you've even read the blinds.

1) Ted wouldn't lose hits from BV readers if he eliminated Rob as Nevis. The BV fans aren't Twi-hards and don't especially care about Rob or if he has a BV. Nevis is a popular blind because it's juicy. Most BV readers would actually prefer it be someone like Gerard or Jude or any actor they actually care about, rather than the sparkly vampire. The only way Ted would lose hits because of the Nevis BV is if he is too obvious about it being Rob. He always gives the smail minded (sorry but it's true) Twi-hards something to hold on to so they don't abandon him completely.

2) As far as Ted saying Robsten are monogamous...

"Dear Ted:
Before we get to the real question, just want to say that I'm so glad to hear that your colleague Giuliana Rancic is doing so well...bless her. My question is about Robsten: In the past you've made them sound like a couple who are totally monogamous, abstaining from all others...could this really be true?

Dear Robsten Plus One?
I've said it forever and I'll say it again: These two don't cheat on each other. But they're hardly the traditional type and make no secret of their Vicey behavior. That's why they're the perfect match. "

"Dear Ted:
How do Rob and Kristen "define" their relationship? I am so confused now. At first it seemed very real, and now not so much.

Dear Bookish:
I would look under the V's and check out two entries: "very chill" and "versatile."

"Dear Ted:
In the past, you've stated that Robsten have been in a monogamous relationship. Lately though, you've mentioned they both seem to be "so" not the jealous types, and you describe the relationship as chill and "diverse." Am I right to think the terms of their relationship may have changed somewhat, or has their relationship always been multi-faceted?

Dead Nitpicking:
Remember, doll, these two play by their own rules and aren't as concerned about defining their relationship in the same strict manor that Robsten-addicts want them to. That said, they are very much in a solid relaysh. It's always been unconventional, that's why it works!"

3) You actually think because an actor tells a reporter he would never cheat or be with someone for publicity that that makes it the truth? If you believe that I have some property in Florida to sell you...

4)Ted never said Barrington wasn't expecting. He only said the expectant person he refernced in the latest blind wasn't Barrington. All Ted needs is for someone else Nevis knows to be expecting right now. We know his ex-girlfriend is about to deliver and who knows who else in his life is pregnant. But saying Barrington isn't the friend are the types of bones he throws to Twi-hards to keep them around.

I dare you to ask Ted if Barrington and his GF are expecting. He probably won't answer but he would never say no because that would be a lie.


heather_p said...


5) Just because the majority of the world hasn't see Harry Potter doesn't mean Daniel Radcliffe's not famous. Rob gained a certain level of fame because of his role in Harry Potter. That you're trying to argue this is ridiculous.

6) You're dead wrong about people not being able to sue when there's a truth revealed about them that they don't want made public. No one will out Tom Cruise because he has his team of Scientologist lawyers that could ruin anyone's life.

7) In the original Nevis vice Ted never said his GF was a blind vice superstar. She wasn't even mentioned in that one. The first time "girlfriend" comes up is in the 3rd installment. And, again, no mention of her being a BV at all.

8)Ted didn't mention Miss Costar and the girl she caught Nevis texting (obviously Kristen) till July of '09. The timing fits perfectly with Robsten.

9) The girlfriend and the costar are two separate people. Try reading it again.

10) Ted never said that Nevis and Barrington arrived hand in hand.

Here's some pics of Rob and Tom at the premiere:

Like I said, they arrived together but all the official pics are of Rob on his own. He's also signing autographs because he's FAMOUS. Unlike Tom, who wasn't at the time. Celebs often attend premieres they had no involvement in and walk the red carpet and sign autographs. It would have made sense for Tom to do that if he had been famous.

As for the video, I saw it years ago and I never saved the link. I believe it's in a longer video which has many of the arrivals on it. You would have to watch the whole thing to see where Rob's arrival is. It's certainly not something I'm going to look for again.

This is the most hotly contested BV simply because there's a large faction of Twi-hards who would literally have their hearts crushed if it turned out Robsten wasn't a real life Edward and Bella. I can make no other sense out of why so many people seem to misread what Ted says and keep trying to deny what's right there.

LeahJane said...

I've never seen the HP movies, and I only saw Twilight this past November when it came on cable tv. I have two teenage boys so I knew nothing about the books or movies except for my kids making fun of them. I only watched the movie because I thought it would be comical. However, I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was kind of cute. I was also shocked by how well RP and KS played their parts and thought they must be a couple in real life, which is how I got on this ND journey in the first place. I googled them to see if I was right, and you know how one thing leads to another, etc. etc.

So having said that, admittedly I'm new to the game and have had the ability to read years of clues in a matter of months. Here's what I've read: Ted was asked if KS is anyone's beard, to which he replied no. He was asked if ND and Tom Sturridge are close and he said no. He said that ND was from across the pond, but think closer (made me think of Scotland which is closer to the US than England). He talked about ND having a spat with a "former" co-star (who many thought was Nikki Reed) but she is still his co-star. He was asked if ND ever worked with Reese Witherspoon which was a no. He talked about ND needing rehab, and then when someone asked him if RP needed rehab he gave an emphatic no. I could go on and on.

Certainly I agree Ted is making it look like it's Rob Pattinson. At this point, I agree with the other posters who say this is all made up.

heather_p said...

I could swat down everyone of your objections easily (and some don't even represent what Ted actually said) but because they've been disscused ad nauseum on other threads (and at the E message boards) I'm not going to go through it all again here.

Saying that it all has to be made up is a common line the Twi-hards use when they realize Ted has written Nevis for Rob but they can't handle it being a possibility. I have to wonder about the maturity of those who can't even entertain the possiblity that a Hollywood actor could be bi-sexual. But it's not any actor is it. Just Rob because of the dream that he is Edward and Kristen is his Bella.

If the Twi-hard outcry over this BV is any indication, Rob is smart to keep all this on the down low. If it got out that he has a thing for guys and girls I'm afraid his fans would abandon him in the blink of an eye.

Lady Elizabeth said...

Ted said that Nevis never worked with Reese Whitherspoon. We know this was pre WFE. And Rob had worked with Reese in Vanity Fair. Doesn't matter that his scene was cut, he still worked with her.

Ted said that as of July 2009 the celebs in consideration were not Nevis. Rob was in consideration at that time.

Ted said that Nevis isn't very 'hump worthy'. And we know that Ted loves his Rob.

Ted says that Miss Costar caught ND texting someone they both knew around July 2009 and that caused them to break up. Ted has said that whatever happened with Nikki was before Twilight was even released. And also that Rob was already with Kristen at that point. So, Rob/Nikki relationship was over before Nov 2008 but ND/Miss Costar's relationship wasn't over until around July 2009. Pretty big time difference.

Ted stated that Nevis hadn't spent time in either Barrington's or Girlfriend's bed in awhile. This was said right after Rob went to visit Kristen and Tom in Montreal.

Ted said that spring/summer 2010 that ND hooked up with Miss Costar behind GF's back. Hmmm. Nikki and Rob hooking up behind Kristen's back would have gotten quite a bit more hits that ND doing it. And yet Ted didn't mention it.

As of Oct 2010 Ted said that Miss Costar hadn't been in a relationship for awhile. Nikki Reed was constantly in a relationship with one guy or another.

Ted has specifically stated that Rob & Kristen are monogamous. Even if they are 'chill and relaxed', monogamous means one plus one. Ted has said that GF was a beard, then in another post said that Kristen never has been.

Is the expecting friend Barrington Bang-Me and the woman you called his beard?

No, the friend is not Barrington.

THIS is why Ted is fucking with us! Yes, a lot of ND's 'qualities' sound like ND. And yes, the whole miss costar/Nevis/GF things sounds like Nikki/Rob/Kristen. But then things don't add up. It's too obvious! And Ted said its not the most obvious choice.

LeahJane said...

Heather, I'm not a Twi-hard. I've never paid a penny to see a Robert Pattinson movie unless you consider my monthly payment to Directv spending money on it. I think the mystery of this BV is fun. I wouldn't doubt that RP was bi and I think it's pretty much accepted these days that whatever feels good, do it and most young people have experimented when it comes to sex. I mean, when you've got little girls singing to Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It", what do you expect?

Like I said, though, I'm not pigeon-holed into one way of thinking because I've had the advantage of reading years of clues in a short amount of time. I would've thought ND was Gerard Butler - especially since he was released from rehab yesterday - and all of the clues fit him. But if he's been notted, he's been notted.

So back to RP, you can't get past the fact that Ted clearly states that ND never worked with Reese Witherspoon. Lady E is right. Just because your scene was cut does not negate the fact that you worked with someone. Ted also said that ND and Tom Sturridge are not close.

Ted also posted this and this is his quote: "Not that long ago, Barrington hooked up with a pretty visible gal. This was right around the time people were started to wonder what the hell's going on with the two guys, anyway. But, no more! Bare's new babe (who's been around almost as much as Nevis has, hmm...) took care of those rumors. However—surprise, surprise—things are rotten between Barrington and the beard. But, what really is a surprise is the fact that we just discovered: Mr. Bang-Me only took up with said honey because he didn't want to endanger Nevis's career, he didn't give a you-know-what about his own reputation."

Sienna Miller is now pregnant and possibly engaged to Tom Sturridge. Again, how do you make this fit? A famous, rich, beautiful young woman would go to that length to have sex and a baby with a person you don't like only to protect Rob Pattinson's image? That's too ridiculous for words.

But, I have no problem asking Ted if Barrington and his gf are expecting a baby. If he answers, I'll be sure to share.

heather_p said...

Ok, I guess I'll do some swatting. It's actually kind of fun. :)

In the order you listed them...

1) Reese: Honest mistake because Rob wasn't even in the movie. And Ted later corrected it when he said he didn't consider Vanity Fair to be a project Rob and Tom did together because Rob's scenes were cut. Obviously the same would apply to Reese. Then during WFE filming someone asked if Nevis and Reese had ever worked on a movie together and instead of saying "I already answered that question and the answer is still no" he said "I haven't seen one". Obviously he said that because he had been made aware of VF by then and saying "no" wouldn't be the correct answer anymore. Then someone asked if he had ever seen Vanity Fair and Ted said "no".

Case closed on that one.

2) Ted never said that. Feel free to show me a link if you like.

3) This one's laughable and a great example of how Twi-hards misread things on purpose to believe what they want. What Ted ACTUALLY said was Nevis isn't AS "hugely hump-worthy on sight" as Kellan Lutz. Obviously referring to the muscles and the stereotypical buff guy that most (not me) women seem to like.

4) You can show me a link, if you want, where Ted assures that nothing could ever have gone down between Nikki and Rob after Twilight released, but, it's not hard to imagine that Nikki still had feelings for Rob (and since Kristen was still supposedly with Michael, a good friend of Nikki's) she flipped out over it. The timing also lines up perfectly with the supposed blowup Rob and Nikki had on the New Moon set.

5) Why do Twi-hards isolate one thing and cling to it instead of reading all of Ted's answers? First, Ted never said Nevis HADN'T spent time in Barrington's or his GF's bed lately. What he ACTUALLY said was he was "Not sure how much bedroom time he's been banking with either though, of late." And apparently you missed the follow up to that question...

"Dear Ted:
You recently said Nevis Divine hasn't been getting any bedroom time with his guy or his gal lately. That makes me sad. Is it because they haven't been in the same town? Or maybe there's trouble in alternative-lovin' paradise? My adopted black lab, Baylor, sends big licks!

Dear Three's a Crowd:
Trust, babe, he hasn't been lonely—that's for sure—but, as always, conflicted. Which doesn't exactly lead to magical nights in his mansion's bedroom."

6)Ted never hinted about Nevis hooking up with Miss Costar again. Instead his comments about how Miss Costar now feels about the situation have, for the most part, mirrored what he's said about how Nikki now feels about the little triangle that used to be.

7)Read up. There are two question specifically asking Ted if they are monogamous and instead of saying "yes, they are monogamous by the text book definition" he makes it all sound very much like Nevis and TTT.

8)On this one we agree. Ted IS fucking with you. I think he gets some kind of sick pleasure out of it. But Ted didn't recently say Nevis isn't the most obvious choice. He said that eons ago when there were many people in the running.

When you look at all of his answers together, and take into consideration that Ted needs to purposefully mislead you so that it's not too obvious (he's admitted in the past that he does as much), it totally all adds up and points to Rob.

heather_p said...


The Reese thing is solved.

Ted never said "Nevis Divine and Tom Sturridge are not close". This is why people can't guess right. They read something once and record in their memory what they want to be said instead of what Ted actually said. And if you've been reading Ted's blinds for any length of time, you figure out the devil's in the details. Here's what was actually said:

"Dear Ted:
How about a twofer? Please? Is Nevis Divine Tom Sturridge? If not, is he Ben Barnes? Am I close?

Dear Double Trouble:
No to both, and no, you are not close."

Following Ted's usual style the "you are not close" could be referring only to Ben Barnes, not to Tom. The question could easily be read, "Is it Tom? If it isn't am I close in asking if it's Ben Barnes?" and ted replies, "no it's not Tom or Ben. And, no, with Ben Barnes, you are not close".

Given all the facts, this is obviously what Ted meant. But if you have any doubts go ahead and ask Ted again if Tom Sturridge is a close guess for ND. I guarantee you he won't say "ND and Tom are not close". And to get your question answered it helps if you have a rescue animal. Real or made up. :)

The Sienna/Tom thing is easy. Just because Tom's main reason for hooking up with Sienna is to protect Rob (which I think is exaggerated btw) doesn't mean they never slept together. And just because she accidentally got pregnant doesn't negate Rob as Nevis or Tom as Barrington.

As a matter of fact, just days before Ted wrote the Barrington/beard blind I emailed Ted and (jokingly) chastised him for not using the Tom/Sienna hookup as reason to do a Nevis update. Then just a couple days later, there it was.

There's no way that's a coincidence. Just like it's not a coincidence that between the dates Ted said Rob wasn't and then was a blind, ND is the only possible.

KaDixonLaw said...

Woah... I feel like I just waded through the comment section at AT. This is BIE, isn't it?!

Rita said...

@KaDixonLaw, I used to think that Twihards were the worst... Until I went on CeleBitchy: The Brangeloonies are monsters!

I think Nevis Devine cannot be anyone else but Robert Pattinson. The same goes for Toothy Tile, that cannot be anyone else but My Jakey Poo.

And Ted has stated quite often, that the Brits do not have as much hang-ups about exploring their homosexuality as we North Americans tend to. And in Nevis Devine's case, his choices have proven to be more about falling in love with the person, than rather being attracted to one sex or the other.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Rita, You're too funny! : ) I almost feel sorry for the celebrities that have such obsessed fans as I suspect they find it creepy rather than flattering. Anyway, I love that BIE is a relatively Twilight-free zone for this very reason.

I totally agree re: Nevis and Toothy. I'm not sure which poster suggested that the people here are close-minded; however, that couldn't be further from the truth. I think most people here are pretty open to alternate suggestions as long as they can be backed up with facts.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm a longtime follower and your comment on how similar Nevis Divine and Percy DuBois could be intrigued me. Could they be about the same age (say, within
five years)?

Dear Blinds of a Feather:
About that, yeah."

Sarah said...

I love the people who are so horrified by crazy Twi-hards yet are clearly equally as obsessed themselves. Seriously, if you're writing this much on a BI? Either to prove OR disprove? You're WAY overinvested.

It's pretty obvious that Ted means people to think this is RP. I also think it's equally obvious that the whole thing is a fabricated soap opera. I could believe RP is bi. I can't believe Ted's BV's though.

heather_p said...

Uh, Sarah, if Rob and Kristen broke up or it turned out that any part of their blinds were true the Twi-hard meltdown would break the internet. It's not even in the same ballpark as enjoying solving a BV puzzle for fun.

I am endlessly fascinated by the fanatics and their denial of the obvious fact that Ted wrote this for Rob. And when they make inaccurate statements about what Ted has said, I may just correct them. That's what these comments are for, no?

There are plenty other blinds where people have written paragraphs about who they think the answer is. Why don't you run along and tell them all how obsessed they are. And don't forget the sisters too. After all, they have a whole site dedicated to blind items. *eye roll*

Rita said...

Just a little friendly reminder: This is BLIND ITEMS EXPOSED. All we tend to discuss, are BLIND ITEMS. 98% of the time. Politics and Economy, not really. Blind Items, most definitely!

LeahJane said...

To answer your question, Heather, I got most of my info from this site right here, though I did look at some stuff on e!. However, I thank you for writing what you did. I get it now. Ted purposely misleads. Okay, then, you've convinced me that this is definitely Rob Pattinson. I mean, it's kind of stupidly obvious. What was throwing me off was all the lovey-dovey stuff he said about the couple in his regular article. It didn't add up to the ND things but now I see Ted was throwing people off the scent. Okay.

Seriuosly, though, I hope that Tom and Sienna's hating each other is an exaggeration for their kid's sake. Maybe TS has moved on at this point in his life too and is gonna make a go with her. Or maybe they're all in a foursome love-square and are going to raise the baby in a hippy love commune. Now that would be a good blind vice!! :-)

Thanks again for saving me some gray hairs trying to figure this out!

heather_p said...

@LeahJane Ted seems to specialize in writing lovey stuff for the Robstens and then he turns right around and either undermines what he said, or he simply throws out sly clues that directly link Rob and Kristen to Nevis and TTT, respectively. My personal opinion is, as far as the story he's written, he truly believes Rob and Kristen are in a solid and committed relationship with an understanding that they both have attractions to the opposite sex, and they are both ok with each other exploring that side of themselves. Whether it's true or not, I have no opinion. I just know that playing Edward and Bella in a movie doesn't make it, by default, NOT true.

I couldn't find the quote before where Ted admitted he misleads people on certain blinds but here it is now:

July 13, 2010...

"Dear Ted:
Do you ever eliminate people that are the subject of your Blind Vices in order to throw your readers off the scent?

Dear And It Ain't:
I would never. But note this: While the are some Vices I make sure to throw you off of, there are others that I'm dying to reveal...and just might give more clues to than others."

I honestly don't think things are that bad between Tom and Sienna. I'd bet it's just a Ted-ism used to bring more drama to the Nevis blind. If they end up getting married I'm sure we'll get a fun installment in the future. :)

Ella Bee said...

@heather_p- well done! I am impressed. You locked that in, like a true sleuth:)

I agree w/Heather, KaDixonLaw and Rita...unless Ted nots him, there is no one else that fits as Nevis. Twi-Hards beware! Logic and keen wit overrules unhealthy obsession.

Ella Bee said...

I found that this Nevis Blind from 2010 has a timeline by BIE'r Heather proving that Nevis can only be Rob based on Ted's information and dates. Thought it might be helpful to those with doubt of Nevis' identity in the future!

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Is Nevis Divine's current relationship doomed to fail like most open relationships in Tinseltown?|

Dear Divine Re-Invention:
Maybe. I'd even go so far as to say probably. There are too many raging libidos and emotions in this par-tick triangle. But for now, it continues...Nev and

his BF/GF cohorts are enjoying the current sexy sitch too much and not worrying about the future.

Dear Ted:
I am surprised that you haven't said more on Sienna Miller's pregnancy. I wonder what Tom Sturridge's friend Rob Pattinson feels about it? Love ya!

Dear Baby on Bored:
I have talked about mama-to-be Miller in the past. And told you that Robby is more than thrilled for his pal but isn't feeling any inspiration to sow his

seed anytime soon. Like at all. And that has not changed.

Dear Ted:
You've always said Nevis Divine's babe is cool with his dabbling with his boy toy. So my question is why make his Vice Blind? I get the privacy thing. That's

fair. If Nev doesn't want to publicize his private playings, you won't reveal. That's cool. Or is it that in spite of Nev's chill attitude, you're afraid his

people will get litigious? Or is it just 'cause this is a fun game?! Thanks for keeping me entertained Ted.

Dear Detective Divine:
Nev might be totally cool with his own dude-on-dude dalliances but you bet your toosh that Camp Divine would not be as relaxed were I to finger the
(sometimes) homolicious hunk. Plus, it's totally fun—dontcha think?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said you think Nevis Divine and his girlfriend will split eventually. Do you think it would be more based off Nevis wanting something more with this GF or the fact that both Nevis and his GF still want a side dish? Thanks!

Dear Side Dish to Splits:
Probably a little bit of both, babe, but don't expect a split anytime soon. Nev and his GF are doing fab! And we're so thrilled for the couple. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Since Nevis Divine already has a girlfriend, I'm wondering if he still hooks up with other girls on the side, or is it just other guys? Or is he now sticking

to only his girlfriend and Barrington?

Dear Monogamy for Three:
Nev's not strictly a one woman and one man dude. That said, he's not exactly the Casanova of open relationships."

miata said...

Could N.D.'s ex gf be the friend that is pregnant. Sh states that they are good friends now. She is due to deliver a baby any day now too. I checked out pictures of N.D. and his ex at the Empire Awards 2006. It looks like there might be some kind of a baby bump. I wonder if something could have happened to N.D. like Percy Dubois? Also Ted ended saying,"Cheer up, we are sure you will have your own family one day soon." Soon is intriging. N.D. and his current gf were not getting along very well in 2011. His ex lives in London. I wonder if they connected 9 - 10 months ago and repeated something that might have produced a family but one he can't be a part of so he might be a little more down. His current gf can't be pregnant because she is smoking and drinking quite a bit. Soon is very intriging, Ted.

miata said...

OK, I've got another possibilty of what happened a "few" years ago to make Nevis feel down now after hearing about a friends pregnancy. It's something that he "can't" talk about. Nevis and gf were trying to be careful but there was a slip and she got pregnant. It was caught quickly and taken care of. It was noted that she was just gone for two days and nothing was to be said of the incident. See Blind items/2009/MAYJUNE.html 6/24/2009 #1. This may be an answer. The "soon" from Ted still has me thinking.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Would you put Robert Pattinson under the "good guy" or "bad boy" category? Or maybe a mix of both?

Dear Fifty Shades of Grey Area:
Hmmm...definitely a mix of both. But leaning toward the latter—in the best possible way. Follow that?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You've confounded me. You have indicated that both Twyla Babe-Sucker and Terry Tush-Trade are females. Who is more famous right now, as in has the most high
-profile career? Do they both like other girls as well as guys? What do they think of each other? Love ya!

Dear Love Ya Back:
I don't think I've specified sex on both babes, have I? If so, I must have been in a self-involved drool session over Nevis Devine, because both Twyla and Terry have had their, uh…brushes with Nev. To answer your question, Terry is far more celebrated—at the moment."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I really don't get some of today's supposed hotties. The Hemsworth boys, for instance. I just don't see it. But that's just me. But Nevis Devine fascinates me. I

wonder if he's more my type. Could you pretty please let me know?

Dear Blind Blasphemy:
Hold your tongue, babe! I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and everything, but with Liam Hemsworth's perfectly coiffed hair and dashing good looks, and older

brother Chris's perfect abs and, well, just about everything else, I think that's black and white on the sexiness scale. And Nev isn't too far off. Though his abs

might not be as toned, he's got that fab hair. And franchise moolah, just like both Liam and Chris!"

Anonymous said...

Assuming Nevis is who we think it is, this blind from 2009 might shed some light:

Ted has hinted before about possible pregnancies on the set.

Katie said...

Update (and basically a confirmation of Rob) in this recent twitter conversation...

Manuela Hubbart ‏@manuela24 "@Ted_Casablanca So whats up Ted - give a dog a bone. How is Nevis doing, I hear that they broke up again ?!?"

Jan 17 Ted Casablanca ‏@Ted_Casablanca:
"@manuela24 u all 2 clever! Nevis can't really be broken up bec not officially back together (way they both like)"

blurry vice said...

From Ted's twitter --

"Astrid ‏@twimom61 11 Nov

@Ted_Casablanca Miss your blind vices on the old E! - any idea what Nevis Devine and Barrington are up to these days?


Ted Casablanca ‏@Ted_Casablanca 12 Nov

@twimom61 not girls, I'll tell ya that much"