Friday, August 26, 2011

Blind Vice: Everybody's Whispering About Nick!

New from Ted today.  An oldie returns.  This one was suspected to be about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith the first time around.  Bt there were questions surrounding that, after Ted was (as usual) contradictory about the timing of Will's BV.  Now that they are in the tabs again, they seem to fit for this again.

Blind Vice: Everybody's Whispering About Nick!

The sexy-ass life (and wife) Hard-Nipple Nick set up for himself years ago is getting so complicated lately. As if agreeing that your wife could have her lovers while you have yours could ever be an easy arrangement for very long! Hot, yeah, but, easy?
Will Smith - Personality Poster (Size: 27'' x 40'')Not anymore. Here's what's unraveling:
The trust. And we don't mean between Hard-Nipple and his missus. More like the help.
You know, all those peeps rich folks like Mr. Nick always have around? Sure, they've all signed confidentiality agreements, but, you think they all pay attention to those legal handcuffs? Actually, yes, most within the Nick household do.
Just not all. Two employees very close to Hard-Nipple are opening their traps about their employer's imaginative marital arrangement, and word's starting to get out lately—much more than it has in the past. Regarding what an active, lively and rather democratic love-life (with more attention to the boys than to the girls we must add) Hard enjoys!
So, perhaps Nick's legal eagles might want to look in the direction of those sleeping near Hard-Nipple, as opposed to those right next to (which is where they're currently focused).
AND IT AIN'T: Jensen Ackles, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck

Please click on the label below for a link to our post on the previous Hard-Nipple Nick Blind Vice from 2009, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Will Smith


blurry vice said...

Here's the issue:

Will Smith was the top suspect for the last HArd Nipple Nick BV, from April 26, 2009. The problem was: it was found that Ted said that Will Smith was already a BV as of April 2, 2009.

Of course, Ted has been known to contradict himself many times regarding many celebs. Will seems to fit now, just as he did then. He is in the tabs currently. This is exactly the gossip we hear about he and Jada already.

Unknown said...

It's definitely Will. I think Ted screwed up.

Sasha said...

I agree... This has to be Will. It always bugs me when he gets his timelines wrong because it opens up te BV's to pretty much include everybody. If we can't count on his timeline to be exact, our search essentially can't be narrowed down at all, and people we have eliminated could very possibly be the culprit.

Rita said...

Aside from the fact that Ted, or his workers, get their time lines wrong from time to time, Ted has been working very hard on making some blinds clear as glass, and others very murky! Some of these blinds are not blinds at all, cases in point: Morgan Mayhem, Carmelita Salami-Climber, Cruella & Sweet Park-Puss, and Slurpa Pop-Off were all very clear on who the monikers belonged to, for they were out right along the same time paps were reporting on these stars' troubles, and engagement for Kim.

I think this is one of them. No need to look further or deeper for excuses, and tabloid manipulations.

If Ted was still afraid of legal ramifications regarding Will and Jada Smith, he would've waited longer before getting this out. And would've never pinpointed on were he was getting his detailed information!

Remember the last blind on Tom Cruise? It was very bluntly clear as well, and Ted wanted to be the first one to get the story out under a BV, for if the troubles running Tom's life with the COS are to come out, he'll be the first to say Told you so!

Cathy said...

Rita - don't forget about Secretia Ohio and Chester shorts-off and how his timing with their final BV coincided perfectly with their divorce filing!

Rita said...

Cathy - so true! Also proof that no matter how much Ted has stated that Secretia and Chester's arrangement or agreement of a marriage was solid, they still divorced because of a third-party breaking up that solidarity.

No way though Jada has hooked up with Marc Anthony (welch, yuck, ick, shower!) I believe that 'source' is from JLo's camp, who's sticking it to both Marc and Scientology at the same time.

What's important is that JLo gets sympathy from the public. If it were me, I would start digging in JLo's camp and see if one is in common with the Smiths... Maybe the same person who gave Ted the information about Anchovy beating Strippa is the same giving the information about Hard-Nipple's marital problems.

Wow, sorry, have been watching too much Bones lately. Conspiracies everywhere... Need to examine the bones :)

Cathy said...

Rita - I've heard that the rumors about Jada and Marc might have actually come from Jada's camp; better for her image to have an affair with a man than to have been a bearded lesbian.

Unknown said...

I also read that somewhere Cathy and to me that makes more sense, honestly.

Rita said...

Cathy, Miss Faye - I read that too. who knows whether it's Jada's or JLo's PR, one thing for sure, if one person comes forward with extra-marital activities on the Smiths, their marriage will break-up. One of them has to give-up their hidden identity.

Also read on Lainey that Will is all about calculating everything, up to exactly how long in minutes the movie he's in should be is included in his contract. So basically this states that he is very controlling of everything, as well as everything is planned well ahead to reinforce the power of his brand. These extra-marital and divorce allegations are not controlled, so something is up.

Cassiopeia said...

I want to agree that this is Will and Jada Smith, but in the previous Nick blind it states that Nick makes much less..."big time" less than his wife. I don't see how Jada could have ever made more bank then Will.

NYCGirl said...

It says his paycheck dwarfs hers-- meaning his is bigger.

(Giggling at the thought of an affair with Marc Anthony being good for one's image!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You say that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have an unconventional marriage. Could their Vicey behavior be threatening their relationship?

Dear The Couple That Vices Together:
Quite the opposite, C, if ya catch my drift."

Cassiopeia said...

Ooops...okay, I get it. Now it makes sense! :)

sistah2 said...

I think that Ted's timeline is okay, he could have written a blind vice about Will Smith prior to April 2, 2009....and then he put out another one later on that month. Thats not impossible right?
I think he may have named him differently, which he is not supposed to do (acc to him) but we all suspect he does anyway.

pikespeak said...

While it's probably Will & Jada, I keep sniffing around the Beckhams.

Rita said...

The Beckhams have been confirmed to already have a bv - check under Victoria Beckham

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I've been wondering how Hard-Nipple Nick and his famous wife are doing. Is he still with his famous BF, or has he moved on? I find Mr. and Ms. Nick's

respective partners very interesting. What have they been up to?

Dear Nick of Time:
Didn't you hear the dirt on Nicky I dished last week? He's got bigger problems than whose bed he's hopping in these days...Like who's spilling the beans on

his sexy little secrets! But anyway, when Nick finds the time, he certainly still sees his man on the side. Just far more discreetly, these days.

Dear Ted:
With all the talk about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's marital status, why hasn't good friend come to their defense? I remember early on in the Cruise

marriage, Jada would always be quick to jump in and defend Katie Holmes to the press. Are these Hollywood wives still friendly?
—Dan in Chicago

Dear TomKat Tattle Tale:
Here's the difference, Dan: Katie needed Jada's help fighting the tabloid talk, while Jada knows she can handle it best herself. And she's actually being

fairly smart about the whole thing by giving her (admittedly weird) statement and then shutting up. People will forget about it soon."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I always suspected that we were soul mates, and last week when you publicly declared yourself Team Bill, well, you sealed the deal. I agree that Eric is

yummy, but Bill is the vamp for Sookie! I think we are in the minority with our opinion. In any case, let's move on to other burning questions: Does Hard-

Nipple Nick's wife fool around with the ladies or the men on the side? You have mentioned that he likes the boys, but what about her?

Dear Partner in Sublime:
Oh, sweets, whatever floats her boat. She's far less picky than her hubby!"

Rita said...

Does that mean that Jada probably slept with Marc Anthony. ewwwww!

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Ever since rumors said Will and Jada would split, I've been super curious about this power duo and even went so far as to search around the Internet a bit

for clues on their Vicey behavior. And I know you've previously admitted that Will has a Blind Vice. So my question is, would the world be truly shocked if

they found out about the Smith family's Vice?

Dear The Couple that Vices Together:
Definitely, babe. The Smiths are the type of Vice stars that are tres versed in keeping their naughty little habits under wraps—because they have to be.

Otherwise, Will wouldn't be looking a big huge paycheck for Men In Black 14."

blurry vice said...

Will/Jada clue -

"Dear Ted:
It is fairly well established that there are many A-list gay male actors who have beards. But what about the A-list actresses? Are there many of them that have straight male beards and would we be surprised or shocked? Also, wouldn't the ideal bearding situation be with a gay actor and a gay actress? Does this happen?

Dear Equal Opportunity:
There are fewer beards for the chicks, but it does exist. As for bearding a beard with a beard (how confusing was that?), it happens too. Just ask Hard-Nipple Nick!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What is the truth about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Hope they've worked things out for their pre teen kids…such an awful time for kids of that age to

see parents separate.

Dear Not So Fresh:
The two have worked it out for the time being. That's not to say their problems are in the past, but they reached a solution, at least for now."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I know you've mentioned in the past that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have a shared Blind Vice. My question is: Were their mutually Vicey ways known

upfront in their relationship? And if so, is that what attracted them to each other in the first place? Or did their scandalous behavior only start after

they became an item? Oh, and also, any word on how their marriage is doing as of now? I know there were a lot of breakup rumors a few months ago.

Dear In That Order:
Yes, yes, no, and much better now that they've cleared some things up, thank you very much!"