Friday, September 2, 2011

Blind Vice: Cookie Muncher returns...

New from Ted today.  Another old one returns...

Blind Vice: Cookie Muncher Gobbles Ladycake While Her Dude Nabs Mansnacks!

Many of you seem to have been shocked, simply shocked, at the girl-on-girl desires of gorgeous Cookie Muncher. She has a thing for satisfying the ladies from time to time, see, and we don't mean by serving them tea.
Cindy Crawford - New DimensionWhat's the big deal? She's still much more into her handsome man than the chicks. She just likes to have her ladycake and eat it, too, no biggie.
Well, guess who else is into having some nice (beef)cake on the side?
Cookie's main man, that's who!
Makes sense. Now we know why Cookie's never hidden her lesbian-leaning side!
Now, this good-lookin' guy of Cookie's—who's less famous than his partner—is starting to get pretty habitual with his playing around, which was never really part of the deal he originally struck with Cookie. And he's getting a bit more flagrant than Cookie ever was, as well.
So, what does this mean?
Do you think Cookie will up her Sapphic game? Will she give her guy an ultimatum, or just go straight to handing him his walking papers?
Don't think so.
If we know Cookie like we think we do, she's just gonna ask to join in next time her guy takes his guy on date.
Cookie's a ravenous girl!
AND IT AIN'T: Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon

Please see the label below for a link to our post on the previous Cookie Muncher BV, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: still Cindy Crawford (and husband Rande Gerber)


Cecilia00 said...

Nothing contradicts Cindy in this.
In fact, it only makes it clearer that it is her.

blurry vice said...

Yes! Still Cindy FTW!

Anonymous said...

"It's Rande with an E" how could he not be gay

Juda1 said...

"If we know Cookie like we think we do, she's just gonna ask to join in next time her guy takes his guy on a date."

Lucky bitch! Rande & Clooney - I'm a little jealous.

I always wondered why they live so far out in Malibu. They live way past the usual celeb areas [Malibu Rd, Point Dume, Paradise Cove, Broad Beach] almost at the county line. I guess it's much more private as the paparazzi aren't that far out watching who's entering & exiting your property. Brad Pitt's Malibu house is just along the beach from them, again, really far out in Malibu.

Rita said...

It actually explains a lot. Makes me question now how come George has stepped in so strongly to support his buddy when a waitress at his restaurant had accused him of sexual harassment.

But Juda1 says it best, Rande AND Clooney! Lucky Bitch.

Rita said...

A Picture worth a 1000 words!,,20524624,00.html?stitched#21048962

Anonymous said...

Oh ma gawd that pic is awesome! It deserves a good ole' fashioned caption contest!

Savannah said...

Rita said...

Oho, I am simply rubbing my hands on the new Chutney Jones blind today. Ted reveals why Timberlake ran back to Biel, and if what he says is true, Biel had her fun with Colin Farrell.

But how can Biel leave Farrell? Isn't he supposed to be addictive or something? I don't think she slept with Farrell at all.

Mena said...

Rita, I think Saucy Bossy is Jamie Foxx and not Colin Farrell.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Mena - I was thinking the same thing! However, it was Gerard Butler that she was rumored to be dating and he's one of the top suspects for Adam Pounce-Prick (along with Jason Segal).

Can't wait to discuss further once the sisters post it!!

Rita said...

Mena, you are right! I was basing my guess on the latest of Lainey: it seems that Colin Farrell was flirting with Biel on set, and he is reputed to be bisexual...

Didn't Biel do a movie with Jamie Foxx too, I think it was Valentine's Day (crappy), but in it they fall for each other's characters.

FrenchGirl said...

@Rita: Lainey sees only what she wants to see and tends to exaggerate

Rita said...


I posted today in 'list of Blind Vice reveals etc.' my comments on today's Bitch Backs, where Ted posted my guesses on his 'Against All Odds Love Stories' gallery, where it seems only 2 out of 14 couples (including Wallis Simpson and Kate & William) are NOT blind vice superstars.

This gallery includes Khloe Kardashian-Odom, and Sir Elton John, as well as Jen Aniston.

Hope to see comments on this one for it truly confirms, or at least strongly hints, on their respective bv monikers.

FrenchGirl said...

i always tought Clooney/Gerber/Crawford was a threesome but i never thought Cindy Crawford was bisexual even if i remember her post (2 months before her divorce with Richard Gere)on how Gere and she were straight and happily married

Jools said...

Hi to the sisters - and apologies because I don't know how else to post this, but recently Ted said that John Stamos had a vice and it was one of his favorites, but you don't even have John on your list over there >>>. The only place I find his name on your site is where he is confirmed NOT to be Toothy Tile. Hasn't anyone expressed interest in him as a vice?

Cathy said...

Rita - I know that we all assumed that Lord Tripp Unzipped is Prince Albert, but since Ted mentioned rumors of William cheating in the gallery, any chance it could actually be him??

Rita said...

Cathy - That's why I asked if the sisters can post the gallery so we can once more attribute the right moniker to the blind vicers. If only 2 out 14 do NOT have a moniker, this should be a lot easier. Would be discussing again the one we thought was Albert... Although, I really don't see William swinging both ways, to me Harry would be closer to that BV, for he is reputed to be wilder. Less responsibilities...

Jools - Check-out the posts under CArson Ami-Dickorous. We think (well most of us) that this could be J. Stamos. And welcome to the club!

KSP said...

Hi Ladies!
I know all the clues lead to this being Cindy, but today Ted said that Cookie is only street smart. Cindy got a full scholarship for engineering. She didn't go because of the modeling but that seems pretty book smart to me!

blurry vice said...

Jools - we know that John Stamos is a BV. We only put the names of people that are confirmed or are a top suspect to be a label. See our "list of bv reveals" label for the updates list of who is and isn't a bv. You could also do a search. I know some people think he is Topher Hairy Tuchus.

blurry vice said...

Rita - yes I saw that post by Ted. I didn't make a post for it but included a link in the comments for the "list" post.

blurry vice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Does Cindy Crawford have a Blind Vice? Thanks.

Dear Model Citizen:
Yes. You're welcome.

Dear Ted:
My guess for Cookie Muncher is Rihanna, and my guess for her mancakes is Drake. Am I right? P.S. Last year I took in a stray pregnant kitten that gave birth

to her litter on my bed. I am happy to report that I adopted the mother and one of her kittens, my mother adopted two and my brother adopted a kitten also.

The whole family have happy homes. I love your Blinds, but your advocacy and compassion for animals keeps me a devoted reader. It's nice to know that I get

my gossip from such a kind and compassionate man.

Dear Cat Got Your Tongue:
As much as I wish I could say you're right, I'm really not such a nice guy, and Cookie is not as musically inclined as the pop star. Plus, I think Ri-Ri

would totally own up to any lady-lovin' tendencies she might have. She's just that kinda chick. Kisses to all your kittens though, you sound like a great


Dear Ted:
Thinking about Cookie Muncher, and I've got to say, I keep wondering if this is Anna Paquin, and her hubby, Stephen Moyer. She hasn't been afraid to admit

that she is bisexual, and you said that they are comfortable with each other's Vices. Am I right or at least on the right track?

Dear Vicey Vampers:
Wrong-o, Kimbo. Cookie is way secret about her sometimes hump-happy ways with the same sex. Slightly less so her man. I only wish Stephen had the same

tendencies, then he could nibble on Alexander Skarsgård's neck behind the scenes.

Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher one very smart cookie both book-wise and street-wise? I think she has a charm that she definitely didn't get from growing up in a flashy

area. Would you agree?

Dear Chip Fff the Old Block:
More street-smart, J. Cookie relied far more on her drop-dead gorgeous looks in life than her knowledge of ancient literature."

Rita said...

Thank you Blurry!

Also, to all who think Cookie Muncher is not Cindy Crawford, please refer to the first Cookie Muncher blind, and see all the guesses Ted C. had nixed: they were all supermodels! The only that was not mentioned in his Bitch Backs at the time, was Ms Crawford!

pikespeak said...

Crawford's munching shouldn't surprise anyone.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I think I caught the cookie monster! This morning I stumbled upon a news article about Victoria's Secret model May Andersen's very explicit leaked photos.

The set of photos reportedly include quite a few of her fooling around with another girl naked. So am I right? Or at least getting warmer?

Dear Close, But No:
Andersen may be doing some cookie munching herself, but she's not our Cookie Muncher. Think more mature."

Peridot said...

Enty posted some pics of Cindy and george vacationing in cabo at the same time.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just assumed that Cookie Muncher was Sookie, i.e. Anna Paquin. Yet the other guesses I've seen are no where near there. Have I made an ASS out of U and ME?

Dear Speak for Yourself:
Actually, neither of us, babe. Even though Anna's a pretty good guess (she's spoken about being bisexual), the real Cookie's made a career out of making us

all think she's got nothin' but boys on the brain. Far from it!"

Mary said...

I just came across this board and noticed all the Cindy Crawford comments. Wrong! It is Rebecca Romijn. She used to be married to John Stamos and is currently married to Jerry O'Connell.

Rebecca is very wild and was the one at the party.