Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lainey- How much does she know?

New from Lainey

How Much Does She Know?

She's not with her boyfriend anymore and we're to believe it ended amicably and for her sake, I hope so, but i'm not sure she would deal well with the fact that just a couple of weeks before their split was officially confirmed, he was on the road with someone else in his hotel room. The girl had the build he's known to prefer- lean and muscular- and she answered the door wearing nothing but her underwear and her hands covering her breasts. Seemed very young.
Didn't seem uncomfortable and, you know, did what she told and was supposed to do while he lay in bed, naked, kinda ignoring her. She meanwhile kept walking around without her top on, like it was totally normal. And apparently it wasn't the first time. All the time. For a long time. Which, for some reason, was a surprise to no one but his girlfriend, now ex, who never, ever, ever learns. Kinda like her successor, from another relationship, and why can't we give these girls some better love vision???

Top suspect: Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez


duffgrl said...

Definitely Cameron Diaz. Ex-BF- ARod. Successor from another realtionship= Jessica Biel

Olivia said...

Absolutely, Cameron Diaz. Just like duffgrl said.

Rita said...

Cameron Diaz all the way!

Anonymous said...

Yes my first guess was cameron diaz too

FrenchGirl said...

it's funny because the rumor said ARod and Cameron Diaz had an open relationship

medusa said...

You're probably right, but I still find this ridiculously confusing. "I'm n ot sure she would deal well with the fact" sounds like she doesn't know about this half naked hotel guest. I'm guessing it's just poorly written, and was meant to be "I'm not sure she dealt well with" since the end "was a surprise to no one but his ex" makes it clear that girlfriend found out about it. Unless it's really "would be a surprise to no one but his girlfriend, if she only knew."

And what is "did what she told and was supposed to do"? Is it supposed to be "what she was told"? And if he's "kinda ignoring her" then who's telling her what to do?

And "her successor, from another relationship" - well, wouldn't her successor be from another relationship? If she was the previous girlfriend, it was another relationship.

Does Lainey alwasy write this way?

Dorothy said...

Any chance this is Kristen Cavelleri- or is she not a big enough star to be on Lainey's radar? i dont read her column.

Anonymous said...

@medusa: It is not a good read, this blind. Normally Laineys blinds are easier to comprehend.

Rita said...

@renay83 - Lainey prides herself on NEVER watching 'reality' shows like the Kardashians or the Hills. She may know who those kids are, but she never asks around or gossips much about them.

And seeing how Lainey in the past few months had openly berated Cameron's 'flying for A-Rod dong', am not surprised she is thrilled to prove her point about him not being faithful, and an all over grade A douche; As well as Cameron making a fool of herself for such a man.

Go on Lainey and do a Cameron search to see what's been written about her lately: www.laineygossip.com

Good reading!

Rita said...

Anyone going, or knows someone going, to tonight's Lainey Smutt Soiree?

It seems that there will bind reveals galore tonight. We might finally solve a few of Lainey's blinds.

Danae said...

to me it's a no brainer! Cameron. And the "she wouldn't take it well" must refer to the incident with screaming at Justin Timberlake when they'd just broken up.

I seriously hope some of the people attending the gossip event tonight are readers of this blog and will enlighten us about some blind vices.

anony_2 said...

According the folks at the Lainey Lurve group on FB, these are the reveals:

Franchise fat - Michael Sheen
How much does she know - Cammy D and A-Rod
Three weeks - "Brokeback Mountain" Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale
Casting couch - "boardwalk empire" Gretchen Mol?
Cuba & Chocolate she threw out 4 names and Matt D and George C were in those

Producer after producer - "Gossip girl" Chase Crawford?
A friend's couch - JLo. Sad smut
One or two lines - Vanessa Hudgens
She also said Scientologist males TC WS and JT def gay. Jakey G, BCoop and Ryan Reynolds def not gay.
That a friend went to a party at Nicole Kidman's and absolutely no sign of a baby living there. ??
Ashton cheats on Demi all the time.

FrenchGirl said...

Guillenhal is gay! i don't care what Lainey says about him :Jake G's gay!

i still think Bradley Cooper is bi and i never thought Ryan Reynold or Matt Damon is gay

i recently saw Michael Sheen pix,he's not fat

i don't buy an affair between Bale and Hathaway

Jen Mack said...

@pomme - surely Lainey would have a better idea of the truth of these things? I really didn't see some of these but I am satisfied that Lainey has access to a countless number of sources (people who work with them etc) that we don't.

anony_2 said...

As Lainey herself says, gossip is a buffet, take from it what youlike.

Rita said...

anony_2 - Thank you for all the juicy gossip! At least now we have confirmations for some of the most interesting blinds.

And yeah, Toothy Tile forever!

sistah2 said...

Per Lainey - scientologist "WS" - whos that?

sistah2 said...

oh I get it - Will Smith. took me a minute.

Rita said...

Sistah 2 - I was going to say the same thing.

But hasn't Will Smith state publicly that he's not Scientology?

Anonymous said...

Juicy reveals! Love it :-) I wonder if January Jones' baby daddy came up? About Jake G, I'm with pomme. Ted also has all sorts of sources, and pretty much every other male celebrity has been in the aia's of the Toothy Tile blind.

Bootsie said...

I wonder who the other two names were for Cuba and Chocolate?

Anonymous said...

Ok. I was at Lainey's event. She said she and Ted (and Perez) often will have diff sources, and neither she nor Perez have ever got word that Jake is gay. If he is TT, that's pretty odd given how obvious TT has been in past. I hate to say it, but I don't think Jake G is TT.

Lainey also said the neither Kstew or RPattz are gay or bi, they are both straight. She also said Kellan Lutz was the biggest slut on the Twi set. This pretty much kills Kstew for TTT and confirms it as Kellan. She didn't comment about Tayor Lautner. I know that TTT is a Ted blind, but I can't believe that Lainey would get different info from Ted, or wring info, when she is in Vancouver, the sand place where Twi films were filming.

Finally, she gave three names for Cuba and Chocolate: George, Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant "same", not "sand".

FrenchGirl said...

my main trouble with Lainey is that she doesn't assume what she writes and there is no clue of their thruthfulness.Contrary to CDAN,she doesn't give the names(because she knows if there is a procedure,she will lose it) and she can write what she wants

Several examples:her riddle on Vin Diesel about someone tasted his food.I'm a movie nerd and i met and talked Matthieu Kassovitz a director who worked with Diesel.If you met Kassovitz,he will say on Diesel,he's unprofessional ,only on the set after 10 AM,he partied every night but he never saw or heard Diesel doing tasted his food by other

i don't buy her riddle about Hathaway/Bale affair because Bale& his family came and left together to England and i saw also same pics with Hathaway and her boyfriend in London & holiday this summer and when i see photos between Hathaway and Bale together in the set,they look very relax and friendly together
More TDKR filming set is very open, i follow it on TDKR fan facebook and there are some spoilers/set stories since the beginning and Anne Hathaway isn't the idiot girl described in the riddle

AND i don't buy what she says about Jake G because she had strong promotions for LOVE & OTHER DRUGS and OMG even my grandmother thinks Jake G is gay

OT:i don't believe all what CDAN or Ted C wrote because CDAN wrote Ellen Pompeo 's going to divorce but it was 3 years ago or Portman would break up with her fiancé this spring or summer but we yet wait and on Ted C,i don't buy his stories on TT baby or Dicaprio having an affair with another A list actor

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