Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blind Vice: Hildago's Bitch Has Moved On to Bigger Gays

New from Ted yesterday.  Refer to the label below for a link to the previous Hildago BV.

Blind Vice: Hildago's Bitch Has Moved On to Bigger Gays

It wasn't Hildago Van Buren who had most people intrigued a couple of weeks ago, but instead, the guy with all the young fans who kept rubbing himself up Hildago's backside! Who could it have been?
Well, I think it's time for everybody to meet Carson Ampi-Dickorous, one of Hollywood's most charming sex addicts...
Who not only uses his skills for personal enjoyment, but for work duties, as well!
Now, the last time we heard from (and saw) Carson, he was mime breeding HIildago's behind, and it wasn't that big of a deal. After all, more than a few people in town know what an aspiring slut Carson is and how he'll at least make out—if not go all the way—with practically anybody for a good time.
But what is on some Hollywood folks' minds now is just how far will Carson go for a job? In other words, would Carson actually sell his soul (and his services) out just to land a primo part?
Perhaps. Because one of the hottest guys in TV (who's largely responsible for Carson's recent re-entry into the fame game) is working on some new projects. And Mr. Ampi-Dickorous has made it very plain to his employer just how far he'd be willing to go for a chance at that new gig.
Will it work? Honestly? Probably.
You think only straight casting couches are alive and well in this town?
And It Ain't: Robert Downey Jr., Alec Baldwin, Jamie Foxx

Use the label below for a link to the previous Hildago BV.

For Hildago Van Buren -
Eliminated: Ricky Martin, Elton John, Adam Lambert, Hugh Jackman, Rob Pattinson, Zac Efron, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cheyenne Jackson
Top suspect: Neil Patrick Harris

For Carson Ampi-Dickorous -
Eliminated: Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Rob Pattinson, Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Alec Baldwin, Jamie Foxx,
Top suspect: ?


Rita said...

I liked the John Stamos guess. It certainly fits the profile, as well as the AIAs age group.

Am wondering if the last name 'Dickorous' has a Greek sound to it, like a Stephenapoulos; of course, there would be no U, but, it still sounds Greek enough to fit someone of Greek heritage, like Stamos most certainly does.

Mich said...

I do like the John Stamos guess as well. It seems to fit a lot of the clues...except I would not consider him one of the biggest stars in the world. Does he really have hundreds of thousands of teeny bopper fans?? It sounds like the tv person he would "give it up to for a part" is a gay male so maybe we should start looking at homosexual show runners who have new projects in the works and work backwards.

Rita said...

Mich - But it does not say he is out. At all. In the first Hildago blind, it states that Carson (before giving him a moniker) would lose a lot if word got out that he is gay. He would not be getting as many roles...
And Stamos is international, he is quite popular in Europe. So what if Carson is being offered a major role in one of the Glee spin-offs?

Cathy said...

Rita - I think that Mich is talking about the second person that Carson propositioned being gay.

Mich said...

@Cathy you're right. I'm referring to the TV person who has projects in the works that Carson wants a piece of. Ted says that straight casting couches aren't the only ones in Hwood so I assume this would be a male on male situation

Nettie said...

I have a hard time jumping on the John Stamos guess. He said Carson was "slightly older" than Joe Jonas. I thought that would mean Carson is between the ages of 22-25.

Savannah said...

So there's Hidalgo, Carson, and then a different guy who is "one of the hottest guys in TV (who's largely responsible for Carson's recent re-entry into the fame game". Since this was posted right after a bitchy piece about Ryan Murphy, who is gay, one of the hottest guys in TV, and a showrunner, he could be the unnamed third guy. If it's Ryan Murphy then Carson has either been on Glee or been on one of Ryan's other shows like Nip / Tuck and is trying to get a spot on Glee or American Horror Story or in one of Ryan's movies. Stamos would fit. Or what about Mario Lopez? He had a role on Nip / Tuck and that started his little comeback.

Sasha said...

I really don't see any reason we should be looking at John Stamos though, because according to the list, he was confirmed as a BV in '09. I think we should keep looking.

KaDixonLaw said...

John Stamos was confirmed to have had a blind "ages ago," in 2009; but if the recent past is any indication, I don't think that necessarily rules Stamos out. In fact, Ted used the same exact wording, "ages ago," when confirming Leo's previous blind (the one prior to King Schlong) right around the same time as the Stamos confirmation.

This could simply be another case of Ted assigning a new name to an old BV star. Maybe, just maybe? ; )

Mich said...

So if Carson is "a little older than Joe Jonas" and has just re-entered the fame game, could he be a former child star? That may account for the teeny bopper fans

Rita said...

Sasha - you are absolutely right. If following the reasoning that John Stamos was confirmed for a blind as of 12/1/2009, this means he could not be Carson Ampi-Dickorous.

Logically, we must look somewhere else. And just to confirm that it's not John, we can ask Ted on details of John's old blind. If he contradicts himself, we then know that as for Leo, he has given John a new moniker.

If I understand correctly, Ampi-Dickorous is older then Lautner, but did Ted confirm if he is younger then any of the other guesses?

Nettie said...

@Rita: I don't think he did. All he said was he was a little older than Taylor L and Joe J and more famous than Chase Crawford.

Paul said...

Ever consider Alex Pettyfer? They both worked on Beastly with a couple of big name celebs, all of which would want their own trailor. Hudgens, Olson, Krause, Knudsen (scream 4). Alex also is recently single, from a glee star.

Nettie said...

@Paul: Alex Pettyfer is 21 -- too young.

Cathy said...

Agree with KDL - "ages ago" could mean back before he assigned monikers, which means that John Stamos could be fair game.

Rita said...

@Paul - Alex Pettyfer is confirmed to have a moniker with his ex, Diana Agron. He's supposed to be Percy Dubois. Also, not so desperate anymore, if this blind got out a few months ago when he was begging for his role on that Channning stripper movie, it could fit. But as of a few weeks agao, he needs not beg anymore, he was signed to the starring role.

Also, Nettie is right, still too young as per Ted's claims.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I was wondering: Why did Hildago Van Buren decline his unexpected suitor, especially after checking out the goods? Does he have a steady man waiting for him

at home? Also, does our mystery man's B.V. have to do with being in the closet? Or is it about something else?

Dear No Means No:
It might have to do with the fact that Carson Ampi-Dickorous comes with more baggage than an airport terminal. Or, ya know, that he'll sleep with anything that moves just for the thrill of it. Crotch-covered humping is so hilar, but who knows what kind of critters Carson has creeping in his crotch?"

blurry vice said...

I really don't think John STamos has a lot of teeny-bopper fans.

I was thinking with the return to fame via TV aspect, that I like the Adam Levine guess someone guessed on here.

Anonymous said...

What about Zachary Quinto? He is said to be joining American Horror Story

Rita said...

Already a bv.

KaDixonLaw said...

Perhaps Stamos picked up new teeny-bopper fans from his stint on Glee. I don't watch the show, but it seems like he was a very popular guest star.

Anonymous said...

Rita was Zachary Quinto confirmed a BV? From the list on the website they don't have a date of when he was confirmed so just checking. John Stamos was confirmed though to have a BV too

Rita said...

Check out the comments on the Kirkland Dogmatic BV post. It was obviously Z. Quinto and his bf. But, Carson could still be Zack. I don't remember if Ted ever confirmed, or denied, that Zack is a BV.

ruairidh said...

Has anyone thought of Matthew Morrison? The production would be Glee and the big TV guy with loads of projects could be Ryan Murphy?

Rita said...

I like your guess ruairidh... However, Matthew Morrison has never re-entered the fame game, because of Glee, this is his first venture into the fame game, even if he had been steadily working on Broadway and other show venues for a long time.

Also, Matthew is a suspect for Lorin Sniffle-Puss, but not confirmed timeline yet (unless I've forgotten...)

My other problem with your guess is the AIAs: The level of popularity and history suggest men who at one time had hit it big, then hit a snag in their careers and/or personal lives, then all of sudden, reappeared on the popularity radar.

Again, not M. Morrison. But someone on the same level... Thus Uncle Joey, for if he hits it big with a new TV show, it would mostly be his comeback to the top. For that though, we hope first that Ted re-confirms if John Stamos was given a moniker when first appeared in that long-ago BV, and if he kept the same all this time.

Anonymous said...

I got a John Stamos mention out of Ted in today's BB and he made it sound like there could be dirt to spill. I'm still oh the Uncle Jesse train for this blind. It just fits too well with the Ryan Murphy thing.

pikespeak said...

I'm thinking Stamos, too.

Rita said...

LMS - caught that too when Ted said something along the line of 'Stamos is a whole different story'. Which brought me back to Carson.

However, it would confirm Stamos more to me if Ted admits to never giving him a moniker, just a BV, that long time ago.

Anonymous said...

i asked Ted if Stamos has a moniker and if it's pre- or post- Glee. Hopefully he will answer!

Rita said...

That would be great. At least if decides to give someone a new moniker, we can date the name change!

Vita said...

Could the hyphenated name give us a clue? And what about the acronym C.A.D? Who do we know that is quite rakish in appearance and might fit the bill?

I'm not convinced it's John Stamos because he seems to be a little older than what Ted described, and I'm not sure if his appearance on Glee is enough to qualify him as a as really being a re-entry. Maybe.

Some questions to consider:

Is Hidalgo publicly out? Because then I can go along with NPH, but he seems to be in a very committed relationship with his partner.
Ryan Murphy is an obvious choice since he has a few projects going on and is giving everyone it seems, a leg up these days.

What's the age range of Carson? All of the eliminated people start in the early twenties to mid forties.

This is a toughie.

Liz said...

Today Ted confirmed John Stamos has a vice and says it's one of his favorites - also says it "doesn't get in the way of his TV appearances." This is a strong hint that Stamos is Carson Ampi-Dickorous

Rita said...

That was my question that got posted, but since I've already appeared once in the BBs (I was the one asking about Bones' BVs), the AT has erased my name and left the Montreal.

His answer however does not tell me much, except that makes me doubt that John Stamos is desperate for work, because if his vice does not get in the way of his work, how can it help him land roles like for Carson Ampi-Dickorous? Did you get the same vibe, or did it on the contrary confirm that indeed this is John S?

Liz said...

Also, NPH hosted the Tonys, and John Stamos was a presenter.

Cathy said...

Rita - I was guessing that was you! I don't think it really tells us much one way or the other. He confirmed yet again that John Stamos does have a vice, but we still have no idea if it's an old or new one.

Nettie said...

@Liz: That was 2 years ago. Too far back to be recent.

Saleant said...

Hey team... We might be overthinking this with Stamos. Have a think about Chord Overstreet... right age, taste of fame with Glee, but only has the abs and trouty mouth storyline so days must be numbered.

Rita said...

Cathy - same thing here, Ted's answer could be taken both ways. I'll wait for the sisters to post Ted's full answer to be dissected and see what people get from it.

Now back to my Bones viewing. I AM HOOKED!

Nettie said...

@Saleant: Chord has only been acting for 2 years. So there cannot be a "re-entry" into the fame game. I feel like it's someone who was a child star in the late 90's- early 00's judging by the fact he's only a little older than Joe Jonas according to Ted.

Anonymous said...

Carson has to be Aston Kutcher and the hottest guy in tv is Charlie Sheen who is working on other projects.

Stephen said...

Ya know ladies, the more I think about this, the more I'm convinced that Carson is Matthew Morrison.

His re-entry into the 'fame game' could be a reference to musical theater ('Fame' being a very famous broadway show about a high school for the arts) Before Glee, Morrison had been focusing on TV and film and less on singing and dancing. Ergo, Ryan Murphy re-introduced Matthew Morrison to the 'fame game' (musical theater/singing and dancing), which he'd been doing on Broadway a couple years earlier.

I think there is a strong possibility that Matthew Morrison is Carson.

Aside from his recent album and of course Glee, he has no new projects in the offing. One can safely assume he is vying for a part in one of Murphy's next projects behind the scenes.

Also, take a look at this link for some pretty telling circumstantial evidence of his possible gay/bi/wild tendency:

After looking at those pics you can see how he might be the type to hit on another guy. Also, he doesn't seem to have any qualms with making out with guys who are in relationships (see photo of him kissing Anderson cooper's BF).

All the puzzle pieces seem to fit for Matthew Morrison.

What do you guys think? Were he and NPH at any events together recently?

Vita said...

Matthew Morrison tweaked my gaydar the moment I saw him. I was shocked when he said he wasn't. His few love scenes seem awkward. John Groff is out and comes across way more natural with Lea to me.

Kris said...

Matthew Morrison had a confirmed BV months before this one. He is most likely Lorin Sniffle-Puss.

Stephen said...

@Kris - That doesn't sound like a 'confirmed' BV to me.

This item has Matthew Morrison written all over it!

Cathy said...

@Stephen - I think that what Kris means is that Ted confirmed that Morrison was the subject of a BV back in January (months before this one was written). Please see "List of Reveals" (link below):

Per Ted's rules, once he has assigned a moniker to someone, he doesn't assign another unless he revealed the previous one, so this means Matthew Morrison can't be Carson.

Rita said...

@Stephen: also, Morrison is strongly believed to be Lorin Sniffle-Puss, following his Vogue pictures (you know, where all of sudden he shows his perfect abs)

Stephen said...

@Kris, @Rita, and @Cathy: I apologize for my lack of BV knowledge. It just seemed like a likely choice.

My second guess I was going to posit was Darren Criss.

There is a reference in Ted's last BV to Carson's 'dry humping antics' (or something to that affect). With that in mind, I have seen Darren Criss doing the humping thing at more than 1 awards show or event.

I actually saw him myself at the Dorothy Chandler pavilion in LA doing this thing to Chord Overstreet. It seemed like he was goofing around.... But maybe he's a frisky little devil. Would not be surprising at all if he was gay.

That's said, his denials are quite convincing (low key, not over the top), however that could be more of an indication of a savvy PR team.

But you gotta admit those pictures of Morrison making out with another guy and the shirtless shots in gay bars have got to make you wonder, Right?

What do you think about the Darren Criss angle?

KaDixonLaw said...

I don't follow Glee and I only know the big players by name, so I'm curious: Aren't we looking for someone who made it big; went through a dry spell; and is now working on a career revival? Does Darren Criss fit that description?

Stephen said...

@KaDixonLaw - well, the aforementioned assumption comes from Ted's words: ... "re-entry to the fame game." Now, I am of the opinion that this could be interpreted several ways. See my above Matthew Morrison guess.

I think John Stamos is too old to fit the Carson part. Besides his age, I would hardly say that Stamos has hit a dry spell in his career or that his glee appearance marked a major career "re-entry".

Remember we're looking for someone with "hundreds of thousands of teen bopper fans".

Out of the glee cast who are the not out males:

Matthew Morrison, Puck, wheel chair guy, Corey Montieth, Harry Shum, Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet.... Etc etc etc.

Of that list Morrison fits the clues the most.

If you guys really don't like that guess what about Cory Monteith?

Stephen said...

Going back to my original guess:

Harry Shum Jr. for Carson


BB Wong for Hildago

Still makes a lot of sense. Just read this on After Elton:

You can see my original hypothesis in the first BV's comments.

ForSure said...

I seriously considered Shane West for this blind because I could see him fitting so many of the clues (a straight guy who would hit on NPH; lots of teeny bopper fans from A Walk to Remember and now the Nikita tv series; kind of disappeared for a few years after ER; seems like he would do 'gay for pay' if it got him some great projects; but he is more than a few years older than Joe Jonas so the age doesn't fit. But it has to be somebody who is similar in some ways to Shane...

In the previous blind, Ted says that Hidalgo was felt up at a big gig with rows and rows of dressing rooms. NPH mentioned on his twitter that he went to the Grammy awards, so maybe that is where this happened. So, who were some of the other very famous, handsome, young actors at the Grammys back in March?

KaDixonLaw said...

@Stephen - There is the minor issue of the AIA's: Their ages are 46, 53, and 43, respectively. John Stamos just turned 48, while Darren Criss was born in 1987 and Cory Monteith was born in 1982.

Stamos may not be the answer due to his previous blind and whether or not it was old enough to have had an assigned name; however, I don't believe that his age disqualifies him at all.

KaDixonLaw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen said...

@KaDixonLaw - I think John Stamos is too old to be Carson because I think it precludes him from having 'teeney-bopper fans'.

Wouldn't you agree?

I'll put it this way: I don't think George Clooney has many Teeney Boppers who are fans.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Stephen - I would, in fact, very respectfully disagree with your assessment of John Stamos' fan base. For instance, I was a little too young to be enamored with him during his Full House days. It took a guest spot on Law & Order: SVU for me to see the light. LOL! Now, I'm far from being a teeny bopper, but the Glee fans who caught his guest appearance sure seem to fall in that age range.

Also, I'm not sure if you guys remember the law suit he was dealing with last year. He was accused of having "relations" with an underage girl who, as it turned out, was attempting to extort money from him... yada, yada, yada. He strikes me as exactly the reckless type who is looking for a good time, consequences be damned.

Finally, I think it's very telling that Ted has been including a lot of Uncle Jesse references and questions in the BB's. He doesn't seem to be answering questions about Stamos in direct relation to this blind, but he's mentioned him in at least a couple of other answers re: different blind items.

bookworm said...

I like the John Stamos guess and I could even see Justin Timberlake as Carson Ampi-dickorous aka CAD. But here's a thinking outside the box guess for you- Hildago is Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Gale Harold is CAD (that's makes me giggle when I type it - good one TedC). For the big time gay producer I say Kevin Williamson. He's out and proud and has produced something huge hit show (now and in the past). JTF and Gale co-starred in a theater featival earlier this summer. And Gale recent jumped over from one CW network teeny-bopper audience show to another but the new show is produced by - what for it Kevin Williamson. Thoughts?

bookworm said...

Whoa! I really should have proof-read my comment before sending. I meant to say " some big time hit shows" I dont know anything of KW personal sitch and TC is not actually dropping hints on the famous producer but he seems to really want to call out the widely assume straight actor for his desperate ways.

Mary H said...

Dear Ted:
Like many others, Carson Ampi-Dickorous fascinates and infuriates me because I don't yet have a handle on this Vicey babe. Has he ever guest starred in a previous B.V. with someone other than Hildago van Buren?

Dear Yes:
But nothing as delish as with Hildago.

I asked this question today because I'm definitely thinking this is Matthew Morrison, who is most likely the "Hot TV Guy" featured in Olivia Munn's (She Devil-Dees) vice. I don't think he's Lorin Sniffle-Puss. The AIA age range don't fit for MM (Chord, Blake L, Penn B).

As for Carson, MM has more teenfans at the moment. Stamos hit his peak (with fans that age range) with Full House. None of his long-time fans can be truly called teeny-boppers.

Stephen said...

@Mary H - I think you just struck gold!

I'm totally on board with MM. All the clues pointed to him as it was.

Now there is no reason it shouldn't be him.

I mean honestly, how could anyone think he is straight after google imaging his name and the word gay?

It's pretty obvious that he gets up to some wild antics.

I think Ted's answer to your question definitely confirms an incredibily high probility of Carson being Matthew Morrison!

Thank you Mary H!!!!!

Is anyone else with us?

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Like many others, Carson Ampi-Dickorous fascinates and infuriates me because I don't yet have a handle on this Vicey babe. Has he ever guest starred in a

previous B.V. with someone other than Hildago van Buren?

Dear Yes:
But nothing as delish as with Hildago."

blurry vice said...

But Matthew Morrison was more than a guest star. He has his own BV before this. Carson had a guest starring role. Ted is very confusing about this as well as many others. But I do think Matthew Morrison is out bc he had a starring role.

Rita said...

Also, per our timeline estimate, Matthew Morrison was confirmed to be a BV way before Carson Ampi-Dickorous blind came out.

Nettie said...

Glee gave MM fame, so there is no "re-entry into the fame game."

@Mary H: MM doesn't fit the original AIA age range in this BV. When Ted wrote this BV, original AIA were all over the age of 40. MM is 32. But Ted said Carson was "slightly" older than Taylor Lautner (19) and Joe Jonas (22). That piece of info eliminates the age range of the original AIAs as a clue because they are at least 20 years older.

Rita said...

Well there you go, today's Bitch Backs confirm that Carson cannot be Matthew Morrison. A reader asked if Carson knows She Devil Deeds, and Ted says not at all.

For we have proven that She Devil-Deeds is Olivia Munn, who has been seen smooching Matthew Morrison at a hockey game last winter.

Back to original great guess John Stamos.

Mary H said...

Arg! I thought I had it! But alas, Rita is right. This was in this morning's BB.

Dear Ted:
I'm playing a round of my favorite game, Six Degrees of Blind Vice Separation, and I have a question for you: How well do She Devil-Dees and Carson Ampi-Dickorous know each other? Any current or former connections there? Thanks from my three shelter kitties.

Dear Seven Degrees:
Like, not at all. Sorry to your sweet kittens, but Carson is so not She Devil's type. She likes hooking up with guys who can advance her "career." Ya know, the same reason Carson likes to dabble in dudes!

So CAD isn't MM, but I still don't think he's Lorin. We do know there's a Glee connection with Hidalgo and Carson. Maybe Mark Salling?

Rita said...

Maybe the simple connection is that both have guest starred on Glee, like Patrick Neil Harris and John Stamos. Also, Stamos has talked to 'Ask Kristen' on E! that he would love to become a regular on the show. Maybe that didn't pan out, but he would headline another Ryan Murphy project.

Cortney said...

What about Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He disappeared for a while after Third Rock and 10 Things I Hate About You... the main part I don't see fitting though is begging to be on a TV show. He has worked twice now with Nolan, but those are movies..

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm playing a round of my favorite game, Six Degrees of Blind Vice Separation, and I have a question for you: How well do She Devil-Dees and Carson Ampi-

Dickorous know each other? Any current or former connections there? Thanks from my three shelter kitties.

Dear Seven Degrees:
Like, not at all. Sorry to your sweet kittens, but Carson is so not She Devil's type. She likes hooking up with guys who can advance her "career." Ya know,

the same reason Carson likes to dabble in dudes!"

blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
Loved the article on N.Y., very well said. Speaking of the great place, my fave NYC show, Gossip Girl, resumes shortly, so I was wondering if you could answer a question on exactly how Vicey the cast is. I know you've confirmed Blake Lively and Chace Crawford as Vicers, but are there any others amongst the cast?

Blake and Chace's naughty (and I do mean naughty) monikers aren't enough for you, E? These two have created some drama that would boggle even the fictional, muy mysterious Gossip Girl's brains. Otherwise, nope. Their costars have remained moniker free. Well, except for Ed Westwick, of course."

Nettie said...

It's not Ed. He's had a pretty steady career since 2006, so the "recent re-entry into the fame game" clue doesn't fit him.

Rita said...

The way the answer Ted put up on Ed Westwick, makes me think Ed doesn't have a starring role, just a moniker, like Jen Aniston.

Also, since he appeared on Gossip Girl, his career has taken off rather nicely. Not only his Character with Blair has outshined the supposed Diva in the books, played by Blake Lively, but he also got approached by Eastwood to appear in one of his movies. Can you imagine? Eastwood asked him to be in on of his movies.

So overall, he's not desperate, that's why I don't see him as Carson.

However, I'm wondering if he wasn't with the cast who was smoking pot while at a strippers' show..?

Happy Hound said...

New poster, so please be kind. :-)

What about Kevin Jonas for Carson?

-Ted notted Joe Jonas and said Carson was slightly older. Kevin is 23.
- Kevin is being filmed for a reality tv show, produced by Ryan Seacrest.
- Baggage: Kevin has a wife (and teenybopper fame)
- He fits with being world famous but only having hundreds of thousands of fans, as he is not the most popular (or second most popular) Jonas

mrjack said...

I think Carson is definitely Darren Criss

Today Ted said this:

Dear Ted:
I was watching a few episodes of Glee over the weekend and it made me wonder: Do the adorable Chris Colfer or Darren Criss have Blind Vices yet? Or even something that might turn into one someday?

Dear Glees Gone Wild!:
One does, one almost does.

Criss was confirmed as not having a BV on 28 May 2011 and I've gone back to every BV since then and none of them remotely fit him. I also checked back to 20 Dec 2010 when Chris Colfer was confirmed as not having a BV and again, no chance he could have been any of those.

So I'm convinced Darren Criss is Carson, NPH is Hildago and Chris Colfer's got a BV coming up, so we'll have to watch out for it.

As for the clues, DC became famous for A Very Potter Musical in 2009, then had a recurring role on Eastwick until it was canceled after one season, then nothing until 2011 when Ryan Murphy was responisble for his re-entry into the fame game. The new gig is probably his move to series regular this season unless he's planning on appearing in another upcoming Murphy production.

Also Carol Kritzer was the casting director on both shows and Darren is 2 (a couple) years older than Joe Jonas.

One last thing, the name Carson Ampi-Dickorous reminds me of Blaine Anderson because of that first/last name thing and the consonant sounds in the surname.

This one is sewn up for me. Any counter-arguments?

Einstein DeGeneres said...

I'm goin with Harry Shum, Jr (was in Step Up and then not much until Glee) or Darren Criss (for the reasons mentioned above). They're the right age, could have teeny-bopper fans easily.

Only thing is that Carson is supposed to be "one of Hollywood's most charming sex addicts..." wouldn't we have heard something about them before this?

EV said...

After Ted confirmed today that Darren or Chris is a blind vice, I was thinking about Darren for Carson too! Anyone know if Darren attended the Tony awards?

On a side note, very curious to figure out Ed Westwick's recently confirmed vice, but I don't think he fits this blind.

BlahBlahBlah said...

If you look at the list of who and who isnt a blind vice in June there were 3 glee stars confirmed - one sexy one stupid one sad - chiquita, sally perlsmith and loren sour puss.. darren criss was confirmed in october - this is the only vice in that period that fits him

BlahBlahBlah said...

sorry Darren or Chris was confirmed not explicitly Darren

MC said...

It's impossible for this to be about Darren criss, because in January 2012, Ted said Darren still didn't have a Vice, but probably would soon. So, I guess that means that when he said that out of Chris and Darren, one had one and one almost did, he meant that Chris had one and Darren almost did. He also said in November 2011 that there was nothing particularly scandalous on the blind vice front about Darren. Also, you're really stretching the re-entry into the fame-game comment. Darren was never famous in any way before Glee. It was his big break. That absolutely doesn't fit him at all. Why would he use that as a clue if he was talking about someone who wasn't famous before? I know this is super late, but I just looked something up and this showed up, so I just wanted to put my 2 cents in even though no one will read this lol

MC said...

Also, I just saw that at the end of the first blind, he calls Carson one of the biggest stars in the world. I like Darren Criss just fine, but he's definitely not one of the biggest stars in the world and he was brand new when this first came out. You guys were thinking too small! Obviously it was someone way more famous than Darren Criss who also didn't fit the majority of the clues (for instance, they've never costarred in anything, including awards shows). I honestly still can't figure out why people latched onto him being Carson. It makes no sense. Sorry, there's no point to these posts, but this stuff intrigues me. Did we ever find out who this really was??? Also, if Van Buren is NPH, why don't they mention that he has a serious partner? I feel like that would've come up in the clues, especially because it would make his refusal way less surprising??? Just a thought...