Friday, April 8, 2011

Page Six - Just Asking - 4.5.11

This was from the NY Post Page Six on Tuesday -

Which Hollywood power duo should keep iPhones out of the bedroom when they're swinging? The fit couple, who already have a reputation for inviting others into their sex life, were recently the subject of a camera-phone photo shoot that's being passed around at swanky New York dinner parties. Hopefully for them their compromising pictures aren't coming soon to a computer near you . . . WHICH singer's team is desperately trying to cover up the fact that a recent nose job has totally altered the voice?

Then Thursday Ted did a little write-up in the Awful Truth discussing who it could be... read on.

This is fun. Remember when we tried to guess the New York Post's "Just Asking" item about which married actor was waiting to ditch his wife until after the Oscars?
‘Course, that never turned out to be true, but maybe this one will? Page Six is now reporting that a certain athletically inclined, high-profile Hollywood couple have been spicing up their sex life by inviting others along for the ride. And an iPhone camera apparently recorded all the hot action!
The pictures, it turns out, are now making their way from famous cell phones to cell phones and are the talk of many a New York dinner party.
Gosh, who could it be?
Let's narrow this scandalous situation down together, kids. Surely, its not...
Fergie and Josh Duhamel, who although they fit the bill for "athletically inclined," have fought back against trouble-in-paradise rumors to recently appear stronger than ever. I mean, we've seen how Fergie shakes it onstage, and we know Joshy has a penchant for um, fun, girls, but these two seem totally into each other right now. Right?
And certainly it couldn't be...
David and Victoria Beckham, who are currently expecting their fourth child, so we don't think the pics are quite that kinky. We know Big D has an eye for the gals, but we don't think he's stupid enough to have some kind electronic swingers party like this—and even if he were, the dude would have his security team sweep the room for all gadgets, first, right?
And please, it mustn't be...
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Remember how famous-man magnet Brittney Jonesclaimed to have had sex with Ashton on Demi's couch and then tried to sell a sex tape of herself using Ashton's name? And then she sold his alleged sweater on Ebay? Yeah, whether he is guilty or not, we think Brittney scared Ashton into never permitting any kind of documenting of his sexcapades. Like the boy above, pretty sure he'd take great measures to avert something were he to decide to swing with Demi (or not).
So, it's somebody else, then? Hmmm. Now that we think about it, pretty sure we know who this famous, frisky couple is! One of our Blind Vice superstars or at least one of the occasional starring members? Yep. The latter.

Any other thoughts?  Discuss in comments...


Clancy said...

Sounds like Cameron Diaz & A-Rod.

Anonymous said...

Clancy that's the first couple that came to mind for me too!

HKCCRCLC said...

I'll make it three.

Lainey's been running a bunch of articles lately on how cut Cameron's arms have become since she's been with A-Rod. You can see it in recent pictures of her -- she looks like a professonal athlete. Apparently their second-favourite activity is working out together. Just checked, and she is a BIE suspect for a couple of Ted's past blinds, so that would fit too.

Unknown said...

1st timer wonders since the Post said "Hollywood" power couple if that might not include an athlete and actress but instead perhaps refers to Will and Jada -- both super buff and, I believe I'd read, living in NYC while working on a movie and kids' projects...

HKCCRCLC said...

@CluelessButCrafty, a couple of reservation about the Will & Jada guess.

1. Ted uses David & Victoria Beckham as an example -- and neither are, strictly speaking "Hollywood." He's an athlete and she's a wannabe fashionista and former Spice Girl.

2. I think he's saying it's not one of his Blind Vice superstars, it's an occasional starring member. And Will is a BV superstar.

Cait said...

Leona Lewis for the nose job

sistah2 said...

LOVE when Ted speculates about other BV's. Love that he throws in 3 couples as suspects, then nots them..I know that Demi and Ashton were rumored to 'swing' maybe he is having fun exposing them and the other 2 he ends with saying he knows who this is...half the couple being an occasional 'star' in his BV's...this is a good one! Diaz and ARod I like,anyone else?

Rita said...

It seems that this is more of a New-York based couple, not necessarily LA.

So Cameron and sleazeball.

HKCCRCLC said...

Hmmm...Ted just notted Cameron and A-Rod, says it's a pair who are more secretive, old-school and seasoned than this fresh, athletic pair.

This says to me that they're a bit older.

Just for fun, I looked up the stars of the movie Old School, and they were, wait for it, Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Piven, Ellen Pompeo, Juliette Lewis, Leah Remini.

I don't see any of these as athletic, though Leah Remini looks as though she's trying. If she and Eddie are this blind, can't blame the poor girl for getting skinny.

I'm wondering if we can look to some of the older stars who look like they go to the gym all the time. Like Lance Armstrong (who's he with these days?), Matthew McCaughney (sp? too lazy to check)or Matthew Fox.

Rita said...

HKC - Ted didn't nott Cameron and A-Rod. It's not his blind. It was in Page Six. He simply stated that he doesn't think it's a couple freshly new together, but an older one who had been together for a while.

Most probably, like for the star who was supposed to drop his wife after the Oscars (another Blind Item in Page Six), he simply doesn't know who it could be.

HKCCRCLC said...

Rita, darn it, you're right, sorry about that. The way Ted answered it made me think he had some inside knowledge. His inside track doesn't seem so inside at the moment, does it?

As for that star who was supposed to drop his wife after the Oscars, my guess right now is Ben & Jen G. There seems to be a lot of smoke there and we've all suspected a fire for some time.

Rita said...

Bof HKC, I'll believe it when I see it. Ted has been hinting for YEARS that they are about to separate, but nothing happens. Also, I do believe that Ben used to be a sweet guy, but lately, he's been looking sleazier and sleazier. Or is it just me?

HKCCRCLC said...

@Rita, not just you. For quite a few years, he had the whole rising star thing going on -- classically handsome, preppy, smart (he & Matt Damon did write Good Will Hunting and I heard him interviewed in those years, he has a brain), could get any girl he wanted with his charm.

I can't imagine being drawn to him now. He looks like he's getting angrier and angrier. It's like his whole life has turned into a bad job he has to show up for every day, and now he's going to bottle up how mad he is about it and not bother ever relaxing and being nice to anybody.

Every picture I've seen of Ben Affleck for the past few years, he looks cornered. Like he'd really rather be gambling or drinking or having fun or anyplace else or with anybody else. Even with his kids, and certainly with his wife. The only exception is when he's with the various women in his films, and then he looks crazy thrilled, like he got a quick hit of something, a reprieve from jail, but knows he's got to go back in.

Ah well, I guess we should go back to this blind. It really does seem more like Cam & A-Rod than anybody else.

Unknown said...

I'm dying for this one to come out. I thought Cam and A-Rod too but I also like Will and Jada alot because of the swingers rumors floating around about them. I can't think of anyone else.

On Ben Affleck, I'll agree that the dude looks miserable with his wife. Been waiting for them to break up for a while. He has never looked very happy with her. I mean, would he have married her if she didn't get pregnant? I doubt it.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Kinky Celeb Duo = A-Rod and Cameron Diaz? My rescue kitties Beastie Boy and Queen Pink are curious to know!

Dear Kinky, Not Stinky:
I don't know about this guess, hon. I feel like the kinky couple are way more secretive about their raunchy affairs. A-Rod and Cam are consistently

canoodling for the cameras. I think the couple may be a little more old-school and seasoned than this fresh, athletic pair."

Cyn said...

"Fresh" such as in "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"?

sistah2 said...

Michael Douglas and Cath Z-J?

Rita said...

Cyn - Doubt you can take any of Ted's words as hints, since this blind if from the NY Post, not his.

Wonder though if it's Agassi and his wife. They live in NYC are certainly fit.

Mommy21with1ontheway said...

What about Tom brady and Gisele bunschen (sp?)?

Adrienne said...

this guess is only for the nose job cover-up because it changed the singer's voice: Ashlee Simpson. When is the last time she seemed interested in her music career- I can't think of a singe time since the work she's had done? and some gossip sites have said things changed in her marriage when she suddenly didn't like Pete touring anymore for his band and wanted them to move on.. sounds like maybe she is incapable of having her own music career now.

Rita said...

Great Guess Adrienne! I was thinking about that chick from Glee. But Ashley makes way more sense.

Unknown said...

The nose job one isn't Ashlee Simpson. She released her 3rd album Bittersweet World almost 2 years after her nose job. I'm thinking it may be Leona Lewis.

Anonymous said...

this screams Will and Jada. They haven't been to many events together lately. Mainly you see either Will and Jada switching off at the awards shows with the kids (Willow and Jaden). Hmmm, maybe one of them's about ready to come out?

G said...

Blind Gossip is out of New York, so I thought Diaz and A-Rod.

Has anyone seen Leona lately? Has her nose changed?

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Are Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos the swinger couple? They live in NYC and are athletically inclined.

Dear Eh:
Oh, remember that Blind, married Page Sixer? For some reason I don't think Ripa and her hubs are that nasty. I mean she's got some pep and Vice to her, but

not one where her hunk of a hub is involved.

Dear Ted:
The swinging N.Y. couple from Page Six has to be Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts. I know Naomi from years ago and she was all about swinging back in the day.

Wouldn't surprise me if it's back on the agenda for her. She may look very sweet and proper, but she knows how to get down and dirty with the best of them!

Dear Naomi Insider:
Really? Well, it wouldn't completely surprise us. The couple we have in mind are pretty similar in age and looks to Liev and Naomi, and we think we might be

a little more in the know. Then again, no one ever is with these celebrity swingers. Your guess might just be as good as ours."