Friday, April 1, 2011

Blind Vice: A Sad Story With an Even Sadder End

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice: A Sad Story With an Even Sadder End

Gorgeous star Sally Pearlsmyth and her equally stunning celeb partner, Percy DuBois, had a nasty breakup not long ago. That was enough to shed a tear over in itself, as they really did seem like the perfect, hot Hollywood couple. You know, when two lookers like Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson can't make it work, it puts more of an onus on folks like Sally and Percy to bring the sexy back to yummy couples.
And oh, how they tried. In fact, they tried so hard...
Sally ended up getting pregnant, even though neither star was trying to start a family just yet.
Both parents were shocked, to say the least.
However, one of the parents was more pleased by the news than the other: Percy. He was thrilled and delighted and didn't take crap from anybody who thought otherwise (like certain friends who questioned if this was a good time in his career to play pops).
Sally, on the other (less) domesticated hand, relied on countless people to help make up her mind about what to do. She asked all her representatives about it, and each one told the looker with the flowing mane the same thing: end the pregnancy. Not good timing, and all that job-oriented stuff. No one really seemed to care about Sally, the woman.
Like, maybe the answer should have been: "This is your business, not ours. It's your decision to make."
But when has anybody in Hollywood ever not taken advantage of a chance to force their way and opinion on somebody? Never!
So, over the great objections of Percy, Sally ended her pregnancy. And soon after, Percy and Sally ended their relationship, many blaming Percy for being, well, not exactly the ideal mate.
Yeah, as always, there's two sides to every story.
AND IT AIN'T: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Update: as of 7/3/11, Ted has eliminated Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal, Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron, Eva Longoria & Tony Parker, Blake Lively & Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake, Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas, Mila Kunis & Macaulay Culkin, Sophia Bush, Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper, Ashley Olsen & Justin Bartha, Annalynne McCord & Kellan Lutz, Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr & Ed Westwick, Katie Cassidy, Christina Aguilera, Demo Lovato, Taylor Swift, Carey Mulligan & Shia LaBeouf, Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhal, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams, Olivia Wilde.

Top suspects: Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer


blurry vice said...

havent fully read it yet, but ashley greene and joe jonas? wait... ashley was already a bv...

blurry vice said...

hmmm.... mila kunis and maccauley culkin? but mila is suspected to be that new bv name with the justin/jessica one. Someone on e was guessing rachel mcadams and ryan gosling. Could be, although that was a while ago.

talia said...

no, to me it sounds like Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer.
both don't have vices yet and are on their way to fame. time to give them a moniker...
and it would fit with their breakup

Unknown said...

Heyy! Long time reader, first time to comment. Just wanted to say how much I love this site!
Thank you :)

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

I suppose we can't assume that this is the same couple referred to in the Lainey blind about the same thing, which has been guessed to be Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. I read this as being a couple that has broken up *since* Ryan and ScarJo, but I couldn't think of anyone that would fit.

I suppose I could agree with the Alex Pettyfer and Diana Agron guess based on Ted's reference to how people think the breakup is related to Percy not being the "ideal mate."

HKCCRCLC said...

My impression of the Lainey blind about Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (assuming they're the ones) is that she actually had the baby, and the whole sad pregnancy and giving up the child was what ruined their relationship. If that's the case, it doesn't fit this one, because SP ended the pregnancy.

With respect to Alex Pettyfer & Diana Agron -- Ted's wording is that SP has a flowing mane -- not necessarily something Diana Agron is known for, is it? And were people really shedding a tear when they broke up? Seems to me they were only together for five minutes and their breakup was timed for his movie release. Plus, this sounds like the man really wanted to be a Dad -- doesn't fit with the goss about Alex Pettyfer being a selfish hothead.

I'll be curious to see everyone else's thoughts.

Vivi said...

Keira and Rupert broke up before Ryan and Scarlet...

Cara said...

I know they are all ready BV's, but what about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel? He mentions bringing sexy back

or Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas?

sistah2 said...

The blind you are referring to is NOT an Lainey blind; it was a January Buzzphoto blind, reprinted on CDAN..we have it up on this site - see Jan. archives.
It refers to a couple that broke up 2-3 yrs ago and had a baby - gave it up for adoption.
Many guessed McGosling; some Hayden P. and Milo V.
This blind seems to be a recent breakup - different altogether.

Mich said...

If this is the same as lainey's blind then my first thought when I read her's was Ashley and Joe. Not sure if they are already confirmed as having bv's prior to this.

Mich said...


This is the most recent Lainey blind we are referring to

It just came out Wednesday. sounds like Ashley with the officially single yet seen with KOL guy and other actor who's name is escaping me right now

Kimstyle said...

Totally Dianna Argon and Alex pettyferer (totally wrong spelling on both)

After they broke up, all you heard was about his "explosive temper" blah blah...

Ted loves him, and wants him in Hunger Games... I would say the "there's two sides to every story" line is about Ted defending him...

Anonymous said...

I think its Scarlet and Ryan. They were married so that makes sense for him to be excited about becoming a dad and hes not young like alex and justin. No one knows why they broke up so maybe this? I thought them as soon as i read this.

Jessica said...

I am on the Dianna/Alex train. It was implied pretty strongly that he had a temper and was an all around douchebag when they broke up and Ted has been hinting for weeks that another Glee star was about to be a BV.

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

Oh, I'm embarrassed. I was getting multiple blinds mixed up. Sorry about that.

How would the AIAs relate to Diana Agron and Alex Pettyfer? That's why I don't think it's them.

Also, the "bringing sexy back" comment seems out of place, especially since we all know it can't be JT and Biel.

Unknown said...

I don't think it's Diana Agron and Alex Pettyfer...they only confirmed that they were together a couple weeks before they broke up! Their break-up got more press their actual relationship ever did. Plus the blind describes the couple as seeming like the perfect hollywood hot couple and that they really tried to make it work...these two definitely don't meet that description and certainly don't have the same level of fame that the other AIAs have.

Anonymous said...

Perez posted this blind item back in February:

PrincessTiff said...

I don't think it's Ryan and Scarlett because I don't think anyone blamed Ryan for the split.

Although Dianna/Alex weren't commonly regarded as a perfect couple, Ted was a big fan of them.

One thing I noticed in the AIAs is Taylor and Vanessa are considered beards (don't think the same is true about Eva). Don't know if that means anything.

Savannah said...

I don't buy Alex Pettyfer/Dianna Agron. I've heard a lot of rumors that Alex is gay and that it was a total showmance. They even broke up the day after the movie came out... If this is about them I'd buy it being a made up story to make them look straighter. After all, what kind of gay guy gets a girl pregnant?

raccoonelephant said...

Any reasons why it wouldn't be Brad and Jennifer?

PrincessTiff said...

Brad and jen made sense, except it says they broke up "not long ago"

Jolene Jolene said...

What HKCCRLC said...not only is Pettyfer a total hot head with a nasty temper, he's also 21 years old and his career is really taking off. Do you think a 21 year old would be super excited about knocking up his girlfriend? I mean, no matter how mature or fatherly you are, 21 with a huge career going on super young.

I don't think the AIAs matter so much in this one because how many options of couples who have broken up even in the last year does he have? Not many, right?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, percy is the "equally stunning celeb partner"? and he wanted to "play" pops? maybe an athlete?

Rita said...

Raccoon - people had talked about the Jen and Brad break up, and some had already stated that Jennifer had another miscarriage a few weeks before the split, and that it broke her heart. It came out a few months after the break-up.

Also, Brad is already a confirmed BV. But not Jen, although she was featured in one.

Anonymous said...

Its definetly not diana and alex no one shed a tear or evan cared that much. It has to be scarlet and ryan. Shes beautiful and hes equally handsome. Also her career is like the blind says with all the roles shes been getting. Shes going to be in a bunch of new movies.

Michelle said...

I don't see Diane and Alex as an IT couple people were upset about breaking up - Was looking at 2010/2011 break-ups
Kim&Reggie - maybe but Kim is a top suspect for another blind
Jake&Taylor-notted and um no
Brooke&Charlie-have kids not young
Kelsey&Camille - not young
Chirstina A & husband - have a kid
Eva &tony - Notted
Jessica&Justin - could see this but top suspects for another blind
Ashlee & Pete-already have a kid
Mila&Maculay-could see this but does Mila have luscious locks?
Ashley O and Justin - maybe doesn't fit clues though
Olivia W&Tia - wouldn't call them a Hollywood power couple
And Then Diana & Alex - hmmmmmmmmmmm

PrincessTiff said...

I don't take it as the public shed a tear, I read it as a nasty breakup makes the people involved in the relationship shed a tear.

Bubulle said...

It seems that Perez and Ted Casablancas have the same source :

Michelle said...

Renee & Bradley - not exactly young
Joe & ahley - they fit but most think it was all PR, I would agree
Ryan&Scarlett - they're in the blind but they do totlly fit
Vanessa&Zac - notted
MichaelcHall &jennifer - not exactly a hot career for Jennifer
Blake & Penn - hmmm, although happened earlier last year

Unknown said...

Who has luscious locks? Amanda Seyfried comes to mind.

Unknown said...

Bubulle - thanks for posting the Perez link...these two are definitely one and the same. That eliminates the ScarJo and Ryan guess...with him being 34 and her 26, I wouldn't call them a "young" couple.

I want to like tbe Blake and Penn guess (flowy hair!) although I don't think it's them b/c Penn didn't get blamed for being the less-than-ideal mate.

Can someone remind me what's wrong with the Ashley and Jonas bro guess?

Any other young (I'm thinking under 25) couple to break up recently? And I think "recent" could be anytime in the last 6 months...I wouldn't eliminate fall of 2010.

PrincessTiff said...

Is there anyone who has recently done a hair dye commercial and gone through a breakup?

PrincessTiff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rita said...

Pricess - That girl from Lost.

Unknown said...

Is the name Sally pearlsmyth a clue? Scarlet was The Girl with the Pearl Earring?

Michelle said...

what about Miley and Liam - not sure ppl cared if they broke up, oh wait Miley's Mimi nevermind

Cait said...

Just for something different...Rihanna & Matt Kemp?

Cait said...

They could definitely be a couple who's 'bringing sexy back', her crazy red hair could be considered 'flowing' and there were rumors of him cheating, hence the 'he's not the right guy for her'.

KaDixonLaw said...

@PrincessTiff and Rita: That would be Evangeline Lilly. She and Dominic Monaghan broke up in 2007, but were back on as of 2009. Just read up on it and no one seems to be sure whether they are still going due to their low-key nature and he was the top suspect for another blind.

Olivia Wilde and Tao Ruspoli were the first people I thought of because her career is on the up-swing. I could see her handlers advising against a pregnancy as a result. The prince is cute and I think I read that he is a producer, however, I'm not sure he's at the level that Percy seems to be. I wish they fit, though. I would love to see some fresh meat in these blinds. It always seems like the same people over and over.

@Michelle: I do think Mila Kunis has flowing hair but I think she has to be Kiki Doheny from the new Jerry Rock-Butt blind. I just can't see anyone else fitting there except Justin/Jessica/Mila.

That brings me to Amanda Seyfried. My question is this: When did she and Dominic Cooper break up? I believe it was sometime in the earlier part of 2010. I remember reading an article re: his alleged cheating with, among others, LiLo. That would definitely make him less than suitable relationship material in my book.

lisamedia said...

Like Linda (MAH) I also thought of Amanda Seyfried with the luscious locks comment. Her career is on the rise, and I could see Ryan P being Percy - he is older and would be more confident (but still not an "ideal mate")...

Unknown said...

I think it's Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Unknown said...

Why arnt more people guessing ScarJo and Ryan? I immediately thought that. And this wouldnt be the first blind where Ted directly says the name of the top subject. And he hasnt eliminated ScarJo and Ryan, either. I think its them!!!

PrincessTiff said...

I don't see it being ScarJo and Ryan because no one blamed him and called him "not an ideal mate." Scheduling has always been the reason for the split.

Anonymous said...

Ted was definitely talking about Alex and Dianna.

The story is nothing new. Several tipsters on DL who work in the industry talked about it immediately after they broke up.

Unknown said...

I just can't see anyone referring to Alex and Diana as being "the perfect hollywood couple" one really cared about them.

I like the Amanda and Dominic guess. (For some reason she's still with Ryan Phillipe so it couldn't be him). They had that hollywood romance that started when they filmed Mama Mia...

Both attractive: check
Long, flowy hair: check
Guy got flack for causing split: check

They broke up in May 2010, I'm not sure that that would be considered "not too long ago"

AmandaLorena said...

Anyone think it could be rachel bilson and hayden christianson? Just a thought...otherwise i like agron/ pettyfer

David said...

Scarlet and Ryan themselves were my first thought. They're mentioned directly in the blind but not notted, and this certainly wouldn't be the first time Ted C has given such a very obvious hint if he wants us to guess correctly. Ryan and Scarlet certainly appear to fit all the clues.

Unknown said...

But Ryan wasn't painted in a bad light post-breakup...same with Hayden.

As for Alex/Diane...I can't see a 20-year-old at the start of his career being pumped to be a dad...

Kate16 said...

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley?
She's who comes to mind when I hear about a "flowing mane".
They didn't break up that long ago, and I can see Penn being pumped to be a dad.
Though isn't Blake Veronica Beestings?

HRH_Lady J said...

I think Amanda S. and Dominic C. is a really good guess! Remember she has been talking alot about him in her mag. interviews, how she really loved him, then thought he was still dating his ex, then got back together and really tried to make it work! I highly doubt Ted would include Scarjo and Ryan directly in the Blind if it was about them!
This seems like a cutesy couple, the only others i thought of were:
Hayden & Rachel (ted just wrote a piece on them trying again and failing)
Shia Lebouf & Carey Mulligan (her hairs not really flowing though)
Penn & Blake (hes not to blame imo)
Ed Westwick & Jess Scoscher (sp)
Kelly Osbourne & whats his face??

we really need more details!!! Plus I think ted threw in "sexy back" just to confuse people about Jerry Rockbutt who is def. JT

Unknown said...

omg i just typed a huge list of everybreakup! grrrrrr ok here it is again...
First off it can't be Amanda, she is Polly Precious Locks (check out the blinds revealed link on the right) and I am not liking the Alex and Dianna guess because they went public and then split like a minute later.

according to whosdatedwho these are the break ups from the past 5 or 6 months (I only included young couples and skipped ones like Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx for obvious reasons!)
Miley and Liam (Miley is Me-Me)
Zac and Vanessa (Zac is Jackie)
Hayden and Rachel (hayden in BV superstar)
Holly Madison and Jack whatshisface (meh, maybe?)
Bradley and Renee (Bradley has confirmed BV but it is unclear just which one)
Joe and Ashley (this would only work if Ashley was not julie bone jumper or twyla)
Justin and Jessica (Justin is Jerry Rock Butt)
Blake and Ryan (Blake has BV and it is thought to be Veronica bee sting)
Dianna and Alex (for reasons I stated above, but it is a possibility)
Macaulay and Mila (Mila is Kiki Doheney, no?)
Audrina and Beau (I could see this...)
Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha (probably not, but they broke up and technically could be this blind)
January Jones and Jason Sudekis (omg I could totally see this!!!)
so what do you guys think?

Unknown said...

sorry I forgot the big one! Scarlett and Ryan, but I dont think it's them due to the fact that Scar isnt aty the start of her career and it was thought that the schedule was the reason for the split

Rita said...

I'm going to back the Rihanna guess. Something in 'He was thrilled... friends questioned if this was a good time in her career to PLAY POPS) - a hint to a Basketball/or any professional player.

And second: 'relied on countless people help make up her mind about waht to do... Not good timing, and all that job-oriented stuff'.
Although I love Rihanna, and admire her guts, Ted has already hinted in the pas month that he was worried about her, for being with the wrong people. And she has a new album being released, right about now I would say, and she is breaking out in her movie career.
And rags HAVE talked about them. Remember the boat picture? Everyone was waiting to see who Rihanna would start dating after Chris Brown.

And as for AIA's: there seems to always be a link between music/movie/sports, like for example Eva Longoria/Tony Parker.

Unknown said...

Great digging, Kristin! Based on your list, the only ones that seem like a possibility are Audrina, Dianna and January. Audrina and whathisface...wouldn't surprise me although I don't think it's them b/c they have any degree of hollywood stature...especially him.

I'm warming up to the idea of Dianna and Alex, although like you said, they were dating for only a minute (that anyone knew about at least...apparently they were together in secret before), no one cared about them (def not a hollywood hot couple that the public was into) and b/c of his age and general selfish/jerk behavior...really can't see him embracing fatherhood.

With January Jones...was Jason Sudeikis blamed?

Hmm...interesting guess, Rita. I remember the jet ski pictures w/ Chris Brown. Are those the boat pics that you're talking about or are there other ones with Matt Kemp? I don't remember anything about Matt being skewered in the media and blamed as a bad mate....unless I missed it?

This one is tough!

Rita said...

Leanne - They were the first pictures of Kemp and Rihanna cuddling and kissing on a boat... a couple of months after Chris Brown I believe.
And yes, if I remember correctly, friends were telling Rihanna that Matt is bad news and a player. Some rags had hinted that he was using her to get more popular (which unfortunately lately seems to be working: you could be a mediocre player, date a star, sign the deal of your life)
Also, Page Six had reported about his flirting behind her back.

Katie said...

"bringing sexy back" - ScarJo starred in a video off of JT's sexyback album. Just an aside.

Don't think there is any way the woman here is Jessica Beil, Rachel Bilson or anyone else who's stalled career would BENEFIT from having a celebrityspawn.

I like Rihanna for this.

HKCCRCLC said...

Wow! What great research -- esp Kristin & Michelle, who rounded up a great list of suspects.

My thoughts: we need to eliminate all the BVs first and then look at the rest. That means it can't be BVs Amanda S., Scarlett J., Miley, Vanessa H., Rachel B., Renee, Ashley S., Jessica B., Blake, Mila K.,

Personally, don't think it's Alex & Dianne for all the reasons listed (though they could be in the running).

My only reservation about Rihanna is that she's a music star, not a Hollywood star -- unless she's got a movie deal or Ted is flexible about this. Also, is her hair all that?

Still, it might be her. Or, from Michelle's list, that leaves a few possibilities who are Hollywood hotties who appeared to have a real (as opposed to PR-manufactured) relationship, where the woman has great hair. So far, I think we have Audrina and Beau, Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha (though Ashley might be more fashion that H'wood now),
January Jones and Jason Sudekis. To that I'm wondering if we can add Charlise Theron -- didn't she break up with Stuart Townsend within the past year?

I'm liking January, Charlise and Audrina, with Rihanna as a possibility.
Would love to hear other thoughts.

HKCCRCLC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HKCCRCLC said...

Hmmm. Just thought of two other possibilities -- both breakups in 2010, where the women of the pair has great hair.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey -- who I thought might have broken up due to his well-chronicled depression...but maybe it was for this. Afterward, he did seem to go a little more silly than usual, sending out odd tweets. Yes, she's got a child, but this could have been a 2nd pregnancy for her.

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy. I'm not a fan of JLH but I think she'd be considered a Hollywood star and her former bf, Jamie Kennedy seems as though he might fit. Or not famous enough?

Over to the group. What say you all?

Unknown said...

-I can't see it being Audrina for the "equally stunning celeb partner" bit...he wasn't even D list

-Perez described the same blind but referred to the couple as "young"...that would eliminate Charlize

-that leaves Rihanna...though I would never describe her hair as "flowy"...more like matted at best...and it's only recently been long...also she's not hollywood and Matt's not a "celeb"

I think it's either January or Dianne. I'm starting to warm up to the Dianne idea. Alex is such an egomaniac he might have been okay with the idea of being a dad since it would give him more press and he wouldn't think that it would involve any extra work on his behalf - that's what nannies are for. January's in her 30s and wouldn't be described as a "young" couple.

Unknown said...

More on this Dianne/Alex thing:

-break-up announced Feb 18/11:

-Perez blind referring to "recent" split of young couple Feb 25/11:

-she has flowy hair, they're both hollywood and pretty, in the link above, the break-up was blamed on Alex being a wild child...

HKCCRCLC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HKCCRCLC said...

@Leanne, you've definitely got a point on this needing to be a YOUNG couple.

One way to narrow this down would be to ask Ted whether this couple is in their 20s or in their 30s. If in their 20s, we could eliminate January, Jenny and Charlize.

(I know, I'm dating myself, but to me, a couple in their 30s could be considered young.)

Rita said...

HKC - Rihanna has just wrapped filming with True Blood's Skarsgaard, an Navy movie I believe, or something like that. And my understanding is that she's in negociations for other movies. I guess following in Beyoncé's step.

FrenchGirl said...

if they're Pettyfer and Agron, i can understand why the break up was nasty

KaDixonLaw said...

@Leanne: If the "Beau" that others have referred to is Audrina's ex-bf, Corey Bohan, then I'm inclined to agree with you. I think he was cute, and he may be known on the extreme sports circuit, but he isn't really a celebrity.

I also agree that this is a younger couple. At least, that's the feeling I got.

With the one exception of Rihanna's hair, I could see her fitting. I have heard of the upcoming movie Rita was referring to and it does seem that her goal is to segue into movies in the same fashion as Beyonce. And I have to disagree with those who don't feel that big sports stars are celebrities. I think big name sports stars do count as celebrities since, after all, "celebrity" is defined as being a widely known person. Regardless of talent and, perhaps due solely to his relationship with Rihanna, Matt Kemp qualifies as being widely known now. Of course, being a huge baseball fan may color my opinion slightly. ; )

I guess I'm kind of torn between Diana/Alex and Rihanna/Matt since I complelety forgot about Amanda Seyfried's previous blind.

jill said...

What about Blake Lively and Penn Badgley?

Unknown said...

I'm out on thinking it could be Rihanna. I think we're trying too hard to make her fit. If I were Ted and trying to describe first thought wouldn't be to describe her as hollywood. Although she may be transitioning into film, that's not what she's known for. I would describe her as being a "multi-talented vixen/threat" of something like that captures the fact that she's had success in multiple areas. I would also think that he would refer to her as mega star and give her a spicy name that matches her personality...not something boring like Sally Pearlsmyth.

I think very few athletes would be considered "celebrities"...ppl that are on the level of A Rod, Tiger and Tom Brady. I think Matt would be most accurately described as professional athlete. Unless you follow baseball, you wouldn't know who he was before he dated Rihanna. Whereas, celebrity athletes you know regardless of whether or not you follow the can't escape them!

As for 30s being "young"...of course I agree that that's young in the grand scheme of things...but "young" in hollywood is usually reserved for ppl in their early 20s (there's even that expression "young hollywood")...and in this case, young was referring to the couple being too young and immature to deal with a baby. I don't think January/Jason would be considered a "young" couple in that sense.

I'm still on the Dianna/Alex train.

HKCCRCLC said...

Just read and reread the blind to see if Ted said the couple is young and he didn't. Also, he didn't say the couple was too young and immature for a baby. His implication, I think, is that the woman's handlers thought it was the wrong time career-wise. And she took their advice. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

So it could still be Rihanna & Alex (though not being a baseball fan -- sorry, @KaDixonLaw -- I'd never heard of Matt Kemp until he connected with Rihanna, so that could make his fame questionable for the non-sports crowd). Some of Rihanna's wigs could be considered a beautiful mane, I suppose. But great hair is not what she's known for. Or it could be Dianna & Alex.

But I don't think it's time yet to put some of the "older" people out of the running. Eg January is on a hot show where a pregnancy might not be able to be written in, Charlize's people may want to stay on the gravy train by keeping her working, etc.

Just sayin'.

KaDixonLaw said...

@HKCCRCLC: I think the concensus is that Ted's blind is the same as the recent Perez Hilton blind re: the same topic. The link is posted in previous comments. Perez indicated that the couple was young.

The point I was making in my previous comment was that, regardless of why you know Matt Kemp's name, you do know it. Because of his relationship with Rihanna, he has now transcended baseball and his name is recognizable to those outside of baseball. That very well may have been his goal all along. Going by the definition of celebrity, I think he now qualifies. However, I still think that Leanne makes very valid arguments against this being Rihanna. I just disagree with the contention that Matt Kemp being a baseball player disqualifies them as candidates.

Anonymous said...

All three of the girls in the AIA couples were featured in ads for major cosmetic/beauty companies:

Taylor - Cover Girl
Vanessa - Neutrogena
Eva - L'Oreal

KaDixonLaw said...

@Lindsay: Awesome catch!

I found this website that tracks celebrity endorsements and it breaks down the names by actors and musicians, etc.:

KaDixonLaw said...

Some notables from the above link are:

Ashley Greene - mark by Avon
Charlize Theron - Dior
Dianna Agron - Op
Drew Barrymore - Covergirl (she brome up w/ Mac-guy last year)
January Jones - Versace
Keira Knightley - Chanel
ScarJo - L'Oreal, D&G cosmetics, LV, Calvin Klein, etc.
Rihanna - Iconic Fragrances and Clinique

I think I listed the main names we're considering. However, there are plenty of other possibilities on that site.

KaDixonLaw said...

Sorry for the multiple posts. I just noticed that AnnaLynne McCord is a spokesperson for Marc Ecko handbags. She and Kellan Lutz broke up recently. I know he was one of the suspects for the blind re: wanting to go more gay for a current role, however, we didn't nail that one down. Oddly enough, I thought the hair mention in the blind dq'd Kellan.

In addition, Ginnifer Goodwin is a spokespersn for Noxema and she and Chris Klein called it quits. Was that last year?

Just throwing more possibilities out there.

HKCCRCLC said...

Seriously great sleuthing going on here. OK, I'm now aboard with the younger couple, I hadn't made the connection with the Perez Hilton blind -- not that it wasn't mentioned, it was -- just didn't absorb it with all the other info to consider.

Just googled Ginnifer Goodwin and she's been engaged to someone for two years -- they just announced they're getting married.

Of those remaining, we may be down to Dianna A., Drew B., Keira K., Rihanna, AnnaLynne M. The rest are either a B.V. already or don't fit the clues or are too old. It's late, I'm going to get off the computer...and tomorrow will check out that endorsement site for ideas.

Rita said...

Great Catch Lindsay!

Can't be Annalyn, although she may be a blind (that chick getting high at a pizza place), her ex from Twilight is already confirmed, so can't be Percy.

Keira is a possibility.

But I can't imagine Drew listening to her handlers. She does exactly what she wants, and lately, she had been producing more and more rather than acting.

Also, note the family name DuBois. How it is written. It reminds me of Tennessee William's play, A Streetcar Named Desire. Blanche DuBois a southern Belle, used to be married to a closeted homosexual, who committed suicide when she discovered his secret. The was promiscuis, and an alcoholic. So could it be that Percy DuBois is closeted and bearding, with a rep for promiscuity?

Wow, I just described 80% of Hollywood men. That helps!

KaDixonLaw said...

@Rita: Granted I'm tired right now, but I don't see Kellan Lutz on the confirmed list. For Twilight confirmations, I see: Nikki Reed; Taylor Lautner; Ashley Greene; Kristen Stewart; one of the Volturi; and at least one of the wolf pack. I haven't read the books or seen the movies, but I thought KL was a vampire and that the Volturi were the bad guys.

Am I blind?

Also, while I was checking the list, I saw that Keira Knightly was confirmed in Feb. 2011. So I guess that eliminates her.

Casia said...

What about Olivia Wilde and Tao Raspoli? Her career is pretty hot right now, and she does have long hair. Plus with him being older I could see how he would be more excited about having a kid

Rita said...

KaDixon - Kellan Lutz is Brock Rock-Buns.

That leaves Dianna and Rihanna. checked back past postings, and Dianna is schlepping Op.

Rihanna is for Iconic and Clinique products.

Still believe this to be Rihanna. For Diana, even Ted had hinted that her relationship was a set-up, especially when they broke-up right after their red carpet for I am number 4.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Rita: Okay, yeah. That's the blind that I mentioned previously. However, I thought that we were between Joe Mangianello and Kellan Lutz for that one. The great hair clue in that blind had a lot of us leaning towards Joe M. or someone other than Kellan (who appears to have thinning hair). Either way, I just went through the comments on that one again and I don't think that one was solidified. Just my opinion, though.

I was looking at the endorsement website again and I see that Jessica Szohr is also repping Op. I googled it, and she and Ed Westwick broke up in April, 2010, and then were spotted together again in August, 2010. I don't think they're still together now, though. I also checked the List of Reveals and see neither of their names on the confirmed list. Ed Westwick was said to not be a subject as of Sept., 2009. She definitely has long hair. In fact, everytime I see her she seems to be nothing but hair! The mention of a nasty breakup could be pointing toward the fact that their breakup in April, 2010 was due to her alleged cheating. However, I'm not sure that he could be called unsuitable relationship material. Then again, he seems slimy to me and there were the rumors re: he and Chace Crawford being more than friends and roommates.

Anyway, they may be another option.

Bindi Boo said...

LOVE Shia and Carry Mulligan for this one...but she has had short hair for a while now. But Shia certainly was made out to be the cad.

So...I'll have to get on the Dianna Argon/Pettyfer train, even though it bores me to no end!

Unknown said...

Blake Lively & Ryan Gosling?

The timeline fits...

Unknown said...

This may be totally off since she is always quoted saying how she thought she'd be married with kids by now, but has anyone thought about Kim K and Reggie Bush??? I saw the athlete celeb status debate and I immediately thought of her. Definitely gorge hair, and a beautiful couple they were, to say the least. Her mom is always in her business and she rarely makes decisions without somebody's input, mainly her huge fam. I know she was thought to be off limits with the E connection, but I have recently seen some not so supportive comments towards the K family. Not terrible, just pointing out the obvious annoying things we all already know. I cant see her family really pushing abortion, but I know how much they push making money. If having a baby impeded that in any way, there's your answer.

First time poster, love reading how clever you regulars are!!

medusa said...

I don't know, wouldn't a baby be another ticket to fame for Kim K? Look how many more magazine covers her sister and Kendra and the other new moms have had.

I'm really liking Jessica Szohr for this. The hair, the hair! And the AIAs support it - Taylor/Jake as another suspected beard couple, Vanessa because Szohr's Gossip Girl character is Vanessa, and Eva, another dark-haired woman on a network soapy drama.

Anonymous said...

@Rita - Another thing about the name "DuBois":

If using the proper French pronunciation, it would be du-bwah, but if just reading it literally, it could be pronounced do-boys - another hint to a possibly closeted guy.

Rita said...

CAthy - that made me laugh, thanks! To add a bit to the closeted possibility, litterally, du Bois in French means, wait for it:

«Of Wood»!!! too funny.

However, I'm liking the Jessica Szhor guess. EVen though am not interested in teen tv gossip, that one I remember caught my eye. The gall of the girl cheating on a cheater! And how Page Six and everyone were reported that the staff on Gossip Girl were giving her the cold shoulder, and supporting Ed W.

And the mane! Great catch KaDixon.

As for Kim K. She is believed to be another blind. And I also believe that she would've kept the baby if she had gotten pregnant with Reggie and milked every second of it.

We should hit Ted and see if Sally is TV, REality or big screen.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Rita: I missed the stories re: EW cheating on her too. That's perfect! I was thinking that his big flaw was the potential bearding factor.

I also completely agree with your assessment of Kim K. here.

The bearding connection coupled with the additional AIA connections that @medusa made have put Jessica and Ed at the head of the pack for me.

Michelle said...

Yes Liking the Jessica Szhor Ed Westwick connection with the AIAs since they all seem to be bearding or open relationships

Anonymous said...

Rihanna has a "Get Out of Blind Vice for Life" card, doesn't she? Ted said he'd never write a BV about her, so that can't be it. I'm liking someone a little older for this couple; if not Scarjo and Ryan, then someone their age...

The Accidental Epicurean said...

Not sure if this is has already been addressed, but wasn't Amanda Seyfried once hinted by Ted in previous blinds to be "Polly Luscious Locks"? If so, that could solve the "flowing hair" clue...and she recently broke up with Dominic Cooper after rumors that he was cheating on her with his ex gf:

Savannah said...

Someone may have already brought this up, but I just saw this article about Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde spending time together,,20478953,00.html . Is it possible Olivia Wilde is Kiki Doheny and this blind is about Mila Kunis and Macauley Culkin?

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

I thought Olivia Wilde was suspected to be dating Ryan Gosling, though I really like the idea of this blind being about Mila Kunis and Macauley Culkin. If the JRB/CJ/KD blind wasn't so freaking obvious, I would agree.

Though maybe *because* it seemed so obvious, Ted was playing with us?

KaDixonLaw said...

I don't know about the Olivia/Justin thing...yet.

Who knows if this is (1) a random hook-up (can we say rebound squared?); (2) an overblown flirtation; or (3) if the Mila gossip was just a PR-fueled diversion from a real relationship between OW and JT. The story released today seems to have been from a very recent occurrence. Meaning this incident probably happened after Ted wrote both of the blinds in question. I think only time and/or bombarding Ted with questions will tell.

Alejandra said...

Wasn't Olivia Wilde suspected for the blind about a woman ending her long term marriage/relationship because she wanted to sew her wild oats? I can't remember if it was a Ted Blind or not....My initial thought was Scarjo and Ryan. I was thinking "dang! Ted is bold!" If it isn't them I could jump on the Diana/Alex or Ed/Jessica bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Ted answered my question about Jess/Ed in the BB today and also semi-confirming that Sally is a TV actor. Dianna/Alex for the win!

Anonymous said...

Dianna/Alex seems like a good fit. She is bigger than TV with her role in "I am 4" and Glee releases in iTunes. There are definitely a bunch of vicers in the Glee cast, which she could be attached to via working with them.

It would also explain Alex's behavior post breakup, I've seen a couple young former fathers-to-be go slightly psychotic in not properly dealing with the loss. He may be a hothead to start and then add in the loss == explosive situation.

Anonymous said...

(sorry if this posts twice, having openId errors today)

Dianna/Alex seems like a good fit. She is bigger than TV with her role in "I am 4" and Glee releases in iTunes. There are definitely a bunch of vicers in the Glee cast, which she could be attached to via working with them.

It would also explain Alex's behavior post breakup, I've seen a couple young former fathers-to-be go slightly psychotic in not properly dealing with the loss. He may be a hothead to start and then add in the loss == explosive situation

Unknown said...

Ted's hint about Ed and Jessica being "so close it hurts" made me immediately think of Blake and Penn or someone else on Gossip Girl. Too bad Blake's already a blind. What about Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan?

I also like the Dianna/Alex guess. It would explain some of his crazy behavior like people said.

Kate16 said...

Stacey - that was who I was going to guess!
Leighton and Sebastian.
They've both done TV and movies, she's clearly the bigger star so you could see how her career would be something she would be thinking about, while he might be more embracing of parenthood (though being in the Black Swan might make others reconsider) and her mother is her only parent and currently in the court system for allegedly threatening someone - so Leighton would probably need to turn to her reps for advice.
And flowing mane - I don't know about the US but in Australia Leighton is the face of Herbal Essences Shampoo.
And Ted (and Lainey) have been hinting that Alex Pettyfer is controlling and abusive. I think that if he was the dad, Ted would mention that Sally wasn't in the best relationship to have a child anyway. There's no way that he would let Alex be portrayed this positively.

Anonymous said...

@Savannah - I was thinking about that recently, too! All this time we'd been suspecting Timberlake/Biel/Kunis, it was probably Timberlake/Biel/Wilde! HMM.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
What a very sad Blind Vice last Friday. I genuinely feel for everyone involved! My question is: Does Percy DuBois have any skeletons in the closet? Also, has

he been on your Vice radar screen for a while now?

Dear Brand Sad and New:
Really, the situation is so sad. It's still eating away at me. But I'd say Percy has some secrets—nothing worth hiding away in a closet. He's pretty public

about crap—just cold when he addresses it. And he's definitely new on my Vice radar. His ex, on the other hand, she's attached to a few Vicers here and


Dear Ted:
Stories like Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois make me so sad for young Hollywood. No one should ever be talked into ending a pregnancy. Besides, plenty of

actors have babies young and it doesn't ruin their career...just ask Reese Witherspoon! It makes me think Sally must be in a line of work that wouldn't be

easy to schedule around, like TV acting. Could this be Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl?

Dear What a Snout:
You are so close it hurts. Don't you hate when that happens? Sally and Percy are bigger than just TV, though."

.debbie. said...

Okay, so this morning in the BB's, someone asked if Alex Pettyfer would put his career before anything, and Ted replied that he knew what the questioner was trying to get at, and she wasn't entirely correct. Just the way he worded it made me think that we are right about just one of the people involved. Have Dianna or Alex been involved with anyone else recently?
I also think we need to nail down a timeline...Ted said they broke up not long ago, but in Tedspeak, who knows just how long that is.

PrincessTiff said...

@Katie16 That is a very good argument for Leighton/Sebastian, although I have no clue who Sebastian is. Lol.

I was the one who asked how many Glee girls have vices. Ted sure danced around that question. Make me still lean towards Dianna/Alex.

Savannah said...

I think this is Dianna and Alex but that it's a BS story "leaked" by their publicists to make them both look more heterosexual... Alex is rumored to like older guys and there were all of the rumors about Dianna and Lea Michele that have been much discussed on the internet. If I'm right shame on Ted for helping 'in' them.

Sam said...


In addition to what other posters have already said, this could explain all the engagement rumors the week or 2 before they broke up. Maybe everyone (Alex included) thought there was an engagement because she was pregnant, she ended it right away, and they broke up.

As far as the "shedding a tear" comment, Ted was REALLY liking them together so that makes complete sense.

Michelle said...

hmm I'm leaning towards leighton esp with her in a Hair commercial . . .

Kloie said...

It is probably Leighton, given Ted's comment about the couple being less fashion-y than Blake. Leighton is always showing up in the "what were they thinking?!" fashion columns.

AmandaLorena said...

Todays bitchback tells us that the couple is late teens early twenties....agron/ pettyfer or meester and stan

PrincessTiff said...

In today's BB when he eliminated Blake/Penn (again), he said that the GG cast is vicey but not to this entent. To me, that would eliminate the whole GG cast, including Leighton. Dianna/Alex FTW?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure yesterday's comment on Pettyfer was meant as an elimination, especially given todays reference to the pair as being much more affectionate than Jessica and Justin, I mean that seems very inlike dianna and Alex who were seen so little together before the IAN4 press tour, Also I wonder if the notting of all disney with the use of wrong themepark was a reference to Universal who has movies TV (NBC etc) and music, so perhaps one or both of them have ties to universal

Canucks In Ohio said...

Rennee Zellwiger and Bradley Cooper come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Back to my theory about the AIA women being beauty spokesmodels, Amanda Seyfried is the face of Cle de Peau . Her character in mean girls, her first big role, was Karen smith. Relation to Ed westwick/ Jessica szohr - Amanda was on Veronica mars which is the same network as gossip girl and she starred in ads for Limited Too with Leighton Meester.

keetz4 said...

All three couples in the AIA were considered to be faux......either the women were bearding or in the case of Longoria and Parker, they were bearding for each other. I suspect Sally and Percy are similar.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois, could they be Blake Lively and Penn Badgley?

Dear Gossip-y Vice?
Great guess, but no. Think less fashion-y than Blake. A lot.

Dear Ted:
Do you think that Alex Pettyfer is more into himself than anything, almost selfishly so? As in, do you think he would put his career before anything. I'm

sure you can guess why I'm asking...Thanks.

Dear Sneaky:
I know where you're going with this one, and would it surprise you to know you're not entirely correct?

Dear Ted:
I've been trying to figure out who Sally Pearlsmyth is, and I'm thinking she's more than likely in the late teens or 20s (maybe Disney) set of actresses, but

I'm finding it hard to think of any of those gals who haven't already got a Vice. Am I at least looking in the right ballpark?

Dear Getting There:
Right age ballpark, wrong amusement park.

Dear Ted:
Ok. I love your column and Blind Vices...very, very the sneaky way you let us know the "real deal" in Hollywood. Would Cookie Muncher be Demi

Moore? Also, very sad about the Percy and Sally story. I'm thinking Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel? By the way, if I ever make it out to California, I

would love to meet you. Wished I lived closer. Love you Ted!
—Angela in Ohio!

Dear Out-of-State Vicer:
Great to hear from you, hon! Now, onto your guesses. Nope, Demi is not Cookie Muncher. Think way more subtle. As for your guess for the sad exes Percy and

Sally, that is one excellent, excellent guess. Too bad it isn't Justin and Jessica. Percy and Sally showed much more affection for each other.

Dear Ted:
I gotta know, is "Sally Pearlsmyth and her equally stunning celeb partner, Percy DuBois" Blake Lively and Penn Badgley? It seems to fit—such a sad situation

for both of them.

Dear Stylishly Sad:
Why does everyone think the Gossip Girl cast is so Vicey? Probably because they are, just not to this extent.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure both couples listed on the front page have been eliminated, pettyfer and agron with the pettyfer response, and the "more affectionate than justin and jessica" response, Leighton was eliminated along with the rest of the GG cast.

Rita said...

Early 20s. Not Disney.
Very, very close to Justin and Jessica Biel. But showed more affection.
So close it hurts to Ed and Jessica Szohr.

So maybe a Jessica, not Disney, but..? CW? Nickelodeon?

For the CW there are Jessica Stroup and Jessica Lowndes. But I'm guessing. Don't know why, I still don't think it's Alex P. and Diana Agron. for One, even Ted had doubted their relationship. Thought it was just for show.

Anyone know more about other young hip shows?

Little Wing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blurry vice said...

Ash - no, neither couple has been eliminated. That is your opinion based on what you have read and that is fine. However we do not count that as an elimination. Only when Ted actually eliminates someone do we say they have been eliminated. Ted has a history of answering questions about people inconsistently and leading people off track.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Were Percy DuBois and Sally Pearlsmyth married? And was Percy ever with a singer before he got together with Sally?

Dear Divorced or Separated:
Nope, but they were basically on their way. And who cares, he was a nobody before he started dating her.

Dear Ted:
I think I have a guess on who Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois are. Is it Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas? Joe seems like the kinda guy who would step up and

see a baby as a blessing no matter the circumstance and Ashley seems a little more focused on her career. Am I close?
—Inquiring Mind

Dear Jashley:
Besides the fact that these two are long gone, the answer is no. Ashley is way too assertive to let anyone in H'wood boss her around. And I can only imagine

the kind of trouble this scandal would cause in the Jonas family.

Dear Ted:
Could Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois be Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin?

Dear Good Guess:
But no. Macaulay Culkin doesn't have the same star power as Percy.

Dear Ted:
Are Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron?

Dear High School Musical:
No, but Vanessa and Sally do share some similar talents.

Dear Ted:
Is Sally Pearlsmyth Sophia Bush?

Dear Sally Sophia?
No, Sally is way more high-profile—at least for now."

madjack said...

"Dear Ted:
Do you think that Alex Pettyfer is more into himself than anything, almost selfishly so? As in, do you think he would put his career before anything. I'm sure you can guess why I'm asking...Thanks.

Dear Sneaky:
I know where you're going with this one, and would it surprise you to know you're not entirely correct?"

This isn't an elimination. Ted is just saying that Jenn's assumptions aren't TOTALLY correct, meaning that it IS Alex but that he isn't as selfish/career-before-everything minded as everyone thinks.

Dianna and Alex for sure. . .

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alissa said...

I also read Ted's comment about Alex P to mean he is not as selfish as everyone thinks or as responsible as everyone thought regarding their breakup, which would not eliminate him but ambiguously keeps them in the running.

Kate16 said...

So the Vanessa Hudgens thing didn't help us - Leighton and Diana are both actresses slash singers. And that's not rare in their age group.
If Percy has more star power than Maculay Culkin, that leads me to think Alex Pettyfer. But I just can't see it given the contolling, faux-relationship hints that were dropped earlier.

Blurry - is there a reason that Leighton is paired with Garrett Hedland instead of Sebastian Stan? I thought the Garrett relationship was a rumour.

Cabbiethegreat said...

I could be way off base on this, but hear me out. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth...I think because they are in the tags under a recent bitch-back, but aren't mentioned anywhere in the post at all. Also, everyone knows she's Me-me Dallas, so it would be too obvious if he used her current name, so maybe he's breaking his own rules, but for a very good reason. Thoughts?

Cabbiethegreat said...

Let me clarify that. They are in the tags under a Bitch-Back where there are several guesses for this BV, but no mention of them by name at all.

rozam714 said...

Hayden paditerre (sp) and Milo Ventaligo (sp). Same talent as Vanessa (didn't both have scandalous photos leak) and were child stars. Milo is in his thirties and might be excited about a child. Also she has long blonde hair and is starring in the new scream movie (bigger than just tv). Just throwing this one out there

Xyz said...

If this is about Dianna and Alex it would make me very sad but it is beginning to make more and more sense. Dianna and Vanessa H both sing. When Ted said So close it hurts to Ed and Jessica Szohr. It makes me think of Alex because I believe he and Ed are both British. Ted also has been mentioning a lot recently how the Glee cast is vicey. I hope its not them but someone needs to ask if they have acted together or if Sally will be touring soon, maybe.

Xyz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The line about Vanessa H. and Sally was that they share *some* similar talents. Maybe I'm being too literal but I took that to mean multiple similarities. I still think its Dianna/Alex P and this clue would support that. 1. Both are actress/Singers. 2. They both share a costar in Alex P. Dianna in I Am Number Four and Vanessa in Beastly.

Xyz said...

If this is about Dianna and Alex it would make me very sad but it is beginning to make more and more sense.  Dianna and Vanessa H both sing. When Ted said So close it hurts to Ed and Jessica Szohr. It makes me think of Alex because I believe he and Ed are both British. Ted also has been mentioning a lot recently how the Glee cast is vicey.  I hope its not them but someone needs to ask if they have acted together or if Sally will be touring soon, maybe.

Xyz said...

Sorry if i posted this twice...If this is about Dianna and Alex it would make me very sad but it is beginning to make more and more sense.  Dianna and Vanessa H both sing. When Ted said So close it hurts to Ed and Jessica Szohr. It makes me think of Alex because I believe he and Ed are both British. Ted also has been mentioning a lot recently how the Glee cast is vicey.  I hope its not them but someone needs to ask if they have acted together or if Sally will be touring soon, maybe.

Xyz said...

If this is about Dianna and Alex it would make me very sad but it is beginning to make more and more sense. Dianna and Vanessa H both sing. When Ted said So close it hurts to Ed and Jessica Szohr. It makes me think of Alex because I believe he and Ed are both British. Ted also has been mentioning a lot recently how the Glee cast is vicey. I hope its not them but someone needs to ask if they have acted together or if Sally will be touring soon, maybe.

Rita said...

Didn't Ted eliminate Agron today?

PrincessTiff said...

I don't consider Ted's "I know, right" to mean an elimination, but rather a confirmation. I took it as she does some too sweet to have a blind, so it's crazy that she does.

Anonymous said...

Ted was ambiguous as always but I actually took it as a confirmation for Agron. "I know, right?" seemed like him sounding shocked that she had a vice.

PrincessTiff said...

And didn't he inadvertantly eliminate the whole Gossip Girl cast when he said they're vicey, but not to this extent. That seems like Leiton/Garrett/Sebastion are out of the running.

Mandy said...

I was reading an old US Weekly while on the treadmill and came across the breakup story of Justin Bartha and Ashley Olsen, and I thought...Hmmmmm?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper?

Dear Wrong:
Nope. Think even sweeter, on Sally's part.

Dear Ted:
Awesome go to Hollywood "real deal" man! Thank you for posting my email to you last're such a sweetie! Ok, I'm going to guess yet again...and go

with Elle McPherson for the Cookie Muncher because I suspect behind that pretty face is a sneaky little girl. Also...I can't get over this Sally and Percy has me up in arms as to who it is. Could it be Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha? Or Kellan Lutz and Annalynne McCord...we never did really hear "why"

they silently broke up. Hmmmm? Please Ted..spill the dish to can even email me privately...I'll keep it on the down low!

Dear Lotsa Guessing:
Sorry, A, but these guesses are all wrong. Good tries, though. Particularly the latter."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said many of the Glee girls have been Vicey. What about Dianna Agron? She sounds like a sweet girl. Hard to think of her having a Blind Vice.

Dear Glee Semi-Clean:
I know, right?"


TLP said...

How about Demi L and the Jonas she was dating. She did have a breakdown, poor thing. Could this have been fuel for that? Hope not but had to throw it out there.

Adrienne said...

I think it's intesting he used Scarlett Johannssen and Ryan Reynolds as a break up example in H'wood. He actually used John Travolta's name one in his own BV to throw people off... random, but how far of a stretch would it be to believe Scarlett was more worried about her career?
The other thought I had was Bradley and Renee- however, I dont see renee turning down a child with Bradley in any situation. Her career isn't exactly on fire right now. Think I'm going to go with Scarlett and Ryan for now.

Adrienne said...

disregard my ryan and scarjo guess please- I just realized ted said they were never married. that leaves me with bradley and renee, but I just dont know what she would have going on that would make her not think its a good time. I'm trying to think of a question to eliminate them.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just love your column! I think I am border-line obsessed. Will you please tell me if Sally Pearlsmyth is Leighton Meester? I heard her ex (Sebastian Stan)

was extremely upset when they broke up. Sort of fits Sally and Percy. Thanks!

Dear Good Guess:
No, but you're awfully close

Dear Ted:
Is Sally Pearlsmyth Blake Lively?

Dear Blonde But Wrong:
So close, but no. Blake wears way more Chanel than Sally.

Dear Ted:
My favorite Blind Vice by far has got to be Percy DuBois and Sally Pearlsmyth! Yes what happened is sad, but the guessing of who it is, is endless. But I

think I've got it nailed! Is it Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick?

Dear More Blind, Less Gossip:
Not a bad guess, but Blake was a better idea for Sally.

Dear Ted:
Any truth to the rumors of Dianna Agron and Chris Evans dating?

Dear Yes, and I Don't Know:
Some say yes, but other sources aren't really coming out with a concrete answer. I feel like it's all talk. There is no way she could bounce back from that

hard of a fall with her ex Alex Pettyfer. When you're that in love, you don't move on in a month. Not for anything worth writing about.


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So sad about Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois, so sorry to hear about that. Sally seems to get hotter with every Gossip Girl castmember guess, so here's my

shot at it. Is Sally Pearlsmyth Katie Cassidy?

Dear Gorgeous Guessing:
No, Sally has more star power than Katie.

Dear Ted:
Just noticed you've already said Jessica Szohr isn't Sally Pearlsmyth, so I'm out of guesses as I can't think which other couple on Gossip Girl it could be.

Dear Not So Gossipy:
While Sally and Percy may have a lot in common with the Gossip Girl couples, that doesn't mean they appear together on the show.

Dear Ted:
I hope you're finally feeling better! It's been a sad spring for me, since my BFF's daddy (who practically raised me too) had his cancer return and likely

won't make it to her wedding in May. Thanks so much for your gossip, it's been a great distraction. So maybe you can help me with my guesses for your recent

Blind Vice ladies? Cookie is Fergie, Sheila Horn-E is Rihanna and Sally Pearlsmyth is Xtina. All singers, I know, but maybe thinking out of the box is good?

Dear All Wrong:
Sorry to hear about your sad spring! And I'm extra sorry because none of those guesses are correct, but keep up the good Vicing. It's almost there, just

think totally different professions for each and every one of those dolls!

Dear Ted:
I have a rather unhealthy addiction to your column (I can't go a day without checking it). The whole Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois saga saddens and

fascinates me. My guess is AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz. Also do you have any scoop on my long-term imaginary boyfriend Shane West?

Dear Too Nice:
That couple is far, far too nice to each other to have been Sally and Percy. Let's be real, post-breakup, it got ugly and real fast. As for Shane, where has

that babe been hiding out? Last I remember him was in A Walk to Remember. Those were his days! But now he's dabbling in lots and lots of TV stints and not

enough dating. Go get him, no need for the imaginary part!"

Unknown said...

There were tabloid accounts a while back that Kristen Stewart was pregnant and Rob P. was delighted and happy. Now these were trash tabloids of course. However, through the years, these tabloids are the same ones that reported things like "Brad Pitt cheating with Jolie", "Pitt denies it", "Aniston denies divorce rumors". Just one of many denied rumors that were actually true. Etc; Etc;

K. Stewart is either the highest PAID, I will have to check again, or one of the highest in PAID in America, now. Any agent would be greedy and try and talk them both out of going through with a pregnancy. They are literally the hottest NEW couple in Hollywood. Twilight alone would take a blow with her fans with a pregnancy. And google her critical responses in other movies. She is one of the most promising actresses right now.

K.P. and Rob are my guesses. And I will say, after reading Ted's hints like Blake Lively wears more Chanel, that rings true. K.P. is one of the more self effacing and down to earth actors-converse, jeans and hoodies. It is part of her mass appeal. Flowing mane works her too. She was a child and teen professional model. She has grown her hair back out after the movie she made with Dakota Fanning.


bepbabe86 said...

I'm in agreement about this being Dianna/Alex, and I just wanted to mention that I believe his flowing mane comment is a nod to her Glee character. In the Superbowl episode Quinn quit the Cheerios, where she was required to wear her cheerleading uniform and a very high tight ponytail to school every day. Since she quit she has worn her hair (flowing) down in every episode. I'm sure others on here know this as well but I didn't notice anyone mention it and some seemed to be stuck on Dianna's lack of great hair (pretty, but not great like one would say for Blake Lively).

Melissa said...

How about Shia LaBoeuf and Carey Mulligan? Ted's latest reply in BB made me think of him. Maybe they're similar to those Gossip Girl couples in that they met on set. Plus, when they broke up, he got the rougher side of it, being blamed.

Dear Ted:
So I think Sally Pearlsmyth is either Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift because you said she is young (early 20s or late teens) and sweet, not to mention pretty. But then, is Percy Joe Jonas? He seems to get around a lot. Am I close?

Dear Too Disney:
You're close, but not close enough. Think more of a mix between those two chicks and way cleaner, maybe even cleaner than Taylor herself. Percy is nothing, I mean nothing, like Joe Jonas. Think rougher, inside and out.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
You said that it was close for Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois when it was guessed that it was Leighton Meester and her ex as well as Penn Badgley and

Blake Lively. guess would be Jessica Schzor and Ed Westwick? Everybody on set sided with Ed when they broke up, and Jessica pretty much became the

outsider. I know I'm right! Right?!

Dear Beyond Wrong:
Just because I say close doesn't mean they all work and play together. Not that tight of a set for Sally and Percy, nope.

Dear Ted:
So I think Sally Pearlsmyth is either Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift because you said she is young (early 20s or late teens) and sweet, not to mention pretty.

But then, is Percy Joe Jonas? He seems to get around a lot. Am I close?

Dear Too Disney:
You're close, but not close enough. Think more of a mix between those two chicks and way cleaner, maybe even cleaner than Taylor herself. Percy is nothing, I

mean nothing, like Joe Jonas. Think rougher, inside and out.

Dear Ted:
I just got hooked on your site and it has become my new obsession. And like everyone else I am determined to solve all these Blind Vices and was wondering if

I was close with this guess for Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois: Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper? Hoping to get a response! PS, my old English Bull pup

says hi!

Dear Newbie:
Close, but I have already nixed that guess. Do you research, doll, and give your pooch a little kiss for me!

Dear Ted:
Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois are Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf?

Dear Vice Talented:
Now, this is beyond one of the best guesses for the sad couple. Great snooping, hon, but just not quite enough!

Dear Ted:
In your recent article about Alex Pettyfer, you again mention his nasty breakup with Dianna Argon. I feel like he is being completely made out to be the bad

guy in their breakup. He obviously has a temper, but I'm wondering if it was really all his fault. I know both parties are usually to blame for a

relationship's demise, but didn't know if you have any inside scoop.

Dear Tiff:
Yes, I do have some scoop on their breakup, and of course, it' wasn't all his fault. Dianna and Alex had very strong disagreements over some major issues.

But it's how you handle those disagreements that define you, and I think's Alex's self definitions are coming through pretty loud and clear right now.

Dear Ted:
You know, when Alex Pettyfer first came out I was genuinely happy for him because I'm sure for it's hard to break into the biz. He had two movies out before

anybody even knew who he was. But almost immediately there were rumors of his douche-bag ways that didn't stay rumors very long. What an ungrateful little

snot. Im sure his parents are so proud.

Dear All I Know:
Is that his ex girlfriend isn't.

Dear Ted:
This is my first time guessing any Blind Vices and I probably don't have these right, but here goes. Is Cookie Muncher Christy Brinkley? How about are Reese

Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy Dubois? I absolutely adore you and while I unfortunately don't have any pets, I do have a nearly

4-year-old son who has been taught from day one that animals should be treated kindly and are as much a part of the family as anyone else. Thank you for

spreading the word about animal cruelty and being such a wonderful advocate for it!

Dear Trying:
Those were excellent guesses, doll! But they just were not quite on par, especially Jake and Reese as Sally and Percy. Think a tad younger. A.T. is so proud

that you are much a good mama. Keep up the good parenting!"

Cathy said...

Ted said that Carey and Shia was beyond one of the best guesses. I guess this could fit for Dianna and Alex, since she's blonde and he's known for his temper...

blurry vice said...

"sally pearlsmyth

Dear Ted:
I think Sally Pearlsmyth is changing up her appearance to get that ex boyfriend and the ended pregnancy out of her head. What's your opinion? Am I reading

too much into this

Dear Not At All:
I'd probably do exactly the same thing, if I were her."

PrincessTiff said...

Well Ted confirmed Dianna has a vice yesterday, so based on the timeline it's gotta be her (and Alex).

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Have Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy Dubois moved on with other people? Do either of them have big projects coming up? Also, were Sally's friends/castmates aware

of the situation? If she is who I think she is, then I think at least one of her friends would be very vocal and somewhat supportive of her (unless it meant

furthering her own career).

Dear n-EX-t Up:
No, whether it's because of their unpleasant sitch or something else, neither has linked up since they've split. Career-wise, both are doing pretty well,

neither really outshining the other. And Sal didn't let a lot of people into the loop.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How dare you tease us with Glee gal Vices without spilling them. We need something to get us through the long summer hiatus. How about hints on some of the

Blind Vices for the Glee babes (and hunks) and letting your viewers try to guess which one is for which Gleek?

Dear Listen Up:
One is sexy, one is stupid and one is just plain sad. Oh, and one is a dude."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Sorry...I can't remember their BV names, but, I was trying to find the Blind Vice that you recently posted on the couple who broke up due to the girl (I'll

be nice) deciding not to have a baby...My guess: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. From the current issue of Vanity Fair, he speaks really highly of her

and says that it hurts too much to talk about. Ted, thanks for being my go-to gossip guy!

Dear Cheap Talk:
You're thinking of Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois, but you're not thinking of the correct couple, I'm sorry to say. J.T. is the one far more likely to

Vice in that split—and I only say that because he already has a moniker of his own!"

"Dear Ted:
Just wondering about your thoughts on the Vicers. Who is (1) your favorite B.V., (2) your least favorite B.V. and (3) the B.V. that shocked you the most.

Dear Sophie's Choice:
That's like pickin' which of my pups I like best, E! But I'll give it a shot: Toothy is my fave, duh. I am always happy to dig up dirt on that delicious

dude. My least favorite (these days) is probably Judas Jack-Off, just 'cause he's so damn boring lately and yet everyone is bitchin' about him. As for

shocking, well, the sad story of Sally Pearlsmyth was...unexpected."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I know it was quite a while ago now, but I'm still intrigued by the Sally Pearlsmyth story. I have an idea of who it could be. Is she by any chance on a

popular TV show right now?

Dear Sally Snooper:
You're getting warmer.

Dear Ted:
Could Sally Pearlsmyth be the recently troubled—but seemingly resilient—Demi Lovato? Believe that I take no pleasure in this Vice, not even a little schadenfreude. Just dying to know. Heart you!

Dear Heart Ya Back:
It's rather an excellent guess, but must say, it's a wrong one. Think less dark, in so many ways.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm an avid reader, but this is the first time I've written in. Sad that it couldn't be with a happier story. As someone who found herself in a similar situation as Sally Pearlsmyth, and chose the same path, I can attest that it was an extremely painful process. Both emotionally AND physically. I am just really curious as to how she kept it secret from everyone on-set?
—Been There

Dear Pearls Before Sally:
It wasn't so much a secret from anyone on any of her sets—but more on that Monday. Still send my best to Sally and wish her well, hot career or not. And to you as well, babe.

Anonymous said...

Ted's really pushing this one, found it funny he said she didn't let anyone into the loop then a few weeks later he says that it wasn't much of a secret?

Anonymous said...

It's a bit icky that he's pushing this blind so hard, IMO. It's a pretty awful thing to happen and I don't see what gain there is to be made for making this sad situation public (I mean for Ted, because he's dropping hints left and right that it's Dianna Agron). Why is he so keen for everyone to know about this?

PrincessTiff said...

Can this one be moved to the "proven by process of elimination/timeline" list based on when Ted revealed Dianna had a BV?