Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big elimination raises issues...

I know we are a few days behind on this... but Ted has given us a pretty big elimination the other day.

Dear Ted:
I know it's been a long time, but who are Judas Jack-Off and Dash Dingle-Dream, anyway? I miss you talking about them. I still think they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, but whatever.
—I Miss JJO and DDD

Dear Keep On Missing:
There is nothing there, and I mean nothing new. And they still aren't your dream couple. Sorry about it. Some day when it hits you, you'll chuckle to yourself, promise.

So... #1 there goes our top suspects for JJO and DDD.  We had suspected in recent months that Ted was messing with Supernatural fans on that one.  Looking back to Hayden Christensen again.

And issue #2 - then who are Jared and Jensen's BVs?  Becuase Ted has repeatedly confirmed them as being BVs in the past.  We have a lot of re-thinking to do.

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blurry vice said...

So, Hayden Christensen and who?

Also, who are Jensen and Jared's BVs?

giovanealex said...

Actually, I think that Ted does not even know what he is talking about anymore. He is contradicting himself a lot lately.

07554334-5711-11e0-9a86-000f20980440 said...

Wow, meanwhile everyone thought it was them the whole time. It makes me question other Blind vices. Maybe Ted is making everything up, who knows.

Nickname unavailable said...

and also today he talked about Orlando Bloom as having a kid and family and that Jakey G doesn't. So... where's Baby Tile? Maybe Jake ISN"T Toothy!

Savannah said...

I'm confused... Ted's response wasn't a definitive "NOT-ed."

Kate16 said...

Maybe he's just messing with us?
They "aren't your dream couple" as they're no longer together? They keep fighting? But they still were JJO and DDD?
And who's writing for him?
"Sorry about it"? That isn't English. "Sorry about that"? Sure, but "sorry about it" is something someone says when English isn't their first language and they're struggling with idioms and grammar rules, etc. Or maybe when an intern takes over? Or when Ted is up at 4am writing a column and doesn't proof-read?

Lisa said...

Ted's been making up his blinds for a long time, IMO. Maybe not all of them, but most. I think he (and his staff) have gotten very lazy, contradicting themselves. And no research! Ugh.

Count me as one of the very few who doesn't think Jake is Toothy.

Back to DDD and JJO- has Wentworth Miller been eliminated? Not that it matters with Ted, you know.

Alejandra said...

Maybe Ted meant "they aren't your dream couple" meaning JJO and DDD aren't your dream couple (since nothing is going on with them). I don't think he not-ed Jared and Jensen.

blurry vice said...

Hmmm... so you guys think that wasn't an elimination? I know Ted can be shady with his wording sometimes but I took this as a no.

On a related note, here was the letter about the "House" cast:

"Dear Ted:
Just curious if any of the fine-looking men on House are Blind Vice candidates? Maybe working on their bedside manners offscreen as well as on? Sweet little

Sophie, who was a stray and now owns the house, and I are just dying to know!
—Pixie from Dixie

Dear On-Call Concern:
Yep, but only one or two."

blurry vice said...

BTW about Toothy, of course he is going to say Jake doesn't have kids. That is what Toothy portrays to America no matter who he is... Ted is not going to out him whoever he is.

Joanne said...

Hi all, first time posting -
I thought about this for a while, I don't think he's notted Jared and Jensen - maybe the "chuckle" part means that the names should just be switched?

Rita said...

When I first saw it, I got really mad. I thought there he goes again, trying to cover his tracks, bending to legal departments...

So I went ahead and reread the whole post, inlcuding the blinds in order. Everything is in order on this site. JJo and DDD are still Jared and Jensen, or vice-versa.

Ted says there is nothing new. Meaning per the last blind, one of them is still cheating on his bearded wife, with other women, and not giving a hoot about his ex-lover's feelings.

There's also one thing that I've been trying to find for a very long time: in one of the BBs, someone had asked something along the line of would Ted confirm if everyone had guessed a bv right, and he answered with the fact that he would on the contrary, protect the person's identity and deny, for it's not for him to out them.

Will try to find it again. It was around the time of Pixie for Victoria Beckham...

Hayden is reputed to have a bv as well, but he never married. I thought the BVs strongly hinted last time that the beards are now legal wives..? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I don tend to mix-up the bvs. Wonder if Ted still around lately. I'd say yes for the past week, but before that, the BBs were lacking his usual bite.

The Spie said...

I think Ted's doing one of his loop-de-loops here. He's saying that JJO and DDD aren't Jared and Jensen because they're Jensen and Jared.

Remember the confusion we had when the third Judas blind came out? We all had Jared pegged as Judas, but then the third blind came out and pointed right toward Jensen as Judas. That's the blind that led to the 900-post Thread From Hell.

Also, remember the Pixie Mixie/Morgan Mayhem blind? All of the AIAs were "X and Nicole Richie". This is one that threw a lot of people off regarding Pixie being Nicole. What he did was eliminate Nicole as Morgan.

I think Ted's clearing up which one is which, rather than eliminating the pair. He's eliminating Jared as JJO and Jensen as DDD, which means they're the other way around.

Jamee said...

I don't think that was an elimination either. The question says "I miss you talking about them," meaning, I miss hearing about them as a couple/stories/more blinds, etc. I think Ted's response just means they aren't together anymore and there aren't any stories to tell about the two.

Juda1 said...

Is that an elimination?

"There is nothing there, and I mean nothing new"

Same old, same old ...

"And they still aren't your dream couple"

Meaning 'out & proud'? They can only be a 'dream couple' if they actually recognize they are a couple - keeping a relationship in the closet does not a 'dream couple' make!

As for 'Baby Tile' ... I always thought it was a dog rather than an actual kid ... right?

Elizabeth said...

I definitely didn't look at this as an elimination. I think he was saying that Jensen and Jared are not anyone's dream couple, not that they are not JJO and DDD.

Rita said...

Juda1: Baby Tile is a true human baby from a previous relation!

Someone else had asked Ted the same question not long ago, and Ted confirmed. Think you can go on the Toothy Tile posts on this site and read some of the Bitch Back questions on Toothy and Grey Goose.

kristen said...

i don't know - i remember reading the JJO/DDD blind way back when and always thinking that something wasn't quite right about Jared//Jensen given the difference in JJO/DDD's levels of fame (Ted repeatedly pointed that out). Hayden always fit better for JJO but his DDD wasn't obvious.

I think Ted purposely made the elimination ambiguous to string along Supernatural fans, but i still think it is an elimination. the "some day when it hits you, you'll chuckle to yourself" is hard to explain away.

that said - i could be totally wrong! i will look back at potential Jared/Jensen blinds - that would be more helpful ;)

Rita said...

All three: Hayden, Jared and Jensen are confirmed BVs. Maybe we need to go back and redefine which is which.

However, would like to point out, that besides his relationship to Rachel Bilson, Hayden has been a superstar for the past 5 years. Not since the last Star Wars got out, and he did that commercial-flopp movie with Bilson.

Rita said...

Sorry, meant to say Hayden HASN'T been a star in 5 years...

Savannah said...

I don't think Ted officially "not's" someone unless he uses a phrase like "Jensen and Jared are Not JJO and DDD."

If Jensen and Jared aren't JJO and DDD and Jake isn't Toothy then Ted is a total hypocrite... He always says that he knows that being gay can damage an actor's career and wouldn't out an actor but he must know the consensus among his readers is that Jake, Jensen, and Jared are gay. If they aren't gay he has mislead a lot of people into thinking they are, which may have damaged their careers.

kough1113 said...

I took that statement as they are not JJO and DDD.

Caz1310 said...

As time goes on, it's logical that most BVs would be correctly guessed at some point. Agree with those commenting that the Supernatural one isn't necessarily an elimination. True believers would be shocked if the two were found to be not what they're portrayed as, as would Robsten (but I'm not going there). The rest of us would chuckle. Ted has to get more crafty with his responses to try and keep them alive otherwise we'll all just go "meh" and not bother. Yes, it's annoying.

My Comment said...

If JJO is Hayden than who is DDO? He is never seen with anybody.

My Comment said...

sorry meant DDD

sistah2 said...

I agree this does not seem like an elimination. Ted's writing style is so off the wall - this is just stringing along stuff.
He is very clever in this response tho, to make people wonder and get chatter going.

andiecandie said...

I too agree that this does not seem like an elimination. I think that everyone wants Jensen and Jared to have some romantic totally in love life yet his blinds have been pointing to them not being totally happy together lately. So I think by him saying "they still aren't your dream couple" he means that they aren't crazy in love about to come out any second or something like that...

My Comment said...

Would Americans consider Canada to be "overseas"? trying to figure out past comments about JJO.

KaDixonLaw said...

I know Ted's language in this answer was ambiguous, which leads everyone (myself included) to scramble to try to figure out whether it is or is not an elimination.

But my question is this: Why now?

It's been ages since we talked about those blinds and it feels even longer since the two main suspects were really relevant. We all know that Ted steadfastly avoids answering correct guesses. Many times, that knowledge has served to reinforce our belief in a top suspect. The whole thing seems a little too weird and I find his timing even more questionable than the wording of his answer.

Leila said...

Did anyone catch this in today's BB. What a random question- I think this is a nod to Jensen and Jared:

Dear Ted:
I won't stop bugging you until you answer me: Is Tom Welling still married? Begging for answer.

Dear Welling-ly Wed:
Yes, he is still married to model Jamie White. They have been married since 2002 and currently reside in Vancouver, British Columbia. Of course, when you're off in Canada, who the hell knows what you're up to, right?

I wonder if that is a nod to JJO/DDD and Supernatural filming in Vancouver... I feel like he is referring to Jensen being off in Canada (and away from Danneel).

I get so tired of Ted's writing- I agree the "dream couple" sentence is not a "not" for J2. However- the "chuckle" implies that it's not them. aahhhh....

hordac said...

I don't think this can be counted as an elimination unless he flat out says NO not them, however I agree with poster who pointed out that Ted gave a major clue that it was not them when he indicated that one had a higher level career. Lainey has also voiced her opinion on them being involved with each other as absolutely ludicrous.

Cathy said...

@Leila - I thought the Vancouver thing was a reference to all that Twilight crap. Don't they film there?

Savannah said...

@Leila, I saw that too. Random. But maybe it's a hint that Tom Welling is JJO or DDD?

BlahBlahBlah said...

Tom welling worked with jenson in smallville maybe it's jenson and Tom welling and ted is jotting jenson and jaded as a pair

BlahBlahBlah said...

Then again j2 were allegedly in the same vice

Kimstyle said...

Kinda off topic but to the above posters, I thought the last thing mentioned about Baby Tile was a "give them time"? Not confirming that a baby actually ever came to fruition?? Am I wrong?

Kimstyle said...

On topic, I've thought about it, and I'm not convinced this is a "not".... I'm not sure though... So confusing!!!!!

My Comment said...

OK how about this:
JJO-Hayden Christensen
DDD-Jorge Vargas
They both worked on a TV series together Hayden then did SW which makes him higher than the other in status.Both are Canadian, both actors.

Jorge was with Hayden in Australia for 3 days in 2005--why???
Hayden has taken flying lessons.
Anyone agree??? this could be the match?

lisamedia said...

Okay, I have absolutely no compunction outing him, because the guy is absolutely one of the worst assholes in the Vancouver filming industry, but Tom Welling is 100% gay. I'm not sure where he fits into the BV world, but he's not straight - at all.

As for Toothy, I remember at the time when the first "parking lot" vices came out, a smaller competing blog had outed Jake as hooking up with guys in parking lots - and some of those postings were earlier than Ted's Toothy postings. This was why the Jake guesses were first made. While I think that Ted has lost his nut, I still think that the Toothy/Jake pairing is correct. I wish I could confirm that Jake is gay, but my real-life sources are neutral.

Lisa said...

I still believe that JJO or DDD is at least ONE of the SPN guys.
I never thought the guys were a couple but that doesn't mean one of them is not a couple with someone else.
Jason Mann's comes up alot.

My Comment said...

So Lisa did I hit the right thought?

88 said...

You know, imho I think that Ted know things about certain people in h-town (they're gay, etc.) and makes up stories that correlate with what he knows in order to expose the person. But that's just me. =]

Gabby said...

honestly I don't see this as an outright denial that Jared and Jensen aren't JJO & DDD. Usually when someone guesses the wrong celebrity for a blind, Ted will make it obvious that the guess is wrong. This is still slightly ambiguous to me...

sassyoats said...

Hi all -- I took this as "not-ing" Jensen and Jared. I think it was fairly straight-forward (no pun intended). I once knew a writer in LA who wrote for a trade magazine, he told me once that "everyone in Hollywood is gay". Or as RDJ's character says in Tropic Thunder "It's Hollywood, we're all gay once in awhile". I like the vices cause their fun (mostly) and relieve tedium. Ted can be frustrating but he is always entertaining :)

Michelle said...

Putting in my vote that Ted's response does not eliminate them. :) If you read it in another light it almost confirms them. Whatever it is, it is so vague that I think if you put it in front of ten people they would have a different interpretation. He did the same thing with Toothy recently, where he was almost mocking the person for still guessing Jake G, but making sure not to actually eliminate him.


Alyse said...

This feels like a "not" to me, but the slight ambiguity and the "chuckle" line make me think one of the Supernatural boys is half of the couple. As in, you'd kick yourself for being so close, but not opening your eyes to the possibility that it's one of them, nit both of them.
Either that, or it's a "not" and the "chuckle" line is a hint as to the identity of the real couple. When I first read it, that "chuckle" line seemed odd, as in not like Ted's usual writing style, so I took it as a clue. Don't know what he's alluding to, though.
Also, I wrote to Ted late last year asking him to throw us a bone and "not" Jake as Toothy, Supernatural boys as JJO & DDD, or RPatts as Nevis. He didn't reply. So why is he responding to this particular question, and why now?

charmedtvs said...

lisamedia how do you know Tom Welling is gay?

And like some on here, I think this response to totally ambiguous! Either JJO/DDD is still both Jensen and Jared, or at least one of them. There has been too many prior clues that linked up in the past to cross out BOTH of them.

Rita said...

lisamedia - About Tom Welling, I read on CDAN that he had one of those good deeds blind. He gives something like 20 000$ in gifts to a Children's hospital or homeless shelter, once a year... I don't remember, will do a search.

Are you sure he has an assholish rep?

Regarding his marriage, if I remember correctly, about a year ago there was an announcement that he was separated... There was a hint that he was getting closer to his co-star Kristen Kreuk (or something like that, the girl who played Lana...)

lisamedia said...

@charmedtvs, @Rita, etc. I know that Tom is gay because I know the entire cast and crew of the show. I can't speak to his charity work but his attitude on the set is 100% diva.

Like others here, I stand behind the 'everyone in Hollywood is gay' theory. In my personal experience it is at least 80% of the guys and 50% of the women. Way more are gay than anyone on these boards would ever believe.

charmedtvs said...

@lisamedia Do you believe Tom Welling because he acts like a diva on set, or because you're aware that he has hooked up with other men?

BlahBlahBlah said...

Re-reading Teds comment it almost sounds like a confirmation of sorts..'and they still aren't your dream couple' reads as if he is basically saying they are not a couple at the moment or not out in the open....Its the second part of Ted's comment that throws me...

1c1a33b2-66cd-11e0-baa1-000bcdcb2996 said...

Can we please get Gossip boy's blinds? They are juicy and I need help!! LOL

mookindahouse said...

soooo.... Ted C's basically confirming it is J. Ackles and J. Padalecki

Jolie said...

I think this actually confirms Jared and Jensen as JJO and DDD. The question says that the person misses talking about them and Ted says to keep on missing talking about them because nothing new is going on there. He says there is nothing NEW there. That's it.

Kelly said...

Love lurking here, but had a thought and had to post!

Maybe we should start asking Ted about Misha Collins or other SPN castmembers--could it be that the BV is just the one about the cast members of a show smoking pot together? I remember that BV talking about a super tight cast and crew hanging out together--which fits SPN. Do the timelines fit? It would be a bit of a letdown, I know, but I wouldn't put it past Ted to mislead like that. I believe we were all thinking the Vampire Diaries cast for that. I just have a hard time fitting the most current JJO and DDD info with the SPN guys.


Don't think it's an elimination. Thought about this one a long time and don't think so. Ted can be so very subtle with his words, it's decieving, but no, don't think it's elimination. I think he wants to steer us away from them as we have really gotten so so close.

Ahem said...

Dear Ted:
Trying a wild guess for an old Blind Vice: Are Judas and Dashed... Wentworth Miller and Luke Macfarlane?

Dear Nice Try:
That's actually a very impressive guess, Steph, closer than you might imagine. Just not Wentworth (or Luke), himself. But right on the strangely out-of-it WASP-clone stare thing, know what I mean?


Read more:

tiareflower4 said...

Lisamedia, I know I'm way late on this but I was just catching up on JJO/DDD since Ted answered a question about them this week. Have you heard any gossip about Jared and Jensen? I assume it's a small world there in Vancouver and the crew members probably know each other. And Jensen was on Smallville during season 4. Was there anything between him and Tom?

Also, you floored me with the news about Tom! The bearding has worked out well for him because I would've never guessed. I figured his marriage was real - cold, but real. Amazing.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I know you typically find Jensen Ackles painfully dull, but I assume he's largely been in Hollywood since Supernatural wrapped its season. Any chance being

in L.A. has made him any more interesting or are his Vices at their worst when he's safely hidden away up north?

Dear Nice Try:
I do not find Jensen painfully dull. He's a precious friend to Jared Padalecki, and that makes him precious to me!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do either of the two lead Supernatural guys, (Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles) have current Blind Vices? Surely they can't be as squeaky clean as they seem.
—Just Asking From Australia

Dear Jackle Tackle:
I've said before that these Supernatural studs aren't as spotless as they'd like you to believe. But define current, love. They've got Vices, sure, but not any of the newer ones."

lolabell60 said...

I am a bit late with this topic, but I don't believe Ted notted the J's for JJO & DDD. First of all, usually, when someone makes a guess about a particular blind vice, Ted, usually, comes forward and will say, "good guess, close guess, but No, so and so is "not" the correct guess." Plus, Ted hates to out anyone, so If Jensen and Jared are not JJO & DDD, why doesn't Ted just come out and say, "no, it's not them, good guess though." He has not done this yet. Isn't he hurting the J's by insinuating this blind vice is about them and thus calling them gay? If it's not them, Ted would've come forward and ended all this. That's why I'm still on the fence about the bv.

carpejvgvlvm said...

I know it's completely off-the-mark, but (1) he's a BV who hasn't been eliminated for JJO, and (2) he's had an almost disgusting run of bedding women in the last year or so, even though he's married (Which is what got me checking).

There are problems: he's been married twice, including throughout this BV, so that's a fail. AND I don't think he's "shrimpy" (excluding rumors of his humble endowment); he's probably the definition of muscular man!. And I know of no DDD except a few male co-stars I've wondered about before even hearing about BVs :)

David Boreanaz. IIRC, when I was a BTVS fan, the rabid fangirls wanted him with SMG and watched mainly for the real-life romance stuff — that's what sells his product, imo; his chemistry with his leads. Plus, he was rumored to have hooked up with his Bones co-star in late 2008. His marriage miraculously survived that (and countless other dalliances since), even though it appears this guy doesn't know the meaning of fidelity, so I'm thinking his wife either just tolerates it, or is a beard.

That's my completely out-of-the-box thought.

Hayden C + Ewan McGregor feel like a better fit to me overall (they've even got a kiss!), and EM has a BV and hasn't been notted for DDD.

Only thing is, EM's long-married with 4 kids! He's from Scotland, which might explain why Ted wouldn't talk about country origins; but it's sad to think EM would be willing to ditch a wife and kids he's had for 20 years (especially for an asshat "lover").

(I like thinking out of the Padackles box!)

Thanks for a great site! ♥

carpejvgvlvm said...

Btw, I think Ted leaves a couple of possibilities up there so someone's not outed by elimination. (In this case, the two top suspects seem to be Ackles and Hayden, so Ted would leave off from Notting either of them directly.)

btw, did I READ CORRECTLY that JJO has lost some of his spotlight since he first became a BV? (So many BBs to digest!). If so, I'd say both SPN guys are just as famous now as they have been the last few years (since the Vice came out).

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just heard the news that Jensen Ackles will once again be directing an episode of Supernatural this season. Do you think it's a sign he's considering

getting out of the acting gig and slipping behind the camera in the long run? And if so, how much do you think his Vice and distaste for the limelight have

to do with that decision?

Dear Behind the Camera:
It's become quite common for actors and actresses to direct episodes because they want the experience, not necessarily because they want to ditch their

career as an actor. Who knows, he might become one of those multitalented people in H'wood who do everything. And I do mean everything.

Dear Ted:
I heard that Jensen Ackles will once more be directing an episode of Supernatural this season. Might this mean one of my prime pieces of eye candy is

planning on make the move to behind the scenes work once the show runs its course?

Dear Camera Shy:
I don't think Jensen will completely ditch the boob-tube scene once Supernatural gets slayed, but it's always good to have backup options. If I'm being

honest tho, I think Jared Padalecki has the best shot at making it big post-CW. He's got that whole action-star hunk thing going on."

Let's guess said...

Dear Ted:
Why don't we see more of Hayden C? What's going on with him?

Dear Pathetic:
The man can't even begin to decide what to make of his love life, not to mention career, so why the hell should any of us bother, either? Wake us when you know who the hell you are, dude!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Since Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have been on a good path since getting back together, do you think they will get married?

Dear LOL:
That's hilarious, babe! The on-again, off-again couple may continue their cuddlefest, but this relaysh is hardly destined for the altar. And I'd put good

money on that."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please, please, please give us some more clues about Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki's Blind Vices. Are we talking real down sleazy or just a little bit

Vicey? Are their Vices linked to each other? Also, any gossip on their lovely wives? They seem too good to be true. Do they all get on well with each other?

You rock!

Dear Super Freaks:
Since you begged I guess I'll give you a little goss, M. The Supernatural boys have juicy Vices, of course, but they're not the worst of the BV bunch. And

while their wifey-poos don't have monikers of their own, they're worthy of chitchat themselves. To answer your last Q, yes, they get along for the most part.

Does that satisfy ya?"

niennah said...

I have had it in my head for years that Jamie Bell was a candidate for Hayden C's DDD. I can't remember the reasoning behind it, though. Can anyone else?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Whose career would be the most damaged should their Vice be revealed, Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki? And who has more delicious Vice?

Dear One in the Same:
Jensen's, duh."

Let's guess said...

@niennah--I just don't see the connection between HC and JB--yeah they filmed jumper together-but nothing to imply they are even friends.

As for the semi-two others, Jared and Jensen that makes more sense to me and fits clues even better.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You've stated that Danneel Harris knows her husband's Vice, but does she also know her husband's costar/best friend Jared Padalecki's Vice as well?

Dear Neighborhood Gossip:
Sure. Danneel is a smart lady, I've always said that. She's very in-the-know about what's going on behind-the-scenes.

Dear Ted:
I'm really hoping that my fave crush, Jensen Ackles, isn't a total jerk but each hint you drop about his Vice makes me more and more unsure. Can you at least

tell me if his Vice is so "juicy" because it involves some personality traits or just because it contrasts with his public image so much?

Dear Natural Born Vicer:
More so the latter. I like Jensen, I would hardly consider him douchetastic, doll. But speaking of the Supernatural heartthrob and his lovely wife Danneel

Harris, I have some delish dirt on the twosome that I will share very soon. Stay tuned, Mike."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In honor of Supernatural's pending return, can you comment on the latest goss that Jared Padalecki is not the world's biggest fan of Mrs. Ackles? Any truth

in that? Also, can you tell me if J.Pad and Jensen Ackles's B.V.s are the same? Last but not least, I heard that their friendship was all for the cameras and

wasn't genuine. In a sea of BS about these guys, surely their friendship is the one thing that's real, right?
—P xx

Dear Brotherly Love:
Total BS, babe. These two are way tight even when the cameras stop rolling on their CW classic. As for the other biz, their Vices are similar but not

exactly, well, exact. And as for Danneel Harris, it's true, J.Pad isn't the biggest fan of her...I am!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was thinking about Hayden Christensen, because I love him a lot. Does he have any Vices, or upcoming movies to look forward to? He's not so great to his

fans. He was dead sexy in Takers and then disappeared, which I do not appreciate. Also is he still with Rachel Bilson?

Dear Hunting For Hayden:
He may not be up to much in the movie department, but Hayden is a Blind Vicer. As for Rachel? The two are on-again, off-again, but they're together (if you

could call it that)—at least for right now."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I've just recently become a fan of Supernatural. My fantasies begin and end with how cool it would be to meet them. Every message board I visit has fans in

all out wars over Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. I've even seen direct attacks on Danneel Harris on her Twitter account—WTH?! Do you think privately J2

and their spouses feel the way I do—that a lot of their fans are passengers on the crazy train?
—Confused in Cincinnati

Dear Trending Topic Trouble:
Oh, I know they do, doll. But don't worry about Mrs. Ackles too much—she's a tough chick and knows that a couple cuckoo tweeters comes with the turf. But

after all the threats, rumors, and nasty @replies, she's getting the last laugh, right?"

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
Now that Jared Padalecki is officially a papa-to-be, can we expect to hear breaking news from Danneel Harris? It seems like Jared and Jensen do everything in


Dear Playdate for One:
Remember, Danneel told me that she didn't want to get into the baby-makin' biz until after her hubby's Supernatural stint ended. Plus, this chick wants to

land some starring roles and that's harder to do when you're knocked up.

Dear Ted:
Now that Jared Padalecki has announced that his wife is pregnant, I'm even more curious to know what his Blind Vice is. Any hint, pretty please?

Dear Papa Pad:
Let's just say, daddy duty is going to seriously cut down on his time to get Vicey.

Dear Ted:
I know you won't print this, but I'd just like to say that the lack of balls you have shown since you met Danneel Harris has been appalling. Once upon a

time, you said that Jared and Jensen would marry each other sooner than they would marry their current wives. Now you couldn't be more sycophantic when it

comes to either couple. Disappointing.

Dear Get Over It:
Jared and Jensen proved me wrong and married chicks instead of each other. One of these gal's been nice enough to tell me all about it—and I listened. What,

you want me to bitch-slap her instead?"

Mary H said...

More of the same in today's afternoon mail, as in those who believe J2 is still JJO & DDD will still believe it and those that don't, won't.

Dear Ted:
Have you confirmed that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are not Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream?

Dear A Vice of a Different Kind:
All I've said, doll, is that they are not everybody's dream couple, as in the one they think so beautifully fits Jared and Jensen.

1515bb4a-05a1-11e1-b6c7-000f20980440 said...

This reads like a "not" to me. Still leaves us in the dark about J2's vices though. Back to Hayden and ? someone as JJO and DDD?

Let's guess said...

I still like J2 as the guess. If Hayden was seen around with some "friend" for years then perhaps I would change my mind.

One thing for sure this is the most aggravating BV around.

Unknown said...

I never saw it till today, but a month or so ago Danneel tweeted a pic of her & Jensen wearing flight-style headphones in what looks like a small plane. It got me thinking about the BV w/ Judas & the beard taking up flying to get media attention.

Foglander said...

Dear Ted:
There has been a lot of talk about Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in reference to certain monikers. You've said twice that they aren't Judas Jack-Off and Dashed-Dingle Dreams. How about a tip to their real Vices, then? Pretty, pretty, please with hunky ghost hunters on top?

Dear Nice Try:
Doll, I wish I could, but I can't tell you anything more than your favorite guys (and mine) kind of have this domino thing going with their Vice(s). Also, let the record state, I have never unequivocally denied that Jared and Jensen are certain monikers.

Mary H said...

Beat me to my own question, lol! Well, I tried to get a straight answer out of him, but alas, no such luck.

However, the term Vice(s) makes me wonder if they have separate ones just because he phrased it that way. Maybe that's just wishful thinking.

blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
Have you confirmed that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are not Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream?

Dear A Vice of a Different Kind:
All I've said, doll, is that they are not everybody's dream couple, as in the one they think so beautifully fits Jared and Jensen.

Dear Ted:
There has been a lot of talk about Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in reference to certain monikers. You've said twice that they aren't Judas Jack-Off and Dashed-Dingle Dreams. How about a tip to their real Vices, then? Pretty, pretty, please with hunky ghost hunters on top?

Dear Nice Try:
Doll, I wish I could, but I can't tell you anything more than your favorite guys (and mine) kind of have this domino thing going with their Vice(s). Also, let the record state, I have never unequivocally denied that Jared and Jensen are certain monikers.

blurry vice said...

He has hinted towards it for years, then denied it. Now hinting towards it again. Don't even want to talk about it right now. I will be back another time to discuss this issue further.

1515bb4a-05a1-11e1-b6c7-000f20980440 said...

Super frustrating. I'd like to know why it is that he can't tell us more about their vices. If they have vices, why is he going easy on them and not giving hints?! Is it because, in his words, they're his favorite guys? He basically outed TomStu/RPattz/Sienna in Friday's blind so it's not like Ted's shy.

Michele said...

Okay, heard lots of people giving suggestions for JJO and DDD other than J2, but no one has given a suggestion for who else J2 can be. Who else could Jared and Jensen be???

Mary H said...

Especially given that he's said they have a "domino effect" and then explained that means their vices are connected.

Let's guess said...

Dear Ted:
Sam and Dean are going to have to salt 'n' burn my bones 'cause I've died from the suspense of not being able to determine the identity of Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream. Help a lady out?

Dear You Think You're So Clever:
I'm not going to fall into your Super-freak trap that easily, chica. Be a little more clever and I'll give you a JJO-DDD break.

Read more:

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
You mention that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have "kind of domino thing" going on with their Vices. Does that mean that their Vices are related? If you

had to categorize the Vice(s) of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles with one word what would it/they be? Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Dear Curious:
Yes. Animal.

Dear Ted:
Sam and Dean are going to have to salt 'n' burn my bones 'cause I've died from the suspense of not being able to determine the identity of Judas Jack-Off and

Dashed Dingle-Dream. Help a lady out?

Dear You Think You're So Clever:
I'm not going to fall into your Super-freak trap that easily, chica. Be a little more clever and I'll give you a JJO-DDD break."

Let's guess said...

Dear Ted:
I worry about my darling Dashed Dingle-Dream. Is he still all heartsick because he fell for one jerk? He seems nice enough. I'm sure he could find a good guy to quietly settle down with outside of the public eye like so many closeted celebs do.

Dear Dry Your Eyes:
DDD isn't sweating his no-good BF anymore. He's moved on to better (tho not quite bigger) lovers. Stay tuned to see how Judas responds. You know he's the one that still pines over his ex, after all.

Read more:

mood-indigo81 said...

I still believe it's Colin Farrell and Jared Leto, except that Colin is JJO and Jared DDD. This BV sounds like everything that happened in their lives since 2009 and before.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray friends? I remember they used to be such a good friends and recently I saw Jared posting a picture of him and

Chad in Twitter and does Chad know about Jared's Vice?

Dear Vicey Bromance:
Yes, the two are still friends and we're guessing Chad is well aware of Jared's Vice. Really, how could he not know with the time these two spend together?"


Let's guess said...

Dear Ted:
Glad you're back on the nonsmoking wagon! Good luck! Do Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream have perma-beards? And if so, would either consider having a family with them? Do you think any beard would be onboard for a family with the understanding that the "interests" of their significant other lie elsewhere?

Dear Beardest of All:
Both are definitely the beard type. And beards are in it for the money and fame, so of course they could start a family—tons of beards have done it in the past. It's just part of the coverup game that they play. Sad but true.

Read more:

1515bb4a-05a1-11e1-b6c7-000f20980440 said...

I don't think Chad is JJO - in fact, I think Ted has notted him!

Coincidence that Ted's been talking about J2 and JJO/DDD lately (and beards starting families) and these photos come out today from PR shills Lainey and Just Jared?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
The other day you answered a question about Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray being close as friends and it got me wondering. We all know that Jared

has a Blind Vice but does Chad have one as well? I for one hope it's a good one if he does. I like my guys Vicey.

Dear Are You Nuts?:
Chad's a walking encyclopedia of Vicey behavior. And yes, he's a member of the Vice club. But, from a while back—when far fewer people knew who the hell he

was causing all kinds of drama.

Dear Ted:
How, if at all, has marriage changed Jared Padalecki's and Jensen Ackles' Vicing ways? And if they're still at it, has anything changed?

Dear Till Vice Do Us Part:
They Vicing has definitely slowed down since the two said "I do" (to other chicks, of course) and now with Jared's baby on the way, who knows if he'll have

time to live up to his Vicey moniker at all. Here's hoping.

Dear Ted:
Your response about Jared Padalecki's Vice got me thinking. For the sake of my imagination, I hope it's deliciously naughty, but for the sake of his baby on

the way, I hope his Vice won't cause problems for his new family. Will it?

Dear If It Ain't Broke:
It's super-fun naughty all right, but I think his family's in the clear for now."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In the past Dashed Dingle-Dream wanted to marry his ex Judas Jack-Off—that ship sunk—but do you think he would consider marriage to the new BF or go all old

H'wood standard and do a jump the broom with beard? I really want DDD to make it work with his preferred choice and not fall into the beard trap. What are

the odds?

Dear Marriage Material:
Publicly? The beard route, of course. Tho, I think it has more to do with seeing Judas get serious with his fakey GF—and becoming more famous for it, natch—

than it has to do with getting scorned by his former fiancé.

Dear Ted:
Happy New Year 2012! Many good things to come this year for you and everyone on the team! I've been thinking about Dashed Dingle-Dream and Judas Jack-Off:

Which one has a better body and muscles? And which is more happy with their current status in the world of show business and personally?

Dear Dingle Berry:
Hmm, good question. I'm in a particularly good mood so I'll be nice to both my boys: Dashed has the better bod but Judas has the better career. Win-win,


Let's guess said...

From that I guess Hayden C does not fit--he does not seem to be working for the last year.

323baab6-0eb3-11e1-b133-000bcdcb2996 said...

Could Judas be Ryan Gosling??

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Speaking of "tell-tale" signs—would you say that no longer wearing a ring means Matt Bomer is splitting from the reason for wearing the ring? Off topic: They

may not have been married but Brit and Justin was the saddest HW breakup for me. And as always I have to ask a Judas Jack-Off-Dashed Dingle-Dream question:

Any recent nooky action between those two?

Dear Breakups and Shakeups:
Why are you playing so coy, Bell? But last I heard blue-eyed beauty Mr. Bomer's personal life was in tip-top shape. As for your other Q: All "nooky action"

has ceased and desisted for the time being…hmmm, I wonder how long that'll last this time.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
OK, so I have a question about BVs in Hollywood's "Golden Age." Just like that Marine [Scotty Bowers] is doing with his recent X-rated tell-all about Cary

Grant and Katharine Hepburn, do you think that someday when the Toothy Tiles and Judas Jack-Offs are dead and gone that their BVs will be revealed?

Dear Golden Oldies:
Sure, someone may eventually name names when it comes to H'wood's closeted elite, but I'm still holding out hope that Toothy will come out himself before he

kicks the bucket. As for Judas? Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if someone let slip his secret long, long before he died."

kristin said...

Ted answered my question! Although it doesnt tell me anything :(
I was surprised because it is so wordy! haha
Dear Ted:
I was thinking that people do not like Lana Del Rey because she is manufactured product of the record label and her rich father that bankrolls her career. She is super fake and everyone can see it. Plus she totally has a deer-in-headlights look in almost everything I see. That isn't good for anyone's image. Sure, she can sing! Her tunes are haunting and catchy, and she really is beautiful. It's what lies underneath it all that is so off-putting. Her revamped image and robotic demeanor speaks more to people then her actual talent. Anyhow, that is my own personal take on this whole situation. Sound accurate to you? So, having said that—how about this: How is Hayden Christensen in your Blind Vice All-Star gallery? That guy is barely on the radar! He is super hot, so he has that. Write me back! XOXO

Dear No Lana Love:
Sorry, K, but we disagree. Every mega pop star is somewhat a product of the record label, and we think Lana's done a great job staying true to her image, whether or not you think it's fake. As for Hayden? Trust, he's well deserving of his spot in our gallery, but that's all I'm sayin'.

Let's guess said...

Hayden is in the Superstar Gallery-so the BV must be something worthy but the reply still does not give and answer or clue as to what. All we do know is that Rachel Bilson is a co-star in HC's BV.

Charlie said...

So JJO has dated "notable" names. I don't buy that as Jensen. Hasn't he only really dated that model before Danneel? I'm not sure if Hayden C. was guessed as JJO but he has dated/been linked to Natalie Portman at least and now Rachel Bilson. I remember reading the blinds about these guys and a lot of clues seemed to fit Hayden C pretty well.

Let's guess said...

Well Hayden has dated:

Rachel Bilson--5yrs and at the moment still going, she has not starred in a BV.

Sienna Miller-a few months(a fling)she must be a BV--no idea which one-will have to check.

Hayden and Natalie both deny any relationship, were never caught by the Paps and Natalie is a BV Superstar most think because of ego and/or she gets her PR people to buy burgers for her and NOT the VEGE kind.

That is very much his known history, but keep in mind Ted also posted that "a" female had a BV prior to the JJO moniker.

I think we need to check time-lines.

If HC is JJO then he was very much gay and lovin it "till he made it big" which would have been getting the SW part when he was 19yrs-that makes the whole getting married part a bit hard to understand plus then who the heck is DDD--or should we be looking at HC for DDD and an older person for JJO???

EV said...

I truly believe that Hayden is not JJO, but trying to figure out which moniker does belong to Hayden is very frustrating. I've looked through a lot of the vices that debuted prior to May 2009 & have yet to find one that fits. Also, Ted has only provided minimal clues on Hayden's vice so there is not much to go on.

Let's guess said...

I agree with you EV--in my mind the clues to the JJO BV don't match HC enough to call it.
Like you I have spent hours going through Ted's BV and can't find any that seem to match.
LOL maybe Ted uses HC to cover everything that gets close as a match with JJO and DDD-that has been mentioned a few times.

Back to the time-line again......

Mary H said...

From today's mail:

Dear Ted:
You've described Judas Jack-Off as a serial dater whose last two GFs were long term. Has JJO's fake relationships been smooth sailing or has he and his beards had ups and downs?
—Love, Agusta

Dear The New Normal:
Smooth sailing, for the most part. Judas isn't in the biz of drawing too much attention to himself and his "special" lady friends, he just likes the public to know they're there (so a few paparazzi-snapped outings help!). Then they break-up, always claiming they'll stay pals!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You've indicated that Judas Jack-Off has "dated" a couple Vicers in the past. Might one such lady be Lucretia Johnson?

Dear History Lesson:
Interesting guess, MIkey, but Jude and Ms. Johnson have not canoodled in the past. Lucretia isn’t exactly the bearding type (though I suspect she would have

been much happier with a BF who was loyal, albeit fake)."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
All right, well I struck out with my guess about Judas Jack-Off's Vicey lady, but what about Dash Dashed-Dingle? Has he ever coupled with one of the ladies

who have earned monikers?

Dear Strictly Business:
No, actually. But hey, the bigger the star the bigger the beard—he leaves the moniker mashing up to JJO."

EV said...

big news! Jensen & Jared officially nottted for JJO & DDD. Back to Blurry's original question a year ago.....

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Lets talk Jared Padalecki, Jackles and all things Supernatural. You've said that both are Vicers, Mrs. A is in the know but isn't a Vicer herself and that

JarPad's Vicey ways will be toned down now that mini moose is born. So I was wondering, do they both have their own notorious monikers? And are their Vices

"OMG I'll never look at them in the same way again" Vices or are they both just hiding a secret or two that would be frowned upon? And has anyone come close

to guessing their respective Vices thus far?
—P x

Dear In Your Order:
Yes. The latter, probably—I think most people would still love Jackles even knowing their Vicey ways (I do, at least). And lastly, some have been warmer and

others have been cooler. Either way, "mini moose" has put a hold on the Vicing…for now."

Mary H said...

Ted officially notted the boys AGAIN in celebration of their Fan Battle win.

Dear Ted:
Yay! I knew Supernatural would win the Ultimate Fan Battle! So…don't want to be pushy, Teddy bear, but you said you were going to reward us with some Vice scoop to celebrate the victory. When will you tell us? We're all dying to know what it could possibly be. A big juicy hint, perhaps?!
—SPN 4 Ever!

Dear Sound the Trumpets:
How about instead of a hint, I'll give you a notting? Listen up, brother lovers and Vice addicts alike: Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream are officially not Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. So…any guesses which monikers they actually belong to?

KaDixonLaw said...

Holy poop...that was a huge elimination! I know that Hayden Christensen was another possibility but he isn't married. I'm stumped.

Cee said...

hahahaha...what do we do now...the ONLY suspects have been eliminated but im kinda glad its not the J's because it made me read more into the long sad looks they give each other on the show...gyahhhh they look like they are gonna cry at least twice an episode

Savannah said...

I don't understand how Ted could ethically lead us all to believe that Jared and Jensen were JJO and DDD for so long. He says he'll never out a gay star and says that he knows being thought to be gay can ruin an actor's career but he still lead us to believe that those two were gay? Not cool, Ted.

Savannah said...

I'm not sure why I thought of him but what about Daniel Craig for Judas?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Yay! I knew Supernatural would win the Ultimate Fan Battle! So…don't want to be pushy, Teddy bear, but you said you were going to reward us with some Vice

scoop to celebrate the victory. When will you tell us? We're all dying to know what it could possibly be. A big juicy hint, perhaps?!
—SPN 4 Ever!

Dear Sound the Trumpets:
How about instead of a hint, I'll give you a notting? Listen up, brother lovers and Vice addicts alike: Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream are officially

not Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. So…any guesses which monikers they actually belong to?

Dear Ted:
Prior to Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris's marriage, you pretty openly insinuated that the relationship was fake. After they tied to knot you backed off.

Why? You of all people know many people have done much more than exchange some vows for the sake of reputation.

Dear Words in my Mouth:
Now now, Mikey, I never said it was fake. Just that I'd be surprised if they were serious in hitting the altar. Which (of course) they did and proved me

wrong. And you said it yourself: There are plenty of other stars who fake their way through tying the knot…Danneel and her hubby aren't one of them."

blurry vice said...

There we have it, it is AGAIN made official!

Cee said...

what about Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty from One Tree Hill???

Boredathome said...

What about Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto? They worked together. One is better looking w/ dimples. They had the bromance thing featured for a while. Ted's comment about how it would make sense: Kirk and Spock...perfect, no?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Your recent mail about nice guys in Hollywood has me curious as to which side of the fence the lovely Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles sit on. I know you've

said they have "notorious" Vicey monikers, but you've also said you love the boys despite their Vices. I'm guessing we're not talking douchebag levels of

Vicey-ness here?

READ: Hey Supernatural Fans, Here's the Vice Moment You've Been Waiting For!

Dear Nice Guys Finish First:
Definitely both good boys, babe. One a little nice than the other, but I still love 'em both!"

Unknown said...

What about Ben Foster? He costarred with Michael C. Hall in Six Feet Under....

Unknown said...

I'm so glad we can finally move on to new suspects since Ted finally NOTed the Supernatural boys!

The clue that has stuck in my head is that we will "chuckle" when we figure out who it is. I thought that was a reference to the show they were on, but I just read Cee's suggestion of James Lafferty from One Tree Hill, and made the connection. Chuckle = laugh (sounds like Lafferty). So I'm convinced he is one of them. Not sure which co-star is/was the other half of this pair.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
As I gazed upon the recent amazing photo of Jared Padalecki in the surf in Rio (who I think would make the perfect Finnick in The Hunger Games), it got me wondering about his and Jensen Ackles' Blind Vice. Since they were both notted as Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream, could you give us another clue or two as to their true Vices?
—Inquiring Minds

Dear SuperFreak:
Gotta admit, loyal tribute, when I saw those pictures of JarPad frolicking in the surf I immediately thought of how Finnick-y he looked (and kinda Taylor

Kitsch-y too, don't you think?). Heck, those paparazzi were practically auditioning Jared for the role—just slap on some fishing nets and we've got our man!
As for Vices, Jared and Jensen don't exclusively Vice together, but it's not a secret they keep from each other. At all.

Dear Ted:
Between Twitter and conveniently placed paparazzi it seems like Jared Padalecki (or maybe his PR person) has finally started playing the game and letting his fans into more of his private life. Any chance of Jensen Ackles becoming less reclusive?

Dear Don't Count On It:
Not unless you consider something along the likes of a prearranged People "exclusive" showing Jensen pretending to drink a cup of coffee an intimate thing."

Caz1310 said...

Golly. I'm actually shocked Ted has officially notted these two. And all the years, zillions of posts about it too. Did he get spooked by those in Legal? Who else has he been leading us up the wrong garden path about? PS I haven't been on this site for ages. Nice to be back :)

The Scorpio said...

Well I have yet to see these 2 names on the elimination list so I'll ask.

-Is JJO Ryan Gossling or Tom Hardy? I'm leaning more towards Tom fits the most of the criteria and definitly fits the timeframe of his rise to stardom.

-MoMo DiMaggio

Chris said...

Someone in one of the threads suggested Hayden Christensen and Trevor Blumas (I've never heard of Blumas). I Googled these two, and there is some substance to this. (By that I mean lots of rumors and links to pictures that go to pages that are gone) The two of them have been linked romantically as long-time boyfriends, and they also allegedly had relations with Aaron Carter & Justin Berfield of Malcom in the Middle (the one who trips gaydar when he speaks) when Carter was 15 or 16, so there is also a statutory rape element to the whole thing. Many sites claim that Blumas has admitted Hayden is the love of his life & vice versa.

Hayden: Gets far more press than Trevor (tabs still report on Bilson-Hayden sightings to this day), was A-list back in the day, lean build, has vacant WASP-clone stare thing, born outside US, born in "chilly Vancouver" (another key clue), had good pro resume as of 2008 but now star has faded and is boring, has beard in Rachel Bilson. Ted implies strongly that Hayden-Bilson relationship is a fake (e.g., no altar in future, relaysh if you can call it that, etc.) H.C. Is known outstanding BV. Ted calls Hayden C.'s career pathetic as of 7/11, just as he calls JJO's career. People are not a fan of Hayden's acting -- see critical reviews of his acting in Star Wars. He's in movies much more than TV, but has TV credits. Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter (his co-star on Dexter) were a "couple" just like Hayden C. and his co-star Rachel Bilson (in Jumper). Was never linked to RPattz (Nevis Divine). Past girlfriends Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria & Sienna Miller. Sienna Miller, his last beard prior to Bilson, did become a household name because of the Jude Law stuff & her crazy. (All 3 are household names tho) Bilson is a chickie from a soapy hit (OC). Hayden has fewer muscles than Tom Hardy & Mario Lopez. Much cuter than Ben McKenzie. Shrimpier than Michael C. Hall. Similar body type to Milo Ventimiglia (skinny/lean).

Trevor: also an actor, born in same city as Luke McFarlane (whom Ted said was a very close guess). Was never linked to RPattz (Nevis Divine). His height is 5'11", which is "smack dab" in the middle of Nelly Fang (Alexander Skarsgard, 6'4") and Jackie Bouffant (Zac Efron, 5'10").

Questions marks: 1) can't find girlfriend info for Trevor. Ted implies DDD has a low-key beard who won't blow cover. He further says that DDD does not have a beard with a moniker, and implies that DDD is not famous enough to need a beard, unlike JJO.
2) For this to work, Trevor would have to have a better body than Hayden, but not sure, maybe? Hayden's skinny/lean, not sure about Trevor. 3) Is the chuckle a red herring? 4) Hayden C HAS worked with Ian Somerhalder in Life as a House, so for this to work, Drew Smoulder n Such has to be Paul Wesley (or Ted just forgot about that movie). 6) Trevor has been known to pal around with Aaron Carter, who (I think) is a BV. But this was back in the day, not current. Ted said DDD was not known to pal around with other BV. 7) They've never worked together on the same show. A question came in asking if they were still working on the same show, to which Ted replied Nope. I don't see the part where it was confirmed that they once worked on the same show though. Ted says maybe they were, maybe they weren't.

Let's guess said...

Chris the only substantial thing about this was that a site called "universalway" was full of BS. Michael Pardo who ran the site went everywhere on the net giving out the link along with many rambling thoughts one of his many usernames was "masteryoda".

It is thought by some that Pardo was the inside info that Ted C, Musto and others used to create the BV's regarding Hayden C. He alluded on his site that "news" would be seen.

I do like your thoughts-but Pardo was the creator of all the fiction that weekly mag's used as source material--that's where the whole Blumas and Hayden C gossip started.

Pardo was a prolific poster and was banned from many sites because he was targeting/manipulating younger people.

I would like to think that those that go to sites would understand that this is the net if you repeat things, get people to believe it-eventually things stick and that is what he did.

When Pardo died(he killed himself)he was about to go to court over libel allegations that were brought by a band called "Stylefish" which Blumas used to front--they got involved in the whole mess of the site again because of heresay and Pardo's wild thoughts.

One thing about Hayden C that has always made me think--if he is gay, then why beard for 5.5 years(approx)when he has gained nothing from it?. Nobody could find anything on him during SW-other than the allegations Michael Pardo made.

Just a thought....