Friday, March 25, 2011

Rest In Peace, Elizabeth Taylor. Plus, a BV exposed...

We will miss Elizabeth Taylor no doubt.  Yesterday, Ted wrote a lovely piece about his visit to her home.  He slyly revealed her as Margarita Screwed-Em-All in the process!  Read on...

The Day Elizabeth Taylor Seduced Me - by Ted Casablanca 3/24/11

I had seen Elizabeth Taylor several times since our first meeting in 1992, and she was always as she was that first day: breathtakingly captivating.
I worked for Premiere magazine at the time, and I was doing a piece on her absurdly successful second career as a businesswoman hawking perfume. Her first, Elizabeth Taylor's Passion, was such hideous stuff I would use it to freshen up the litter box.
But then, she launched White Diamonds, which was a genius scent that catapulted Elizabeth (never Liz) into mega-businesswoman stardom. Taylor made zillions off the stuff. And so with more faxes, phone calls, letters and rearranged appointments than I would imagine it would take to interview the president of the Unites States of America, I finally drove through the gates of Taylor's Bel-Air estate:
She was incredibly late. I sat in that living room just down from Nancy Regan's pad for a couple of hours.
But I was grateful for the chance to calm down. I had always admired Taylor greatly for being an outspoken Hollywood broad, not to mention a talented film actress and exceptional beauty. As a rule, I don't get gushy or nervous with celebs, but I was anxious.
I also got a chance to really study her décor. The pad was loaded with priceless paintings (her father was an art dealer) grouped very warmly around over the sofa. Nothing grand about it. Those Van Goghs were there for the enjoyment, right up front, nothing was austere, hands-off or coldly at a distance. Brass deer were lying at the fireplace. Dogs were running in and out of the patio doors, which opened onto the small green lawn. It was all kind of kitschy, warm and cool.
This was not a stuffy star's overly decorated home, made up for a magazine spread: this was Taylor's family ranch-style pad, meant to be enjoyed.
I smelled her before I saw her.
Suddenly, Taylor bolted in wearing high-heel boots and a purple blouse, nothing fussy. She was luminous and looked to be wearing what appeared to be little-boy's blue jeans, she was so tiny—the last period in her life she was truly a curvy little thing. Masses of amethysts were around her neck and wrists. No diamonds, I was hugely disappointed.
But that changed as soon as Elizabeth opened her mouth:
She talked about how pissed she was that she still had to work so hard at bringing people around to help with AIDS. Resting under one of her masterpieces, Taylor mentioned in particular a businessman she met at a recent fundraiser. The man had asked her if it was true you could only get AIDS through the rectum.
Taylor's heavily made-up violet eyes squinted as she repeated what she told the man: "No, dear, through the vaginal juices, too."
That's what Elizabeth did best: shock and talk sense at the same time.
She told me how much she loved taking a break from Hollywood, which she found "childish." The business world better suited her, she said, as it was more "grown up."
Taylor also intimated her life with Sen. John Warner (husband No. 7) was boring as crap, and, she said that Richard Burton was the love of her life. This is no secret.
She said she loved playing Cleopatra because she was such a "smart" woman, and she got a particular kick out of the fact Egypt's ruler was such an "incredibly homely woman," and how ironic it all was.
But Taylor was hardly conceited. She told me she hated her short legs, envied tall, svelte women like no one else's business. She also said "no woman ever gets tired of being told she's beautiful." She smiled and invited me to a taping of a talk show she was doing that night. I was so enchanted I'd have done anything she asked at that point.
Even though Elizabeth became frail and sometimes hard to understand, you couldn't stop looking at her. The last time I saw her was at the Macy's Passport AIDS/HIV fundraiser in 2009. She could barely read the prompter in front of her onstage and some nasty people near me were taking pictures and snickering.
I thought it was particularly mean treatment of the movie legend—who was the first to rally against AIDS in Hollywood when her good friend Rock Hudson succumbed to the disease. That salty legend took a stand when nobody else had to the guts to do anything. She deserved much more. Especially for still continuing her AIDS work, even when her health really wasn't up to it.
And for that, I say Elizabeth was as beautiful when she died as she was—-always.

Note, the Bel-Air estate, fancy gates, the tacky art, the brass deer (underlined in this post).  Here is an excerpt of her MSEA BV which reads similarly:

Instead, M-babe stays home at her art-filled mansion (which is a little on the tacky side, I must say, unless you prefer brass deer next to your masterpieces and that sort of overpriced mishmash style). However, she loves to receive. Particularly the gays.

Just as we suspected, she is Margarita Screwed-Em-All.  Follow this link to read the rest of her shared BV with Fey Oiled-Tush.


blurry vice said...
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blurry vice said...

I just updated the title of this post. Somehow the title I originally wrote now looked disrespectful. We do not intend to disrespect the deceased whatsoever. Just an update that Ted has revealed this BV.

FrenchGirl said...

LIZ really loved diamonds

Unknown said...

The brass deer (LOL) cinched it for me. I have a brass elephant myself but to each her own!

Kirby said...

RIP Miss Liz :( There will never be another.

Katie said...

Heard on an NPR show about Elizabeth Taylor's passing from a film crew worker who worked with Taylor on a TV film in the 1980s. He said every day there was this ceremonial break where the crew would pause and gather around Taylor and someone appointed from the crew would deliver her a gift, some piece of expensive jewelery. Every single day! And this was orchestrated by her people! I have never heard anything so over the top in my life!


Leila said...

Hi Sisters, I agree Ted wrote a really nice piece about her; when I read it I didn't even make the MSEA connection- some good sleuthing on your part!

Also- I wasn't sure where I should post this but wanted to give the heads up that The Gossip Boy is back posting recent blinds- he's quite off and on with his frequency of posts but I'm wondering if you ladies follow him at all... I think his blinds tend to be more juicy than Ted's have been (at least lately)... might be interesting to discuss them on here... :)

David said...

This article was easily the most interesting thing Ted C has posted in months. And that he wrote it in a relatively normal tone rather than his usual purple prose just emphasises how much Ted meant what he was saying.

Rita said...

Nice catch sisters.

This also totally eliminates Mz Taylor for Bertha Rose, if we believe Ted to have given her only one Moniker.

That Lady, wow! I have admired her much more for what she did off the screen. Her work in HIV/AIDS benefits was enormous, especially when there was so much ignorance on the subject. RIP Madame.

Anonymous said...

That was a great catch! I had read both pieces, but didn't actually connect them.

I definitely think that Tom is FOT, but should we be looking into a BV for Colin Ferrell? I know that he has quite a reputation as a womanizer, but did anyone else wonder what his connection to Elizabeth Taylor was?

HKCCRCLC said...

Colin had a connection to Elizabeth Taylor?

KaDixonLaw said...

Sorry for the long link, but I just read this article re: Colin Farrell and Elizabeth Taylor and thought of your comment, Cathy.**http%3A//*http%3A//*http%3A//

HKCCRCLC said...

Way cool information on the Elizabeth & Colin connection. Somehow, I can just see it. They both strike me and down and dirty and funny and raunchy type people -- in a good way. I can imagine they must have had a lot of fun together. Colin has a gay brother who he loves a lot and since Elizabeth was so open and emotional about her friendships with and loyalty to the gay community, that may have been a bond as well. RIP Elizabeth.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

@Kelly - Thanks for posting that! I still wonder a little though, since she's known for having gay actors work hard to befriend her and Colin mentioned how much he pursued a friendship with her.

He's not FOT (hello, Tommy!) but it sounds like he might have pursued her in a similiar, (but more successful) way.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Cathy: Agreed. Then again, Colin has the irish charm working in his favor! : )