Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blind Vice: Who Is Priscilla's Burnt-Up Ex?

New BV from Ted yesterday -

Blind Vice: Who Is Priscilla's Burnt-Up Ex?

Priscilla Desert may have dated more gay men than most gay men have, but she has a few semi-straight ones under her belt.
Ms. P was in a relationship a few years ago with an equally talented and age-appropriate counterpart, but things didn't exactly end so smoothly.
So are the two cool now? Um, hardly...

While out at a Hollywood party recently, Desert's ex was hanging with a bevy of beauties.

Jonas Rockin' the House (Volume 1)"Isn't my friend cute?" one of the babes hanging with the dude asked him. "She looks just like [Priscilla Desert]. People tell her that all the time."

P's ex totally freaked out the moment her name was brought up.
"Don't you ever, ever f--king bring that name up around me again," the usually chill dude snapped. "Ever. You hear me?"

All the gals were totally shocked at his freakout. Sure, his temper caught them by surprise, but that wasn't the only thing.

The chicks are gossip savvy, natch, and when Priscilla and this guy broke up, she had been the one to play the woe is me card in the media.

P.D. totally threw her flame under the bus, something he was not expecting her to do quite so publicly (it's kinda why we heart that devil Desert).

From what we're gathering now about their breakup, we hear she was hardly an angel during the time the two were together.

Somehow her ex managed to take the high road, never commenting on all the negative crap she said about him. Well, until recently.

And It Ain't: Lindsay Lohan, Renée Zellweger, Mila Kunis

Refer to the label below for the links to our previous PD BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Taylor Swift

Burnt-Up Ex: Joe Jonas


Cel said...

Easy! If priscilla desert is taylor swift the ex is joe jonas. The burnt-up reference is there for the burnin'up song from the jonas brothers!!

blurry vice said...

I think even if we didn't have confirmation on Taylor Swift being PD from teh previous ones, this would be obvious as Taylor and Joe Jonas.

Rita said...

So obvious. And how she burned him is in regards to his Details interview, where he states something along the lines of not really breaking up with her in 28 seconds over the phone, but that she hung up before they were able to discuss the situation. At that time, he took the high road and did not say anything.

pikespeak said...
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pikespeak said...

Yep, it's Joe.

Rita said...

Question - if Ted did not give Joe a moniker in this blind, does this mean that he already has a blind of his own, and confirming his moniker in Priscilla's would only confirm to the readers wich Jonas Brother the blind was about?
I do remember Ted answer in older BB that one of the Jonas is a BV, but wich one was ours to guess.

Gabby said...

@Rita - I'm pretty sure the Jonas brother with the BV is Nick - Tobey Yum-Yum.

Rita said...

Gabby - true, he's the one with Me-Me Dallas. Thks for reminding me!

KaDixonLaw said...

So, maybe it means that Joe Jonas has one in the pipelines...? It was a glaring omission to not have named JJ in this one. Definitely seems intentional to me.


Katie said...

Leaving Joe nameless to keep open the possibility of a fresh solo blind in the future. Everyone knows P. is Swifty, so naming Joe here would be killing that future potential (as he just did by giving Mila Kunis a name - duh!)

Anonymous said...

I thought that Ted has said in the past that AT LEAST ONE JoBro has a BV.

Unknown said...

OMG. A girl blamed a guy for a breakup and now we find out that the girl wasn't, in fact, a total angel during the relationship? Maybe she realized he wasn't that into her and her ego was bruised? But, wait, there's more: the guy took the high road???? Scandalous!

Clancy said...

Lol I! Wait till the water-cooler crew hear about this doozy.

Unknown said...

easy peasy lemon squeezy Taylor Swfit, Joe Jonas. and I do think you are right about Joe getting a moniker soon, he did date Ashley after all, I hope there is some juicy dirt there!

Unknown said...

@Clancy: Ted is too much. I just read his most recent BB where he answers a question about Liz Taylor's successor in Hollywood today (if she had one).

And the first name on Ted's fingers is...wait for it....KIM KARDASHIAN.


Clearly, Ted's reasoning for why he considers KK as a viable successor is flawless: "Well Kim Kardashian did recently interview Elizabeth Taylor in Harper's Bazaar and has always called Taylor "her idol." Golly.

But then, fearing he may sound a wee bit biased (Ted, biased? Impossible!!), Ted quickly brings up Angelina Jolie as perhaps the only woman able to best the woman of many Ks as a successor.

Oy, Ted.

KaDixonLaw said...

@I... Wow. Just, wow. That is unbelieveable. What the hell is Ted thinking lately?!

Unknown said...

@Kelly: I know, ay? Lainey's got a bit of an answer to Ted in her latest post about it. How does she put it?

As per Lainey: "But today’s celebrities are not Elizabeth Taylor. Today’s celebrities are not Movie Stars. Some rich twat with a sex tape and a huge ass is not a Movie Star." LOL.


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So I have a guess on one of our bigger Vicers. Is our dear sweet Pricilla Desert the multitalented Julianne Hough? She dated that country singer and now Ryan


Dear Not Dry Enough:
Well, that we know of at least. P.D. is the definition of celibate for the sake of business, never pleasure. I bet Julianne doesn't have a mutual feeling

there. Either way, Priscilla ain't Ry's pretty lady. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm a recent Blind Vice addict, and my favorite one I've come across is Toothy Tile. So without giving his name up and risking not being printed in your

column (even though I'm 90 percent sure I know who it is), I have a question that may make his identity more obvious to those who still don't have a clue.

With that said, has Toothy Tile ever had a fauxmance with Priscilla Desert?

Dear Toothy's Bitch:
Mr. Tile and Priscilla are very fond of each other, I will say that much.

Dear Ted:
Carrie Underwood's performance at the recent Country Girls' Night Out was simply breathtaking. Since she's achieved fame, she seems to have quite the

squeaky-clean image. Any chance she's been a Blind Vice, or played a role in one? I don't think all country girls are as sweet as they seem. On that note,

how is my fave, Priscilla Desert doing? She seems to be lying pretty low these past few weeks on the dating scene...unusual for her!
—C from Canada

Dear Country Crazed:
Nope, not Carrie! The girl has always been too clean for comfort. Seriously, post-wedding she got even more boring. Love her and her tunes, but she needs to

spice it up a little more, or at least pretend to à la Priscilla. That babe's scoping out her next victim, trust. Never underestimate her game, with or

without the sexy time."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Why is it that people instantly judge all of Taylor Swift's boyfriends after they split. Why don't people just realize it could also be her!

Dear Suspicious Swift:
Because she's Tay Swift, the good-girl from the South who can do no wrong!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted;
You've answered both of my previous emails, so lets see if we can go three for three. Today I am wondering about two Blind Vices. Did Priscilla Desert

recently cancel some shows because of a coke problem? And is Debbie Doobie's first name Olivia, as in Wilde or Munn?

Dear Third Time's the Charm:
No and no, babe. But you're much closer with your snoopin' on the second Vice you mentioned. That said, both Olivias have different monikers to mask their

dirty little secrets. But the fact that both O-babes have B.V.s isn't shocking in the least, right?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Priscilla Desert finished with being everyone's go-to beard? Was Priscilla really in on the beard plan from the beginning or did she not realize she was

bearding? I could see her being pretty naive. Thanks a bunch!

Dear Soaking Wet:
For the time being, yes, it looks like Prissy is done faking it. As for why she signed on for the bearding biz in the first place, let's just say Ms.

Desert's hetero canoodling didn't go as well as planned. It actually went horribly badly, Beth."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm dying for some young Hollywood scoop. How old are Sammy Sniffles and Debbie Doobie? And are Priscilla Desert and Strawberry Snort'Em close? And what's up with

Darla Jones these days? I know, so many questions…

Dear The Gangs All Here:
Hmm, I won't pinpoint specific ages, but Debbie has a few years on Sammy, if that helps. As for Strawberry, she and Priscilla definitely know each other but hardly run in the same circles—at least not in their private lives. And Darla? Well, she's sexier than ever, of course!"