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CDAN - 2010 Reveals

Hmmm... we must be a little bored, not much going on to discuss this week.  Here are some end-of-year reveals from Crazy Days and Nights. By the way, does the title of these posts sounds familiar?  Me thinks the "entertainment lawyer" likes the title of our blog?
Edited to add:  There are more than we realized, from all throughout the 2nd half of 2010...

Blind Items Revealed
12/29 - Usually with my Old Hollywood items the subjects are all dead. In this case, the star of the blind is very much alive. Our star is a former A++++ list actor. Never really any awards that counted but huge. Think something like Adam Sandler back in the day. And like Adam, our actor and funnyman was married and refused to cheat, but he loved to play. His favorite game was to find a willing woman and then he would have her come backstage and he would roll out a little shag rug and out in on the floor in front of him. Then the willing woman would be told to do a little dance, remove her clothes and stare longingly at the very tiny peen of our funnyman while he pleasured himself. He would finish on the carpet and tell the woman it was now blessed because of his sperm and her. He would then roll it up and use it again the next time. Jerry Lewis

12/28 - This A list designer who really should be considered F list for his contributions to the horrible fashion he has produced in the past few years is not a very friendly customer. Recently while shopping at an Abercrombie & Fitch, our designer decided to shop in his own way. What that means is that he would take pile after pile of clothing from the places where they were neatly placed and dump them at the checkout stand and demanding that the worker find the size zeroes. Yes, instead of going through the neatly organized stacks and finding the right size himself, he destroyed every stack of clothing he touched which were numerous. Our designer basically trashed the entire women's section of clothes. Now someone needs to go to his stores and do the same thing. Christian Audiger

12/27 - This married celebrity female chef who has been in this spot before, also spent some one on one time with this football player who was Nick Lachey's man crush and may have slept with Paris Hilton too. I think he did, but I am too lazy to look it up. Giada & Matt Leinart

12/23 - Another small, but nice kindness. As I said in the photos, it has been raining for what seems like forever in Los Angeles, but has only been this week. Yesterday was probably the worst it has been. Anyway, this C- list actress who is on one of the biggest network television shows of all time (although she was a latecomer to the series)was driving home yesterday in this monsoon when she saw a car that was on the side of the road. A woman was standing outside looking under her hood in the rain and our actress decided to stop and see if she could help. Well, it turns out the woman was standing there and had three of her kids in the car, including one in a car seat. The woman did not have a cell phone. Our actress called a tow truck driver for the car, and then gave the entire family a ride home all the way on the other side of LA. In the rain. Our actress even gave the obviously struggling woman a few hundred dollars to help pay for the tow and the repairs. Ellie Kemper

12/21- This B- list actor is on a hit network television show right now. He used to be on another hit show back in the day, but was not the star like he is right now. Anyway, he recently got a very large raise and decided to spend a portion of it doing good. He went to the largest homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles and handed out $20,000 in $100 gift cards to Wal-Mart to every person with a child and then arranged three buses to transport all the people to the closest Wal-Mart. Johnny Galecki
12/20 - Is this the biggest kindness in the history of the world? Nope. Not by a long shot, but it is pretty big to show you what happens when people take time to do the little things. This initialed A++ list producer/writer/director and creator was filming in a local Los Angeles neighborhood recently. It is not a street that usually sees a lot of filming and took place on a quiet street. It was just some pick up shots for a movie, but our producer/director was there to supervise. When the residents discovered who was shooting and for what movie, they of course came out to gawk. Not a problem for our producer who took pictures, signed autographs and even let all the kids come out and listen on headsets and explained each shot in advance. Many of the residents baked cookies or brought out food for the crew and the producer got all their names and addresses and sent a personalized, signed note mentioning each item of food to each person. Definitely a nice touch and left everyone with some great holiday spirit and lots of love for our producer. J.J. Abrams

12/15 - Another classless no tipper today. This formerly B list television actor is known more now for trying to break Scott Baio's record of most people to have sex with in Hollywood without actually doing anything anymore. Sure, our actor was once on a hit show but that was ages ago. Apparently he is still enough of a draw that a club in LA recently comped our actor 15 bottles of booze. At the prices they charge for bottle service that is like the national debt of some countries. Anyway, our actor occupied the services of two waitresses and other staff for several hours while he and his party partied. At the end of the night, our actor just walked out into the night. No tip, no thanks and has not been back. Wilmer Valderrama

12/14 - This reality star, well not really anymore thank goodness. Anyway, she recently got a $2,000 hair cut and did not tip anyone. She also said thank you to just one person and that was her bodyguard when he opened the door for her. Classless. Kate Gosselin

12/13 -This one goes out to that group of people that uses a blind item revealed post as their personal message board. Over the weekend, this married B list movie actress was out everywhere and drinking and drinking and flirting with every guy she saw. I think she is looking for a replacement for that B list actor from a hit network comedy who dabbles in really bad movies. She definitely was not shy about looking and hinting. Emily Blunt & John Krasinski

12/8 -This A list singer who, is older than many retired people, used to also really want to be an actor. In fact, when he first started taking it seriously, he managed to land a role that was supposed to go to Marlon Brando. Of course Marlon was not willing to sleep with the director like our singer did. Mick Jagger (Mick has previously admitted to being with men, so this is not an outing)

11/30 - Many, but not enough celebrities help out on Thanksgiving by feeding the homeless or doing some other kind of good deed. This C+ list actress, who has made her first television show a hit network show decided to take her good deed a step further. Not only did she deliver meals to people's homes all day Wednesday and Thursday, but she did so without drawing any attention to herself at all. It was only after people kept recognizing her when she was making deliveries that anyone had any idea she was on a show. The higher-ups in the organization told her she could do something more glamorous or photo op worthy but she refused and just kept delivering meals. She ended up delivering meals to over 100 homes during the two days and also dropped off Christmas presents to the homes she visited who had children. Monica Raymund

11/18 -I don't know if this was a pickup line or if it is actually true, but this almost A list movie star in a huge franchise confessed to two women at a recent party that he was a virgin. Hmmm. He said he was looking for the right woman. This guy could have just about anyone he wants so I don't know. It might explain a certain break up not too long ago. Taylor Lautner

11/12 - Going back to the 90's for this one and one of my favorite movies. Anyway, back when this movie was shot, this current A+ list female always movies actress still had to audition. So, she did for this comedy but did not get the role. Why? In a very, very brief audition our actress broke down three times crying and screaming. The producers called her "bat s**t crazy." So, instead the role went to an unknown who was deemed by the producers as "dumber than a box of rocks," but has worked her way up to a B+ lister who has always been in movies. Oh, and some videos. #1 - Empire Records  #2 - Angelina Jolie #3 - Liv Tyler

11/11 - Just goes to show you that a-holes hang around other a-holes. This former A list female reality star was out with her celebrity sister who is not really a reality star. Anyway, the pair ran up a $2000 bar tab and did not even bother leaving a tip. That is not the truly awful part though. The awful part was that their greasy companion was with them. He was abusive to the staff, asked one waitress if her p**sy was wet at the sight of his greasiness and grabbed her and several other waitresses on to his lap. The reality star and her sister did nothing to stop him. The manager of the place was told about it and he did nothing either. Disgusting. The Hilton sisters and Brandon Davis

10/29 - #1 - This foreign born, male, B list hip hop singer used to supplement his income by dancing at bachelor parties. Yes, bachelor, not bachelorette parties. Must have been interesting. Drake

10/25 - #1 - Nothing juicy about this, or particularly blind worthy, but it is funny so thought I would make it a blind. This fantastically funny talk show host who is now an actor on a struggling to stay on the air television show called up a friend of his. The friend was not home or the friend's wife, but the nanny was. Instead of just leaving a message, our talk show host decided to talk and talk and talk. It kind of went like this. “This is ______ calling, have you seen my show [the talk show, not the sitcom]? You should tell all of your friends to watch, and then I will have one million viewers. And can you call the president of __ and tell him that you love it? Thanks!” He kept going on and on even after the nanny told him she would take a message. #2 - This former A+ Olympic athlete who really needs to step it up if he does not want to embarrass himself at the next one, really should put some curtains in his windows. All of his neighbors are keeping a running tally of the number of women he has brought back to his place and even have scorecards they flash after the event has been completed. #1 - Joel McHale #2 - Michael Phelps 

10/22 - #2 & #3 - This female talk show host called, texted, and e-mailed this A list male rap singer constantly everyday for weeks until he finally broke down and went on a date with her. And more. Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent

10/21- This Golden Globe nominee/winner movie actress used to be A list. Barely, but she was. Now though she is probably a C+ with much higher name recognition than that. Her slide into C list land is probably because she is not the most likable person in the whole world and she does not work as much as she used to. Anyway, on her most recent production, she had brought along her three dogs and two cats and they would hang out in her trailer all day. On one of those days, while she was out with her dogs, one of her cats knocked over a candle and the trailer caught on fire. The trailer was a loss, but the cats managed to get out. In fact, production was halted for a day, not because of the trailer damage, but because she insisted the entire crew look for the two missing cats. I am still awaiting word whether the cats were found, but will let you know as soon as I here.Ashley Judd 

10/19 - #1 - Despite her well documented financial woes, this world famous photographer still manages to find a way to fly first class. Of course to save some money, she does relegate her assistant to economy. Annie Liebovitz 

10/14 - This former A list reality star and now just a celebrity with some kids has been complaining publicly about paps. What she has not said is how the other day she hid from the paps and would not let them take her photo until she did her makeup, changed clothes and then and only then just "happened" to show up right where the paps were. Nicole Richie 

10/13 - Despite not having the hits he once did, this male singer still plays big arenas and is permanently on the A list. Anyway, our singer read a book he really liked and invited the author to come hang out for a weekend. The author told the singer that he had a teenage son who was a musician and also a big fan of the singer. The singer said to bring the son along. So, off they went. Over the weekend, the singer took the son around and brought him to a concert, took him backstage, introduced him to the members of the band and even let the teenager play with the band during a show. Totally made every dream of this kid come true. Bruce Springsteen 

10/12 - #1 - This former talk show host who also happened to marry someone way out of his league, uses now to make it easy for his few remaining groupies to come find him. Tom Green

10/11 - Although I am working, I realize it is a holiday for most of North America today, so I thought I would make this really easy for you. This former B list television actress and now a C- list mess who was once on a very hit network show which is long gone ran into her old flame over the weekend. He is a celebrity but is known for something that is not really celebrity related. Anyway, he hit on our actress over the weekend despite the fact he was with someone. When the actress brought it up, our male celebrity said, "She doesn't mind. She will join in if you want." Our actress took a pass. Mischa Barton being hit on by Cisco Adler 

10/5 - This supposedly happily married B list actor on a very hit premium cable show sure has been spending a lot of time having sex with this former B list movie actress and now a strong C who has had some great roles in her past. Michael C. Hall & Julia Stiles 

10/1 - #1 - This recent Bachelorette reject was a popular fan favorite this past season. Popular enough, in fact, that he was on the short list to be the next Bachelor. Unfortunately, however, the guy screwed himself badly by hooking up with a big-mouthed rookie publicist who had delusions of importance. Said publicist had dreams of molding her client into the next Jake Pavelka, but then made the mistake of trashing a major gossip tabloid with A-list name recognition. As a direct result, the celeb rag declared war on the poor guy. Unfortunately, the ensuing bad blood proved to be far more of a headache than ABC decided the guy was worth. The result? Brad Womack.#2 - Members of this hit premium cable show cast were due at New York bar for an event for which they were being paid a lot of money. They were supposed to show up at 10pm, but kept fans waiting until 3am. Their excuse? They could not find the place. Uh huh.
#3 & #4 - This A++ list movie actor from one of the top five grossing movies of all time was on the house phone in a hotel lobby when he was spotted by a fan. The fan waited patiently until the actor was done with a call and as the two crossed paths, the fan asked for a picture. The actor did not even acknowledge the presence of the fan and just walked right by. #1 - Kirk De Windt #2 - True Blood #3 - Leonardo DiCaprio #4 - Titanic 

9/28 - So, when you are someone who was the star of a reality show/performer with interesting teeth you expect that when you and your crew roll into a New York City strip club that everything will be taken care of. Well, apparently you would be wrong. Our reality show star did go to a strip club with some of his friends and ordered a round of drinks. They then decided to move to the VIP section. The bartender asked the manager if she should comp the drinks. The manager said the group needed to pay for their drinks just like everyone else. So, the bartender gave the group the bill. $66. Our reality star had $40 on him and no plastic. The rest of the group had no plastic but did manage to come up with the other $26. Of course no tip. They then left the club but were very pleasant. No, do you know you who I am kind of stuff. My question is even if you thought you were going to get free drinks, were you not going to tip the women for dancing for you? Should they consider it an honor to dance for you for free instead of making a buck with the paying customers? Flava Flav

9/21 - This singer is probably A list. He has had number one albums including one album that holds lots of records for sales. Anyway, he is always trying to be Mr. Straight and recently he even has been pretending to date this B- list actress. Oh, she has done some television but even her biggest series no one apparently watched because it was over in the blink of an eye. OK, well our singer goes through this charade despite the fact that everyone in town knows he just ended an affair with a male publicist. As you know, I do not out people. However, I will say the actress he dated was Selma Blair.

9/20 - This female former A list singer who is probably a B now but with A+ name recognition was in a bar recently when the following conversation occurred with a waitress.
First Assistant - (bends over to singer and listens)
Second Assistant - (bends over to first assistant and listens) Ms. ______ will have a diet coke.
First Assistant - (bends over to singer and listens)
Second Assistant - (bends over to first assistant and listens) No ice.
Christina Aguilera

9/13 - This just about A list female tweener turned up almost unannounced at a children's hospital this weekend. There was no press and no announcement and no hooplah. Our tweener was there to see the kids. The kids, many of whom are so sick they lack much energy at all, completely lit up when they saw her. She spent 5-15 minutes with each of them, talking and hugging, etc. In the past, other celebrities who have gone to this particular hospital have been afraid to touch the kids, but not our tweener. Demi Lovato

9/10 #1 - This D list singer and sometime actress absolutely laid into her boyfriend and would not stop screaming at him. Of course since this was like two minutes before the show, everyone stared at the poor guy who did not seem to have done anything wrong.
#3 - This very good looking male model and actor used the following pickup line about 20 times. "Are you a model in the show? You should be. I can help you." #1 - JoJo #3 - Tyson Beckford

9/7  - This new cable show on a grammatically exciting network features people who are supposed to be employees. Turns out at least two of them are not, and one of those who is not, actually makes her living as a hooker. The Spin Crowd

8/20 - #2 & #3- Old Hollywood - This gruff, hard drinking, A++ Academy Award winning actor who generally played one type of role once traded some pictures he took of another A++ Academy Award winning actor having sex with a teen boy and girl for a boat. The gruff actor took the pictures and was there but was smart enough to stay out of the frame. #2 - John Wayne #3 - Humphrey Bogart

8/13 - #1 #2, #3, #4 - This is kind of Old Hollywood but some of the people are still alive so not a true Old Hollywood item. Anyway, this Academy Award winning (yeah I said it, no nominee/winner) actor who is still alive got one of his most famous roles in a very interesting way. The Academy Award winner/nominee director of the movie had a crush on this woman. Our actor discovered that the woman would take money for sex and paid for her for a year. The actor told the director he could get the woman interested but he wanted the role. He also wanted a role for one of his friends who is been a B+ movie actor and television actor forever. The director agreed and our actor made the introduction. The director had no idea the actor paid for her services. He used his entire paycheck from the movie to pay for her. #1 - Marlon Brando #2 - Elia Kazan #3 - Karl Malden #4 - On The Waterfront

8/2 - This A list female reality star is at it again. Along with her celebrity husband, the couple recently stayed a honeymoon type resort. The couple, who got a regular room instead of a suite spent much of their stay staying in their room and ordering lots of room service. When the staff delivered items to the room, the couple were not especially shy about hiding their bodies and were rarely fully dressed when opening the door. One of the most interesting things noticed by the staff were the tripods located in the room. Hmm. Wonder what they were for?
Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

7/26- This finally working again former B+ movie actress who dated some of the biggest names in LA and also tended to get a little crazy at times, spent last night comforting a lost Alzheimer's patient found wandering the neighborhood. Upon realizing the elderly lady spoke Russian, the actress called up a friend to translate and they were able to get enough information for police to return the senior safely to her family. In the meantime, the lady was all smiles as she relaxed in the actress's living room with the family dog on her lap. Sean Young

7/23 - #1 & #2- Let us try for one more Old Hollywood blind item. As always, when it is Old Hollywood, at least one of the people is dead. This A++ movie actor was nominated for an Oscar but did not win. Everyone knows his name and the name of his partner. It turns out though, that like yesterdays actor, this actor also had a thing for little boys. #1 - Fred Astaire #2 - Ginger Rogers

7/22 - This Academy Award winning actor was always portrayed as Mr. Tough Guy. Later in life he managed to irritate a great number of people by some things he said and did. Earlier in life he probably made some other people upset with his fondness for sleeping with underage boys and girls. Often at the same time. Charlton Heston

7/19 - This A list couple, which consists of a B list movie actor who used to be A++ and his B- list movie actress wife have a secret for keeping young. Or at least they think it does. Apparently they buy in bulk, botox in a bottle. The bottles which cost $600, are meant to last a year, but are used by the couple at the rate of about one a week. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

7/8 - This A list singer/writer/musician is working on a secret documentary. Nothing really juicy. More like his impression of the world. In every city he goes to, he puts on a disguise, goes downtown, and plays music on a street corner and asks for money. He plays his songs but does nothing to let people know it is him. It all gets filmed. No one really pays attention to him or even thinks he is anything special. He then films himself on stage in front of 25,000 people singing the same song and the crowd reaction. Dave Matthews 

7/7 - This A list singer (ahem)/producer and performer who has been in this spot before was recently whacked out on Ecstasy at a club here in LA. Unable to figure out where the bathroom was, or just figuring he could get away with it, he pulled a Verne and peed in the corner. No one even said a word to him. Yeah, go ahead and try that yourself, and see if no one says anything to you. Diddily Piddily 


Molly said...

For 9/21 - Josh Groban?

talia said...

maybe we can connect 9/21 with one of teds blinds...?

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for these! I had a great time reading through them. I actually love the old Hollywood items - Fred Astaire? Ok its not a surprise that he`d be into boys but underage ones??? And Charlton Heston???? Sheesh!!

Unknown said...

totally Josh Groban!

PghGirl said...

that was awesome and disturbing all at the same time. thanks!

julie said...

IA very awesome and disturbing. it was nice to see some normal acts kindness mixed in w/the weekly botox injections and other weirdness

Alice said...

Sorry for putting this here but couldn't remember the blind it should go with. Was catching up on my gossip on Lainey Gossip and I noticed that she has put this statement with a link to Ashley Green

Ashley Green wants everyone to see what the Vagina Virgin got her for Christmas

Brittany said...

Something else to add. I don't know if you read the Answer B!tch on Eonline but she posted a pretty interesting blind of her own:

Season said...

Sorry, but I just don't believe the Michael C. Hall/Julia Stiles rumors. Firstly, Michael isn't Julia's usual 'type.' She normally dates men--at least the ones she has a serious relationship with--who are well over 6-ft, and she seems to prefer brunettes. Secondly, this blind item indicates that Michael was a 'happily married man' in October, when we all now know that Jennifer Carpenter and Michael separated on August 9, 2010. Thirdly, the majority of 'sources' who gleefully reported on the rumored sexual affair all seem to base their assumption on the on-screen chemistry between Michael and Julia, and not on a trailer vigorously moving up and down. With all that 'sex' going on, one would think that a photo or at least a used condom would have surfaced by now. I mean, Michael can't seem to leave his house in L.A. without a TMZ photographer trying to climb up his ass.

I just don't buy it. Not even in a 'friends with benefits' kind of way.

Now don't get me wrong. I would be happy as hell if it 'were' true, because I've always thought both actors were strange birds who march to a different drummer. I think these two would make a wonderful couple. Therefore, if photos of them strolling down a street in NYC in a month or two happen to surface, I'd be a happy camper. :)

PrincessTiff said...

***I achnowledge this is not posted in the right place. Sorry!***

Wasn't there a blind recently, maybe last month or two, about an actor and actress who are both in a relationship but they began a romance on set (I know, there are probably several blinds that fit that description), but this one was rumored to be Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. I'm just saying it kinda fits with the timing of Mila and Machaulay's breakup which is said to have happened a couple months ago...

Caz1310 said...

Thanks for the post Sisters! It's fab to get reveals!! I found myself reading these reveals almost not breathing, thinking "wait there's another one, still more". Some of these were readily identifiable at the time of printing, others a real surprise. I'm totally with Princess Tiff on the Mila/JT train..even if they were on for a short time..which one can we post under?

Tanagra said...

@Season, Ted from eonline talked about that CDAN blind today. He'd been skeptical about Stiles/Hall before:

"Dear Ted:
So my question's regarding Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles—yeah, seems like old news, I thought it was, too. At first I thought maybe it could be possible, but then your posts made me think it was just gossip; but then the Entertainment Lawyer revealed several blind items on his blog (as a present for the New Year) and one of them was about them. What do you think, is it still BS?

Dear Where There's Blinded Fire:
Yes. I think something's definitely up. Whether or not it's actually doin' the dirty, I will not say. But because they're saying so stringently nothing happened, makes it all a bit...questionable."

Lainey has insinuated that Jennifer moved back the date of her and Hall's separation in return for some kind of compensation. (Dunno if I believe much of what Lainey writes though)

The Spie said...

I'm calling BS on the 8/13 Old Hollywood item. On The Waterfront was not the first time that Brando and Malden worked with Kazan. If the movie involved had been A Streetcar Named Desire, then, yes, totally believable. But for On The Waterfront three years later, after the critical praise and audience success of Streetcar? No way. Kazan would have cast Malden regardless of hookers, knowing how well he and Brando worked together. I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt to Enty that he put down the wrong movie, but after Timmy/Shimmy, I don't give Enty the benefit of the doubt on anything.

talia said...

off topic...
a mini-blind from lainey during her liveblog:

Estella - a mother on holiday with her kid. spends the whole time getting shooting up and passing out. which is why she brings the help. Feel better?

Anonymous said...

What happened with Timmy/shimmy?

Anonymous said...

The Timmy/shimmy thing was this supposed Old Hollywood story about this successful and award wining actress who was really a man, had all sorts of details, and then when it was finally revealed it was revealed as a man body doubling for an ailing silent film actress in her last few films.

Elizabeth said...

First time visiting CDAN. I noticed Ent Lawyer has a disclosure in the bottom of his blog clamming the blog publishes "RUMORS, CONJECTURE, AND FICTION".

Question... does that mean his blind vices are all made up? or does he have that disclaimer just for protection?

Jolene Jolene said...

to Season--maybe I'm having a bad day or something, but is one of your reasons for why you don't believe the Michael C. Hall/J. Stiles rumor really that she usually prefers tall brunettes? I mean, really? I usually date musicians with tattoos and my last boyfriend was a tat free lawyer. What's your point?

Sorry, bad day. I just wish people's comments here were somewhat based on real information and facts.

Ali said...

Is there anywhere that blind items from January to June were revealed?

Unknown said...

@Lizee - "Enty" culls many blinds from other gossip sources and just refashions and recycles them. The Old Hollywood ones are straight up from Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again.

Obviously no lawyer would have time to maintain this site, nor would s/he have some kind of omniscient knowledge of celebrities private habits. So, yeah, I would take this site with tons of salt.

The Spie said...

Ali: Enty does reveals for the first half of the year on July 4th.

Ali said...

Great. Thanks. I loved these reveals. Can't wait for more.

Alejandra said...

Interesting about the Old Hollywood one. Thanks Fester for the referral to Holly Babylon Strikes Again. I will check it out!

Blind said...

FYI: The "entertainment lawyer" sent us an offensive, insulting e-mail after this post was written. He insulted both our blog and us. Actually, he was way off. Called us Pennsylvania housewives who have been hanging in a blue-collar bar in Scranton. Which is WAY off BTW... we all have jobs, two are not married, and I don't think any of us have ever been NEAR Scranton. Hmmm must have combed through comments to figure out that one of us was from PA. Then decided to throw an inaccurate insult our way. This is coming from an "entertainment lawyer" who also has time to blog about Heidi and Spencer all day. Signed "Peter, Los Angeles". Yeah dude, you are SO high and mighty. I know entertainment lawyers in LA and none have time to copy and paste pics of Lindsay Lohan all day and write blind items about d-list people no one cares about.

Anyway, we will no longer be posting any new CDAN blinds on this site. For those who like to read this loser... read him there. We don't need to be insulted here for just speculating and doing our thing.

Blind said...

Not to mention that this guy is known as "fakey" all over the internet. What a waste of time! And very, very mean e-mails. Just lost a lot of readers! (Not me of course, never spent much time on that second rate gossip blog anyway!)

Unknown said...

I can practically smell this at my desk right now! I used to use my slow cooker a lot but ever since I got a Dutch oven, it has become my new best friend!
Bulldog Puppies