Monday, January 17, 2011

Bonus Blind: Chiquita's Back and Still Pissed!

A new BV from Ted today!

Bonus Blind: Chiquita's Back and Still Pissed!

You all know dear Me-Me Dallas is our fave trampy starlet in town, but we like to keep one eye open on the crackers Chiquita, as well.
Glee: The Music, Volume 4Remember her? The pretty—and pretty crazy—gal wreaking havoc on her hit TV show by sleeping with her boss in order to get more face time? Oh ya, she also wanted said suit to write her ex off the show.
But the latter plan didn't work out. So what's Ms. C up to now?
Attempting to smear his reputation all around town, that's what.
Chiqy can't seem to get over the fact that she was left in the dust, so she's spreading rumors everywhere she can that her ex is doing the same thing she is! As in sleeping with one of his bosses.
And the rumor ain't true, trust us.
But the sad fact is, C doesn't hate the ex, at all. More like she's still totally head over heels in love with him (tho she has a funny way of showing it by trying to sleep with his friends).
Also, Chiquita, who has a pretty decent bod with a face to match, makes plans to arrive at the same time to any event her ex is also attending...on purpose. Her car will be bumper to bumper behind his. Always.
Add to that whack-job behavior, C likes to make unannounced visits to her hunky former man's set trailer, just to make sure there are no ladies creeping around.
Is this girl single white female or what?
Thing is, we don't understand how none of this is getting out. We're thisclose to just outing the babe ourselves, but with the crap she's capable of pulling, we want to be able to rest easy at night.
The bitchiest of Twi-hards should take lessons from this broad.
And It Ain't: Taylor Momsen, Snooki, AnnaLynne McCord

[PHOTOS: Do you think Chiquita's antics will make her a BV superstar?]

See the label below for the previous Chiquita BV including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Naya Rivera


blurry vice said...

This was from last week - discussion also in the previous chiquita bv -

"Dear Ted:
If Naya Rivera doesn't have a BV already, she should—Bish is crazy! So, does she?

Dear Glee Gone Bad:
Oh, honey, you have no idea! Have heard horror stories about her on-set antics. Let's just say the reports of Naya egging semi ex-flame Mark Salling's car is only the tip of the crazy iceberg."

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Caz1310 said...

Oh good one Blurry!! It's nice to have BV's that are of people other than Miley & Demi :)

Unknown said...

Ack I just realized that I am officially out of the loop with the younger set...I saw the name Naya Rivera and was like, "Who honestly cares?". Then I realized had this been Mischa Barton or Rachel Bilson seven/eight years ago I would have eaten this vice up! Mehhh...I'm off to cling to whatever youth I still have left.

Clancy said...

Bit the same Anna, I had to Google her to know who she was and even that didn't help! Don't watch Glee, haven't seen Twilight, The Hills or Gossip Girl, get Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez mixed up and the less I see of Justin Beiber the better! I'm off to knit a cardy.

Caz1310 said...

Wonder what Naya thinks of Mark now going out with Rumer Willis? If she crosses Rumer, she'd have crazy Bruce ("yippy yi yay mother......"), an angry Demi and scary Ashton to contend with. That would be worth seeing.

Rita, Montreal said...

A bit more obvious now after Ted stating often that the girl is out of her freaking mind, Chiquita is Naya.

Now Lorin Sniffle... am thinking it is the professor... something in Ted's reporting on Golden Globes makes me think it's him...

Heading to Lorin.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Naya Rivera over Mark Salling and seeing anyone?

Dear Doubtful:
No to the first—whoever will get her press away from Mark to the second."

blurry vice said...

Clancy and Anna - me too ladies! Only reason I am semi- up on the youngins these days is because I try to keep up with the blind items here. Otherwise, I would have skipped this one. (And I am further back than the OC... my teen show was 90210... the original with Luke Perry LOL)

I do think I would love Glee if I had time to watch it. I love musicals and cheesy teen shows. I just work a lot of evenings and when I am home I don't get to see every show. Regardless, it seems like a great show, and everyone loves to gossip about these kids!

Tara said...

Represent, Blurry! Did you ever wish David Silver would sing you a song with his keyboard?

I don't watch Glee because I have other shows that conflict on my DVR but every time it is on by accident I get sucked in. I watched the duets one this week and loved it. I instantly heart the main gay (sorry, don't know his name, Gleeks) and ADORED his Golden Globe speech. What a freeing feeling it must be to be yourself in Hollywood and be recognized and awarded for it. Poor Jakey.

sistah2 said...

Hey could someone tell me how Naya R could be accused of sleeping w.her boss...ryan Murphy boss of Glee is what gives? What 'boss' was she with? I thought this was Blake Lively - rumors of her affair w.Weinstien who produces Gossip Girl?

Tara said...

Sistah, I think in the first Chiquita BV it says "exec" or "suit" so could be a Fox exec or one of the writers? Def NOT Murphy!

Weinstein produces GG! No crap, I don't know why but I am surprised by that. Just another connection between those two freaks. Gross.

Kristen said...

Glee has three executive producers/creators: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan. Ryan and Ian are gay, but Brad is straight (and married). I am assuming that Naya is sleeping with Brad.

With the exception of the Rocky Horror tribute episode (where Ryan shared a story credit with another guy), every single episode is written by one of the three, and they rotate episodes evenly and in the same order. I believe that they are the only three writers on staff. So even though Ryan Murphy gets most of the attention, the Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan do just as much work. In fact, the idea for the show came from Ian Brennan originally.

Tara said...

Good info, Kristen! I did not know there was more than just Murphy. That makes the most sense, that it would be one of the head honchos instead of just a lead writer or something.

Anonymous said...

Why would he use the phrase "single white female"? Isn't Naya Puerto Rican & African American? I see how Blake Lively may fit, but my bf works on Gossip Girl and says she is super professional and a class act. Confused by this a bit...

Tara said...

Malee, have you heard of the movie from the early 90's called Single White Female w/Bridget Fonda & Jennifer Jason Leigh? JJL goes all batcrap crazy on her and tries to start looking like her, stalking her, and other cuckoo stuff. I took that as a reference to the movie instead of her race.

marine said...

Hi, did anyone see Ted's truth/lies today? He basically said Naya's egging and keying Mark's car were just the tip of the iceberg...I'd say this one is as good as solved.

Kristen said...

The Chiquita blinds bug me. I don't doubt the subject of these blinds. I know it's Naya Rivera. But when you take the content of these blinds and the info about her known under her real name, it doesn't add up. I believe the egging/keying incident. There's supposedly security footage somewhere of her buying eggs that night, and Lea mentioned it in an interview. But if Naya is sleeping with an exec, I don't think everyone on set knows about it.

If everyone on set knew, it would surely get back to Ryan Murphy, and he would put a kibosh on that right away, assuming it's a producer on the show itself. Even though Ian and Brad do the same amount of work when it comes to the show itself, he's still boss numero uno. And he's very controlling. He overworks the cast and doesn't care about their complaints. There's the "no sex on set" rule. He's involved with all of the merchandising and the reality show that's casting for Glee. This is the kind of thing he would get involved in, if he knew about it.

Then there's the claim that she has no friends on set. She and Heather Morris are best friends. It's not just Naya saying it. Heather says it, too. It's why the writers wrote in the "Brittana" stuff. And you can tell watching the show that they're close because even when their characters aren't supposed to be getting along, the two girls are chummy in the background of scenes (that happens with many different actors, actually). And Heather recruited her for the "Funny or Die" video that she and her non-Glee friends produced. Several Glee cast members also went to her birthday party in Vegas:

If there's a coworker I can't stand, I'm not trekking out to Vegas for their birthday party. It's not exactly down the street from Los Angeles. If I were making the kind of money they're making, I could just go to Vegas some other time, with people I do like. And Lea (who's supposedly quite the bitch herself) was holding hands with Naya during an interview. Again, that's beyond "being polite to someone I can't stand". Lea was drunk, but still.

And I doubt Chord would be hooking up with Naya (in the article I linked) if he knew that she tried to get Mark kicked off the show. That's his closest friend on set (I knew that before the article was written). If an ex of one of my friends tried to get them fired from their job, I wouldn't hook up with said ex.

The second blind sounds more realistic. It's the first blind (and some of Ted's comments) that sounds exaggerated to me. If the cast all knew this crap, they would not be hanging out with her on their off hours. You don't see the Gossip Girl cast going to Taylor Momsen's birthday parties. I bet Kristin told him these stories. She's the one who covers TV gossip, and she's prone to exaggeration and jumping to conclusions.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You always say that there are some shady things on the Glee set and people keep pointing the finger at Lea Michele and Naya Rivera. (Even though I think Lea

has every right to be a little bit of a diva. Love her. Naya however just rubs me the wrong way). But what about their BFF counterparts, the gorgeous and,

I'm biased but, perfect Dianna Agron and the amazing Heather Morris? Please tell me they are just as sweet and awesome as they seem.
—Agron Stan

Dear Gleeful Gal:
They are all too sweet to sweat about, save one. Any guesses who?

Dear Ted:
Everyone seems to be concerned with who the biggest diva on the Glee set is, but I'm more interested on who's the biggest sweetheart between Dianna Agron and

Naya Rivera?

Dear Uh…:
Dianna. Thanks for the easiest Bitch-Back question of the day!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
That Naya Rivera-Dianna Agron question...I mean really? It's obvious that Dianna's a sweetie; however, you mentioned that Lea Michele, Dianna, Heather Morris and Naya were all sweet except for one, and you constantly mention how Naya's a little shady, so I gotta ask, is she the one that's not as sweet as the rest? Or out of these three other girls, is one of them dirtier than her?

TWITTER: Follow Ted

Dear Dirty Divas:
You've pretty much nailed it, but I would say that the Glee gal who is expected to be the biggest diva, def isn't. They all (guys, included) have something to hide—some more than others."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
You said that a Glee guy had a Blind Vice. I hope it's not Cory Monteith. He seems so nice and laid-back, and he's Canadian. I bet it is Matthew Morrison or Mark Salling. They just seem like they have something to hide.

Dear Glee Boy Dirt:
It is hard to say if there is any stud on Glee I don't absolutely love, so I totally get your anxiety over Cory's secrets. But why is everyone always so quick to label every bad boy a Vicey prospect? We hear Mark is actually playing the field in a pretty ready-to-settle-down kind of way. Let's hope so, as long as Naya Rivera steers clear of him and whomever he's snuggling with. By the way, let's not forget that being Canadian doesn't put anyone off my radar. Still counts!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Seeing that Naya Rivera has been cuddling up to Chord Overstreet just as Chord seems to be buddying up with Mark Salling, I couldn't help but wonder if

Naya's trying to make Mark jealous? Or should I just chalk this up to the level of overlapping romance that happens when you force young, pretty people to

spend so much time together?

Dear Gleeking With Gossip:
Chord has refuted, especially in plenty of red-carpet interviews this award season, that he cuddles up and even hold hands with all of the Glee gals. The

dude is super friendly it seems, and I guess he's the only one who's willing to risk it with Rivera. As for Naya's real reason for the Chord cuddling?

Probably some layer of vengeance. Wouldn't put it past her, ever."