Friday, January 28, 2011

Blind Vice: Two Almost-Out Hunks in Love!

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice: Two Almost-Out Hunks in Love!

Look, our Blind Vices aren't always about crack, heroin, orgies and selling your soul to the fame devil. Sometimes we have a happy little love story for ya! Today, we're celebrating—and encouraging—hot-ass stars Kirkland Dogmatic and Teddy Big-Treat and their new-found affair! "They are so into each other," say close mutual friends. "And very protective of each other."
So much so, that Teddy, who is out, is going along with Kirk's very insistent advice from his team...
"We're just good friends," is what T has been blabbing to industry folks, protecting his BF, who has one foot in the closet, and who also just happens to have one of the cutest, most seductively unusual pusses in town right now.
And so far, Kirk's going along with it, which is overwhelmingly echoed by Dogmatic's team of advisors. See, it's not just a somewhat successful boutique career Kirkland's got in front of himself right now, but a major piece of the hugely successful Invasion From Planet Octopus franchise—which Kirkland and his advisor's are cashing in on majorly.
Oh, crap, here we go again: As usual, it's money that's deciding everything.
Hmmm. What will happen next? Something slightly scandalous, we suspect, as Kirky's never been one to play the fake-beard game. In fact, he detests it more than Lea Michele hates to be unnoticed.
Oh, did we forget to tell you one half of this equation is closely associated with the delightful diva?
And It Ain't: Chris Colfer and Liam Hemsworth, Lance Bass and Matthew Morrison, Jake Gyllenhaal and T.R. Knight

Top suspects: Jonathan Groff & Zachary Quinto

Update October 18 - Ted has revealed this BV to be about Zachary and Jonathan, just as we suspected.

Kirkland Dogmatic = Zachary Quinto
Teddy Big-Treat = Jonathan Groff


blurry vice said...

Hmmm.... Ok everyone under the post on E, on the comments, is saying Jonathan Groff and Zachary Quinto. I must be out of the loop because I didn't know they were seen together etc. I was thinking Andrew Garfield when I read it (Spiderman franchise).

Anonymous said...

This matches with blind items elsewhere. I think it's definitely Jonathan Groff, because the blind is pretty damn obvious about it, but I didn't know who the other guy was until reading the comments on E!. So my guess is Jonathan Groff and Zachary Quinto.

Violet451 said...

@blurry, Andrew Garfield crossed my mind too.

I am also thinking it could be Tom Hardy-he just got cast in The Dark Knight Rises and to me, fits the description.

I love the coupling of Jonathan Groff and Zachary Quinto! I've never really thought of ZQ as being in the closet though...I guess I just thought gay and not talking about it..? I know, what's the difference, right?

I think for the closeted guy my top guess is Tom Hardy.

Kristen said...

I figured Jonathan Groff based on the Lea Michele clue, but I didn't know about his "friendship" with Zachary Quinto until I read the E! boards. So I'll put in my vote for those two as well.

Violet451 said...

Reading a little more and might have to go with ZQ. I had not heard any of this! When I first read the blind I also completely missed the Lea Michele bit at the end. It does seem to be Jonathan Groff (unless Ted is faking us out!). So unless there's rumors of Chris Colfer dating Tom Hardy I'm going to have to change my guess!

I really love this pairing. Come out, Zachary! Come on! Everyone already knows! :)

Kristen said...

"I've never really thought of ZQ as being in the closet though...I guess I just thought gay and not talking about it..? I know, what's the difference, right?"

From my perspective, I knew for a while that there were rumors about him, but I never read anything specific about him being with guys, so he was a question mark for me. Actually, for a while, I thought he was dating Kristen Bell. Haha.

I guess he's not really trying to hide it, aside from the "just friends" excuse (if he's Kirkland), but I'd probably qualify him as less "out" than, say, Jim Parsons, who's never made an official statement, who brings his boyfriend to award shows, thanks him in acceptance speeches, etc. Of course, Zach hasn't really had those award show opportunities just yet.

As for the Groff, if he is indeed Teddy, I think some congrats are in order. I didn't know he was famous enough for one of these. ;)

Tara said...

I had not heard the Groff/Quinto rumors until after I saw they were the top choice for this. I know they are unreliable, but BlindGossip had a thing about Groff and a Star Trek actor in a relationship last week, but it hinted that it was NOT the "not exactly out" Trek star you are thinking when you read that.
I don't think of anyone but Quinto when I read that, so maybe (*just maybe) he is friends w/Zach through his BF? I have to say, I fight this partly because I don't want another freaking Glee blind right now!!

My first thought was Jesse Tyler Ferguson with Zach Quinto, they have been pictured together and denied a blossoming relationship in the press a few times since last summer. Perez about crapped himself a while back when he found a pic of them walking in NY together or something. Here are the two Perez blurbs on this:

Saleant said...

Hmmm... Agreed is Quinto actually in? Suppose that why's it's such a pointed blind. And it does say only one foot in the closet.

Hypothetically 'Kirk'-land is the whole Star Trek franchise, and Spock is nothing if not dogmatic. Literally Kirkland's dogmatic character. Boutique career would mean 'being' Spock for a good number of years like Nimoy.

Only partially blind really.

talia said...

and he's always seen out with his dogs... (zach).
and both just were seen in sundance and he also was seen attending one of groffs concerts.

Tara said...

And, Saleant, before Star Trek, he was known as the serial killer on Heroes.

*However, I am saddened by my little bubble being burst minutes after posting! Jesse Tyler debuted his new boyfriend today:( It is all up on People and stuff. I would have loved them as a powergay duo.

Kristen said...

@Tara, even if JTL didn't just debut a new boyfriend, he and Quinto wouldn't have worked because one of the two guys has to be closely linked with Lea Michele. It's written in the last line of the BV.

Kristen said...

Sorry, *JTF. I didn't think out the initials properly.

Tara said...

I see that now, Kristen. I stopped at Lea Michele this morning when I had to go make my coffee;) A girl can dream about that fabulous gayness though!

ForSure said...

I still think this is Jonathan Groff and someone other than Zachary Quinto. I don't think it's Chris Pine either. I kind of like the guesses on BG last week about the actor who played the Russian character in Star Trek.

Caz1310 said...

Am liking the Star Trek connection to Quinto with the Kirkland BV name - good one - I didn't spot that! I salivated through the movie - Quinto, Pine, Saldana & Bana were extremely well cast. Re-reading this, I'm surprised at how obvious this seems. Does this mean they're due to come out soon as a couple? I don't see being gay (or bi) as a vice.

Kathryn said...

It just seems like Quinto is way too obvious. I mean, it could be him, but that's almost too easy.

Here's the BlindGossip blind from last week that seems to be the same story:
What is it with these hush hush closet type people? Openly gay Glee actor Jonathan Groff is currently in a relationship with a less than openly gay Star Trek actor. No, not that one. And not Simon Pegg either.

The question I have as far as that blind goes is whether mentioning Simon Pegg is supposed to be some sort of hint as to the identity of the actual actor--Pegg is about the last person I would have thought of to be the subject of the blind, so why did they specifically eliminate him?

(rynthetyn, posting under my google account b/c OpenID is being wonky)

Unknown said...

The other item on BG is actually from Holy Moly originally (and cited as such).

When this came out, I asked Mr Holy Moly on twitter whether he thinks this story is about the same people - looks like it is:

My tweet:!/sirdavidw/status/31119109282336768

Holy Moly’s reply:!/holymoly/status/31121296154697728

Oh, and this rules out Chris Pine for both items as he's obviously Hornius Thighs. My guess it that "not that one" is a reference to George Takei, as he'd be an obvious guess for a gay Star Trek actor, even though he is out.

Kristen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristen said...

I think "not that one" could refer to anyone from the original cast. When I think Star Trek, I don't immediately think of the new one. My mind first goes to the older set of actors.

steph148 said...

I like the Groff/Quinto guess too.

As for Tom Hardy as Kirkland, it can't be him because the blind says Kirkland detests the beard game - Tom's currently engaged to a Charlotte Riley.

Katie said...

I know this site isn't very legit, but I wanted to look up Zachary Quinto's ex's, and I thought it was interesting.

Even though it's not really legit, ironically Jonathan Groff is the last one listed, and there is three guys compared to one girl.

Katie said...

It didn't save my recent post, but I wanted to jump on the Zachary Quinto bandwagon. I was one who's dated who, which I know isn't the most reliable, but I found it interesting that under Zachary's info, the most recent relationship is Johnathan Groff. The first relationship was Jesse Tyler. I just found the Johnathan post a little ironic.

Unknown said...


I don't think it involves Tom Hardy - not at least him as the completely closeted one - , because there have been speculations of him being bi.

..but I dunno..
I'm really curios who these two could be.

Adrienne said...

I agree that this is Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff. Jonathan is out and has been seen all over town with Zachary since the middle of last year- yes, even walking his dogs together. There was also an article for Jonathan Groff's concert where Zachary Quinto was shown showing up for the first set, and Lea Michele coming in shortly after for the next set to support him. Perez Hilton has been pretty vocal in his assumptions that Zachary is gay, not into beards, and only grudgingly does not talk about it at the insistence of his reps. The theater community supposedly does know this, as he makes no attempt to hide his relationship from them.

Aurelius290 said...

Zack isn't in the closet. It's not him. The clue I'm going by is the 'seductively unusual pusses' which I have alway thought Tom Hardy had. Those lips are very unusual but still attractive. Plus he said that even though he is married, he had hooked up with guys when younger. And Jonathan as far as I know is dating someone on broadway. They are said to be the broadway couple. So i count him out.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys notice that for the first two AIA's, Ted lists the out guy before the non-out guy. But then on the last one, he lists Jake first...

Adrienne said...

Zach is doing work on Broadway and has long annoyed the gay community for not coming out officially because of his advisors. He has been seen with Jonathan since mid-year last year.
Tom Hardy is a good guess, but unfortunately he has said in interviews that he is bi and has hooked up with men before. He isn't closeted, and does not stay muzzled.

pikespeak said...

Did we all agree that this was Zach & Jonathan?

Mharcais said...

It's on WDW now:

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Who would you do, ditch or marry out of Dashed Dingle-Dream, Teddy Big-Treat and Barrington Bang-Me? What or (who) is DDD doing these days?

Dear Game On:
Ditch Dashed, do Barrington and marry Ted. Was this what you expected? As for D3, it's been more off than on with JJO as of late—but isn't that always the

case. These two are becoming such a bore!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Got anything new on Kirkland Dogmatic and Teddy Big-Treat? I love that couple!

Dear Puppy Love:
And they love each other. At least, that's the way it's starting to seem because they're getting way careless about whether they're seen together or not. How

friggin' adorable is that? Ya know, to everyone but Kirk's PR folk."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How dare you tease us with Glee gal Vices without spilling them. We need something to get us through the long summer hiatus. How about hints on some of the

Blind Vices for the Glee babes (and hunks) and letting your viewers try to guess which one is for which Gleek?

Dear Listen Up:
One is sexy, one is stupid and one is just plain sad. Oh, and one is a dude."

blurry vice said...

EV said...

Zachary Quinto came out as gay today. He spoke out in an interview with NY Magazine & the story as now been picked up by mainstream press. I wonder if in the coming days we'll hear anything about Jonathan or hear an update from Ted soon.

Violet451 said...

I'm anxiously awaiting word from Ted on this. You know he's getting email!

EV said...

On Ted's Facebook page, he said he is going to reveal a blind vice in the morning. My money is that he is going to reveal Zachary as Kirk since it's no longer a blind item that Zach is gay.

Tab said...

And confirmed as Zachary Quinto. See

blurry vice said...