Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NY Daily News:Gatecrasher - 4.2.08

Which lead actor in a hit ensemble TV show brags that a female conquest isn't complete unless at least one of his hotel room neighbors calls security about the noise?

Ew. See comments.


duffgrl said...

My first thoughts: Tracey Morgan(could totally see this being him) or Alec Baldwin from "30 Rock", Spencer or Brody from "The Hills", someone from "Lost"? Dave Annable from "Brothers and Sisters"? (he looks too sweet) or Zach Braff???
-Any other thoughts?

mo said...

Oh, my first thought was Jeremy Piven.

Anonymous said...

justin chambers? he's been in the news a lot lately with some crazy behavior. and i know he's married, but c'mon, that doesn't stop anyone else in hollywood.

duffgrl said...

Jeremy Piven is actually probably the most obvious guess (the "Pivert"). Tracey Morgan is getting divorced so he'd be a close 2nd. Justin C. isn't a bad guess either. He's probably heading back to rehab soon.