Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4/29/08: Ted hints John Mayer is Super Dooper Cooper

John Mayer 22X34 Rolling Stone Mag Cover 5169"Dear Ted:Is Super Duper Cooper from One Special Scratch-n-Sniff Blind Vice Matthew McConaughey? Sonia Lexington, S.C.
Dear Lexy Lady:Believe it or not, our bongo-'n'-babe-playin’ pal is all sorts more gentlemanly than SDC. Think less hunky, and sillier, in bathing wear."

(John Mayer recently photographed in the green mankini)


blurry vice said...

Love the picture! Gross!

blurry vice said...

Ted also hinted in his new show "Truth, Lies and Ted" that JM is SDC. When talking about John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston, he said, "John better clean up his romantic ways or he won't get the women he wants.". LOL!

blurry vice said...

Ted referenced the silly swimwear again today!

"John Mayer is once again headlining his own cruise for the second year in a row. Wanna relax in the sun from Hell-Ay to Cabo for four days with Mr. M by your side? Then hurry up and get your ridiculously priced cabin, starting at about $800 per person. Is all that green worth a potential shot of Johnny wearing that bright green Borat mankini the silly singer sported last year? For us, no, espesh when we can get shots of J.M. frolicking poolside with Jennifer Aniston on the internet that are just as good...and we don’t have to listen to Mayer’s music while doing so."

.... Super Duper Cooper!

Anonymous said...

blurry, can you find and post Probe Light / One Vainglorious Blind Vice? I found it while searching for another Vice, but it fits with John Mayer AND with these BB clues as well.