Friday, July 15, 2011

Blind Vice: Morgan Mayhem Demands Drinks, Gets Denied!

Snooze... another Lindsay Lohan BV from Ted... this one from Wed July 13

Blind Vice: Morgan Mayhem Demands Drinks, Gets Denied!

If somebody was ever begging to be saved (albeit in a really stupid-ass way), it's gotta be the hard Hollywood-partier, Morgan Mayhem. This fallen, joke of a talent is starting to make Courtney Love look like an A-list star, by feeble comparison.
Lame twitter exchanges with fans? Check. Bitter wars with family members over totally bratty things? Check. Hasn't done what got her famous in the first place, for, like, 2 billions years? Check!
Free Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Photo Poster Print - 13x19So, after Morgan's latest P.R. makeover, which was designed solely to make Morgan look like a darling angel, what did the supposedly reformed girl go right out and do?
Attempt to get wasted at a very fancy L.A. party, up in the Hollywood Hills.
Morgan's hosts are some very happening, quite lovely folks in H-Town, and they were actually excited (and happy) to have Mayhem as a guest—as long as she did just one thing:
They did not want M.M. drinking in their luxurious home—at all. Not even a sip. Nada.
Even still, when a most indignant Morgan (who's not at all used to being told what she can and cannot do) made a scene by demanding drinks, Mayhem got what was probably the surprise of her life: She was told no, again—and again.
"The hosts were really nice about it," says one observer who was also at the exclusive get-together in one of Mayhem's more familiar zip codes. "But they were also insistent that they would not serve [Morgan]."
"This isn't good for you," the hosts finally said to the pretty young thing who was sitting slouched while demanding cocktails. "No, we're not serving you."
No?! A word Ms. M's not exactly accustomed to hearing, for sure!
But, of course, even though Mayhem was publicly denied from getting her booze on at the exclusive party, she nevertheless figured out how to get tanked elsewhere. On the very same night famed celeb-rehab legend Betty Ford passed away.
How ironic. Or would foreboding be a better word?
AND IT AIN'T: Amy Winehouse, Bai Ling, Jessica Simpson

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Top suspect: Lindsay Lohan


blurry vice said...

The only "blind" part about this BV is who the lovely couple were who said NO to Lindsay. Good for them! Maybe Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden? Who knows, could be anybody.

Rita said...

That's what I was thinking too Blurry! Care to make it a do-goody blind and try and guess the nice decent couple?

I immediately thought of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson! Maybe they're the ones who might be offering Lohan a real role in a movie? What do you say?

blurry vice said...

Haha Rita! Great guess, could be them! Although I wouldn't expect them to hang together really... that's why I Was more picturing Nicole Ritchie and husband. ???

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do you think Amy Winehouse's death will make an impact on Lindsay Lohan and others who are walking too close to that final line?

Dear Wine Influence:
Yeah, there's that spark of hope that they'll learn from others and get the hell into rehab, but I'm a pessimist when it comes to these matters—particularly

involving Lohan. She's a spoiled brat movie star, and the effed-up California legal system just keeps catering to her over and over and over. Result? She's

still making partying a priority and not getting her crap together. Don't even think she's clear-headed enough right now to see how similar to Winehouse

she's getting. As for most other celebs, they have to hit their rock bottom, just like everybody else—let's hope they aren't all as low as Amy's."

Rita said...
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Rita said...

But would you call Nicole Ritchie A-list in the movie business?

This shows kindness, the kindness of Spielberg, Hanks and the likes, although I believe this more an actor giving Lohan a chance.
Evne maybe Travolta?

blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
Enough is enough. I think it is time to reveal Morgan Mayhem. She does not deserve her problems to be hidden any longer. She is clearly not helping herself

or others. Do us all a Vice favor and just call her out for her bad behavior.

Dear Wouldn't It Be Nice:
Trust, I would love to reveal Morgan Mayhem, but I don't think she can handle a reveal. Crazy thing is, Morgan's convinced she's not the one with a problem,

and I highly doubt a reveal would put a stop to her awful antics.

Dear Ted:
While I agree that one should be compassionate toward Lindsay Lohan as one should be compassionate toward all living things, I think you and the public are

enablers. Lindsay needs tough love. No one is guaranteed the job of their dreams or a perfect life. She should be ignored by the public so she learns how to

deal with reality.

Dear For Reals:
I have said from the beginning that LiLo needs some tough love, mainly pointing to Dina Lohan and her not-so-motherly lack of parenting skills. So what are

you talking about? From day one, I have expressed concern and offered my advice to this family. She does not need to be ignored, quite frankly, but she needs

help before something truly tragic happens to this girl. There is no enabling happening here.

Dear Ted:
If rumor is true, Lindsay Lohan has been asked to do a nudie spread for Playboy. I'd like to pummel whoever made this offer to her. It's not a way to "help"

her by offering her a "job." It's not lending any credibility to any acting. Even if she never acts again, I wish she'd get her stuff together. Every time I

see an L.L. article my mind is just screaming for someone to help her. But not the kind of "help" that equates to enabling. H'wood, please stop hiring this

girl for anything until she gets clean. I hate to bode catastrophic, but I do fear that she's circling the drain and that things will not end well for her.

Or maybe I'm being dramatic?

Dear Paranoid:
Hey, stripping for Playboy beats many more self-destructive habits Lindsay's got. Besides, a job's a job, and clearly it's work that's going to also help

Lindsay get her act together. But you're forgetting one primo fact, B, nobody can help Lindsay until Lindsay's decided she wants help. And I really don't

think she's crossed that line yet.

Dear Ted:
I love ya bro, but take a seat and we'll go over this again. Lindsay Lohan does not need to be encouraged to continue her tragically shredded career. She

needs to be steered away from anything connected with celebrity. Yes, she was an exceptional child actress, but to put her even marginally in the same sphere

as Helen Mirren and Ms. Meryl Streep, who both continue to bring honor to my profession, is an egregious sin. Please let this ill-parented young woman be

lovingly taken to a place where she can taken off drugs, parties, booze and kept away from her toxic friends and relatives. I truly say this out of love for


Dear LiLost and Found:
I want Lindsay back on track as much as you do, doll. And I think she definitely need to do that—not pose for Playboy in between courthouse appearances—

before she'll make it back on the big screen. But she's a talented chick, somewhere beneath all the nonsense.

Dear Ted:
OK, seriously, stop the evading and just be blunt here. Give a clue as to what Ian Somerhalder's Vice is. I, along with many other girls, need to know that

it doesn't have to do with sexual preference.

Dear Here's Your Hint:
He Vices with a costar. But that's all you're getting, you greedy gal. Maybe if you ask nicely I'll tell you which costar."

Unknown said...

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