Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blind Vice: Sugar-Rod O'Keefe Chooses an Anti-Gay Director... on Purpose

Just getting caught up for the entire week... bear with us!  This BV was from Tuesday Nov 8, from Awful Truth...

Blind Vice: Sugar-Rod O'Keefe Chooses an Anti-Gay Director... on Purpose

Sugar-Rod O'Keefe is nothing new in Hollywood. He's a star who makes a lot of money—and he loves spending it on hookers, both male and female. If you only knew how common this story is Tinseltown!
But something even less known than Sugar-Rod's sexual preference is how anti-gay most of O'Keefe's professional colleagues are, something Sugar not only doesn't mind but thrives on:
"He thinks it makes him less of a target for people thinking he's gay," said a longtime male hooker who's been paid by O'Keefe for years, "if he hangs out with guys who are telling homophobic jokes."
Hmmm. Guess this type of sexuality subterfuge makes guys who simply have beards for girlfriends look like down-right simpletons!
"He really does think this helps keeps the heat off him," added the guy prostitute, who added that Sugar-Rod indeed has a major thing for highly orchestrated sex, i.e., lots of "role playing."
So, guess it makes sense Mr. O'Keefe (who's been a top box-office draw at various points in his career) also likes to orchestrate his sexual politics in real life!
Which makes us wonder if those tacky gay jokes O'Keefe's director has been known to make aren't also to help get the gay-focus of his star?
You know, in a totally effed up Hollywood kind of way.
And It Ain't:  Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell

Top suspect:


blurry vice said...

Director - Brett Ratner?

Deadpan Alley said...

Yeah, I'm guessing Eddie Murphy.

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Brett Ratner resigns and Eddie Murphy soon follows...interesting. Please don't disappoint us and give us some scoop!!

Dear Done and Done:
Babe, why are you looking for nasty Vice explanations (which there are, BTW) when there's a Vice playing out before your very eyes and no one is keeping their trap shut about it? Of course I mean Brett and Olivia Munn's shrimptacular shenanigans. Cannot wait until O fires back. My money's on her."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I think the title should be "Can Brett Ratner's Mouth Finish Taking Brett Ratner Down?"

Dear Big Mouth, Bigger Mistake:
Not a bad idea, A. Especially since his offensive remarks ultimately put him in his place. What do you think of him ditching his gig as Oscar producer?

blurry vice said...

Nov 10

"Dear Ted:
If I had asked you, say, a year ago, if Eddie Murphy had a Blind Vice, what would your answer have been?

Dear Blinding the Oscars:
Not necessarily. "

Cee said...

this is Eddie Murphy and the director is of course Brett Ratner

Rita said...

This isn't even a blind, it's one of those non-blind blind vicers. Like for Morgan Mayhem and Cruella St Shackles, Ted wants the world to know who these people are.

Definitely Brett Ratner for the Director.

One of these days, one of Eddie's hook-ups is going to have him on film, and make him pay dearly for all his anti-gay support.

KaDixonLaw said...

Definitely Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner. In fact, the day after Ted posted this blind, US Magazine featured an article about the debacle:

pikespeak said...

I agree, it's Eddie and Brett and Ted could care less if you know it.

Besides, Eddie's vices have been knowledge for quite sometime.

Chelsea Handler even talked about it briefly on her show.

He's hiding nothing.

Cathy said...

I agree with all of you, but also want to add that this was a non-Friday BV. These seem to come out when Ted is pissed about something someone does and doesn't want to wait until the end of the week to call them out on it.

Unknown said...

I concur, I think we can call this solved. totally Brett and Eddie

Rita said...

Blurry - btw, Lainey outed one of her blinds "Wife confronts colleague"... I've posted link.

Anonymous said...

Eddie is such a hypocrite