Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blind Vice: Jackie Bouffant Cuts It So Close!

And this one was new from Ted on Friday Nov 11 -

Blind Vice: Jackie Bouffant Cuts It So Close! 

Jackie Bouffant, still young, still beautiful, seems to have already run the Hollywood gamut in his brief career: boys, drugs, not to mention the requisite "beard." As in a red-carpet girlfriend he loves to trot out for the paparazzi and mainstream press.
But that was so yesterday.
Today, Jackie's got some totally homo cajones on him!
Just like Toothy Tile once sported the young man he adored, it looks like Jackie's showing off his, too! Hot!
At a recent very glitzy Hollywood event, Jackie was likewise very obvious. And trust us, Jackie's not a silly, stupid boy like Parrish Maguire, who doesn't always triple-check where he hooks up.
So what happened?
There Jackie was, A-list everybody all around him, hitting the top of the press line with his new boyfriend in tow. Only Mr. B. stopped just short of walking the carpet with cutie-pie BF, who has the most adorable curly coif and darling rosy cheeks.
Jackie, instead, had his dude walk around the carpet. And then guess what the TV and movie star did, once he finished walking the press line? He picked his boyfriend up at the end! It was totally like they were pulling some kind of playground game, too cute!
Only it was hardly grade-school stuff, once the newbie couple rejoined inside the party: With all the giggling and rubbing up against each other they were doing, who needed those outdoor heat lamps?
Funny thing, whenever an in-house photog tried to get Jackie and his man, the BF split faster than Brett Ratner chomps shrimp cocktail.
Smart man, he'll be by Jackie's side for years (or months) to come, we predict.
And It Ain't: Taylor Lautner, Chace Crawford, Robert Pattinson

Please refer to the label below for a link to the our posts on the previous Jackie B BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: still Zac Efron


blurry vice said...

ZacE, who was the BF?

mrjack said...

Zac was at the LACMA Gala for Clint Eastwood recently. Loads of celebs were there. Ryan Kwanten was there and kind of fits the 'curly coiff' and rosy cheeks but it sounds more like Jonathan Groff. Don't know if I can place them at the same party tho. Zac also attended Miley's halloween party so maybe someone there.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Reading all about Nevis Devine and his wayward off/on Barrington Bang-Me got me to must meet many of your BVs in person at various events.

Many of your BVs know you know what's up with them. You are an attractive man. you know any BVs from personal experience such as Nevis, Seymour, Fey

or even Jackie Bouffant? Some of your BVs must have hit on you at one time or another....not asking you to name names or even can answer in general

but I'm betting the answer is yes!

Dear Teddy-Bang:
You are correct. But, only with one and a half.

Dear Ted:
I keep hearing rumors that the person I suspect to be Jackie Bouffant may have a new girlfriend. What can you tell us about Jackie's love life?

Dear Nice Try:
You've got the wrong sex but the right suspicion. He has moved on to fresh territory, mazel tov!"

blurry vice said...

Does anyone think that the "mazel tov" in the letter above is some sort of hint? Is his new boyfriend Jewish?

SonR said...

Zac Efron is jewish

HP said...

When was Zac on TV? Thought he was just in movies??

Anonymous said...

Curly coiff and rosy cheeks sounds an awful lot like Darren Criss to me!

mrjack said...

Apparently Zac attended LACMA with his brother Dylan. Here is a pic of him. Rosie cheeks much?

Maybe Ted's confused... or if he was talking about someone else, I don't think he's famous or he would have walked the carpet (even if alone) but Ted says he met back up with Zac at the other end.

valerie said...

Zac was on Summerland.

pikespeak said...

This is a very curious item, but I don't think for a second Ted is confused. Someone else was with Zac and his brother.

I've been hearing that since the event, yet nobody has a picture, which, if you know anything about Hollywood, is quite telling.

kateh said...

He was with a very rosy cheeked Dominic Cooper inside......

MISCH said...

I can't believe anyone ever thought Zac was straight ...

SonR said...

@HP the first 2 high school musicals were made for tv movies

Anonymous said...

He also played the young version of Simon Tam on Firefly.

Andrew said...

I dont think the bf is famous. i think if he were Ted would say so.

Lately i've been having a real hard time believing anything Ted writes.

Amaurys Arias said...

Here is a pic of zac with Dominic cooper doing the couple pose: pose.cooper

Rita said...

I don't think it's Dominic Cooper, he strikes me as a sleazeball too hungry for fame (re: how he treated ex Amanda Siegfried, and what Lainey had reported on him - Lindsay Lohan hook-up, ewww).

But Zac Effron and Dominic Cooper would make an absolutely very hot couple though. I would definitely watch them together, and would be a whole lot more interested in anything they do than any K! Krap. Anytime!

David said...

Did anyone else catch the reference to Parrish Maguire, then Taylor Lautner is the first AIA? :)

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I've been hearing from various sources that Emma Roberts has been dating both Chord Overstreet and Zac Efron! Are both of these reports true?

Dear Faux Love Triangle:
Your sources are misguided on this one, M. Well, kinda. Emma and Chord have been linked since earlier this year, but the Zacky stuff is not the real deal.

Tho, I'm not surprised there are rumblings, Z.Efron has been single for far too long."

pikespeak said...

I thought it was only me, David.

Anonymous said...

Nick Jonas for the bf? (he was also at the LACMA gala)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just saw the preview for Lucky One starring Zac Efron. I'm about to stand in line now, he looks sooo hot. In your opinion, could this be his breakthrough

—Waiting with baited breath Mr. Puss and TD

Dear Too Weepy to Win:
Zacky did grow up nicely, didn't he? And even though he's looking way hot in this flick too, it looks just a little bit better than that Charlie St. Cloud

crapola. He needs to get out of the melodrama, pass-me-a-tissue genre and try something more controversial."

Mharcais said...

During E! News's coverage of that New Year's Eve movie, Ryan Seacrest was doing red carpet interviews. When Zac got to him there was this weird shot with Mark Salling in the background, and he'd disappeared when the camera came back to Zac. Not guessing, just sayin'.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please tell me Crescent Kumquat and Jackie Bouffant have hooked up. If they could reproduce together, can you imagine their babies?! Anyway, you know how

Jackie Bouffant cheated on his beard with strippers (classy!)? Does his beard have her own Vice moniker?

Dear Class Act:
I wish! But hey, I'm not ruling anything out. Jackie's beard may not have a Vice, but her rep isn't exactly squeaky-clean."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
We haven't heard you dish much on Jackie Bouffant lately. Got any juicy gossip?

Dear Gone but Not Forgotten:
To tell you the truth, Laine, I'm as distraught as you that Mr. Bouffant has all but disappeared from the Vice radar lately. Can't even explain why… I'll

tell you this though: Team Truth is launching a full-scale BV investigation to make sure Jackie is still keeping up on his sexy bedroom sessions. Sound good?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Why is Jackie Bouffant laying so low lately? Please find out!

Dear Come Out:
Dude's hardly laying low—he's just upped his game when it comes to hiding his Vicey behavior. But don't worry, V, guy's a rising star and mega heartthrob, so

don't expect him to lay low for much longer."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My little rescue Mr. Puss says hi, and has a question: What do you think of this Zac Efron and Lily Collins date? Is it real or just to stop the Demi Moore

and Rumer Willis stories? We have a fish bet riding on this one.

Dear Daddy's Little Girl:
Of course a little distance from Rumer and Demi is probably a good thing for Zac right now, and Lily's the fairest of them all image is the perfect way to

ward off any bad-boy rumors. And while Mr. Efron appears to be a very in-demand dude, it's still too soon to say whether these two are serious. But, I will

dish that I highly doubt the pair will last—wonder if Lil's dad, Phil Collins, would approve?

Dear Ted:
I have the most curious rescue in the world, White Tail. He wants to know if his favorite, Jackie Bouffant, has a new beard yet and is he with the same

boyfriend you mentioned? White Tail's begging for an answer! Love ya!
—Owner of White Tail

Dear Love Ya More:
And kisses to White Tail. And some kisses to Jackie too for staying faithful to his BF…even if it is just behind-the-scenes. And without a beard too! What a

brave little hottie that Bouffant is!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Happy (late) Valentine's Day to your Charlie from my Charlie. I've been reading your gossip for quite a few years, not posting much, but my foster girls do.

We love the Robsten updates but also like news about other celebs. Our question is this: Does Vanessa Hudgens still have any romantic feelings for Zac Efron

or has she completely moved on? What about him? Any chance they will get back together?
—Your No. 1 fans from N.Y.

Dear High School Reunion:
Vanessa is probably less emotional about their past than Zacky, but that's relative—both of the former HSM lovers have moved on from the relaysh, V.Hud with

her new man and Zefron with Lily Collins (or so the tabloids believe). Don't hold your breath that that spark will reignite.

Dear Ted:
My rescue Corky and I hope you and yours had a happy Heart Day. Corky—who loves Jackie Bouffant—wants to know: You have said Jackie is happy with his

boyfriend, did they have a nice Valentine's Day together?
—Love, Corky and Me

Dear Feeling the Love:
Yes they did, thank you so much for asking.

Dear Ted:
Does Jackie Bouffant have a new beard? Or is he still loyal to his boyfriend?

Dear It's Complicated:
No, he doesn't. But even if he was stepping out with a chickie on the red carpets, I think Jackie would still be loyal to this par-tick boyfriend. I'm

hearing things are going really well between them and that J.B. isn't looking to mess things up."

blurry vice said...

"ear Ted:
I was just watching Zac Efron's interview with Ellen DeGeneres and when she asked him about how he spent his Valentine's Day he played it very coy and

appeared to be hinting he was with a significant other. Being my No. 1 source for all things gossip, I had to ask you: What's the deal there? Does he have a

beau but is just trying to keep it under wraps?

Dear Under Wraps:
Clearly you haven't been keeping up with Condomgate, babe, ‘cause Zacky apparently has someone (or a few ready 'n' eager someones) on his radar that he needs

to keep some emergency-contraceptive gear on hand for. Let's admit this altogether now: When you bring a prophylactic to a red-carpet event, you've quite

possibly got more than just one idea on who to best help you unwrap it afterward. And Zac isn't going to be as showy with any new relayshes—he learned his

lesson with Vanessa Hudgens.

Dear Ted:
Taylor Swift is single, but Zac Efron had condoms; those are for Lily Collins, not Taylor, right? She doesn't seem like the type to just hook up so quickly!

Dear Emergency Gold:
The shiny little package was definitely not for Taylor. But who's to say it was for Lily Collins? Whoever he was planning to use it with, at least the hunk

is playing it smart, right? We're all dying to know who is that lucky someone the little mishap was meant for. My guess…none of the above!"

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My rescue Bonkers and I read you every and all day. Poor Bonkers is down in the dumps over the Jackie Bouffant incident. He hopes there isn't trouble with him and his boyfriend, he so wants him to be happy. Thanks.
—Asking for Bonkers

Dear Good Heart:
What incident are you talking about? Jackie is having no problem in the love department, I assure you. Mr. Bouffant is quite well taken care—has been for a

while now. What are you and that mischievous Bonks insinuating?

Dear Ted:
My rescue Mr. Kitty and I read you all the time. I think Mr. Kitty has a crush on you. Mr. Kitty does have a crush on Jackie Bouffant and is pleased he found

happiness. But should he have to do traveling for one of his films, do you think this will be a case of while the cat is away, the mouse will play? We love you.
—Mr Kitty & Me

Dear No:
Surprisingly, this one is a keeper for Jackie. Well, for now, at least."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Mr. T my rescue thinks you're looking hot these days. He has a none of our business question, he is a curious cat after all. You say Jackie Bouffant is

happy. How is the boyfriend dealing with all the news lately? Also we only hear he is super hot, can you give us any clues to who he is T.V. or movies

perhaps? Love ya!
—Mr. T and David

Dear Flattery Gets You Everywhere:
You make me blush, Mr. T! So I'm more than happy to answer his Q, especially since I've been lovin' Jackie a little more than usual these days anyway: J.B.

hasn't been making any news that would concern his BF (he's very secure in the relaysh) but, per your second inquiry, Mr. Bouff is more movies these days.

Dear Ted:
Have Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron ever hooked up or are they hooking up?

Dear Team Tefron:
No and no. The chemistry was never right between these two (hence his relaysh with fellow HSM-er Vanessa Hudgens). Zac just isn't Ash's type."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Congats on non cigs. Two years for me now. My rescue Miley (the cutest little pooch) and I have a question. We are really loving Jackie Bouffant ever since

hearing about the boyfriend. We keep hearing about a possible beard for Jackie, so how does the BF cope? I couldn't deal with seeing my love out with someone

else. We are wishing them all the luck.
—Miley and Mark

Dear Bluffing for Bouff:
The same as any other significant other to a famous closet case. It's part of the deal. Congrats on the cigs back to you, Marky, and kisses to Miley (named

after Ms. Cyrus, perhaps?)."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Everybody loves my rescue, Mickey, but Mickey only loves you and Jackie Bouffant. His question—if you know the answer, I would like to know too—is when

Jackie is away, does he trust the what-we-hear-is-hot-as-heck boyfriend? I don't cuss in front of Mickey. Love ya!
—Mickey and Mike

Dear Yes:
But who says they're apart much?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My little rescue, Rascal, loves Jackie Bouffant more than anything in the world and is happy for him—his question, is the boyfriend a Vicer? And how did the

BF become the lucky one to catch Jackie? Love Ya always.

Dear Love Ya Back:
Met through friends, totally not a celeb. So, it will probably last!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
There seem to be a lot of gay/bi actors who have fake relationships with women. Are there any gay/bi actors with a moniker you can name who haven't come out, but who don't beard?
—Don't Like Beards (Hairy or Otherwise)

Dear It's All Relative:
A completely beardless star? Well, that's like finding a unicorn! But there are stars that are less into the bearding game than others. Just look at, say, Jackie Bouffant vs. Crotch Uh-Lastic. Crotchy doesn't exactly love faking it for the cameras—or for anyone."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My rescue kitty Mr. T. and I hope you are keeping up with the no smokes. We want you healthy and around for a long time. We have a question about our fave Vicer Jackie Bouffant. Since he has been mentioned a few times lately, I have to ask: Is everything OK with him and the BF? We hope so.
—Mr.T and Dwac

Dear Cat Got Your Tongue:
You really do love Jackie, sir, because you write to me about him enough. I'll say this much: Jackie's love life is fine right now, thank you very much, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Why would it? Jackie is ready to live the low-key lifestyle now, so it works."

"Dear Ted:
How is the adorable Zac Efron doing in his love life these days? Do you expect him to take Cannes by storm, or will he be a good boy for his girl back home?
—In Love With the Heartthrob

Dear Hurricane Zac:
His girl back home, you say? What girl might you be speaking of—yourself?! But maybe we can hope for some more hotel-balcony booty pics from our High School Musical alum, would that really be too much? His love life is fine, thankyouverymuch, and though he's not flaunting anything, I hear he's very content."

-- (The "thankyouverymuch" was in italics in the 2nd letter above from Wed... Hint to the first letter from Mon.)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Zac Efron was in a five-year relationship with Vanessa Hudgens and now he has had another "big breakup" from Lily Collins. Do you expect him to get into another
relationship fairly soon or just play the field?

Dear Zac Attack:
Puh-lease, Gem. Lily and Zac hardly had a big breakup. For one, they were never really dating in the first place (at least, that's what sources close to the couple
insist). Zac is and has been loving the single-dude thing, and I don't see him changing up his ways anytime soon—and, for the record, it has nothing to do with past heartbreak."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's happened to Lily Collins since the "split" from Zac Efron? We used to get pictures of her at the airport, walking down the street, doing some fashion event,
walking down the street, at some British award show, walking down the street. Now...nothing. Did she, after hanging with Zac and his friends a few times, consider them in a full-on romantic relationship? And he didn't? Is she now hiding away with a broken heart?
—Molly B

Dear oBliVious:
Hardly! Lily is between projects at the moment, so she's lying a bit lower than her Snow White persona allowed. And it has nothing to do with any non-split from Mr. Efron. They were both on the same page concerning where they stood, which was, not even in the same book.

Dear Ted:
Dwac and Mr. T cat here hoping all is well with you and yours. Mr. T would love to know, he hasn't seen anything but good on our favorite Jackie Bouffant. Our
question: Is this because of the boyfriend, or are they even still together? Hugs.
—Dwac and Mr. T

Dear Going Strong:
They're very much together and actually doing quite well. Jackie's career is in a good place, too, so that probably accounts for some of those gorgeous smiles we've
been seeing. Thanks for the love, doll, and kisses to your furry friends!