Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blind Vice: Bi Guy Grabs Slutty Beard to Protect A-List Boyfriend

New from Ted yesterday -

Blind Vice: Bi Guy Grabs Slutty Beard to Protect A-List Boyfriend

We knew something didn't make sense!
When the deliciously sexy (and untraditional) movie star Nevis Devine started hanging out less with his on/off boyfriend, the almost-as-handsome Barrington Bang-Me, we thought it was just the natural ebb of Nevis' libido.
He's more into girls than guys, after all.
But then we discovered the downtime between the guys was far more to do with Barrington's master plot! Oh, what a tangled web these bisexual boys can weave!
Not that long ago, Barrington hooked up with a pretty visible gal. This was right around the time people were started to wonder what the hell's going on with the two guys, anyway.
But, no more! Bare's new babe (who's been around almost as much as Nevis has, hmm...) took care of those rumors.
However—surprise, surprise—things are rotten between Barrington and the beard.
But, what really is a surprise is the fact that we just discovered: Mr. Bang-Me only took up with said honey because he didn't want to endanger Nevis's career, he didn't give a you-know-what about his own reputation.
Oh, my.
Is this love?
And It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Grant, Alexander Skarsgård

Please see the label below for a link to the previous Nevis and Barrington BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated as Nevis.

Top suspects:
Nevis Devine = Robert Pattinson
Barrington Bang-Me = Tom Sturridge
slutty beard = Sienna Miller


blurry vice said...

MAybe we should ask more question's about Barrington's beard to get to the bottom of Sienna's BV.

pikespeak said...

I swear, has Sienna EVER dated a straight man lol

She's be linked to:
Jude Law
Hayden Christensen
James Franco
Orlando Bloom

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is there a new man in Nevis Divine's life, and is his girlfriend OK with that?

Dear Bisexual Blind:
No on the new man front, but if there was a par-tick fella Nev had his eyes on, I'm sure his GF would be OK with it. Nevis is so sexually cosmopolitan, and

all. Why isn't everyone?

Dear Ted:
Thanks for the Nevis Divine update! Barrington sure sounds like a sweetie. About the "slutty beard" that he hooked up with...Is she strictly a beard, or was

Barr getting a little action from her as well? And does she have a B.V. moniker of her own?

Dear The Hairy Details:
He is bisexual, after all, so why not get a little lustin' at the end of the night after having to put up with his très neurotic chica. And there are no

jealousy issues; Nev gets some from his lady when he wants, and Nev does too. How very cosmopolitan.

Dear Ted:
In a never interview with Access Hollywood Rob Pattinson joked that he thought the interview was going to ask him if he was gay, but his reply was a little

weird. He said if she had asked he wouldn't know how to answer that question. Did Rob just kind of out himself in a way?

Dear Gay for Pay:
No, doll, Rob just has that dry sense of humor that is clearly going over your head.

Kris said...

I admit this does sound like Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge! However, one thing doesn't make sense...
Ted writes that the slutty beard has been around lmost as much as Nevis have... Well, to my knowledge, Rob has hooked up with Kristen, Nikki Reed and Megan Fox... However, the list of Sienna Miller's hookups is way longer...

And would we call Rob A-list??

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that Kris. Sienna Miller has a long list of (supposed) hook-ups. About Rob: I'm sure Ted would call him A-list.

sistah2 said...

The first thing that jumped out at me was the "alist" reference - I also question whether RPat is "alist"..its debatable.
something about this just does not fit RPat 100%....not convinced yet

Ginny said...

I've noticed with this particular blind, Ted uses the word 'cosmopolitan' a bit frequently. Could the be a hint of some kind? Not sure if this has been touched on before (admittedly, I've been lacking as far as vice reading goes recently), but could it be a hint toward Cosmopolis, Rob's new movie? Just a shot in the dark. I'm a first-time poster, by the way. Love the site!

FrenchGirl said...

that looks like so much at Toothy Tiles's every blind vice :it's desesperated

Rita said...

Word was before finally Kristen leaving her then boyfriend, Rob would sleep around. A lot. And Nikki Reed was very tolerant of his sleeping around, at the time, she only wanted the fame that came with being seen with Rob.

In the beginning, after the first Twilight hit the screen, there were tons of stories how Rob would hook-up with random fans, then slowly, he started controlling his image a bit more, and making sure that stories are not leaked.

I think Ted has hinted often enough that Kristen and Rob have an understanding and open relationship, even though when standing together, they look the most romantic couple, which makes us believe in a monogamous standard type of romance, when they are anything but.

Savannah said...

Ginny and Dollie,

All of the "cosmopolitan" references are probably a (big) hint because Rob's next movie is Cosmopolis.

I think that at this point it is obvious that this is Robert Pattinson / Tom Sturridge. Who else could this blind possibly fit? A male movie star in a relationship with a female movie star who has a friend/secret lover he's often photographed with who is in a new relationship with a famous woman.

The only thing that doesn't fit is that Tom taking a beard for the sake of Rob's career conflicts with Ted's claims that Rob doesn't care what people think.

pikespeak said...

It's funny how Ted claim's Rob doesn't care what people think, but if that were the case, Rob would be OUT OUT OUT and he would have always been OUT.

What Hollywood thinks be damned.

The blind fits, but I think Ted's particular viewpoint on Rob is a bit suspect, and I'm not quite sure why.

LadyA said...

Ted said today that Nevis Devine has never played a gay character. Rob played Salvador Dali which IS a gay character. I don't believe this is Rob for one second even though Ted loves to lead everyone on that it is.

Rita said...

Rob played Salvadore Dali discovering that part of his sexuality, and who in reality stayed in the closet all his life and even gotten married.

So no, Rob never played a gay character.

Like for those Supernatural boys, Ted gives a twisted answer that answers directly the question, not the nuances of what it truly means.

Unknown said...

I was tripping out on that too, I saw little ashes (well most of it) and he is making out with dudes, I would say thats pretty gay.

But with the timeline, Rob IS Nevis no question.

Unknown said...

or maybe because he plays Dali who only has that one male relationship he isnt considered gay, because it was just the one guy...???

What ever Robert is Nevis

Mary H said...

So in today's article about Nikki hating on her costars (which talks a LOT about the Robsten + Nikki love triangle), Ted left this little goodie right at the end:

"So, Nikki, since you've got talent for days, instead of giving these interviews piece by piece, why don't you start writing your Twilight tell-all?

How deliciously divine that book would be."


Rita said...

@Mary - Nice catch on the "Divine"!. I don't think necessarily that it is a reveal (same as for Skarsgard's "whoa Nellie"...), but I truly think it was intended by Ted as a hint. Good job!

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
A while back you mentioned that poor Nevis couldn't decide between his gal-pal or passionate BF Barrington. Well, has he made a definitive choice yet? Or

does his girl not have a problem with Nev having Barrington whenever? Doesn't Nev's beard get a tiny bit jealous over Nev's connection to Barrington? I know

I would want Mr. Divine all to myself!

Dear Double the Fun:
Why make a choice when you can have both? After all, neither of his lovers puts up much of a fight. 'Cause they've got extra lovers too, of course."

blurry vice said...

Mary - good catch, love it!

Anonymous said...

re: pikespeak

there have been lesbian/bi rumors about Sienna ever since she hooked up w/ Jude Law.

if Rob Pattinson came out of the closet you bet a million Twihards will be burning their copies of those books and DVDs because they are so far in denial about everything.

heather_p said...

I agree with mookie. Even if Rob hasn't exactly reached Tom Cruise levels of faking it for the public yet, there's no way in hell he's dumb enough to flaunt any propensity for the same sex.

His fan base is just too crazy to accept that and he (and his team) knows it.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In your expert opinion, would you consider Nevis Diving and his GF committed even though they have others on the side? And are Nevis' GF's side dishes of the

female variety or both?

Dear A Match Made in Vice Heaven:
Trust, doll, these two are definitely committed to each other—they're just not the traditional type. And as far his GF? She'll take a side of both sexes.

Dear Ted:
With Nevis Divine and his girlfriend being such an über-famous and highly scrutinized couple, and with the tabloids sniffing around Nevis' suspiciously tight

friendship with Barrington, how is it that none of the tabloids have caught scent of the girlfriend's side action?

Dear When You Assume:
Who said the tabloids though Nev and Barrington were anything more than just friends? Surely not me, ‘cause the goss rags haven't picked up on that relaysh

yet. As for Nevis' girlie, her side dishes are très secretive too. And usually on closed sets.

Dear Ted:
If Nevis Divine was to be discovered, would we all be shocked and surprised, or is he that obvious and we just can't see it?

Dear Divining for Dish:
Honestly? A little of both. But it would also be a pretty celebratory feel, too, at least in some circles."

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

In light of Ted's recent BB answer that Nevis Divine has been in movies where he has relationships with other men, I think this is just another in the long list of proof that it's Robert Pattinson because he portrayed Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, where, of course, he has a relationship with another man.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Thank you for all the years of entertaining goss! The mucky muck's at E! really need to give you your own show. Anyway, I have two questions regarding Nevis

Divine. Has he ever made a movie where his character had homo erotic feelings towards another man? Also, do his parents know that he is bi-sexual?

Dear Good Taste:
In order you mentioned: I agree!; yes and of course (and they're totally chill with it).

Dear Ted:
I thought monogamy was the timeless way to say "I love you." Would Nevis Divine and his girlfriend say I'm too traditional, or are they not concerned with


Dear Old-Fashioned:
Yes, they would definitely say you're too traditional. But, can I add something? I agree with you, big-time. Otherwise, it just asks for butt-loads of

trouble later on. Sorry, but it does.

Dear Ted:
In your opinion which of these Vice stars is more likely to end up with a same-sex partner in the long run: Nevis Divine, Terry Tush-Trade or Crescent

Kumquat? And which of them cares less whether or not the public knows about their bisexuality?

Dear Sorry to Disappoint:
Though we would love to see one of our B.V. stars get homolicious for the long haul, it's probably not going to happen with any of these three—with the

possible exception of Terry (but never publicly). Sure, they all play for both teams, but that's supposed to be a secret, remember? And, sweetheart, none of

them could care less.

Dear Ted:
If Nevis Divine ever met Seymour Plow-Me More, Parrish Maguire or Toothy Tile, how likely would he be to jump in bed with each of them on a scale of one to

five (one being "Ewwww Hell no!" and five being "Mmmm yummy yummy!")?

Dear It's a Guessing Game:
Seymour? Zero. Parrish? Zero. Toothy? Now that would be a hot hookup. Or to quote you: Mmmmlicious!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How is Parrish Maguire doing? Still having a beard problem? Also, has Nevis Divine stayed away from drugs to deal with things lately? How is his relationship

with Barrington Bang-Me now? Please answer! I'm having Blind Vice withdrawal!

Dear Clean Shaven:
Worse than ever, I'm afraid, doll. Parr is going to have a tough least, as far as my predictions go. Nev on the other hand is doing much better

these days. Things have kinda cooled between him and Barr (don't worry, they're still mucho into each other), but he's put off the rehab route. For now."

blurry vice said...

How about the Sienna Miller pregnancy?!

EV said...

I was very surprised by the news that Sienna was pregnant. Didn't see that one coming at all!

JessMarie414 said...

Hi! Just found this blog and had to comment. I've just recently gotten into Ted C's blind vices (late to the show)! This whole Nevis Divine/Barrington thing is driving me crazy! Some things fit Rob as Nevis perfectly and others say that it cant be. Ted has just posted a new update on Nevis and it mentions that one of his friends has fallen pregnant, and how his family lost a child tragically in the past. It seems to fit Tom and Sienna getting pregnant but something seems off. 1) Ted says that one of Nevis's friends is the lucky dad to be, he doesn't name Barrington. That's means either A) he knew that naming Barrington specifically would out them fast OR B) he is just making this part completely up because he knows that we probably won't be able to find this 'friend'.

I just can't believe that bi-sexual or not (hopefully not) Kristen would let Rob cheat on her like that. Even f there was an agreement.

JessMarie414 said...

And he totally just answered my question. I should have just waited five minutes to read today's afternoon BB. Ted said that the expectant father isn't Barrington

EV said...

That still leaves Sienna as the possible pregnant friend. I also have another idea for the friend that I will throw out there when the sisters post today's new Nevis blind.

Georgania said...

How would that leave Sienna as the pregnant friend? Tom is Sienna's baby daddy and Ted said that Barrington wasn't a daddy-to-be. I think that he wants us to think that Rob is ND to keep up the drama but he does give us a lot of hints that Rob isn't ND.
Sometimes I think that he just makes up a couple of 'personas' and don't match them with celebs. Not all the time though. Especially with Rob & Kristen. Both seem to be Nevis and Terry but his answers say no. I think he is screwing with us big time.

EV said...

In the BV, Ted says "a good friend becoming pregnant" which implies said friend is a woman. Then in today's Afternoon Mail" he said "No, the friend is not Barrington". Ted is very careful with his words & often plays coy. He never said Barrington is not the expectant father.

At first read, it does seem to rule out Tom & Sienna as side players in the Nevis vice. But when you read it again, to me at least, it seems to still leave the door open that Sienna is the friend that Ted could be referring because she is Tom's baby mama-to-be.

Georgania said...

I agree, Ted is very coy. But the question asked was 'Is the expecting friend Barrington Bang Me and the woman you call his beard?' to which Ted answered 'the friend is not Barrington'. The writer smartly lumped Barrington and the beard together. Ted only answered Barrington was a no. Typically both the mother and the father expect together, not just necessarily the woman. I still think that rules out Tom since he is technically expecting as well.

I wrote Ted a BB question about this and am hoping to get an answer tomorrow. I've wrote a hellava lotta them and have a trick ;-) I find that if you against his position he actually reveals more/straight answers. The whole robsten/nonsten thing, he totally gets defensive and stands up for them if you play the nonsten role. If you play the robsten side then he just tells you 'told you so'. Im glad they are together because they seem good for eachother, but I'm not obsessed with their relationship.
Unlike these damn vices, which drive me crazy!!!

Georgania said...

I sent this one out just now. I'm stuck on what his response will be. Hopefully he will actually answer this one.

Dear Ted,

If a couple were dating but not married and were having a baby would you say that only the woman is expecting or the daddy to be as well?


JessMarie414 said...

Oooh, that's good: mommy only versus both mommy/daddy. Doubt that he will answer it though, he's sneaky like that.

I agree that both mommy & daddy expect a baby. If he confirms that it's not Tom & Sienna that would pretty much dismiss Rob as ND. I agree, Georgania, no one else from
Rob's past would fit Barrington. He shot himself in the foot when he answered that Barrington wasnt the friend. I'm starting to think that Rob (and maybe Kristen) are being used as scapegoats. A lot of ND's 'traits' don't fit Rob and Kristen can't be TTT (Ted has always stated that she/rob/taylor are irreplaceable in the series, but TTT was told to shape up or they would replace her/him). Maybe he is saying that they have vices just to get the comments/drama, fit certain monikers traits to some of theirs, but they never match up ad aren't supposed to.
This is an evil mindf**kery going on!

kellymichelle said...

How about Jackson Rathbone being the friend?? He has just announced he was expecting. And Ted never said the the friend was a fellow "vicer". Someone should ask if the friend expecting has a moniker.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Given Sienna Miller's wild and crazy past, does she have a Blind Vice of her own? I have such a hard time believing that motherhood will tame her! Do you

think watching Tom Sturridge and Sienna welcome their little one will make Robsten want to settle down at all?

Dear Blind in the Oven:
I think Sienna will still have a naughty side to her, even when she's doing diaper duty, but I am sure motherhood will tame her a bit…maybe just move the

Vice-like behavior behind closed doors. As for your Rob and Kristen question? No. Not at all."