Friday, April 17, 2009

New Moon Blind Vice: Twyla Babe-Sucker's Not Alone

New from Ted today...

New Moon Blind Vice: Twyla Babe-Sucker's Not Alone

Move over, Twyla Babe-Sucker, you've got company on the New Moon set: Her name's Julie Bone-Jumper.
But first, gotta say: It's almost as if Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer made sure the contract stated that her angst-ridden teeny vampire love story be cast only with equally pale, angst-ridden love-torn young actors.
Such is the case with Twyla Babe-Sucker, star of our last Twilight Vice installment. And it's certainly the case, as well, for Ms. JBJ.
And Julie, like Twyla, has another love...
Though, we must admit, Julie's man isn't nearly as jealous as Twyla's cranky, twitching freakazoid of a BF. Still, he's not exactly thrilled that Julie's been all-too-obviously jonesing for one of her humpy Twilight costars, who isn't exactly hiding his feelings for Julie, either.
Now, can we be honest here?
As perfecto as Ms. Babe-Sucker's tastes may be, it simply must be stated—plain and stud-simple—that I do think Julie's going gonzo for the hunkier dude. I can def see why she's considering dumping the full-time BF for a sweet little fling with the muscled costar in question. Who wouldn't?
Just wonder if it would last (so, too, no doubt, would certain Twilight powers that be).
I mean, Nikki Reed probably would have launched on this dude at the first table reading! Wonder if she did...
Oh, and I've had it with E!'s snitty, pearl-and-cardigan wearing lawyers. I'm Twittering the next set of clues. Follow my ass and make some guesses. Screw old-time snail blolumns.
It ain't: Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Rachelle Lafevre

Ted has eliminated: Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Rachelle Lafevre, Kristen Stewart, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser.

* Top suspects: Ashley Greene (with Jackson Rathbone)


blurry vice said...

I'm not on Twitter. If anyone is and reads our site, please fill us in on Ted's Twitter clues here! :)

blurry vice said...

Doh! I just realized I can read his hints without joining Twitter. From yesterday:

"hint on tomorrow morning's #blindvice, it's NOT #kristenstewart, but close...think perkier, bit sweeter"

FrenchGirl said...

i never understand Ted C blind items!

Unknown said...

My guess is Ashley Greene and the muscle and hunky hints at Kellan Lutz, but I thought it would Jackson Rathbone, since Ted hinted that Jackson has his eyes on one of the Cullen girls.

Anonymous said...

I think he's referring to Anna Kendrick (who plays Jessica Stanley) and Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob)
What do you think? Am I way off?

Anonymous said...

Additional comment:
For sure the guy is Taylor Lautner, the girls could also be either Nikki Reed or Kristen Stewart (if you go for the "A" listers).
Also, I do think Ned Devine(?) is Pattinson and his boyfriend is Tom Sturridge. They've been together now for a few years. Even live together I believe. (what do you think?)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone dating?

Dear Cupid Curious:
I think someone else on the set would be very upset by that, don't you?"

WBotW said...

Anna has been eliminated.
My money is on Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note here that TMZ caught Kellen Lutz and Jackson Rathbone together at LAX the day before yesterday (sunday). Don't know if they were coming or going back to Vancouver. They were spotted reading NewMoon sharing one book (and laughing).

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I think it's Ashley Greene & Kellen Lutz, although I have no idea what Kellan's status is with that 90210 girl, Annalynne McCord (sp?). Perkier and sweeter than KStew would have to be Ashley, and dimpled cutie (who isn't JR) must be Kellen! And in some of their photos together, these two look pretty dang flirtatious.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
About your Twilight Blind Vices: Would it be accurate to say that none of the answers are Peter Facinelli or Elizabeth Reaser?

Dear Throwing It Out There:

blurry vice said...

Aurora - please do not use profanity again. And no we don't care who you "know from the set".

armsnbones said...
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armsnbones said...
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blurry vice said...

The F word = profanity. Don't use it here. That's all we are saying. What a happy person you are!

blurry vice said...

Anyhoo, Ted hints today that this BV was about Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone, giving them the nickname "JAckley".

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm a huge Robsten fan, and I honestly can't believe what Summit has been doing to the entire cast (not only to Rob and Kristen). I've never seen a studio act like this. They are almost as much in the news as the actors themselves. Back in the good ol' days, Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene were together (or something). Now, can you give us the scoop on what's up with eye-candy Jackson? Is he dating anyone?

Dear Jack Attack:
I think he still has his eye on Ms. Greene, but my magic eight ball says Bryce Dallas Howard could shake that up. And Ash might not be happy about it."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Awful Truth:
I'm losing hope in an Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone hookup after seeing she's hooking up with Chace Crawford, who, in my opinion, is a downgrade from delicious Jackson. I'm starting to think the only Twi-couple worth caring about is Robsten. Am I wise?

Dear Sounds About Right:
For now, yes, you're very wise. But with all those new castmembers up in Vancouver (especially Xavier Samuel stealing Rob's style), count on that not being the case for very long. What about a Taylor Lautner-Ashley hookup? Or Xavier-Nikki? There are definitely some very, very eligible combinations to be made, don't you think?"

"Dear Ted:
I love your Robsten news, but I also have some mad love for Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene. Ashley has admitted she crushes on Jackson three different times already. I was lucky enough to go to the Dallas Twicon, and when someone asked Jackson what attracted him to the role of Jasper, he answered "Ashley Greene." Adorable, right? But then the whole Chace Crawford thing happened, which made me sad and lose hope. I have a feeling I'm not the only one. Any scoop on their status right now?

Dear Going Greene:
Ashley knows she's a wanted broad, and she's playing the field, which we totally support! That C2 smooch is just a fling. And don't hold out on Rathgreene being the new Robsten; their comments are way too public (and cutesy) to be taken seriously."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Awful Truth:
Your column has to be the only one I actually read because I know you are going to say things straight out and not just make up things like other sites just to get viewers. From the Twilight camp, any news on Jackson Rathbone? Is he as clean-cut as he portrays himself, or is there something behind that devilishly handsome smile of his? Do tell me.

Dear Throw Me a Rathbone:
I think your problem is that you think Jackson is clean-cut to begin with. If you eliminate that adjective from your usual list of descriptors, then the behind-the-scenes Jackson won't surprise you as much."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Awful Truth:
Your latest Bitch-Back said that Rathgreene are not the new Robsten. Duh, obviously. But you were harsh about us not taking them serious when they say all that stuff. Did you mean there's nothing there? Because I think I remember you saying that there was. Way to crush the second biggest fanbase on this fandom, you Robsten asskisser!

Dear Rath of Khan:
It's not that you shouldn't take them seriously—it's just that they're nowhere near the level of serious that a couple like Robsten is at. Ashley's still sometimes fooling around with Chace, which doesn't scream ready-to-settle to me."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How does Jackson Rathbone feel about the whole Ashley Greene-Chace Crawford situation?

Dear Ashbone:
I'm sure they weren't his fave pics to look at, but from what I've heard, Jackson and Ashley have possibly fizzled a bit—but they're still buds."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Xavier Samuels has been to two 100 Monkeys shows, so I think he gets along well with Jackson Rathbone. I don't think he's sleeping with Ashley Greene, do you?

Dear Monkey Business:
Well, true enough, Ashley's no Nikki Reed, but she's also no fool."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's up with Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone frolicking in the latest issue of Glamour U.K.? I was shocked when I opened the magazine. Is that how you kiss your friends nowadays?

Dear Jackley on the Rise:
Don't you always carry a little flame for conquests past? Lighten up."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Like many young girls in the world, I am a confessed Twi-hard. But unlike most of them, I don't lust after Rob and Taylor, though I do love them both. My main guy is Jackson Rathbone. I don't think this has been asked, but I have only been reading you for a few months, but I'm wondering, is he on his way to becoming a B.V., if he isn't one already? He seems so down-to-earth and normal, so I don't see how he could be. I mean, the guy is touring with his band 100Monkeys and tends to stay out of the spotlight. Much like Johnny Depp, actor first, celebrity second. Anything you can tell me?

Dear Good Taste:
I definitely admire the way Jackson handles himself. He hasn't starred in his own B.V."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Has the adorably confused Crescent Kumquat ever been caught kissing one of your very own female Blind Vicers (off-set, of course)? I would love an answer to this one, doll!

Dear Cootie Patrol:
Cres isn't exactly picky about who he puckers up too, so I'm sure you've seen him smooching some gals, and knowing C.K.'s naughty ways, I'm sure he likes both his boys and occasional babes to be quite naughty, too. The answer is yes."

(Chace Crawford - Ashley Greene)

blurry vice said...

FYI Ashley Greene is also a top suspect for Twyla Babe Sucker ... she is still a top suspect for Julie Bone Jumper as well.

bepbabe86 said...

First time poster, but I've been reading up non the BV's for a while. Since Ashley Greene may now be top suspect for Twyla Babe-Sucker, I have to wonder if Julie Bone-Jumper really isn't Ashley after all, but maybe someone who was new the the franchise starting with New Moon. The opening line to this BV suggests that it is someone newer, IMO. Also this part:

"Nikki Reed probably would have launched on this dude at the first table reading! Wonder if she did..."

I suppose this could mean that Julie may not have given this hottie the time of day during the first shoot, but I think he's alluding to the fact that this person is new to the set. Could also mean that the muscled costar is new to the set also, but I definitely think that Julie Bone-Jumper is someone who has not been around from the beginning.

Sorry this is so long, and if Ted has clarified that Julie has been around from the start please let me know!

Heather said...

I agree, bepbabe86. There are three possibilities for Julie when you consider who's been eliminated: Ashley, Christian Serratos, and Noot Seer. I'm actually leaning towards Noot.

She was really hyped up before New Moon. She's a successful professional model but is trying to break into acting. She shared a Glamour Magazine spread with three big Twi-girl stars: Nikki, Ashley, and Rachelle:

I had to laugh when I saw the movie because she has one line and is on-screen for less than 10 seconds but they still gave her hype in the press. All that to say, even though she's seemingly no one, Ted could have made her a blind based on her level of media exposure. Also, it's interesting that he AIA'd her for Twyla. Why? It's not like anyone would think of her, right? He could have brought her up because he knew she was going to be a future blind. As of Oct, 2006 she supposedly had a BF (story here: but I can't find any current info.

If I'm not mistaken, her character comes back in Breaking Dawn when the Volturi go to Forks. It'll be interesting if we get another JBJ update around that time.

Heather said...

Oh, I forgot to add...Anna wasn't eliminated for this (that I can find) but I doubt it's her. She had just started dating Edgar Wright, the director of one of her movies, right before the blind came out.

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Last September, someone asked if Kellan Lutz was a B.V. and you said, "Not directly, no." Did that mean that he was a guest star in one but didn't have his own moniker, at least back then?

Dear Killin' for Kellan:
You don't think, given all the Twi vices, he's been mentioned at least once? Not one teensy little time?"

Heather said...

I definitely think Kellan's the guest star in this one.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My question is about a Vice we haven't heard about in a while: Julie Bone-Jumper. You said it was on the New Moon set where she was tempted by her muscled costar. Did the temptation continue on the Eclipse set?
—Vice Lover

Dear Keeping Up With the Bone-Jumpers:
A temptation that hot doesn't just extinguish itself when the movie's over. Julie's still harboring that heat in her loins, trust."

Heather said...

This was my question to Ted. Just wanted to point out that he omitted a part of my question that asked if JBJ was even in Eclipse. When Ted alters a question there's always a reason. If JBJ is Ashley the answer to whether or not she was in Eclipse would be simple: "Yes". But he doesn't even address it. I know it's kind of an off the wall guess but I'm still going with Noot Seer for this one. Especially since Ted recently revealed that the answers to his BV's are sometimes Z-listers.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
First of all, I want to say I've never been more of a Robsten lover than now. Coming back from holidays (Internetless holidays!) and finding out about the Robsten kissing scene at Montreal was the best that happened to me in some time. As you said, we celebrate it, haters can suck it! But now, I would like to ask you what you think, Ashley Greene would be better with Jackson Rathbone or Kellan Lutz? Or maybe...Joe Jonas?

Dear Greener Pastures:
Jackson, of course! Team Awful is totally for Jackley (our fave Twilight twosome, after Robsten, of course). While Ash and Kell would certainly be a cute couple, they're strictly BFFs, and Kellan is getting serious with his hottie GF, AnnaLynne McCord. As for Joe, well, that's along the same lines...though, they seem to want you to think otherwise."

SavageGrace said...

I definitely think that Ashley Greene is the one they are talking about (because she does JUMP from one guy to the next) but I think the name "BONE-Jumper" makes it way too obvious to be Jackson RathBONE.

Also I wouldn't call J "muscled" so I'm going to go with Kellan Lutz or Taylor Lautner... most likely K since I think T is def. more into dudes. =P

If people notice, Ashley has been cooing over Kellan a lot lately and during the Eclipse press tour she made a point of sitting as far away from J as she could (at one point she was pressed right against Kellan and left an obviously 2-3 inches between her and J). Heck, A+J's fake panting over each other before R+K finally "came out" as a couple was just too pathetic to be believable. =P

Anyway - Ted's panting for A+J to be together... ew. No thank you. J could do MUCH better.

blurry vice said...

ashley greene

"Dear Ted:
Please tell me you've seen the picture of Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas driving around with a drink called "NeuroGasm." The product says it increases sexual health. Besides getting publicity for the drink, what the heck is this about? That and Joe has been spotted without his purity ring. Why are they so insistent on having the public believe they're doing the naughty? I for one think this is hysterical.

Dear Passion Play:
Since it seems Ash and Joe have no signs of letting up, it's time we officially dub these two with a celeb couple nickname: Gronas (emphasis on the groan). Perfect, right? As for their latest sexed up—but not really—shenanigans, just remember everything about these two is charmingly calculated. And they're loving it just as much as you are.

Dear Ted:
Once Breaking Dawn begins filming, what are the chances of getting new installments of my favorite Twi-Vices: Twyla, Terry or Julie?

Dear Twi-Clinger:
If these naughty nymphos keep up their sexy and oh-so-secret ways, which I'm sure they will, trust, then the chances are good, babe."

"Dear Ted:
Joe Jonas kind of pisses me off. He is such a player. He goes from girl to girl to girl. Now don't get me wrong, he is pretty hot—no doubt about that—but still. I mean how long after he dated Demi Lovato did he go straight to Ashley Green?

Dear Average Joe:
Don't make me laugh, babe! Don't you know the chicks have all the power in these relayshes?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I don't mind the Twilight takeover in your column, but could you serve up some Vicey goodness along with it? We haven't heard much about Julie Bone-Jumper in a while. What's she been up to? And what about Rocky Trailer?
—Lisa Marie

Dear Twilight Sex Saga:
Both babes are up to various naughty antics behind the scenes, of course, but expect them to ramp up when Breaking Dawn goes back into production. That's when all these Vicers really start to act up."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do you have any goss on Jackson Rathbone? We never hear anything about his love life, he's never photographed with anyone and he seems to spend all of his

time with his band. This leads me to suspect he's either terribly boring or doing something Blind Vice-worthy. Anything interesting we should know about?
—Wendy K

Dear Keeping Up With Jacks:
Talk about snooze-worthy! As much as we love the cutesy vamp, Jackson hasn't been up to anything interesting enough to follow. Dare we say that makes him,

normal? Now you see why Ashley Greene wasn't gonna stick around for too long."

blurry vice said...

""Dear Ted:
Who's more famous: Twyla Babe-Sucker or Julie Bone-Jumper? And who's naughtier these days?
—Twi Vice Crazy

Dear Oldies:
I would say Twyla, although I think Julie has a larger audience who heart her. As for naughty, both

gals have been pretty good, aka boring."

blurry vice said...

related to above question? -

"Dear Ted:
Who would you say is the most loved girl in the Twilight cast by fans?

Dear Wake Up 'n' Smell the K.Stew:
Hoping you got your answer from all of today's Kristen questions, or maybe from every friggin' article we post! Duh, it's all about Kristen Stewart when it comes to the Twi-hards' hearts. For those a little less vamped, we could see how Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed could be close seconds—on a good day. As much as we heart them all, Krisbians outnumber the rest, hands down."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Back when I started reading you in Sept. of '09 I submitted my first Bitch-Back question ever about Twyla Babe-Sucker being Ashley Greene. To my amazement, I

actually made it into the BB (squee!!) and you responded, "Come on, crumbcake, you know I can't just give that away". Well, in light of the recent sightings

of her sucking face with hottie Jackson Rathbone, can you confirm that Ash is indeed the infamous Babe-Sucker who was torn between an on-again off-again

relaysh and her studly co-star?

Dear Suck On This:
Ash's relaysh with Jackson is new, relatively. The flirting may have always been there but they weren't one of the original (official) Twi couplings. Not by

a long shot."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Can you give us a few differences between Julie Bone Jumper and Twyla Babe Sucker's personalities or careers? They blend in way too much. I need something to

distinguish one from the other.

Dear Distinguished Dirt:
Your wish is my command. Bone's more of a notorious man-thumper, but Babe likes both. That's all I'm giving you doll!

Dear Ted:
I love K.Stew but my guilty pleasure is Ashley Greene. What has she been up to? I see she cooled it with the man slinging. Give me a clue to her Blind Vice.

Dear Asking About Ashley:
It's very liberal, quite sensual."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Jackson Rathbone of Twilight fame a Vice star? He never seems to be in the tabloids; wondering if he's hiding something, or is he in fact just a good boy?

Dear Take Two:
Nope, tho Jax may occasionally come across as totally bizarro, he has not earned himself a moniker just yet. Which isn't to say there's no Twilight-related

goss about the guy. It just has to do more with his acting chops (or lack thereof, some would say) than who he's hopping in bed with. That said, maybe he's a

minor player in somebody else's Twi Vice? Hmm...""

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
It's been a while since we've heard about Twyla Babe-Sucker and Julie Bone-Jumper. Has TBS settled into fame and gotten rid of the drugs and booze? Did JBJ fulfill her inner desires and hook up with her costar?

Dear Jumping and Sucking:
It's unlikely TBS will ever ease into the mega-fame she's achieved, but gal has at least learned to deal. As for the drugs and booze? Twyla's hardly clean,
but she's not in a straight-to-rehab downward spiral. Get it? And JBJ's moved on to other desires—that costar you speak of is now permanently off limits."