Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crazy Days and Nights - 4.14.09

From CDAN yesterday -

Today's Blind Items - From The Accountant

It is that time of the year. Tax time. And with tax time comes lots of stories from the accountant about how celebrities are spending their money, and on whom.

This B-/C+ actor is the co-star of a very highly rated, long running network drama. He has been on the entire run of the show. Anyway, in 2008, our actor bought not one, not, two, but three sets of fake breasts for women I guess he was dating. Besides breasts he also paid for several other procedures, putting his plastic surgery total from last year at about $65,000, none of which was apparently spent on him.


Unknown said...

Michael wheatherly.... he's straight been in NCIS from day 1 and has good reason to feel insecure about the 'looks' of his dates. He let Jessica Alba slip away!

Anonymous said...

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