Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Page Six- Just Asking

February 24, 2009 --
WHICH actor snorted cocaine in the bathroom during an Oscar after-party, while a slimmed-down stoner actor smoked pot outside with his pals? . . . WHICH morning cable TV show hostess took off a week recently to get her eyes done and her breasts enlarged? . . . WHICH aviation honcho is trying to knock down rumors he shacked up with a young hottie who works for him while his pregnant wife was back home and clueless?


duffgrl said...

So far all I'm guessing is the slimmed-down pot smoker: Seth Rogen, definitely. for the coke snorter-I don't know-Sean Penn?

Anonymous said...

i'm going rogen and penn too. the rest, no idea

Unknown said...

Seth Rogen for sure. For the aviation honcho, maybe Richard Branson? His personal life isn't that public.

Babsbunny said...

Voting slimmed down to be Mickey.
Cokehead: Robert Downey Jr.
Since Branson seems to be the only public aviation honcho... I'll go with that one.

Unknown said...

Rogen- he's a know pothead

Cocaine? No guess- really could be anyone

TV Show hostess- Kathy Lee Gifford. She was off the second week of Feb from Today

Aviation Honcho- wild guess- but could be Cpt Sully of Hudson fame. He and his wife have young children.

Unknown said...

I'm guessing Mika Brzezinksi for the morning cable TV hostess.