Friday, December 14, 2007

One Redux Doo-Doo Blind Vice 12/13/07

Ted Casablanca's latest Blind Vice...

One Redux Doo-Doo Blind Vice
Celebs talkin’ trash on each other is nothing new in Tinseltown (just ask Paris and Lindsay), but when a big ol’ movie star disses his costar on set (behind her back, natch), that’s something else. But let’s back up. Seymour Slim-Bum first worked with Darlene Deviant a few years ago on a dramatic thriller. Both babes had somethin' goin' on and got props for their badass acting chops. The flick did very well at the box office and received accolades from critics and fans alike. So, it only made sense that, years later, these two good-looking honeys were both tapped to play in a flick again. Now, this particular project was a little more romantic and a little less randy than their last turn together, but it smelled of box-office gold. It’s an adaptation of a rather popular property, and with Seymour and Dar attached, studio types figured they couldn’t go wrong. But then, some equally bright-minded execs also greenlighted the densely literary Love in the Time of Cholera, so what the ef do these suits know? And then add not-necessarily translatable dynamics with a lotta nervous Nellie neurosis. See, recently when the flick was under way, Darlene-love started being very peculiar. She’d disappear into her trailer for hours at a time, with no explanation. No one was exactly sure what D2 was up to. Arguing with her hot-tempered partner, perhaps? D.D. and her man have had quite the tempestuous relationship, to say the least. Regardless of the reason, it was only a matter of time before SSB got fed up with his costar’s very regular disappearing act. “That woman has problems,” he was overheard saying (many times) on set. And perhaps SSB’s newfound dislike for Darlene came across in the dailies or something, because now sources close to the hugely hyped project are saying it’s been shelved indefinitely. As for how this will affect both stars’ paychecks and reputations, guess we’ll have to wait and see.
And it ain't: Meg Ryan/Russell Crowe, Julia Roberts/Tom Hanks, Nicole
/Tom Cruise.

At first thought I am thinking Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey/Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal/Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves types of scting duos. Just a matter of trying to figure out who is filming with who lately.
I peeked on some other sites and peeps are saying it is Diane Lane and Richard Gere. Remember Unfaithful? Apparently they are filming another movie together... Nights in Rodanthe. Rumor is that the release date has been delayed. Also Josh Brolin and Diane have had some rocky points in the past. Boring!

Seymour Slim-Butt = Richard Gere
Darlene Deviant = Diane Lane


mo said...

Def Diane Lane & R. Gere. When you read the blind vice with them in mind, it fits exactly.

Anonymous said...

Gere and Lane worked together before Unfaithful, though -- weren't they both in Ragtime, a million years ago? Did Ted forget, or does this rule them out?

blurry vice said...

I think Ted just forgot that part or didn't think it was worth mentioning. Not a big movie and most people don't know of it.

blurry vice said...

Ted excluded:

Al Pacino and Kim Basinger -
"Think younger for both."

Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock -
"Think hotter for him and less gal-next-door, more do-me-diva for her."

blurry vice said...

Ted eliminated:

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen -
"Julia and Clive got pretty tight in Closer...but you’ve got a long (slightly less beauteous) way to go."

blurry vice said...

Ted has eliminated Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo. He says close on age, but think more headline prone.