Monday, December 17, 2007

Crazy Days and Nights Blind Items 12/17/07

Today's Blind Items from Crazy Days and Nights -

#1 This first one is easy enough to to understand when you hear it, but is difficult to write down and keep identities somewhat secret. It involves three people. Two women and one man. (W1, W2, M) Our man is a singer. He hasn't really done anything else except for singing. Oh, there was one little television thing, maybe two. But singing his how he got started. W1 is the girlfriend of our man. W2 is not a tax form, but I guarantee you she knows how much you make or what you have been in before she agrees to go out with you. Television hostess, and all around gold digger. Turns out W2 decided she was going to try and get some M because she is so publicity hungry and knows that her romance with M would be really big news. She has been trying for weeks and weeks. When she smells fame she will do anything to get noticed. Our man wasn't interested, and told W1 of what W2 was up to, and all the flirting, touching and clear looks at W2's upper half. How W2 always seemed to be getting in, or out of her clothes when she would invited M to her dressing room. W1 who has been known to swing on both sides of the fence, told M to invite W2 back to their place and maybe W2 would be up for some fun with W1 and M. Our man agreed, but only with hesitation. Turns out he is pretty basic. W2 comes over and is actually open to the idea, but will only do it if M will be seen with her in public for a month so it looks like they could be dating. W1 agreed because she wanted some of W2 and is always up for kink, but what did M say? So far, no happy new couple photos, but the week is young.

#2 This old man still has it. Charmed the hell out of a porn star and took her home.

#1 - This has to be Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo. She was in that photo kissing Lindsay Lohan, remember? This fits them. Not sure who the "W2" is though. Probably someone like Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavalleri. A publicity hungry TV hostess - Maria Menunos? She is currently hosting Clash of the Choirs starring Nick Lachey.

#2 - Has to be Jack Nicholson. He is always picking up younger chicks!


mo said...

#1 is strange. If it's true, my guess is Justin Timberlake. I doubt Nick Lachey would do that (although you're right that the whole Vanessa & Lindsey thing was very weird.) It is NOT Lauren Conrad! She would never! I don't know what TV host it could be, but stupid Maria Manounos is a good guess.