Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blind Vice: Chuck Finger Dingle Returns...

New BV from Ted Friday Jan 20 -

Blind Vice: Sexual Carnivore Charlotte Switches Teams for a Great Movie Role!

We've already all fallen in love with Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle and her sexually impressive resume of bedding Hollywood's power gals. This particular beauty seems to thrive and simply glow inside the more women she beds, but guess what?
Chuck's also got a hot career going, which actually means more to her than her ambitious (and athletic) love life, so Charlotte just added something very different to her woman-eating Hollywood climb:
A man.
Yep, that's right! And, of course, not just any man, but a very, very powerful and über-talented man!
One who just happens to be directing Charly in her latest project. But that's not all.
Wanna know what's really weird about this one? No, not that Chuck has so seamlessly switched from women to men just for the sake of a great role (trust us, lots of celebs have made that switch in this town for far less than a spectacular role), but the fact that Chuck's new man has a woman who's totally OK with this arrangement!
Uh, are we watching a real-life episode of Sex and the City, only with Chucky's lover's other half doing the same thing Samantha would?
Either that or the director's woman knows full well that Charly's first preference is for the ladies, and she'll be bored diddling the director dude soon enough.
Only problem is, the way Charly's hanging all over her lover in public (not to mention in private), that sexual fade-out doesn't appear to be occurring anytime soon.
AND IT AIN'T: Jennifer Lawrence, Naya Rivera, Dakota Fanning

Please use the label below to go to our post on the previous CFD BV, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Rooney Mara


KaDixonLaw said...

This new Chuck blind has thrown me off. Rooney Mara's current project, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was directed by David Fincher and he isn't married nor does he appear to have a girlfriend. Her only other upcoming project is in pre-production and is directed by Terrence Malick. However, he's much older and I don't see this applying to him.

EV said...
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EV said...

David Fincher's long-term girlfriend & producer is Cean Chaffin. They have been together for 19 years.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Simple question: How many Vice stars were in attendance at last night's Golden Globes? Would I need one hand or two to count them? Or maybe both hands and a foot?!

Dear BV Superstar Attendance Sheet:
You expect me to count 'em all, P?! Did you see how jam-packed with stars the Globes were? So why don't we just start with the nominations, K?! Use two hands to get the big ones—ya know, like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie and noobie Rooney Mara.

Dear Ted:
OK, you've teased about Rooney Mara's Blind Vice, without giving hints to what it is. Rooney Mara describes herself as quiet and shy, and is considered to be

a newcomer to the Hollywood scene, so is her Vice something old or newly developed? How shocking would her Blind Vice be and is it well known in Hollywood

community? She's been dating the same dull, clean cut guy for what seems like a very long time for Hollywood stars, so nothing interesting there or am I wrong?
—Piqued curiosity

Dear Vicey Vixen:
Mara's been Vicing around for awhile, but she's stepped up her game now that she's an A-list star. And trust, it's a very juicy Vice that's about to get even naughtier. Stay tuned!" (jan 17)

blurry vice said...

GWDT isn't really a NEW project. I think this director is from a NEW project in the works. I am not up to date on her career at the moment, however.

alyssastinks said...

Rooney Mara A-list my ass.

KaDixonLaw said...

@EV - Thanks for that info. I couldn't find anything about a girlfriend. If that's the case, I'm totally sold on Rooney Mara.

Savannah said...

Rooney Mara, David Fincher, Cean Chaffin. Project = The Girl w The Dragon Tat sequels or 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
More clues...
"athletic love life" = Rooney's comes from a family that owns NFL teams
her calls her "Charly" at one point = Her beard is Charlie MacDowell
Sex and the City = That show was set in NYC. Rooney is from New York

Ted has confirmed she has a moniker and she's the only one who has fitted all the Chuck clues. Can anyone think of any other BVs that have been introduced since she got the part that would fit her?

jmp1104 said...

What about Evan Rachel Wood?

andiecandie said...

"Charlotte just added something very different to her woman-eating Hollywood climb: A man."

Rooney has had a long term boyfriend I thought?

Miss Faye said...

This is clearly Rooney Mara. Ted said last week that she already had a vice and that her next item would be juicy and would be coming "real soon" and the next week the one we thought was her is here again. Because it's her.

Michelle said...

so Ted says that CFD does not and has not had a boyfriend, I suppose that eliminates Rooney also? Back to the drawing board?

Cristina said...


Yup, here it is:

Dear Ted:
Does our Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle have another toy in her "athletic" sexual life—let me say a boyfriend?

Dear All My Single Ladies:
Nope, Charlotte is totally BF-free. Remember, she opted out of the PDA-ing with her lust-worthy costars.

Definitely not Rooney Mara and I guess that eliminates Emma Roberts as well.

Trébuchet said...

Hmm, Mara out. Olivia Wilde out. Anyone whose even pretended to have a bf out. :/

Word! said...

I'm starting to get the idea that some of the clues are quite a bit exaggerated to refrain from being too obvious.

Jessica Chastain fits most of these. She's of an age and with connections to have been around long enough to be bedding Hollywood's elite power women. She has the cheeks, fashionista figure, current resume including ab-tastic co-stars (pitt, butler, penn, worthington, hardy, etc..., potentially profitable ongoing project (Madagascar 3). She's rarified in that she's a redhead. There was a "breakup" with a bf last summer, but that means nothing to me. She's not on magazine covers with her handsome co-stars...yet but likely will be very soon. And who said the covers had to be of them together? She is quoted as saying she wants to take roles that challenge her which could involve some controversy as Ted alluded to. She has Hollywood by the family jewels because, well, she's in everything...or at least quite a bit in such a short time. She's obviously an "It" girl right now. Her hair is red, but she's probably had it blonde for a role at some point. Actually, I can't even remember why we made her brunette in the first place. She has too many projects going to get a handle on the right director now.

I'm probably way off and it could still be Rooney. Comments stating CFD doesn't have a boyfriend could have some kinda secret code involved. Time to start digging deeper.

Unknown said...

I don't think Jessica Chastain has been in any movies with Rashida Jones, has she?

I feel like Ted is just fucking with us. They asked if Chuck has a boyfriend, not a beard. Maybe he's just splitting hairs in not referring to Charlie McDowell.

All of the previous clues fit Rooney Mara too well. Ted rather frequently makes a BV too obvious then throws a wrench into things to take some of the heat off the semi-exposed BV'er so as to not get in trouble with his/her PR team. That's just the way he plays his game.

KaDixonLaw said...

Ted has given us two big clues that we can't simply write off because they don't fit our best guess. Today he confirmed that Chuck does not have a boyfriend. Rooney Mara DOES have a boyfriend. That's a fact. It isn't one of Ted's screwball opinions that leaves us scratching our heads. (Cameron Diaz is curvy, anyone?!) He's also said that Chuck has not had any girl-on-girl action in her films, and Rooney Mara most definitely has:

Dear Ted:
Love your latest Vice! You mentioned that Chuck Finger-Dingle has had hetero onscreen romances, but has she had any onscreen girl-on-girl action as well?

Dear Swings Both Ways:
I'd have to check her IMDb page, but nothing that I can think of off the top of my head. That's not to say she's not open to it—she loves taking on

controversial roles."

Savannah said...

I agree with Unknown: The "boyfriend" answer doesn't necessarily rule out Rooney Mara. The person asked if Chuck has a BOYFRIEND, not if she has a BEARD. Ted always refers to fake girlfriends and fake boyfriends as beards. If Ted sees Charlie MacDowell as a beard and not a boyfriend then Rooney still fits Chuck.

Ted has been known to be tricky with his answers to BB question.

Ted has given major clues though: Chuck is American, she has worked with Rashida Jones, at the time the BV was written she didn't have blonde hair like Amber Heard.

Word! said...
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Word! said...

Gotcha, forgot about the Rashida clue, thx y'all!

Cristina said...

What about Shailene Woodley? She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the Descendants...she also played Marissa's little sister on the OC(family jewels)? This may be kind of a stretch and she is only 20 years old but maybe?

Dr.DuckyDuck said...

After the above comment, I went to IMDb because I was CERTAIN Shailene Woodley was NOT Kaitlin Cooper. However, her IMDb page lists that as one of her roles, so I felt silly. But upon further digging, I realized that this was a mistake because Willa Holland, who was later on Gossip Girl, was definitely Kaitlin Cooper. I have never seen such a weird IMDb mistake before.

That being said, Shailene Woodley was not in The O.C. and has no connection to "family jewels."

Cristina said...

It's not a mistake; both played Kaitlin. Woodley appeared as Kaitlin really early on and it was a very minor role. Willa Holland later played Kaitlin when the character became more prominent in the show (I think towards the final season).

Unknown said...

The no girl-on-girl action clue is a fake-out on Ted's part as well. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hadn't come out yet when he answered that, so technically Rooney hadn't had any girl-on-girl action on film. Against I think that's Ted splitting hairs to make things more ambiguous so that he doesn't just give away the blind vice.

medusa said...

The original blind mentions that "Chuck has sparked her fair share of rumored romances with T-town's hottest fellas (more than a fair share of which are also members of the Blind Vice Hall of Fame)" and "the tabloids plaster their covers with snapshots of chuck and her ab-tastic male costars."

I am struggling to think of either Rooney Mara or Jessica Chastain being rumored to be romancing any of the "hottest fellas" in Hollywood, or being on covers of the tabloids with "ab-tastic male costars." Has either of them ever even been on a tabloid cover?

(I do love the line "even if you don't win an Oscar" since both have now been nominated!)

reallytotally said...

Most seem very set on Rooney Mara, though many of the clues don't appear to match (likely to be lusted after by H'wood bachelors? Rumored romances with BlindVices?). Vitally - for me - there's the fact that Ted has stated nobody has guessed Chuck, though right after someone claimed having already sent several Mara guesses.

Is there really no other alternatives?

How about Dakota Johnson? She was in Social Network too (with Rashida Jones); parents Don Johnson + Melanie Griffith (family jewels - if this is indeed a clue); a model (fashionista figure + does have killer cheekbones + traditionally beautiful); young (b.1989, same agegroup as AIA's)... Recently in "21 Jump Street" flick, with ab-tastic Channing Tatum... Dunno about the boyfriend aspect, whichever way it should be interpreted.

I'm wondering about the bit about "seems to simply *glow* inside" - is that a red herring, or why the italics on "glow"? Someone elsewhere suggested Ellen Page (re: Juno, where she's preggers)... This may be far off, but the "glow" also reminded me of the mermaid in Pirates of Caribbean, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey (on imdb her trademark is actually listed as "high cheekbones"!). Not sure of the Rashida Jones connection, but since it's an "earlier project" they've worked on together, it could be anything (music video, theatre, etc etc).

reallytotally said...

Adding one more suggestion! Rosamund Pike, who incidentally has just finished "Wrath of Titans", where she's Andromeda ( know, "glow inside"?). And she's appeared as Miranda Frost in the rather splashy flick "Die Another Day". And she was in "Big Year" with Rashida Jones.

Word! said...

Medusa, I couldn't get Jessica Chastain to fit because of Rashida.

I was leaning toward Emma Stone, but she and Andrew Garfield have recent kissing photos. And he says Chuck doesn't play that game.

Ted makes it seem like its too obvious and that Chuck's hugely popular right now. We can't be that far off. I'm still on the fence because no actress fits 100%.

Word! said...

I'm rereading the other posts and clues again. Says Emma doesn't have a BV anyway. Some of these other gals just aren't popular enough.

Miss Faye said...

K, question: Ted has confirmed Rooney Mara has a vice within the past few months. If this one isn't Rooney Mara, which is? Which of the other vices between November and now is hers?

KaDixonLaw said...

Why does Rooney Mara's BV have to be in the November-December time frame? I see that Ted confirmed that she has a vice on 12/22/11; however, I cannot find a confirmation that she was NOT the subject of a BV prior to that. At least, it isn't on the sisters' list and they are usually really good about keeping that list up-to-date.

If Ted didn't make that confirmation, her vice may not have a clear-cut time frame.

medusa said...

Emma Stone and Rashida Jones were both in "Friends With Benefits" - for what it's worth.

EV said...

I can't imagine that Rooney would have been a BV before "The Social Network" came out in Fall 2010. She wouldn't have even been on Ted's radar. I still think Rooney is the best fit for Chuck, but with Ted saying Chuck does not have a boyfriend it has me looking for alternative options.

So what other American actress who has worked on the same project Rashida Jones is currently hooking up with her director who has his own lady already?

KaDixonLaw said...

Michelle Williams and Chloe Sevigny were in If These Walls Could Talk 2 with Rashida Jones a long time ago ("earlier project").

Michelle seems to have only had supporting roles in old BVs and, therefore, may not have been assigned a moniker; her career is certainly hot; she recently dyed her hair red; and, given the fact that she and Heath Ledger had a child, you could say that she has Hollywood by the "family jewels."

Word! said...

Ted couldn't possibly recall Rashida and Michelle being in the same film and not realize the extreme girl on girl in that one unless he was majorly effing with us.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Word! - That could be. Then again, he may have done what I did and checked IMDB without ever having seen or heard of the movie. ; )

Savannah said...

I still think Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle is Patricia "Tricia" Rooney Mara, especially since Ted's confirmed Rooney has a BV and no one can think of a diff BV introduced since she was cast in Dragon Tattoo that she'd fit. Here are the clues Ted has given about Chuck so far

She is attractive ("cheekbones to kill for", "fashionista figure")
She was in or is going to be in a big movie this year
There is something notable about her family ("family jewels" ,
Has been "rumored" to be dating hot Hollywood "fellas" (whether that means they're purely rumors or she's been in fake relationships we don't know)
Famous enough to be on the covers of tabloids, either in paparazzi shots or promo shots
She's considered either a really good actress or a really bad actress (the "Oscar" comment)
Her hair isn't blonde now like Amber Heard's
She is American ("In a rarefied sort of way") which rules out British girls like Carey Mulligan, Australians, and Canadians like Ellen Page
More famous than Riley Keough
"She's got a major project going right now with a lesser known Blind boy who likes to have it both ways in bed, that do anything for you?"
She's worked with Rashida Jones in the past

What about Mila Kunis? I suggested her when the first BV came out and someone said she already has a BV but I don't think Ted ever officially confirmed that she has a BV name. If Olivia Wilde is Kiki Doheny that would leave Mila open for Chuck. She doesn't fit all the clues but she fits a lot of them especially the one about rumored to date costars (Justin Timberlake)

KaDixonLaw said...

I really like the Mila Kunis guess! The sisters' list does not show that she has a confirmed BV, and I think that Ted's response to Rita was more along the lines of agreeing that she engages in some vicey behavior. Whether or not that counts as a reveal is debatable. She was born in the Ukraine, so that's the only big clue that doesn't fit Mila. Could Ted just have been screwing with us again? Or was he just screwing with us on the two big hints that do not fit Rooney Mara?

I just went through all of Ted's blinds from 2011 and, as much as I hate to say it, I don't think that Rooney Mara fits any aside from the Chuck blind.

KaDixonLaw said...

Ted's morning mail basically sealed the deal for me. If I'm reading his answer correctly, that is:

Chuck is the only blind from 2011 that (mostly) fits Rooney Mara. So, the statement re: Chuck not having a boyfriend/beard must be the one that is incorrect.

Michelle said...

which would mean that Strawberry has a BF and not husband. either way one of those blinds is wrong

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Does our Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle have another toy in her "athletic" sexual life—let me say a boyfriend?

Dear All My Single Ladies:
Nope, Charlotte is totally BF-free. Remember, she opted out of the PDA-ing with her lust-worthy costars.

Dear Ted:
You have all your B.V. sleuths in an uproar, some saying you are straight out lying (not what I think) just because their idea does not fit with your clues. Specifically with two of your lovely ladies, Chuck Finger-Dingle and Strawberry Snort 'Em, both because of your use of the term BF. Please help them understand, SSE had a boyfriend and not a husband and CFD does not have a current BF real or the beard variety. Thanks!

Dear Teddy Casablanca, Jr.
Uh, think you just took care of that for me, son. (Although you're wrong on one.)"

pomme said...

i really thought "Chuck" was Mara Rooney and when i read this blind vice for the first time ,Ted C just did another contradictor blind vice (as for Dicaprio) and only repeat the rumor about Mara and Fincher but with his new clues,Mara doesn't fit :Mara has a boyfriend Charlie McDowell and i don't find rumors about her and co-stars so i lost now

(sorry for my bad English,i'm french)

ehb said...

The clues seem to point to Emma Stone:

references to hollywood jewels = screen gems (the studio)... and Gluck (director) next project. hair color, birth year, home school etc.

abtatsic = spiderman etc... both probably bearding for each other though stone walked alone.

plus, "uber" with accents may indicate sweeden but not point to rooney as stone's lineage has Swedish ancestors.

the BV doesn't fit with rooney's external characteristics nor demeanor... she's quiet and introverted/reserved.

Unknown said...

It's not Emma Stone. Ted's said she doesn't have a blind vice several times.

I think in his latest bitch back he's hinting that Rooney's boyfriend is a beard. Also, I don't think Rooney's "been with" Charlie McDowell as long as people has been saying she's been with him. I feel like she said about a year ago that she was single in an interview.

Cristina said...

Perhaps Dakota Fanning?

Family Jewels...her sister is also an actress
Fashionista...she's modeled for Marc Jacobs aside from appearing in numerous magazines
The emphasis on "glow"...she played a vampire in Twilight and their skin sparkles in the light
Has done both Indie and box office hits; 5 movies for 2012

I can't find any connection to Rashida Jones though, maybe a talk show? She is also definitely not new to movies.

I could see this possibly being Mila Kunis as well, she is the voice of Meg on Family Guy for the family jewels reference

KaDixonLaw said...

@Cristina - Dakota Fanning is one of the AIAs. ; )

Cristina said...

Woops! Didn't even notice. I am completely stumped with this one then

Word! said...

Well why doesn't he just say she has a beard? He has no problem blabbing it for the men!

KaDixonLaw said...

I think the way he worded his answer today points towards Chuck not being involved in any public relationship, beard or otherwise. It was one of Ted's more clear-cut answers, actually.

Unknown said...

It wasn't all that clear cut an answer. I still think saying that Chuck hasn't had any relationships that were in the public eye doesn't eliminate the beard possibility. Ted could be hanging his hat on the technicality that a beard isn't a real relationship. Also, whatever Rooney has going on with Charlie McDowell hardly qualifies as being in the public eye. I'm sure few, if any people could tell you who the guy is or whether she's in a relationship (other than gossip hounds like us). If anything, this answer points even more towards Rooney because so few other actresses could be said to NOT have had relationships in the public eye.

The fact is, Ted C got too transparent with this blind too fast and he's trying to throw people off. He's eliminated just about everyone else, with the exception of Rooney and Emma Roberts, and Emma Roberts just doesn't fit, especially with the clue now that Chuck is older (than Dakota Fanning) and more adventurous. Emma Roberts hardly qualifies as older than Dakota Fanning in any way that is noteworthy (I think they're a couple of years apart), and she doesn't strike me as particularly adventurous.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Unknown - I guess we disagree, but that's nothing new. LOL! I happen to think that "nope" means no, which is why I thought it was a pretty clear-cut answer. Ted was asked if Chuck has been in a long-term, publicized relationship. He answered:

"As for the relaysh part, nope, Charlotte seems to have shied away from romance…at least in the public eye."

Beard or not, Ted says Chuck does not have a public relationship. It is a fact that Rooney Mara is publicly linked to Charlie McDowell and they have been papped several times over the last month or so. There have also been articles re: their relationship (People Mag on 1/18/12, for one). Besides, doesn't keeping a beard private completely defeat the purpose of bearding?

Word! said...

So @KaDixonLaw, are you saying it has to be someone else?

I'm back and forth every week.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Word! - Yes, I'm right there with you! : )

Just when I begin to think that Rooney has to be the right guess, Ted answers a question that makes it nearly impossible to consider her as a possibility. I also believe that there are other viable options. Michelle Williams, for one. However, I know that there may not be another unsolved blind that fits RM. It's very frustrating.

Cristina said...

This also eliminates Mila Kunis, who I was really starting to believe this was about. Now I'm back to Elizabeth Olsen.

Unknown said...

Even if you take the "no relationship in the public eye" comment at face value, which I still think hints at Rooney because she's said in the past that she won't speak about her relationships in public, there's no way this BI isn't about her. Ted has eliminated everyone else and the clues fit her too well. I think this is just a case of misdirection.

Elizabeth Olsen is eliminated because she hasn't worked with Rashida Jones.

EV said...

Rooney seemed like a great fit for this vice, but with Ted's recent answers regarding Chuck not having a boyfriend, it seems to rule Rooney out. What drives me crazy is trying to figure out what BV moniker IS Rooney if not this one?

Savannah said...

As someone said, Ted has a tendency of answering questions overly literally as a way to misdirect us. He's done it with other Vices. He always refers to gay stars' fake gf/bfs as "beards". So by his definition beard does not = real realtionship. If Chuck currently has a beard but has never had a real relationship in public then Ted's response "As for the relaysh part, nope, Charlotte seems to have shied away from romance…at least in the public eye" would still fit a girl who has had a beard but has never had a real public gf or bf. Especially considering that he added the part about "romance" and didn't say anything about a beard. So I don't think his latest answer rules out Rooney or Mila. Plus I find it suspicious that Ted has been so coy about whether Chuck has a beard. It's like he's trying to cover his tracks without flatout lying by just saying "No Chuck doesn't have a beard".

KaDixonLaw said...

Mila Kunis was addressed a few times up-thread. She is not American. She was born in the Ukraine.

Finally, I have been reading Ted's blinds for years now and obvious blinds exist more often than not (Toothy, King Schlong, Death Mint Myrtle, etc.). Ted breaks and/or bends his own rules (Leo D., Jennifer Aniston, etc.), but that's a far cry from "misdirect[ing]" us on more than one major clue (no relationship; and no girl-on-girl action). He WANTS us to guess these blinds. That's the point! That's why he spends time answering our questions. If every clue is taken as a lie to lead us astray, why bother? Should we start considering males for this one? I mean, maybe he was also trying to throw us off when he referred to Chuck as female. Or maybe Chuck isn't really a rarified American and Ted just misspoke when he said that. Then Mila Kunis could be Chuck. Mila Kunis fits more of the clues at this point than Rooney Mara. Ted would only having to be lying about one clue to make her fit.

Does that sound silly to anyone else?

KaDixonLaw said...

Oh, wait... Mila Kunis also had girl-on-girl action in Black Swan. So she doesn't fit on multiple counts. Same exact boat as Rooney. Oops!

Cristina said...

Mila Kunis also dated Macauly Culkin for a long time...I think maybe 7 years?

Unknown said...

Again, at the time that Ted released this BV, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wasn't yet out. So, again, he's playing with technicality there in saying she's not had any on-screen girl-on-girl action. I'm a pretty regular and long-time follower of Ted and his BV's, and he gives these kinds of technically speaking , language parsing answers all the time.

He's made this one just as obvious as Toothy Tile, but he's just splitting hairs so that he doesn't get into trouble. By my count, these are the clues that point to this BV being about Rooney-

He took language almost directly from Vogue article about Rooney (and Fincher) and put it in the original blind (i.e. references to cheek bones, and fashion figure)

Referencing her "boyfriend's" name (Chuck/Charlotte - Charles McDowell). He even goes so far as to call her "Charly," at one point.

Making references to athleticism and family wealth/notoriety as a hint about her family's big NFL connections.

Noting that Charlotte, aka Chuck, goes by a name other than her proper name like Rooney going by Rooney rather than Patricia.

"Sex in the City" reference - Rooney grew up in New York.

The references to filming for long periods of time on location - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was filmed in Sweden

The mention of the potential for an Oscar and Rooney's eventual Oscar nomination

The rumors about her affair with Fincher showing up in the second blind vice

The fact that Rooney currently has dyed hair like one of Ted's BB clues

She's been in the same project as Rashida Jones.

Rooney is a bit older than Dakota Fanning.

Ted used the term "splashy" and Rooney was supposed to be in Francesca Gregorini's Truth About Fishes (and thank god she dropped out for bigger and better projects), and she was rumored to be a part of Fincher's 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.

Rooney can be described as adventurous (because of the whole GWTDT thing).

Ted indicated that Rooney's BV was going to get juicier and then he posted the Chuck update two days later.

Ted has said Chuck's American in a "rarefied sort of way"- Rooney is American and comes from a rather "rarefied" American football dynasty/upper crust family.

When she was filming with Ryan Gosling, tabloids stupidly tried to drum up rumors about them dating.

Rooney has a project with a lesser known BV guy - don't both Daniel Craig and David Fincher have BV's. I think Danie's is about "having it both ways" i.e. being bisexual.

Rooney has done big budget like GWTDT as well as indie flicks like Tanner Hall.

Rooney's blind vice doesn't have anything to do with her family - Chuck's BV isn't about family.

Rooney is a confirmed blind vicer.

There are no other BV's recently that she could possibly fit.

And, most importantly, he hasn't notted Rooney in spite of numerous people emailing him about her.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Unknown - Without face-to-face interaction, it is difficult to be sure that you are reading the correct sentiment behind a person's words. However, based on your slightly condescending post, it seems that this ongoing debate is on the verge of turning personal, and that is certainly not my intention at all. As you may have seen from other posts, I am not the only one who (respectfully) disagrees with you, just as you are not the only one who disagrees with me. I think you make some really great points with regards to Rooney Mara and I doubt that anyone would say otherwise.

I do find it interesting that you have used Rooney Mara's boyfriend/beard as a reason that she IS Chuck, despite the fact that, until he refutes himself, Ted has indicated that Chuck is not in a relationship of any kind. Finally, Ted has a long history of avoiding the elimination of an incorrect popular guess, as I am sure you have noticed as a regular reader. That said, the fact that he has failed to eliminate Rooney Mara is simply not enough to offset those very important clues that, despite all of your arguments to the contrary, still do not fit your best guess.

KaDixonLaw said...

With regards to Michelle Williams, here are the clues that I believe she fits:

American: Born in Montana.

Older than Dakota Fanning.

"Family jewels": Her daughter, Matilda, with Heath Ledger.

"Abtastic" co-stars: Ryan Gosling, Blue Valentine. I haven't seen it, but I believe they said that the sex scenes were intense. Perhaps athletic?

She has also been linked to several co-stars in the tabloids but, aside from Spike Jones years ago, she has remained single following the death of Heath Ledger.

"Sex and the City": Lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Oscar potential: Nominated for My Week with Marilyn Monroe.

"Splashy" role: Her major break was Dawson's Creek.

Her next big project is Oz: The Great and Powerful, directed by Sam Raimi, and is currently in post-production. He is married and is one of the more respected and powerful directors.

Hair color: She dyed her hair red right around the time Ted hinted that Chuck's hair color may have changed.

"Cheekbones": She definitely has the cheekbones and has long been lauded for her fashion choices.

Rashida Jones: Both actresses appeared in If These Walls Could Talk 2. I do not know if MW had any girl-on-girl action in this movie but, if so, that seems to be the only clue that she might not fit.

444d76ec-4f2e-11e1-9b4c-000bcdcb5194 said...

here is the thing against rooney. she was only confirmed a few months ago as having a vice. which means that she could have had a vice any time before that. if barron hilton is well known enought to have a vice, the wannabe-actress heiress of a couple of football franchises is well known enough to rank as getting a vice. probably one of the up and coming starlet kind and that could go back to possibly 2005 or maybe just before when she was actually trying to break in [or at least follow in her sister's footsteps].
i mean, i remember that desperate housewives reveal not too long ago and even after looking the woman up i still have no idea who in the hell she is. i at least vaguely know who the maras are. so it would make sense to me that her vice would be older rather than newer.

Unknown said...

I apologize if I came across as condescending. I rarely feel right about things :), but when I do and something seems as plain as day to me, and other folks are all, "The pope's not Catholic!" I can dig in:) Back to guessing...

If we're eliminating Rooney on the basis of Chuck not having ever had any "public romances" for being tied to this dude barely anyone's ever heard of, then there's no way that Michelle Williams fits this clue given her kid with Heath Ledger. Otherwise, she's not a bad guess.

Also, I would be on board thinking that this BV is some barely known actress who is truly fresh on the scene, but Ted's said that she has much bigger star power than someone like Riley Keogh, which eliminates some of the lesser-knowns to me. There could be some other up and comer that we haven't eliminated yet, but I think we've been through most of them.

I guess I'm hung up on so many of the clues fitting, Ted being particularly keen on releasing BV's lately when a star is in the news, and the timing of his confirming Rooney as a BV'er and then release the second BV. Also, something I don't think that's been mentioned, is Michael Mutso came out with a similar blind about a star of a remake being "gigantically lesbian" last year that a lot of people thought was Rooney. Take that with a grain of salt, because there's much less detail in Mutso's blind, but it seems less crazy that Ted would write a BV about Rooney being a lesbian when there's already a fairly reputable gossip columnist writing a blind that a lot of people guess was Rooney.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Unknown - I have a tendency to do the same. LOL! I just wanted to make sure that you understood that I wasn't personally attacking you or your opinion. : )

You know, I was actually wondering about Ted's relationship comment. I didn't read it so much as ruling out previous relationships. Instead, I thought he was addressing Chuck's current status. I was also trying to think of ways to narrow down our options and I think I'm going to send in a few questions about the Rashida Jones connection. For instance, was the mutual project on TV or was it a film?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle the lovely Dakota Fanning? If not, has Chuck ever been in a publicized, long-term relationship?

Dear And It Ain't:
Sorry, S, but Chuck isn't dear Dakota. Think a bit older and way more adventurous. As for the relaysh part, nope, Charlotte seems to have shied away from

romance…at least in the public eye."

Word! said...

@KaDixonLaw About Michelle, she was half of arguably the most popular lesbian couple in If These Walls Could Talk 2. Everyone thought it was super hot. If you were on the internet at that time and you were discussing the topics of this movie, most people were talking about the Michelle and Chloe segment. I don't even remember Rashida being in that movie and I've seen it tons of times, not to mention I own the movie. I believe for Ted to even know Rashida was in it, he'd have to be consulting IMDB himself as her part was that small. There was a feminist college group in the movie. So perhaps, she was one of a large group of college women with very little screen time.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Word!, Thanks for the clarification. Based on your explanation, that movie was clearly too mature for me, at the time of its release. LOL!

After the first CFD blind was released, Jennifer Lawrence and Rooney Mara were the top two guesses. However, I remembered last night that Ted said we had not yet guessed Chuck's identity. That was why I originally hopped off of the RM bandwagon. If Michelle Williams is out, I'm truly stumped.

Word! said...

Yeah, I think there's always going to be something that doesn't quite fit right. But it is what it is I guess.

I know there was one blind that everyone kept calling Khloe and Lamar, but I couldn't for the life of me believe that Ted would ever call Lamar handsome or good-looking.

At this point, Rooney fits the best so until we have more, I'll have to concede to this guess. Next! :)

KaDixonLaw said...

For now, I'm going to hop back on the Rooney Mara train. I sent Ted a question to try and narrow it down by pinpointing the director in question. Based on Ted's answer, it sounds like Fincher; which, in turn, means it looks like Chuck has to be RM... until Ted answers the next question, that is. ; )

Unknown said...

Ooooh! How clever of you! Well, that's one way of narrowing things down.

reallytotally said...

I'm not feeling Rooney for this Vice, for various reasons. E.g. when Ted said nobody had guessed Chuck, someone here mentioned already sending many Rooney guesses to Ted before.

But who else could it be? I've tried to browse the comments, but have not found why the Jessica Chastain suggestion died out..? Because she seems to fit well, cheekbones and all (if the Rashida Jones connection was a non-Imdb project, which it full well could be). And as far as I can tell, she's been very vague about her relationships. She's got many films with male directors in post-production at the moment too.

Moreover, I sent in a comment to Ted which included a question if there were any Blind Vicers in the The Help (as I was trying to eliminate Jessica from the Chuck Vice). The comment was published, and the question omitted. Which was a bit odd (really, was he just dying to comment on my comment?)... Who knows, maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it did occur to me that he might not want to reveal a strong candidate for the Chuck Vice.

Word! said...

@KaDixonLaw, I'm on the edge of my seat for that question of yours, good job!

@reallytotally, my Jessica Chastain guess didn't go anywhere because of the Rashida Jones connection. We're going on the assumption that its a film project.

Looking forward to your Ted comment too!

KaDixonLaw said...

@Unknown and Word!, Thanks so much!! I really didn't think he would answer my question because it may make David Fincher too obvious. Ted said as much, but he still answered the question. LOL!

Similar to @reallytotally, Ted tweaked CFD's name in my question. I intentionally left out the nickname "Chuck." and just referred to her as Charlotte Finger-Dingle. But he made a point to insert the nickname, which makes me think that the Charlotte/Chuck hint is a really big one. Again, that points towards Rooney.

Unknown said...

For whatever reason, I can't email Ted, but I'd love to know more about the ladies she's slept with. I wonder if they're famous types as well? Co-stars? Directors? If it is Rooney, I'd guess that Ted was hinting that she had relationship with Francesca Gregorini, Portia di Rossi's former girlfriend.

Unknown said...

So this is the second time Ted's answered a clue about Rooney/Chuck's boyfriend and hinted that the boyfriend was a beard. In his latest bb, he roundaboutly says that Rooney isn't eliminated by his answer to Chuck not having a boyfriend. If you can say nothing else about Ted, it's that he's good with riddles.

HM said...

Did Ted out RM today? He answered a question & I think he basically confirmed it 100%

Unknown said...

@HM - That's what I'm thinking.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
All of the focus seems to be on whether or not Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle has a boyfriend or a beard, but I'm more curious about the other man and woman

in her little love triangle. Is the couple in question married? Are the affair and the related project finished, or is Chuck still refraining from the lady


Dear Jeez:
Why not just tell you who it is, already, huh? Seriously, I will say this: I think one reason Chuck went into the relationship with the dude who's already

committed is because that, too, is a somewhat unconventional relationship. But then, knowing Charlotte as I do, I would have to say even if her current man

had been married with tons of kids, she'd probably still go for it.

Dear Ted:
Now that Rooney Mara, the principal suspect for Chuck Finger-Dinger, has been ruled out because of the boyfriend clue, can we make our way toward an actress who worked with Natalie Portman a few years ago?

Dear Assumptive:
The only thing I'll say is if you mean Mila Kunis you are also incorrect about that."

- key words, the writer of the letter is "also incorrect"... meaning Rooney is not out of the running.

KaDixonLaw said...

I agree with Blurry. Rooney is definitely the top suspect, but I'm not sure that we can call that answer a confirmation. It's really interesting that he posted a CFD question that even mentioned RM, though.

reallytotally said...

Sorry to be pig-headed, but still feeling sceptical about Rooney for this.

On 6 Dec , someone asked Ted: "...I'm thinking Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and David Fincher must all have Vices by now." Ted's reply: "The Dragon Tattoo cast certainly has its share of Vicey behavior (helluva lot more than Hunger), but they have nothing to do with one another. Especially the latter two." I read this so that Mara's and Fincher's vices have nothing to which each other. No?

...However, I must grudgingly undermine myself as well, and point out that Rooney's also working with Steven Soderbergh at the mo. (He's married to Jules Asner but no children with her, so not "married with tons of kids". Plus the relationship could be called "unconventional" as he e.g. has fathered a kid with someone else during the marriage.)

Unknown said...

I'm guessing from Ted's latest bb about Chuck that Rooney slept with Francesca Gregorini, director of Tanner Hall and Portia de Rossi's ex-girlfriend before Ellen.

Violet451 said...

@KaDixonLaw: I'm with you. Rooney fits spectacularly but I can't get my head around Ted's repeated denials of a boyfriend, beard, or anything else. Yes, I have wanted to shake Ted for bending his own rules (Jennifer Aniston, anyone? Leo?? Rrrrrr!) but he can't be this bad, right?? If Rooney is a red herring he is really milking it for all he can.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Man, I'm so lost with this Chuck Finger-Dingle Vice! Could you please give us another clue? It could be anything related to Chuck's lady lovers (the past, it

seems, she's trying to hide). What you say?

Dear Finger Lickin':
She has a thing for directors. But that's hardly a shocker in this town."

KaDixonLaw said...

What does everyone think about Ted's latest clue regarding Chuck being edgier than Jessica Chastain but not as Oscar-worthy? Rooney is absolutely edgier; however, but women are nominated for an Oscar this year. It doesn't make sense that he would say one deserves an Oscar more than the other--they aren't competing in the same category. Rooney is up for Best Actress and Jessica for Best Supporting Actress.

But Chuck pretty much has to be Rooney... SMH.

Unknown said...

I think that there are two ways you can read this - you know how Ted uses vices to basically say what he really thinks of a celeb? While Ted may pay lip service to Rooney's badass-ness in her regular column, I think he's using the Chuck BV to say that Rooney's a talentess one-hit wonder who slept her way to into her juicier parts. (Everyone who's met Rooney seems to think she's incredibly sweet and shy, if a bit awkward, so I don't really buy Ted's Machiavellian vision of her motives, but whatever.)

In a more generous light, Ted could also be pointing out the obvious - Jessica Chastain is the more likely candidate, generally, to actually win Academy Award. She's more polished, has more experience, and has been in a better run of movies, and will likely to continue to be in award-worthy roles. Rooney's sort of come out of no where and is probably more likely to take roles that will confuse the Oscar elders. So while Rooney may get nominated (again), I wouldn't actually expect her to win one of those things anytime soon.

Again, I think he might have said his to throw some people off, but I don't think this eliminates Ms. Mara.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Before the Oscars, you posted a sort of a follow-up on our fave BV stars. So how about grading their Oscar performances for us long-time followers: Did Fake

a la Ferocity look ferocious or high-flying sex kitten? Did Fey Oiled-Tush behave behind the scenes, or did he feel as misplaced as last year's Louboutins?

And my favorite that you don't talk much about: Trent Spent. How is old Trent doing these days with his significant other? Is he tiring of her shenanigans

and ready to jump ship? Hope he doesn't play yet again the victim though, I am tired of his hurting sad eyes when things don't go his way. Much love to you

and your four-legged fam!

Dear Oscar BV Update:
Here's the lowdown for ya R: Fake looked divine but was lacking a certain something in her Oscar appearance. Fey Oiled-Tush was surprisingly well-behaved

behind the scenes as he let others steal the spotlight (like Fake). As for Trent? He may be tired of his gal's shenanigans, but after last night, it's

obvious who wears the pants in this duo. In other words, don't expect Trent to dip out anytime soon. But the real Vice star of the night? Most definitely

Chuck Finger-Dingle, who also looked spectacular and very out of character. Satisfied?

Dear Ted:
Curious about how you thought Rooney Mara looked at the Oscars last week. Do you feel like she looked spectacular, or could she have done better? Also do you

feel she was Oscar worthy even if Meryl Streep did win? She had some tough competition in her group.

Dear Fashion Police:
She looked nice. I wish she had been a bit more cutting edge with her chic gothic look, but I can't fault a babe for wanting to look girlie and pretty on the
biggest day in H'wood, now can I? As for her nom, I think it will hardly be her last. Rooney is sure to see many Academy Awards in the future (and hey! Maybe
she will go funky then)."

blurry vice said...

I think the above confirms Rooney Mara. She wore white which was out of character for her. Ted says she looked good.

Unknown said...

This latest bb is kind of strange, although fitting for Rooney -

Dear Ted:
Greetings from San Francisco! I have two questions! First, is Billy Bend-Over American? Also, can we have some more info on Charlotte "Chuck" Finger Dingle? She's been on my mind for the longest!

Dear U.S. of Ass:
Yes. And what would you like to know about Chuck, exactly? That she could not give a rat's butt about what you might or might not want to know about her? Really, like more than any other actress in this town, which is saying quite a bit.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Greetings from San Francisco! I have two questions! First, is Billy Bend-Over American? Also, can we have some more info on Charlotte "Chuck" Finger Dingle?

She's been on my mind for the longest!

Dear U.S. of Ass:
Yes. And what would you like to know about Chuck, exactly? That she could not give a rat's butt about what you might or might not want to know about her?

Really, like more than any other actress in this town, which is saying quite a bit. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle Shailene Woodley?

Dear Great Guess:
No, but, awfully close, genre-wise. However, personally, I just don't think Chuck is nearly that pretty.

Dear Ted:
Is Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle on Pretty Little Liars?

Dear Mysterious Moniker:
Cheeky little signature you got there, A. But if you are the real A, you should already know the answer to that question, no? But I guess I'll let you in on

the secret: no, she's not."

Unknown said...

Ted also stated that Michelle Williams did not have a BV, so if anyone had guessed her for this Vice before, she's officially notted.

Unknown said...

This is pretty relevant -

Dear Ted:
Does David Fincher have a Blind Vice? Feature in one? The fellow who directed such pervy movies as Fight Club and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has got to have some secrets. My two kitties say hi!

Dear Feeling Sexy:
A cameo of sorts, MJ, with a sexy Vice star (though his guest-starring role isn't very sexy at all).

Unknown said...

Dear Ted:
Love your fab column, especially the Blind Vices. I think it's sad celebs feel they can't be themselves, but I have a question about Chuck Finger-Dingle. You said she was getting big studio movies, and I was wondering if they are movies for young people or adults?

Dear NC-B.V.:
It's all very adult fare, babe. Chuck likes doing the more risqué stuff in front of (and behind!) the cameras.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Love your fab column, especially the Blind Vices. I think it's sad celebs feel they can't be themselves, but I have a question about Chuck Finger-Dingle. You

said she was getting big studio movies, and I was wondering if they are movies for young people or adults?

Dear NC-B.V.:
It's all very adult fare, babe. Chuck likes doing the more risqué stuff in front of (and behind!) the cameras."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You know that we have been guessing a lot about Chuck Finger-Dingle for a while, and we still don't know who she is. Can you tell us at least how she's doing these days with her professional and personal issues? Is she still with that male director you told us about some time ago or has she returned to les-land?
—Faithfully yours, George M.

Dear Who's on First:
Professionally, Chuck is killing it—totally A-list stuff, Georgey. As for the personal life, things are a bit messier, though I'm sure you were expecting that (she wouldn't be our dear Finger-Dingle if she had it together). She's not with her director dude for the time being—they're bound to reconnect—but isn't on the lady-lovin' express again, at least not in the splashy ways she once was."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
All the Catching Fire fan-casting seems to be about Finnick (who I believe Garrett Hedlund should play). But what about the very important Johanna Mason? Who should play her? Also was Chuck Finger-Dingle at the Met Gala?

Dear Fancy Dress:
Yes. And how ‘bout Rooney Mara for Johanna?"

--- This is intersting. Keep in mind that Ted is vehemently supporting Kristen Bell for the role od Johanna Mason. Now he answers Rooney Mara. Less of an answer and more of a hint.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Was intrigued a few months ago when you hinted that Rooney Mara had a Vice and said to stay tuned because she'd be upping her "behavior" now that she figured herself a Hollywood A-Lister. Other than a few pictures from the set of her latest film, it would seem Rooney is living a very quiet life. Or is she just an expert at steering
clear of the press? Haven't seen her annoyed mug being photographed with her boyfriend recently either…Is she still with him or is she too busy snapping up every part in Hollywood to make time for her BF?

Dear Girl With the Vice Tattoo:
Rooney has certainly made her mark on the B.V. annals a few times since rocketing to stardom. And for someone so new to the fame game, she certainly knows how to keep a stealth profile when she wants—heck, even better than some superstars that have been Vicing for decades. Haven't heard word of a split for the babe though, think
she's just keeping all of her private life just that.

Dear Ted:
Normally I love your casting recommendations, but Taylor Kitsch for Finnick in Catching Fire? I don't see it happening, mainly because I don't see him being cast for the part. Same for Rooney Mara as Johanna. So who else do you think should play Finnick and Johanna? Also what's new with the elusive Chuck Finger-Dingle? Does she
have a beard? I'm determined to Veronica Mars this vice!

Dear Fueling the Fire:
I wouldn't count him out just yet, H. Sources have revealed that Lionsgate is actually looking at Mr. Kitsch for the role (it's not just Team Truth's pick anymore). As for Johanna, Rooney was just a suggestion. But, speaking of Ms. Mars, I still prefer Kristen Bell for the part. On to the Vice biz, Chuck does have a beard. Not of the A-List variety though."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Can you tell me: Did our mysterious Chuck Finger-Dingle go to the MTV Movie Awards? I'm pretty sure she was there and accepted an award, am I wrong?

Dear Guess Again:
Sorry, G, but you've got the wrong Chuck in mind. CFD did not accept an award, much to the dismay of some eager fans. And that's all I'm sayin'."

bitteliten said...

Could this be Kristen Stewart? Given the Recent oddities...

Heather said...

Bittleliten, I think yea!!!!!!! Im eager to hear the sisters take on this!

blurry vice said...

bitteliten and Heather - Remember that Kristen was already a BV before this. She was not revealed so she could not have been given a new nickname. She labels at right - "Ted's list of bv reveals".