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Blind Vice: Veronica Bee-Stings Has Been Stung!

New from Ted Friday May 11 -

Blind Vice: Veronica Bee-Stings Has Been Stung!

If sometimes trampy, always crafty Veronica Bee-Stings can find love, then we all can, right?!
That's what Awful Truth's broken hearted club is hoping, at least. Because we recently caught wind that our dear VBS—who never met a husband she couldn't steal or a lie she wouldn't tell—isn't just hooking up with her current beefcake B-Lister.
Nope, Ronnie has been bitten by the love bug. And how!
"She's telling everyone she knows that she's in love," a close pal of Veronica's dishes about the surgically enhanced starlet and her boy toy of the moment, who (if you believe Ms. Bee-Stings) might be "the one."
How trés romantic, no?! Sounds like someone's ready to get wifed up!
Actually, on second thought, that's not saying much, as Veronica has always been known to fall hard and fast for the many men in her life. At least that's what she wants you to believe...she values the paparazzi pictures of her and her famous beaus far more than any TLC they give her.
That is, until now.
"She's changed her ways. Really!" her friend promises. "She's not interested in setting up tabloid pictures or flaunting him on the red carpet. She actually likes spending time with him. It helps that he's crazy about her too."
All her ways except one.
We have a feeling she isn't exactly revealing her nasty secrets to this dude either, ya know, in case her rather risqué past makes him want to cut and run.
So instead she'll keep those sexy skeletons buried in the back of her closet, behind all those Hervé mini-dresses and designer pumps.
AND IT AIN'T: Katy PerryCharlize TheronLea Michele

Please use the label below for a link to our posts on the previous Veronica Bee-Stings BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Blake Lively


Katie said...

At first I thought, isn't Ryan Reynolds A-list? But then I realized I couldn't name a single movie of his, so yeah. Blake for the win.

Brooke said...

First time commenter... And Ryan Reynolds is def A-list, IMO. He was in The Proposal w/Sandra Bullock, Green Lantern and bunches of others. Plus, imdb has him working on, like six different projects now.

botanicaldiva said...

I'd say Ryan is a B+... He's very famous but he's no Pitt/Clooney/Cruise

KaDixonLaw said...

@Botanicaldiva: It threw me off at first, but I think you're absolutely right.

Rita said...

I for one agree with the classification. Unlike Enty's disparaging listing, this to me makes sense.

Ryan was A-list a year ago, but most of his movies had flopped. Even the not-so-badly critiqued movie with Denzel Washington did not do so well. He may be getting more roles, but his star power took a real hit with the back-to-back flops.

Anyone remembers the shiteous The Change-Up?

Savannah said...

YAWN. Another boring BV.

Viking Girl said...

Shouldn't a Blind Vice actually be about a vice? Ho-hum.

Rita said...

Side note:

Anyone seen Lainey's comment in her Lifestyle section on Hayden Pannettiere?

It looked like a hint to a blind, but I couldn't figure which one.

It also looked like a hint to that HIMMMM debacle a few months ago regarding Hayden. But to my knowledge, Lainey was so not on board and even criticized anyone and everyone who gave HIMMMM's reveals any credibility. If memory serves, she was quite snotty about it too. Her snide tasted a bit like jealousy.

Just a side FYI, see if it rang any bells to anyone on this site..?

Viking Girl said...

Rita - If I remember correctly, Lainey was/is pretty adamant that RDJ was not Himmm. Her argument is that RDJ is now a definite fixture of the Hollywood establishment, why would he risk that by posting any so-called insider gossip/info. But I don't recall her dismissing the content or validity of the posts or confirming any of it either, only the idea that it was RDJ. I may need to go back and double check on that, just to be clear in my own mind.

As for the Hayden post, my immediate reaction was that it was a referrence to some Nazi style garb. It was the ''if you know your history'' remark. I may well be wrong on that, though.

sistah2 said...

Viking girl, I had the same impression..Lainey was adamant that RDJ was not HIMM but she did not confirm or deny the other stories surrrounding it. Interesting..

MISCH said...

Lainey is a paid celebrity interviewer, it's how she earns her living. Imagine if celeb's started boycotting her, she is ubber careful....
Like insisting Beyonce was really pregnant, all is well in Jolie-Pitt's world etc.
Don't expect anything earth shattering from Lainey...

FrenchGirl said...

Lainey always is ambivalent in my opinion.

Katie said...

Yeah, there are some celebrities Lainey will cream, but they're not who she cares about. The ones she really cares about, she protects. Take Jakey G, for example... and the way she goes on about Gwyneth is actually very flattering to her. You know Gwyneth probably loves it. But then I wonder, what happens when she interviews Marky Mark? Is he pissed that she calls his wife Bitchface? And I think its safe to assume that Tom Cruise will never grant her an interview. Maybe these are people who have already blackballed her so she figures they're fair game.

Anonymous said...

no way it's Blake Lively. Firstly she hasn't had her lips done, secondly ryan is not B list and he's not her boy toy. That suggests the guy is younger and she also doesn't have a history of stealing husbands. Get with the program

sistah2 said...

Excuse me, but Lively DOES have a history of stealing husbands..she had affairs with both H Weinstien and Ben Affleck...why dont YOU get with the program? No one said she had her lips done...btw how do you know she hasnt?

PrincessTiff said...

I'm so over Blake Lively and Ted's stupid blinds about her. Sorry, just had to throug that out there.

Ella Bee said...

@Julie, "Bee Stings" has to do with her boobs, not her lips. Her first blind made it clear that she paid for those highly revered ta-tas early on in the GG days; they are not natural.

And sorry but @Sistah2 is right, she totally slutted it up with Ben Affleck during The Town and J. Garner lost her crap, and has a weird casting couch relationship w/Weinstein. She's ALWAYS wearing his wife's Marchesa clothing, which is his MO--he gets to screw the celeb and gets free publicity for his wife's clothing, and the celeb gets to score a few prime movie roles.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So Veronica Bee-Stings found love, eh? My question is: How bad is her dirty past? A little bit naughty or full on nasty...I'm wondering if VBS ever did drugs, or if

she's just your regular starlet who loves sleeping around (hardly a rarity in L.A.). Also, how well is she doing at keeping her secrets hidden from the media? Have any

of her past conquests been put off by the fact that she's been around more times than a pony at a county fair? If anyone found out about her habits, would her image

get ruined or is she seen as kind of a bad girl anyway...

Dear Questions Galore:
Geez, Lolita! You sure do have a lot of questions about our Ronnie. So here goes: And how, she's totally smitten right now. Pretty dirty. No drugs, just the more

risqué stuff—but the real naughtiness is why she's bedding the respective dudes. Pretty well! While Veronica's secrets wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the

world, they'd certainly tarnish her (fairly) squeaky-clean name.

Dear Ted:
Hi! Care to dish if Veronica Bee-Stings is Jennifer Love Hewitt?!

Dear The Client Sting:
I wish I could answer yes, A! Wouldn't that just make those steamy Client List scenes all the more entertaining?! But, VBS is not JLH. Next guess!"

Rita said...

Re: HIMMMMM/RDJ, you guys are correct! I think Lainey was making fun of the fact that people believed it was RDJ, but had not denied that the stories could be true.

As for Hayden's look, reading again, I guess @Viking Girl is right, it had more to do with the Nazi look, rather than a hint to an old blind of Lainey's.

As for Blake Lively, yeah, she's made herself quite the rep for sleeping with married men. However, not that I condone her behavior, but those same married men HAD been sleeping around on their wives. I mean, just Ben Affleck, anyone remembers the giggling and flirting with his other The Town co-star Rebecca Hall? Who apparently broke up Kate Winslet's marriage to Sam Mendes?

Getting a headache over all the Hollywood bed hopping.

sistah2 said...

Rita who broke up the Winslet marriage? I remember hearing something about a possible affair but dont remember who.

Rita said...

Rebecca Hall!.. Now I'm doubting myself... I'll check again, and get back to you on that one.

Rita said...

There you go, one of the many stories verifying the affair:

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said that Veronica Bee-Stings is head-over-heels for her new guy and scrambling to hide her past. What I'm wondering is, does her boy have secrets of his own? And
if he is honest with her about his own Vices will she be far less enamored?

Dear Stung By Ms. V:
Of course, VBS' boy toy has a few secrets of his own (who doesn't besides Tim Tebow?!), but it's nothing like the skeletons Veronica's been hiding. And to answer your question: Her current beau is BV free, so Veronica's past is the only one that could cause serious issues for this twosome. Then again, her BF seems entirely smitten—VBS just has a way with her sting!"

Trébuchet said...

OT, but there was a pic of Leighton Meister in Marchesa recently and I thought BL/Weinstein=movies, is LM going the same route LMAO.

(Eh, probably.)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I hear you on being bummed that Taylor Kitsch is out for the role of Finnick. I do have good news though! If my little fur baby Humphrey gets along with a puppy we're

meeting at the Humane Society tonight, I'll be adding to my brood! Anyway, back to Taylor. Has he any connection to Veronica Bee-Stings? Thanks Ted!

Dear Three Cheers for Humphrey!
Hope the puppy playdate goes amazingly, Nic! If you end up bringing the cutie home, make sure to send me some pics! As for Taylor, he does indeed have a connection to
Ms. Bee-Stings. What do you think it is though? Romance? Costars?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I am literally obsessed with Veronica Bee-Stings. I think she sounds so sex! And I bet her fashion sense is as fierce as her personality. So you have to answer my

question: Has she scored a huge rock from that dude she's in love with yet?! I bet so!

Dear Love Stung:
Well, she's manipulated men into doing more for even less, but I honestly think Ronnie is trying to give an honest go at this relationship. So while VBS is doing her

damnedest to prove she's got the whole domestic thing down, she's not forcing the fiancée title. Yet."

kukalala said...

Ain't Ryan Reynolds an A-lister?

Anonymous said...

Sienna Miller