Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lainey- Hipsters Cheat Too

 Lainey riddle

    Hipsters Cheat Too

    He’s a hipster musician, in one of those acclaimed bands that shows up on Saturday Night Live once a year, or at least that’s how it feels like to me, who sometimes gets into Twitter fights with actual musical legends. Of course he’s smug, and he talks a lot of trash. Also, he steps out on his wife.

    Let’s back up though. Because his first marriage ended ugly too. Two years later he proposed to his second wife, who has many celebrity friends in her own right, and it was a big hipster wedding with designer flourishes and they were happy, teasing each other in magazines. That’s over now too. He’s been cheating on her with a songwriter who was everywhere 15 years ago, although at the time a lot of us couldn’t tell her apart from another girl on a piano. She divorced earlier this year. Now his wife has filed for divorce because she found out about their affair. Can’t wait to see what excuse he comes up for it this time.

Top suspects: Patrick Carney and Michelle Branch


duffgrl said...

OK...immediately realized the girl singer from 15 years ago is Michelle Branch (piano player who looks just like her=Vanessa Carlton)
As for the hipster-funny I thought Ryan Adams at first, then Jack White, then- probably Patrick Carney from the Black Keys? He gets into a lot of twitter fights (notably Jack White) and is on Michelle Branch's instagram. But I would not call him a hipster! I never liked the Black Keys very much, if it is him. But I think the girl really is Michelle Branch. She filed for divorce 9 months ago. Patrick Carney did have a big Nashville wedding 2 yrs after an acrimonious divorce.

Unknown said...

duffgirl, I think Patrick Carney is right.

(Are you kidding me? nerdy glasses? plaid shirts? plays drums? TOTAL hipster! I don’t know how it gets more hipster than that!)

First marriage ends badly: Check.

“…shows up on Saturday Night Live once a year, or at least that’s how it feels like to me”: Check. The Black Keys have been on SNL 4 times since 2011.

Second marriage “big hipster wedding with designer flourishes”: Check. (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/black-keys-drummer-patrick-carney-marries-girlfriend-20120919)

“…sometimes gets into Twitter fights with actual musical legends”: Check. http://themuse.jezebel.com/black-keys-patrick-carney-sad-and-pathetic-jack-white-1730495338

This one seems like a lock.

LC said...

"He’s been cheating on her with a songwriter who was everywhere 15 years ago"

Could be a long shot, but Michelle Branch had a song called "Everywhere" in the early 2000s.

Unknown said...

for sure is michelle branch and Patrick carney

Unknown said...

Also, there was a blind last week that never got picked up. Henry Cavill? http://www.laineygossip.com/Whos-having-unsafe-sex-blind-riddle/41379

MayDay said...

Yeah can we get that other one up to discuss please?

I think you guys are definitely right. Google imaged Emily Ward and there are pictures of her with Dakota Johnson and Jennifer Meyer who Lainey always references as being friends with everyone. "Many celebrity friends in her own right"

Unknown said...

What makes a girl want to be with a guy who has had two disastrous marriages? I guess she's going to change him? I've always heard Michelle Branch likes to sleep around a lot.

MD1979 said...

New blind on lainey today:

Kate Hudson?

Also, wondering if "Tighten Up" in the header of today's blind is a hint for this blind? Tighten Up is a Black Keys song.

JJ said...

I was thinking that Beyoncé was tighten up. Remember that Lainey opened with a post about how long Beyoncé has been out of the spotlight no too long ago. Has to be her.