Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lainey - No time to grant a wish

New riddle from Lainey yesterday July 23 -

No time to grant a wish

"She’s great at giving big smiles, pretending her personality is as sweet as her voice. It depends. If she’s talking to Ellen DeGeneres, well, of course she’s lovely and accommodating. But what if it’s a child in a wheelchair?
There was a kid who had a wish. The wish was to meet her favourite star. So they made arrangements for it to happen at an event earlier this year where the star was promoting her show. They set up the wheelchair at the end of the red carpet, everyone had been informed, and then, when it came time for the moment, as soon as they started introducing her to her young fan, she cut off the handler, said, “NO”, and then walked away…even though the family had specifically flown there for the opportunity.
She has ONE advocate. One. And that’s only because he made her. But since he’s caring less and less about that particular project, when that’s done, she won’t have any supporters left. Because no one can f-cking stand her."

Top suspect: Lea Michele


Unknown said...

Lea Michele?

"as pretty as her voice"

Seer said...

I agree - Lea Michele is notorious for her bitchy,catty ways, and now that glee is coming to an end, no one is going to care about her anymore. ( except for her second book)

smiles- check
show(not movie) - check
advocate:Ryan Murphy (who wrote the 'rachel' role in glee for Lea)

also, the Blind on her past book tour behavior.

Sarah said...

Lea Michele sounds about right to me.

Whitney said...

I'll fourth the Lea guess. It looks like she last appeared on Ellen in March.

Also, the new one from today (July 24) is pretty obvious, right?

Lorena Manjarrez said...

It's too easy! Lea Michele! Who's it about today??

anna said...

The stuff about the one advocate does not fit Lea Michele though. She may be bitchy but she is talented enough to have other supporters in the industry and she wasn't 'made' by anyone. My guess is Carly rae jepson.

Andrew said...

Carly Rae Jepsen doesn't have a show to promote.

Lea Michele fits. She was on broadway before Glee so one would assume she has supporters there, but what "made her" is Glee. And thats Ryan Murphys show. And its about to end. It all fits. Its def Lea.

Dana said...

Yet another guess for Lea Michele

Dana said...
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Lauren said...

I agree this is Lea Michele. There are a lot of acknowledgements out there that Murphy 'gets bored of his shows' and he actually did 'make' Lea. He wrote the part for her and he's backed her. But Glee is over.

Sto said...

I was actually thinking of Kristen Bell. Voice -- Frozen. Ellen -- the viral sloth story. Supporter -- Rob Thomas is moving onto different projects now that Veronica Mars is over. Is she promoting the Showtime series she's on right now?

Sarah said...

Yeah I'm guessing Lea Michele as well. Ryan Murphy is definitely her one champion, and she's known to be a selfish diva.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Lea Michele though I like Sto's as well. Lainey seems to be the only one who calls Bell a bitch and she seems to have a few sources at Glee (previous LM blind and GOOP blind with producer).

Penny Lane said...

I'm going Lea Michele for this one.

There's a new blind out today (pregnancy) and I'm guessing it might be Blake Lively.

JJ said...

Hey Penny

Yes I would agree. I think it is Blake Livey too,

C said...

I agree with the Blake Lively guess for today's blind. Not much in the way of hints, but the beginning part about "playing the game" is very reminiscent of things Lainey has written about her in the past.

blurry vice said...

Agreed on Lea Michele, Ryan Murphy.

I also like the Kristen Bell guess, thank you for the additional insight.

Penny - today's riddle posted. Thanks for the guess.

Sarah said...

Lainey just dropped another hint today that this and other blinds are about Lea Michele.

"And an appearance on Sons Of Anarchy is supposed to make us think she can go hard, not be sweet all the time. You know what? That’s not a problem. She doesn’t have to be on SOA to convince me that she isn’t sweet."

Lainey also points out the connection between the surprise of her being casted against type on SOA and Ryan Murphy, her champion.

"What’s with this casting?

Well, SOA is on FX. American Horror Story is on FX. It’s produced by Ryan Murphy who also produces Glee. So, you know, obviously. I suppose it’s a reimagining of sorts for Rachel Berry. Glee is ending soon."

I think we can safely say Lea Michele is not a lovely person and is probably the subject of this blind.

blurry vice said...

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