Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lainey - He likes them big & buff

New from Lainey yesterday -

He likes them big & buff

He took off for the desert recently. To relax. And party. Without his girl. And gets high and hooks up with random men online (he likes them super pretty and super jacked), inviting them to his hotel room for a night of drugs and sex.
Two problems here. First, he’s a recovering addict and second, when he goes on these tears, he doesn’t use condoms. It’s the kind of reckless behaviour he’s been able to control through much of his success and for many years now. Curiously though, the last time this happened it was also during one of his transformations. Back then though, there was no explosion of social media and everyone taking pictures. Considering that he’s been hooking up with dudes who are on the young side (but totally legal), he’s risking being exposed by someone who’s out to show off and exploit.

Update 5/15- Lainey has eliminated Ben Affleck

Top suspect:  Bradley Cooper


blurry vice said...

Sorry we are late on this. I am going with BRadley Cooper. He is going through a transformation - gaining weight for filming.

This reminds me of the ted blind alot of people thought was about Bradley too. Was it the guy who met up with guys online ... and involved a hole in a sheet? LOL.

Kristin Wigs said...

BCoop is probably correct, but I will still be devils advocate and say:
A) he hasn't been around long enough to have a previous transformation of note
B) going on a bender does not coincide with the transformation (bulking up) he's going through right now

Still putting my money behind dark horse Gyllenhaal.

(Sorry for high jacking the previous thread)

Kristin Wigs said...

@blurry boss lady

Hole in the sheet???

Unknown said...

I agree it's bcoop - just done a quick google and he's currently filming in the Imperial Valley desert in CA which fits the blind.

JJ said...

Wait a minute. What about the last line of this post? Was it not a reveal?

gridlockjaw said...
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saultites said...

Cooper got jacked up for silver lining play book. And has has been to rehab. Totally fits

Anonymous said...

Curiously though, the last time this happened it was also during one of his transformations. BACK THEN though, THERE WAS NO EXPLOSION OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND EVERYONE TAKING PICTURES.

The references used to back up BCoop don't fit. Social Media explosion: FB 2004 and Twitter 2006. I think we need to go before that or around that time.

gridlockjaw said...
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Anonymous said...

1st transformation was for wedding crashers when he put on all that muscle. bcoop for sure.

JJ said...

I'm still not sold on Bradley Cooper. My very first initial thought was Shai La Boef and the references to transformation being about the Transformers movies. However Shai has always been around in the social media age.

I mean I guess Ben Affleck doesn't fit either. She did refer to him in the below article years ago as transformed

C said...

Cooper went from unknown to well-known in 2005 with Wedding Crashers, which was right at the beginning of social media (Facebook started in 2004 and was still only college kids for a few years after), and definitely before its "explosion." Shortly after Wedding Crashers, he got divorced from Jennifer Esposito and became a Hollywood headliner. If that's not a transformation that took place before the social media explosion, I don't know what is. Not to mention that he was in a long-term relationship with Renee Zellweger, a well-known Hollywood beard, after his divorce (aka during his transformation). Didn't I also read recently that Suki was upset that he's still in regular contact with Zellweger? Who knows, maybe she's his confidante in that way. Regardless, the timeline fits.

Lainey's "clammy sheen" and "jacked up" hints cannot be explained away. And let's not forget the cross-reference with Ted's old blind. The believability of anything Ted said is debatable, but that clue isn't necessary to solving this one anyway.

It's very clearly Bradley Cooper.

C said...

One thing to add: I did some digging back through the old Awful Truth blinds ...

The one that was highly suspected to be Cooper was Topher Hairy Tuchas, and after reading them again, I'm even more convinced this is him. Ted makes multiple references to Tuchas's risk-taking behavior and says he used to be married.

Sidenote, I'm also convinced because when reading back through some of Ted's old BVs I realized he wasn't totally full of it. Several other blinds he wrote have turned out to be pretty spot-on in hindsight and given recent events ... Naya Rivera, Lea Michelle, Hugh Jackman. Ughhh I miss Ted!!

Bradley Cooper FTW.

Unknown said...

I think Bradley Cooper is wrong, guys! Here's why:

Lainey begins her blind by saying that the guy takes off for the desert "without his girl." "His girl" is a big clue, and it points directly at Johnny Depp.

Since April '13, Lainey has used the "his girl" phrase in consistent reference to Johnny Depp:

"Johnny Depp holding Amber Heard’s hand at the Rolling Stones surprise show on Saturday night in LA. So on again then. And now that enough time has passed between his separation, I suppose in his mind it’s safe to be seen so publicly with his 'girl', which is what he calls his 'girls'. For years, he called Vanessa Paradis 'my girl'. 'Girl' might be the key to understanding Johnny Depp’s romantic resumĂ©. He was 27 when he and Winona Ryder started dating. She was 19. He was 31 when he started dating Kate Moss. She was 19/20. He was 35 when he started dating Vanessa Paradis. She was 26, the same age Amber Heard was when they started up whatever it is that they have going on."

You can google "Johnny Depp Lainey" plus the phrase "his girl" in quotes and find a ton of instances. Here's Lainey one month ago, talking about Depp and bringing up the "his girl" thing, and noting how "interesting" it is that Depp is on his own for his LA premiere:

"Johnny Depp’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres airs today. I’ve only seen the clip below but, amazingly, he doesn’t talk about his 'chick ring' and he doesn’t
talk about his 'girl.'

"...And here he is last night at the Transcendence premiere in Hollywood, no fiancĂ©e. She’s working in New York. Am shocked. Johnny Depp couldn’t get Amber Heard a day off? What’s the f-cking point of being engaged to him if she can’t get a work pass to walk a red carpet? Interesting too because lately he always manages to be there to walks hers. Then again, her movies need more help than his do."

Lainey definitely considers Amber Heard "someone who’s out to show off and exploit" her connection to Depp. Plus, AH is also bisexual. It makes sense that she knows (and probably doesn't care) about Depp's desert antics, and that because she does know, Depp is "risking being exposed" by her.

Depp is certainly a "recovering addict" and a bad boy known for "reckless behavior" (trashing hotels with Kate Moss, anyone?). He's also known for being into "super pretty" women "who are on the young side (but totally legal)"; makes sense that he would be into the same type of dudes too. After all, they don't come prettier than Johnny.

Unknown said...

Hey, guys - I'm confused about the Ben Affleck article and "Not big, buff, and blind though. Not this time."

Was that a denial or reveal that it's Affleck? :S

Kristin Wigs said...

I think the Affleck reference to the blind has to do with a previous one and also alludes to his first superhero gig as Daredevil, who was blind.

Still not convinced its BCoop based on the transformation reference. Wedding Crashers transformation (I wouldn't even call it that) seems tenuous at best.

gridlockjaw said...
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gridlockjaw said...
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C said...

I don't understand how the "his girl" reference holds any more weight than the "jacked" reference, which is a word she's used to describe Cooper several times.

I'm sticking with BC for this one. I think her comments about his clammy sheen and looking uncomfortable at the Met Gala, and to "keep an eye on that" were too pointed. She also posted articles about Depp right before and after this blind, and in both of them she referred to Heard as his fiancee and his girlfriend ... never "his girl."

And what about the whole "transformation" angle? I don't think being with Heard qualifies ... younger women have always been his M.O. And he looks exactly the same as he always has, like a weirdo douche. Cooper is literally going through a physical transformation.

Unknown said...

Do you think Lainey was pointing to Bradley Cooper in the most recent post about him? She was discussing Jennifer Esposito's relationship with him, and finished with this quote:

"When did Bradley Cooper strike you as the guy you’d trust in love?

What’s most interesting to me are the photos taken from when he and Esposito were together. His eyes seem especially and bright, non?"

Which to me is her pointing to his history with substance abuse. And she always seems to post hints shortly after the blind items. Could be him?

C said...

A Lyn, I definitely thought that post today was a hint about the blind! Very coincidental, since we were just commenting about that time in his life possibly being the last "transformation" he went through. I think the comment about his eyes was for sure alluding to substance abuse, and she said Esposito has "her own blind riddle," which I thought was very pointed. "Her own," as in ... in addition to Lainey's.

reallytotally said...

I strongly believe Lainey's talking about Bradley, and Lainey's Esposito article seems to further confirm it.

To summarise all the fitting items we've come up with (many brought up by C):
-his recent "clammy sheen" (=probably drugs)
-current transformation (physical one) for a movie role
-currently filming in a desert
-Ted's old online-cruising vice believed to Bradley, which fits the timeline of Blind's previous problems
-not married, yet with a steady girlfriend ("his girl")
-previous transformation (career one) from a TV actor into a movie leading man around Wedding Crashers (had forgotten about that!)
-Wedding Crashers came out in 2005 and the troubled Esposito marriage was early 2006, which fits the timeframe of being before social media exploded (the social media pioneer Facebook didn't even become available to everyone before later in 2006)
-Lainey pointed that "His eyes seem especially and bright, non?" back in the Esposito days (=probably drugs i.e. the previous troubled phase)
-he surely seems to have done her wrong in some way! Drug or alcohol abuse could certainly warp someone's behavior like that.

It all fits too well to be ignored. Furthermore, I'm a relative newbie to Lainey blinds, but it seems she loves dropping hints before and after a Blind (see: Ben Affleck for His Up and Downs; Chris Martin & Chung; etc etc). All the recent Bradley mentions back this theory up.

Nothing of the sort for e.g. Depp or Leto - and I thought the "exposed by someone who’s out to show off and exploit" refers to his dude conquests who would show off hooking up with Bradley on social media, not "his girl" showing off anything? And surely if Heard is calculating, it's way more beneficial to become Mrs Depp, not to kill the golden goose and expose him?

The only other recent suitable hinting (since Affleck hints were about the Ups&Downs) would be Lainey saying about Gyllenhaal & Maggie: "Sometimes I get the sense that she protects him more than he could possibly protect her. Pay attention to that." However, that seems to refer to something else (how would a sister - not a beard - cover up his reckless online cruising..?), in its simplest form protecting him from his exes at the MET - or maybe there's a new Blind coming up for Jakey-boy, or for Maggie and/or Skaarsgaard? Moreover, Lainey recently said "Does that mean we can hope for him with Rachel McAdams again?" - Lainey likes her, doesn't she, so why would Lainey ship for Jake&Rachel if he were reckless and troubled..?

Penny Lane said...

Agree fully reallytotally. Nice one.

I think there's a Blind coming up for Jake too. Lainey has planted a seed, though I'm wondering how shocking it will be given she's an ardent fan of his and, I feel, is somewhat protective of him herself for some reason.

bored@work said...
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gridlockjaw said...

I just want to clarify, (even if it isn't Depp,) that I said Heard was capable of exploiting what she knew, but I also said I didn't believe Heard would expose him (as in killing her goosed golden boy). Why? She's bi, and outing someone is a big taboo in the LGBT community.

Appropos of nothing....
I am coming over to the BC side, only b/c the last poster made a compelling argument.

I also want to say it's Clooney, or Brad Pitt, because ....

I have been thinking about this blind, and I know they are all in good fun, and no one really knows for sure, but ....

I have to wonder if 'outing' someone is something I want to participate in. Celebrities give up their privacy to some extent, but outing someone from the LGBT community has bigger ramifications than say, extra-marital activities, or out-of-control addictions.

Until the public's divide on the rights of those who want same-sex marriage has calmed down, and we are able to live peacefully and respectfully with all, I think going forward, I don't want to play 'guess who' with these types of 'gay' blinds. After all, it doesn't really matter; not to me it doesn't.

I guess, I got caught up enjoying the speculation (you guys are really good at this by the way), but I think I will be more circumspect in which blinds I participate in from now on.

I actually wish I could delete my prior guesses (not just because they were bad guesses
Blind Items Exposed ... help a repentant out?

gridlockjaw said...

Never mind, I just saw the 'lil bitty garbage cans and I deleted my comments
(For anyoen reading this afterwards ... my guesses were off target anyway.)

blurry vice said...

Ben Affleck eliminated

ECFan said...

gridlockjaw -

ROTFLMAO. It's not Brad Pitt. Get a grip. He's never been gay and although used to be a major pothead but it was his ex-wife who had\has the coke problem. The times he kept her from getting arrested for DUI would make some great blind items. Clooney likes to roll around the sheets with men occasionally - even though he constantly denies it. It's not even that big a secret, is it Matt Damon?

As far as BCoop - Lainey used to vehemently deny that BCoop was gay. I told her years ago about a friend who'd gone to college with Cooper who said he was openly gay in college. There's too many people who know he used to blow guys behind the library at Georgetown. He can't keep that crap in the closet forever. Now Lainey's hinting that Coop is gay. Duh, Lainey! An actor who serial dates women doesn't mean he's not gay. That's SOP in Hollywood. The fact that Lainey got fooled by Coop's beard game makes me LMAO. Getting papped hanging out on Victor Garber's balcony shirtless with your pants unbuttoned and fly patially unzipped is kind of a clue, ain't it? LOL!

reallytotally said...

Let's just all keep in mind that this is all supposed to be in good fun, debating in a friendly manner. Keep it light-hearted!

After all, unless one of us is the actual person, we have no way of knowing what is true, or even close to it. Even if we have witnessed firsthand someone behaving in a certain way, we don't know their motivation, or how their thoughts or feelings have changed then. E.g. being "gay" - for example, some man could experiment with another men in their youth - out of lust or curiosity or something else - yet really rather want to emotionally commit to a woman. Or vice versa, some man might experiment with women, but in the end fall in love with a man. Or replace the gender there with any physical, cultural or personality trait. We human animals are complex, it's very hard to put us in simplistic little boxes.

To gridlockjaw, they way I see it myself is that this site is not out to out gays (or bis, or bi-curious) - the blinds are more about outing potential falseness, like pretending to be goody two-shoes yet engaging in reckless behaviour. Even more importantly, I don't actually see trying to solve blinds as a way to find out the Truth, since we don't know if Lainey (or Ted, previously, or whoever else) is 100% correct. I'm more keen on the brain-teaser side of it: trying to figure out what the blind-writer meant with the riddle they built. Like a sudoku, but with more interesting celeb culture references :)

By the way, I apologise for my ignorance (I was last a teenager when Kurt Cobain was still alive!), but there was so many abbreviations in the previous post by ECFan that I kind of got sidetracked - what's "SOP" anyway?

Penny Lane said...

Standard operational procedure?

Strathmore said...

The thing is, a lot of these folks ARE out, just not to us.

Dana said...

New one from Lainey today:

"The Loyal Customer
For years I’ve been saying that she is such a bitch. Like, terrifying. And humourless, unless you’re famous. But on a red carpet? If she’s sneering at you? There’s venom. Behind that cool, tall beauty, she’s vicious.

Now, maybe I understand why.

Turns out she likes her cocaine. She’s much smarter about it than, say, people who end up under LA bridges with sketchy explanations, or child stars who rage down the Pacific Coast Highway chasing down their enemies. How does she keep winning awards and protecting her reputation? How has she kept the sh-t off of her? Because beyond her love life, there has never, ever been any gossip about her indulgences, beyond the occasional fruit, especially now that she has someone else to look after.

One explanation (on top of her discretion): Customer Loyalty. Same dealer for a decade. He supplies only to very exclusive clientele and is selective about his regular customers. She’s a regular customer. It’s more than occasional bump. Never mind the boyfriend, that might be her most steady relationship."

Charlize Theron?

C said...

Definitely Charlize Theron, imo. I have lots of thoughts on why but am trying to be polite and wait until the sister have posted it! :)

blurry vice said...

THanks ladies, it is posted now. :)

Melanie.Trini said...

Lainey pretty much confirmed this today in her story about Bradley Cooper. She describes him filming with other men in short shorts and getting sprayed sprayed with water and then says "this may be his best job ever"

ECFan said...

Melanie.Trini said...

Hahahahaha. I didn't know that. I don't read Lainey's every day so I hadn't seen the post on BCoop in the shorts - although I saw the pix on another site and gagged. I really need to send her an email and gloat that I told her years ago that BCoop was gay and she pooh-poohed it and said all her sources said he was straight. Wonder if she was surprised that her sources either lied to her or didn't know the truth?

JJ said...

OMG. Lainey just revealed this to be Bradley Cooper. WTF?!?

Can't believe it. Scroll down to the part where it says Bradley Cooper picks up in the desert

JJ said...

Also she reveals a little about the Jake G problem. It sounds as if he suffers from depression or something like that?

Kristin Wigs said...

Good looking out, JJ! That's one hell of a reveal.

ECFan said...

JJ -

LOL. If Lainey had listened to me 5 years ago when BCoop was "dating" Renee Zellweger she wouldn't now be doing BIs about Coop like she has an exclusive. Everybody and their dog knew he was gay but Lainey kept insisting he wasn't. Just like she continues to do with Jake Gyllenhaal.

I know saying "I told you so" is petty but I did tell her so.

Whitney said...

I think this is further confirmation from today:

"Bradley Cooper spent the weekend at Glastonbury without Suki Waterhouse who was working. Instead, he partied backstage with Michael Fassbender and some other celebrities. Glastonbury is high profile. Lots of photographers around, not a good place to indulge in temptations. So I’m sure Coop was just there to enjoy the music, keeping it all safely wrapped."

Miles said...
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CB85 said...

Finally it would appear there's an update!

The quote on a Bradley Cooper story,"And, like Leonardo DiCaprio, there are so many options out there in the desert, waiting to be picked up."

JJ said...

Did Lainey just reveal this today?

JJ said...

Did Lainey reveal today?