Saturday, January 25, 2014

Connie Britton parents with Elimination Communication?

This isn't really a blind item.  This Lainey article links to a video of a Jimmy Kimmel interview with Katie Lowes from Scandal.  Apparently she used to be a Nanny for Connie Britton's son Yoby.  She told Jimmy Kimmel (and all of America) that she was a Nanny for a celebrity who didn't use diapers.  She had to take them to the potty and have the baby poop and pee.  This is called Elimination Communication (or "EC").  These parents are hard core potty training infants, basically.  Hey, I don't judge, but that does seem challenging for a parent let a lone a for babysitter to take care of.

Excerpts from the Lainey article -

Because Connie Britton mentioned yesterday that Katie Lowes – better known to you as Quinn on Scandal – used to be her nanny. For baby Yoby.   (Which you will now say all afternoon. Baby Yoby Baby Yoby Baby Yoby. It’s fun!)
... It has come to my attention that Katie Lowes told this story on Jimmy Kimmel about being a babysitter (nanny?) for a celebrity boss who needed her child not to wear diapers, but to be held over the toilet by his caregiver and "encouraged" to poop. The story is almost secondary to how much Lowes is freaking out that she shouldn’t have told it, and in fact signed an NDA about it. I don’t know if this is Britton but it’s definitely a male baby (I know, big surprise.)   The point against it being her, it seems, is that Kimmel (who is adorably fascinated by this) asks if it has a weird Hollywood name, she agrees (“super weird”) and I would like to believe that Yoby is seen as traditional from country of birth, not "celebrity weird".
But um – what if it is? It makes you feel like Tami Taylor is slipping further away every day, right?

So, we don't know if this was Connie Britton or not.  But possibly, since the baby had a crazy name.  Now I see Tami Taylor in a whole different way!  Anyway, it's interesting regardless, if you like crazy celebrity nanny stories.


Samrat Babu Koirala said...

Loved your articles and your blog. Greetings from Nepal!! Keep posting!! :)

Over 50 said...

you are missed

blurry vice said...

Thank you! We are still here! Just not too many good blind items as there was a few years ago when Ted had at least one a week. Check back periodically for new blinds! :)

di butler said...

I have heard from some inside gossipers that this was Britton. Celebs get these weird ideas that are fashionable for a min then gone. See: Blossom & Alicia Silverstone 😃

blurry vice said...

Well, I do know a parent who is doing this in real life. And I have nothing against it. I just don't see the need I guess... and it seems time consuming. Especially to have the nanny do it too. But go for it Connie!

jellybean1231 said...

I think it's a very European way to potty train. I have friends whose parents immigrated here and were shocked to see kids pooping and peeing in their pants after the age of one. My friends were potty trained by age 1 at the latest. They're now starting to have kids and want to do the same thing but have said that it's important to have a nanny that is comfortable with doing this. Maybe Connie Britton didn't check with her first lol.